Nexus 4 Android 4.2.2 Update Now Rolling Out…But Hold Off If You Care About LTE


After a little tease 24 hours ago as Android 4.2.2 started to rollout to the rest of the Nexus Android lineup, the Nexus 4 now has its turn in the software update spotlight. This is the same JDQ39 build as the yesterdays update, and checks in around 54MB. There is a catch however as AnandTech’s Brian Klug has discovered — the Android 4.2.2 OTA update appears to remove LTE band 4 access. That just might be a deal breaker for some and while we all love having the latest in software update goodness, LTE access was a nice little hack. Hopefully there will be a way to perform the update in the future without any changes to the radio, but if LTE access is a concern, I’d suggest taking a pass when the OTA update message hits your device.

According to reports swirling around the web, the update is mostly full of bug fixes and performance enhancements with no major changes identified. Whether or not those bug fixes are worth the end of LTE is completely up to you.

If you don’t want to wait for the OTA, the download link below is courtesy of the fine folks at XDA Developers. 

XDA Developers


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  • well I’m definitely holding out in that case…

  • Brenden

    I want T-Mobile LTE on my Nexus 4. So I’m Not Updating!

  • Qbancelli

    Turning my Nexus 4 off and using my Nexus One for a week.

    • Herb

      Congratulations? I don’t see the relevance.

  • Brenden

    I want T-Mobile LTE on my Nexus 4. So I’m not updating!

  • scuttlefield

    I don’t particularly care. By the time LTE gets here to Portland, OR, I’ll have a new phone. Updated and running great!

    • Garrett

      Yea, same here. I’ll probably be using the Nexus 5 by the time I get LTE in my area. lol

    • Rudy Belova

      well, that or XDA will find a way to enable it again.

    • Hershell Tidwell

      What part of Portland are you located and how is the HSPA+? I’m in upper SE with a Nexus 4 and the speeds are just decent.

      • scuttlefield

        I’m in SE as well (Woodstock and 45th area). HSPA+ is pretty darn speedy around here. Just did a Speedtest and got 22M up and 3M down. Unfortunately, there are some spots in SE where you can’t even get 3G (e.g., Gladstone & 28th area).

        • tomnewtn

          Good points. I find TMobile’s HSPA plenty fast for me at this time. I’m certain I too will be on the next Nexus when it matters.

  • AndroidProfit

    Thought it was already shown how the N4 ISN’T capable of LTE?

    • Kufat

      It works on band 4 and is thoroughly unofficial (and probably in violation of FCC regs.) There was a bunch of coverage of this back in October/November, IIRC.

      • AndroidProfit

        DOH your right thanks!

    • haroonazeem638

      About the “capable” part, I actually get speeds of up to 50mbps with LTE vs 5mbps on H+

      • Joseph Lagalla

        where is this?

        • Herb

          Probably Canada.

        • haroonazeem638

          You got that right, my friend.

  • kresk

    I don’t have lte in my area so guess it’s not a big deal to me. I do wonder if they’ll enable it again once my city is lte capable or will it remain inaccessible for good?..

  • I’m gonna hold off for now, dang it Google!!!!!!! Why mess up a good thing coming? Huh?

    • Garrett

      Well, LTE was never supposed to be active in the Nexus 4 anyway. It wasn’t even cleared through the FCC.

      • haroonazeem638

        Flash the old modem (4.2.1) version and it may work again. That’s what I read but still haven’t tested on my Nexus 4 yet.

      • Still works though

  • AndroidProfit

    • Garrett

      That doesn’t work in Android 4.2.2.

  • Kufat

    I wonder why they disabled LTE instead of going to the FCC to get formal approval and making it into an official feature…then again, I wonder why they didn’t just do that from day one.
    (If anyone upgrades and loses LTE, apparently it can be fixed by re-flashing an old version of the radio. Not too difficult.)

    • haroonazeem638

      It’s because it doesn’t work with all carriers. Since, there are no separate versions of phones for each carrier, Google can’t say that LTE works. It will be worse if they were to say LTE works and then it didn’t work for most carriers than to say it doesn’t work and let users hack/mod to use LTE. But yes, I don’t like the idea of Google removing LTE support completely.

    • Agreed if its anything like the Galaxy Nexus there will be a radio dump on XDA with flashable ZIPs of the old radio baseband files.

    • Joe Stone

      I think Google shut it down as a good faith effort to demonstrate compliance with the FCC. Also, they are trying to demonstrate good faith with LG by not undercutting the optimusG phone.

  • Lanh Nguyen

    Doesn’t really bother me. Plus this phone doesn’t have the amplifiers to go along with the radio.

    • omg how many times do I have to tell people. YES it does and it will work on T-mobile’s lte band 4 why do you think google is disabling it if is doesn’t work in the first place? O_o

      • Dion Mac

        It has the lte chip but not the amplifiers to give it a good lte signal which is more than likely the reason they are disabling the option.

        The funny part is when this was first mentioned a couple days ago, somebody commented that they hoped this wouldnt happen.


