Deal Alert: Nexus 4 On Sale Through, Free The Whole Weekend

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Nexus 4 fans take note as will offer the device absolutely free, well after a $50 mail-in rebate that is through the end of February 24th. Like most of T-Mobile’s web-only promotions, this offer is likely only good for new activations and add-a-line customers. On a similar note, I wouldn’t expect to  your local T-Mobile corporate store honor this deal, it’s a web-only special.

The Nexus 4 has been a tough sell on contract through T-Mobile when you consider the relatively inexpensive Google Play pricing at $299 and $349, but maybe the low price of free is enough to win you over to the contract side. So, if you’re eager to add a new line or jump onto the Magenta colored train, act fast as this deal is only good for a limited time.




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  • Bubba

    If only it had WiFi calling!

    • minioninnc

      Groove IP, and it does.

      • theking_13

        No, its doesn’t. And GrooveIP, as any other wifi based calling system, is terrible to say the least.

        • minioninnc

          Yes it does. I have it on mine, and it works fine. I didn’t say it was a good, but it does work.

  • CFu

    Anyone able to confirm that it’s new activations only?

    • 30014

      I got a text this morning from T-Mobile saying that i was eligible for this deal for being a loyal customer (11 years) and that i could keep my current plan.

      • CFu

        Damn. Wish I would get that text, but no go for me.

      • R0bn0xi0us

        Screenshot or GTFO. I’ve been with them for almost as long and been eligible for an upgrade since this past October and have only gotten survey text messages from them. Needless to say, I haven’t given them very high grades on the surveys.

  • G1andonly

    The reason it’s free is because people are returning them for the gs3 and now they have many in stock that aren’t selling.

    • Big ol’

      Ill take a nexus 4 over a gs3 anyday. I have used both phones and the nexus 4 crushes it.

      Oh and it does have wifi calling. Get grooveip on google play and link it up to a google voice account.

    • Which would prove my hunch that selling the Nexus 4 on contract would be a flop. The Nexus 4 is not going to appeal to the average consumer and with it’s cost unsubsidized through the Play Store anything more than free on contract isn’t a great deal for the $480 or so an average classic plan costs over a value plan.

      • Eric M

        For new customers, it’s still a good deal. Buy it on the classic plan for $50, then pay $200 to immediately migrate to value. You won’t get the $50 rebate, but you will wind up paying $250 for the phone and having the value plan. Better than paying $349 through Google Play.

        • theking_13

          That’s actually an ingenious idea, damn.

        • Dakota

          Not necessarily better – youre still on a contract for 2 years and prepaid prices would be same or cheaper, no?

    • Nope we still have people buying them even on contract. The average consumer doesn’t know that the device is available from Google at a lower overall price than T-Mobile sells it for. The Nexus 4 is $99 upfront on the Value Plan while the GS3 is still $199. Many consumers are opting for the Nexus because of the lower upfront price. People think in the short-term of “what do I have to pay right now” over “what do I pay over 2 years”.

    • jerry

      Lol. I did exactly that. The nexus 4 camera was a big killer for me. Also, the static sound that would come from the phone was so annoying!

  • PDXDroid

    Looks like it is new/add-a-line. I logged in with my account and it says $199.00 and I have the upgrade available.

    • R0bn0xi0us

      Same situation here. Thanks for nothing T-Mobile.

      • theking_13

        Its better to go with the Value Plans, no upgrades, but lower plans and the ability to pay for a phone over a period of 20 months.

        • Dakota

          Why would you want to be on a contract when you can buy the phone for a little more from Google and be on a prepaid plan, esp now that Tmo even offers unlimited data if youre one of the folks that needs that

        • theking_13

          The Nexus 4 is the only phone where this is the case. Are you only going to use a Nexus 4 for the rest of your life? No? Then its a unique exception.

  • nerdlust

    My upgrade is so far away….I could learn to live without wifi calling if i had too…

    • ChristianMcC

      Google voice and groove IP if you need the extra minutes, but I’ve been living well enough on my limit of 500 minutes.

  • ant

    im waiting for the htc one

  • rob

    it is not free, Tmo give it to you if you let TMO own you for 2 years

  • Mobilewolf789

    Hey I had a somewhat unrelated question, does anyone know if Qualcomm new 40 band chip can, say theoretically, by someone really tech savvy, be installed into the nexus 4?

  • CJ

    Treat your current customers better! Its not free unless you activate a new line!

  • Stop with the rebates already, lol.

