White Nexus 4 Makes Another Cameo Appearance On The Interwebs


All I can say is…want. That’s it, I want this phone in white. Don’t get me wrong, the Nexus 4 looks great in black and most of all I just want Google and LG to manufacturer enough inventory so everyone who wants one, can get one — but I LOVE this look. After yesterdays tease, seeing the full images leaves little doubt that these images are authentic and that at least one production model exists in white.

This sharp looking color showed up on Vietnamese site Tinhte, with its shimmering back plate and white color showing off an otherwise hardware version to the black model Nexus 4. The white version does maintain a bit of black around the bezel and while I would prefer white all around, it’s a fine tradeoff.

There’s still no word on when or if LG will mass produce the white color variant and given the production trouble with the black model, there’s no telling if LG could manufacturer enough to meet demand. Still, if LG and Google decide to push this out to the masses, you’ll find me first in line waiting to buy one.

Slashgear via Tinhte

whitenexus41 whitenexus42

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