          “I tore down the Nexus 4 to ascertain whether PAs were present that could work with LTE, and saw indeed that at least bands 4, 2, and 1 did have Avago power amplifiers (A5704, A5702, and ACPM—7251) which noted support for LTE.”

          “It appears that Nexus 4 only has support for LTE on Band 4 (AWS) with bandwidths up to 20 MHz in fact.”

  • haroonazeem638

    There is already a solution. I have not updated to 4.2.2 yet and haven’t tried the fix yet either. BUT I read on android police that if you flash the 4.2.1 modem, LTE works again. This is the link to all the modems for Nexus 4.
    I have yet to try it. If it works, please share.

  • Jason Cockerham

    Isn’t T Mobile going to send out a patch to enable LTE once their network rolls out?

    • TechHog

      Nope. They’ve said no suvh thing.

    • Andrew

      The phone needs to be re-certified by the FCC for LTE before that can happen.

  • It has also been shown that flashing an older radio on top of it can bring LTE back, but may break SMS.

  • jbrizzy

    On my nexus 4, my google now won’t talk back to me. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • have you checked your media volume settings?

      • Herb

        Or your Google Now settings? Menu > Settings > Voice > Speech Output > Always

  • s10shane

    i am running it right now and it seems to run good. but the lte part doesn’t bother me. the nexus 5 will be out before i see 3g speeds in my area in cali. lmao no joke. i cant even get 1mbps down and thats with full service

  • Scroogled

    I’m in the NYC metro area, so I expect LTE to be up in the next few months. Nothing in the update worth throwing that away! Once the LTE goes live, I’ll test it’s performance and battery effect for a week or so, then decide.

  • minioninnc

    No update here as of 8:00am. Tried the force. No go so far.

  • TBN27

    So what. HSPA+42 is still plenty fast

    • Herb

      Seriously. Plus do people really expect to still have a Nexus 4 by the time T-Mobile’s LTE roll-out is anywhere close to being completed? With my recent iPhone usage in a “modernized” market (Denver) I rarely ever see 3G and when I do it’s usually gone in a flash. I’m not holding my breath for LTE before I ditch my Nexus 4.

      • TBN27

        If the Nexus 4 is reliable, which it is then people will still have them around especially In this day an age where wallets are bulimic and anorexic at the same time. I was afraid of getting the nexus 4 because I heard it was glitchy and wanted to avoid that for the 5th time and instead got an iPhone 5. My 3G experience from yours differs where once again the 3G is very quick. Otherwise at work my 3G signals are similar to yours on one side of the building. I will wait for LTE because I know for sure the connection will be more reliable, stronger and penetrate buildings better Than the reformed 3G. But if I had a GS3 or the nexus 4 or a note 2 then LTE would still be a non-factor.

  • All I want is a non-rootable way to remove the google search bar at the top… I’ve NEVER used that or voice search… Give me my freedom google! :)

    • Nine

      Just change your launcher (Holo Launcher HD is a good alternative one)

      • Herb

        Holo Launcher is OK for what it does, but IMO Nova Launcher is the best 4.0+ launcher on the Play Store.

  • King of the Phones

    Remember that there is no LTE power amp. in the Nexus 4. That means that even if you get LTE on it, you’re likely to have a marginal LTE experience with it at best.

  • steveb944

    Thanks David. I’ll be holding off because I’m sure South Florida will have LTE in a few months, they’re pretty fast at updating the area.

  • doubleatheman

    Well, My phone makes a little jingle sound when I put it on my charging mat now…. It scared the shit out of me the firs time. Made me wonder why no Nexus device has ever had a “charger connected sound” before.

  • tomnewtn

    Updated mine and it still has LTE with this caviat. I cannot select LTE only, but I can select the combo LTE/GSM options etc. Thought I’d share for those who care.


    Dont care about LTE my speeds are exceptional

  • Mirad77

    I updated to 4.2.2 but I still see the lte option like it was before. The only thing is I don’t have any means to check since T-Mobile doesn’t have lte yet. But it’s still there guys.

  • minioninnc

    After taking the update, I can still get into the LTE settings. So I don’t know if this has closed that hole or not. And it does still give you the chance to switch to LTE, etc in there.

  • world0022

    anyone know how to get rid of the system update notification for the update without installing?

  • Turb0wned

    Just flash 4.2.1 radios…. Not hard.

  • kevin o.

    I have to say that the 4.2.2 update on my N4 has made an AMAZING improve,sent on my battery… insanely better than the horrible battery life I had with 4.2.1. I will give up the unsupported lte for an amazing increase in battery life.

  • Alphonso T Wilson

    For those worried about losing LTE -DON’T
    As alway XDA found a workaround. Check the forum and be happy again.
    I really like my nexus4 but i cant wait to get the moto X !!!

  • Dakota

    FYI, I have the GSM unlocked Galaxy Nexus and on 2/19 Tues at 730pm , I just got the upgrade 4.2.2 notice. Crossing fingers it doesnt screw a bunch of things up like other updates have done – and that developers have taken4.2.2 into account. Still have a couple apps not working after 4.2.1

  • Ian Harrington

    So I did the update and it is stock, non rooted but LTE is still in the settings. Am I missing something?