    • Verizonthunder

      I agree with you this is 2013 I cannot find one person that will say oh I love those Mail-In rebate’s I just keep waiting and waiting

      • Dakota

        And they keep wondering why theyre dead last

      • papasurf3

        Whenever I did a Mail-In rebate with T-mo I used some form of mail tracking, registered mail ect. I too say stop the rebates.

        Where I they getting the suggested retail price? Its way above Google’s price.

  • Loyal customer of 8 years

    Still costs $199 on a contract renewal/upgrade. Talk about a slap in the face to current customers.

    • s10shane

      call customer loyalty to see if they can give you a good discount. they better since you have been with them for 8 years lol.

      • Loyal customer of 8 years

        I just got off the phone with customer loyalty, they essentially said, “screw you, it’s still $199”

        • Dakota

          And thats why the churn rate continues and their customer service rankings are always dead last. Its stuff like that that made me switch to an MVNO. I never get these policies because I always hear that its a lot cheaper for a company to KEEP a customer than spend the resources to GET A NEW one. Tmobile apparently doesnt subscribe to that Business 101 rule. Paying 199 and being locked into a contract is the stupidest thing Ive heard of. @lloyal – they said stuff like that to me in the past…one rep told me he had been on the phone with me for 4 minutes so he had to hang up (and did) and ECR REP LT GOODEN told me (And others) that if we didnt like Tmobile, we should leave. I gladly listened to him…He didnt care that I had been with Tmobile for my entire cell phone life.

        • Exactly. This is why I’m about 2 steps from walking out on T-Mobile. That finance your phone for 20 months thing really isn’t that much of a deal until after the 20 months are over. As of May coming up, I will be a loyal customer for a whole decade and they have nearly offered me near nothing to stay. They even stopped offering me an alternate exchange under insurance once I have problems with my devices and have sent it in for the same or similar issues over 4-5 times. And I’m definitely tired of these mail-in-rebates, or extend your contract everytime you get a new phone, and all these deals we see online for classic plans or new customers. I really wonder are they really gonna be the true definition of the “uncarrier” with this. The sad thing is, most of the MNVO’s I’m looking at run under T-Mobile’s network, if that isn’t the big slap in the face and red flag for T-Mobile, I don’t know what is.

        • s10shane

          damn that sucks. usually they try to help you out the best they can. sorry to hear that. that just adds to t-mobiles crappy customer service. now we know why they are dead last. lol i always tell them i’m thinking about canceling my service and they will usually help me out some what.

      • Nexus 4 Owner

        I just got it for free with an upgrade. I talked to a supervisor. Thats the trick

  • Verizonthunder

    It’s free !!!! ohhhh wait….. $50 mail-in rebate, this is borderline false advertising, what a joke you are likely to get your tax return than your $50 dollar mail-in rebate maybe never …..

    • Dakota

      and they wonder why Tmo has such a bad reputation. I swear in REAL LIFE I have yet to meet a single person who is a Tmobile customer. (Maybe that will change with the iphone and IF they get a reliable LTE network)

  • Dakota

    Why do they continue these mail in rebates. They are inconvenient to customers – in others words, customers DONT LIKE THEM (and someone needs to do a better job in customer service!), and its not the same offering free and then the customer finding out they have to pay upfront…or like theyve done with other phones where they sell them at highe rprices than everyone else and then even ask you to pay $100 more upfront. Its got to add to TMO expense with additional paperwork and processing but I guess the only reason to do it is because theyre making money on customers that forget to mail the forms in or dont fill out the forms accurately. Its just another big biz trick that turns people off. Tell me the price – dont give me asterisks. To me, the whole point of a NExus is getting it unlocked for an incredibly affordable price. WHether you want to use it on Tmobile directly (mainly if you need unlimited data – but you can now on a prepaid plan) or do something like Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Solavei for a lot less. The idea of paying full price for a phone and then still signing a 2 year contract (value) with TMobile makes no sense to me

  • mexus4user

    Called t-mobile to see what they could do for me since i was eligible for a upgrade. I got it for $124.98 (no rebate bs). upgrade fee waived and free shipping. Its a good deal if you ask me. I’m part of 5 line family plan , don’t plan on leaving t-mobile anytime soon.

    • nexus4user

      forgot to add, i have been with tmobile for 8 years as well. When the
      automated systems asks me why im calling, i always say cancel contract.

  • Mike

    I called tmo tosee if I was eligible for this as an add a line to my existing value plan. Was basically told the phone would cost me $599 on an add a line to the value plan. Told the only way to get the free phone was to open a NEW classic account. What a bag of crap. seems everyone gets a different story from tmobile.