LG Optimus G2 Spotted With Snapdragon 800 Processor, Headed To T-Mobile?

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.22.41 PM

Benchmark filings for handsets are something we’ve long since gotten used to seeing for phones that are expected and/or phones that are rumored. Which is why we’re somewhat surprised, albeit delighted to see a benchmark filing for a device we didn’t expect. The LG D801 is a mystery device and about all we can tell from the filing is that it has a Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) processor and a resolution of 1794 x 1080. The benchmark result show the device as outperforming the HTC One and the iPad 4, two devices that now sit atop the benchmark charts.

Further details about the D801 are coming up sparse but what really caught our attention was the build name: “g2_tmo_us.” That’s the kind of build name we see on devices that are heading stateside to T-Mobile’s store shelves. Given that this is a LG device, could we be looking at the Optimus G2 on Tmo?

It’s a guess based on less than perfect information so take it as such, not to mention it’s the first time I’ve seen the G2 come up for Magenta shelves. That said, I would welcome the Optimus G2 from our T-Mobile and LG overlords if that’s in fact what this device is sitting side-by-side with the HTC One and Galaxy S 4 on store shelves.

Android Community via GLBenchmark


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  • Deadeye37

    If its Vanilla Android (plus Wifi Calling), then I’m in! Bonus points if it has a microSD slot and removable battery.

    • kev2684

      from big manufacturers, it’s never gonna be vanilla android unless it’s a nexus.

      • Deadeye37

        It won’t be true vanilla, but I’m hoping that it would be like the original G2 from HTC. I still have that phone and would love to have it again with upgraded internals.

  • After owning the LG G2x, I’m really meh on LG. VERY. That thing was horrible’, with the accent.

    • fsured

      Can only hope they learn from their past product and improve for future ones. Was it the software they put over Android that made it so buggy or the hardware they used?

      • g2a5b0e

        All the phones in the G series, the G1, G2 & G2x were stock Android. I can’t speak for the G1, but that being said, they did have a little T-Mobile bloatware though.

        • Spanky

          From what I understand, only the G1 was fully stock Android. The G2 and G2x had some proprietary T-Mobile stuff, hence the lack of timely updates.

      • Yeah, I can’t even pinpoint why it sucked so bad. It was part of T-Mobile G-line, which I kind of considering T-Mobile version of the nexus devices in a way because they’re pretty much pure Android compared to the other Android devices out. I wonder when the G3 is coming out and who will be the manufacturer of it. I always loved their line. I had the HTC G2, loved it. The only thing that was meh about it was it didn’t have a front facing camera. But the hing and keyboard was amazing. If they made one of those w/ like a 4.5″ screen, I would jump at that quicker than I can take my next breath.

        • ACNJR28

          I agree with you 100%

        • UMA_Fan

          I remember hearing on a podcast David was on that he wasn’t even allowed to report what went wrong with the G2x or something like that.

    • ceegii63

      lets call the G2X or O2X the BETA

      • Alex Zapata

        How about we call it the alpha?

        • Daniel

          Pre-Aplha. Alpha anything would be better then that.

    • Herb

      Please, oh please, do not equate the G2X with every LG phone. LG makes amazing hardware and their software has delivered some really unique features in the last year or so. The G2X was a T-Mobile fail.

      • bleeew

        Exactly. LG makes the Nexus, and thats a good phone too. I’m tired of seeing Samsung phones. Good thing now they might have a high-end LG phone. Now they just need a Motorola phone.

        • Herb

          Or a Sony!

        • bleeew

          And that too!

        • Daniel

          Nexus Z. I would buy that in a heart beat.

      • Just coming from experience. Never said that the next product would be horrible, I just said that I’m very meh on LG right now. I actually considered getting a Nexus 4, till I heard about the battery life issues, and camera. For all I know this one could be a great device, who knows.

        • tomnewtn

          My battery with calls, email, web browsing all day and 14 hrs is at 65%. It varies a bit but not bad.

