Deal Alert: Staples Selling Nexus 4 For $150, Galaxy S III For $99

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Deal hunters take note as Staples is currently offering the Galaxy S III for $99 and the Nexus 4 for $149. The Nexus 4 pricing applies to both new and qualifying upgrade customers — no word on whether the Galaxy S III price applies to upgrade customers as well. If you want to grab an additional $50 off on the Galaxy S III, just trade in any working smartphone and receive the discounted price instantly. Still, I can’t determine if the Galaxy S III pricing is good for both new and existing customers. Regardless, the Nexus 4 deal is just another opportunity to grab stock Android at its finest so don’t wait too long, you never know when it will go right back out of stock.

Nexus 4, Galaxy S III

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  • TGoosh

    how is the value of a Nexus 4 799.99? when it can be bought contract free for 299.99?

    • Because retailers are free to offer their product at whatever price they feel its worth. T-mobile retails the Nexus 4 at $499.99.

      Also remember that this is for the 16 GB model which is $349.99 via Google Play.

  • so this is T-mobile burning off stock of its non-LTE S3 so people can get stuck with a phone for two years that won’t support the network they’re going to make a big deal about?

  • thepanttherlady

    Terms of purchase:

    You agree to repay $200 of this discount ($400 for smartphones, tablets, and netbooks) and authorize us to charge your credit card in repayment of this amount if, you signed up for a 2 year agreement and during the 181 days after your new equipment is activated, your carrier notifies us that the services you purchased have been suspended, disconnected, or deactivated, or if you return your purchase outside of the return and exchange provisions of our 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Please note some of the reasons your carrier may notify us of a deactivation include if:

    You transfer this equipment to another line of service after it is activated

    You change your rate plan to a lower monthly service rate than was specifically required at the point of purchase

    You deactivate texting/data features that were specifically required at the point of purchase

    The new line of service activated with your order is used to replace a pre-existing account

  • cdru

    No go in Indiana of the half a dozen stores I checked regarding the S3.

  • Alex

    Where is the source link?

    • Both came in from email or Twitter…otherwise a source link would be provided.

  • Rocky T.

    Value plan is the way to go forget these prices.

    • matt

      Not if you have 5 different people on a family plan. I was doing the math and I figured it would take 4 years before we start saving money. I don’t want to be committed for that long.

      • Rocky T.

        4 Year are you serious it takes 20 months to see a savings no matter how much you buy the phone for on value.

        • galaxyears

          idiot think before you speak… now crawl back to your T-mobile store, your break is over.

        • Rocky T.

          Subsides plans are for the Cheap and weak all they do is devalue the price of the phone with prices from companys like these. I bet you ^GalaxyYears love Walmart too. I have people pay $500 for GS cash and with Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) using the VALUE plan on a $59.99 rate for 24 months. Classic pay with STAPLES $99.99 for GS3 $79.99 for 24 months YOUR SAVINGS with VALUE over 24 months $80 smart ass. Same thing if you had 5 lines.

        • Rocky T.

          AND GS3 Blows buy NEXUS 4 for 349.99 via play store and value $59.99 compared to this STAPLES PROMO campare GS3 pay 79.99 for 24 months $20 more on plan x 24 months =$480+ $99.99 for phone…… more lines more savings also.

  • Guest

    LOL!! ROFL!!! “VALUE $799” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Pains me how all these companies trying to keep smart phone costs artificially inflated! I hope the day arrives soon here in the US when consumers BUY the phone and decide which carrier to take it to! YES Google the Nexus 4 are a good start but I hope this continues!

    • AndroidProfit

      That’s weird I deleted this but it returned as a guest post…spooky!

      • thepanttherlady

        Even spookier is that you responded to yourself. =P

  • AndroidProfit

    LOL!! ROFL!!! “VALUE $799” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Pains me how all these companies are trying to keep smart phone costs artificially inflated! I hope the day arrives soon here in the US when consumers BUY the phone and decide which carrier to take it to! YES Google with the Nexus 4 is a good start but I hope this continues!

    • od312

      Wow. You got thumbs up for once. Congrats!!

  • PDXDroid

    go here to see if your Staples carries cell phones… none of mine do

  • SayWord

    Its 99.99 for upgrade and new lines for At&t, verizon amd tmobile. Great deal

  • shaawn

    This would be great, but I cannot find it anywhere on their website. They have a list of mobile stores for certain states, but not much online for sale. Can anyone come up with a link, I am hoping to get a nexus 4

    • thepanttherlady
      • shaawn

        Thanks. I seen that agreement that states they can charge at least 200 for basically any change in my account. on their own site the discount its 100, where do they come up with 200 then also (400 for smart phones) it says. I’m going with costco, feels a lot less shady of a purchase, even if it is a little more

  • Sucker Free

    I rather pay 349.99 from Google and get on Tmobile PrePaid for $70 bucks a month, Dont be a sucker! Be sucker free!

  • s10shane

    the nexus 4 is free after a 50 dollar mail in rebate from t-mobile right now. check it out if you are looking to get one through t-mobile.

  • Ravneet

    Just picked up a S3 from Walmart, was listed at $98, but Walmart gives you a $50 gift card back. So its $48. I did a upgrade on the line for another 2 years.