        • NinoBr0wn

          Do you have screenshots of that?

        • â™ adeafmuteâ™ 

          I love the people that are impossible to please.

        • ? Because I said the G2x sucked? In my experience it did suck.

    • Trevnerdio

      Not to mention that crappy G-Slate…

    • Quan Bui

      awww but I LOVED my G2x lol. I slapped a new ROM on it and it never gave me any problems. Its weight and looks are beautiful. If LG would stretch the screen and gave it a complete hardware overhaul, I’d cop that no problem.

      • See that’s my thing, I don’t root my phones. I only root my phones unless I really have a reason to do so. And that would be like a personal preference. I don’t feel as though I should have to root my phone to have it run right.

    • s10shane

      i know how you feel. i hated the g2x. i had it replaced so many times. this is why i was thinking about passing on the nexus 4. but i took my chances since lg didnt mess with the software. so far its been the best phone i’ve owned to date.

    • CactusCat

      My G2x is now over 2 yrs old, still super strong, fast, no problems at all. First dual core phone ever and still very very fast. Too bad yours didn’t satisfy you the way mine did. I’m still stock too, never did load a ROM on it.

    • tomnewtn

      Funny, my G2x still works great but then mine was sent to me by TMO (free) after already being upgraded to Gingerbread. My Nexus 4 is outstanding. I guess LG is getting it together so I wouldn’t worry.

    • qpinto

      i agree with you. although LG has been very good on providing code for their devices, they couldnt do much about it with the contract with tegra 2 and LG for the g2x. all their qualcomm devices are open. while using my n4 i love the device. i would be willing to give LG another shot. heck i still use my g2x to this day as a mp3 player

  • RobotChupacabra

    Now if T-Mo could get the Xperia Z, they’d have the grand slam of top phones from the big four Android phone makers, and the iPhone and BlackBerry Z10, and the rumored aluminum body Nokia Lumia 928. That would give them the best smartphone line-up in the US.

    • mingkee

      ZL supports AWS HSPA and LTE.

      • RobotChupacabra

        Didn’t notice that. Excellent. I was referring to them selling it in their stores, but at least people can bring it in anyways.

    • kaw

      maybe because they don’t need to do subsidizing anymore they can just agree to carry all the big phones.

      It looks like they carry all these phones for a slightly reduced retail price, I am guessing, due to them bulk buying them from the manufacturers.

      • thepanttherlady

        The pricing listed on the website appears only to be for customers on the new Value plans. Retail pricing for all other plans is higher.

  • rob

    That odd screen resolution must mean it will have On-Screen-Buttons. Possibly the return of the G series? Either stock android or LG is moving away from physical buttons.

  • ceegii63

    that ODD resolution is making me feel this thing might have a QWERTY Keyboard

    • Deadeye37

      T-mobile G2 FTW! Except now from LG instead of HTC.

    • g2a5b0e

      I don’t understand what about the resolution would indicate it has a physical keyboard. Phones with physical keyboards haven’t had flagship specs for quite a while now. It usually just means it will have on screen buttons.

  • James

    This is great news for T-Mobile
    More phones = more options
    More options = more customers
    More customers = more money for T-Mobile
    More money for T-Mobile = Better network and coverage

    I could go on and on…..

    • Zacamandapio

      We got it.


  • Wow, TMo is really getting ready to bring some high end devices to the team. Very nice..

  • Zacamandapio

    G1, G2?
    It should be called the G3. Keyboards FTW.

  • This doesn’t surprise me at all. We see LG pumping out LTE phones for verizon like every month. They know how to do that so it makes sense for Tmo to partner with them. I am almost all the way over my G2x experience. Like many people have said, Samsung was once in this seat of bad support/buggy phones with no updates but now they are number one. Lg is turning it around.

  • MatthewMurawski

    If we started carrying Motorola and Sony phones, we’d have the BEST phone selection of any US carrier. But it seems like Motorola is Verizon’s slave and Sony is AT&T’s slave. Lol.

  • Those older LG devices do not compare to any of these top of the line bad ass phones that LG are making today. This is top quality all the way. I really hope this phone comes to T-Mobile, the more new and great phones they get the more new customers will come to T-Mobile and push this Carrier to # 3 and then hopefully to # 2.

  • galaxydude

    Hopefully it has a screen size of 4.99 to 5.3. I was thinkin about a Samsung for my next device. After this news i am going to watch until this comes out hopefully in the next 3 months. I am currently using a
    Nexus4 and i recently picked up a LG l9 as a my backup device i am very impressed with my l9 very smooth and the
    Battery is great

  • jbhotnessmon


    • just me

      > screaming in all caps as if it’s important news
      Everyone knows lg screwed up with the G2X. The Nexus 4 isn’t looking like an abysmal failure, though. I’ll judge this phone once it’s out and people get a chance to use it.

      • jbhotnessmon

        it is big news its a warning to all who are thinking about getting an lg phone they need to be warned do your part spread the word

        • Guest911

          What a drama queen!

        • jbhotnessmon

          If you owned a g2x like me you would know I am right

        • Daniel

          Still doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes. Many people were happy with theirs. Plus android has this great new thing. It is called custom roms.

    • g2a5b0e


    • Daniel

      Companies can’t make mistakes? Chill.

      • jbhotnessmon

        not when they rip me out of 200 dollars and stick me in a two year contract with no support or cs from either of them

        • just me

          Next time do a little research before you make such an important purchase. Not that it excuses how badly lg screwed up, but in real life stuff like this happens man. Hope you like your next phone better.

        • jbhotnessmon

          I actually did and every review made it seem like it was the second coming of jesus. No one seemed to hit upon the fact that it got zero support from both lg and tmo. The fact that the phone couldn’t stay on longer than a couple of hours without rebooting or the screen bleeding.

    • â™ adeafmuteâ™ 

      Why u jelly tho?

      • jbhotnessmon

        wow you’re stupid. only a g2x owner would feel my pain.

    • That was 2 years ago, I have the LG 4x HD and the Nexus 4 since then and they re both awesome phones

  • just me

    Wasn’t there an “LG nexus 7” that appeared on one of those leaked device roadmaps? Hmmmm….

  • mreveryphone

    I’ll wait 2months after it drops to see if it’s a lemon then use it as my back up to my note 3.

  • Jay

    Lg don’t update their phones..

    • Daniel

      LG didn’t update their phones.
      LG doesn’t update their phones.

      Either would be acceptable. Not LG don’t update

      • Jay

        Nobody cares a*s*s* hole this is not grammar class

        • Ronolo

          I care.

    • ceegii63

      they do, a year later or so, my OeD P920 just got ICS last march

  • UMA_Fan

    I don’t think the LG Optimus series is a strong enough OEM brand to compete with the Galaxy’s and HTC One’s.

    T-Mobile would be better off carrier branding this a myTouch or ‘G’ phone even though carrier branded phones are becoming less necessary.

    The Sidekick (branding) is worthy of a comeback considering the Sidekick 4G was one of the most Googled terms of the year it was released. It really was a shame they made it a low end budget phone. I think the average consumer would hear ‘Sidekick’ and still put it up there with the likes of Blackberry and iPhone. People used to come to T-Mobile to get Sidekicks irrespective of the network similar to the success at&t had with the iPhone. A really high end Sidekick would sell. Keeping the aesthetic of the originals but every component high end from display to camera. Heck, make it a Windows Phone 8 device. Why not?

  • DJ Lawless Oneâ„¢


  • dvd37

    Lg= low grade

  • Don Kim

    Is this same variant as Opt G Pro?
    Well,, LG always blow it with countless bugs and freezes on their phones.
    For those who bought G2X or L9, it’s almost like 2 or 3 out of 10 change that you won’t get a phone without any defects.

    • tonkotsu

      my L9’s work fine

      • Don Kim

        Well, you’re lucky.

  • I can see this falling, good