ZTE Grand X Shows Up For The Holidays Dressed In T-Mobile Branding

ZTE isn’t a name that is going to ring very many bells, but a new addition to the T-Mobile lineup hopes to change that. Unfortunately, this one packs a mid-range punch as a new FCC listing unveils the ZTE Grand X as the V970T dressed up in T-Mobile branding. The Grand X features Android 4.0, a 4.3″ display, 1GHz MediaTek MT6577 processor and a 5 megapixel rear camera. T-Mobile hasn’t released pricing or details but with the Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner, its possible we could see an announcement from T-Mobile, ZTE or both.


  • QDOG8

    next myTouch! calling it right now

    • Christopher_McG

      The myTouch line is an embarrassment now. Every myTouch device sold should be free everywhere (not just online some of the time/with MIR) and $199 max on EIP.

      • ghulamsameer

        Seriously. I’ve always hated the MyTouch brand. It has a disgusting flavor of android and they’ve been flagships for so long when they are very mediocre phones.

        • The 4G mytouch was/is a fantastic Android device. some people may love it or hate it but at the very least it’s still one of the more reliable devices of the last two years or so.

      • notme96

        Agreed about the myTouch line being an embarrassment, and in my opinion it started once HTC stopped making them.

        • bleeew

          Pretty much. And I thought the new Droid Incredible line was bad. What is up with the companies starting with a high-end phone and later putting an a low-end phone afterwards?

    • g2a5b0e

      I doubt it will be, but if it is, the myTouch series will have become the poor man’s broken, busted bastardization of the Nexus. As manufacturers wait in line to get their shot at the next Nexus, others are just like, “oh, f*ck it…I guess this will do in the meantime.”

  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    You can’t be serious

  • Magmaspawn

    I phone killer

  • jiju

    MediaTek MT6577 processor!

  • AndroidProfit

    Grab adblock plus off the market. It will block the banner ad on this site.

    • Are you seeing it on mobile or on the desktop? I can’t try and remove what I don’t see. I don’t see the ad on my computer.

      • krym73

        I see it ALL the time through my phones mobile website.Its really annoying,imo

      • thepanttherlady


        • od312

          Sit the hell down and get in the kitchen!

        • thepanttherlady

          Pfffft! That’s what men are for. SMH

        • od312

          Haha!! Great sense of humor!!

  • AndroidProfit

    Adblock plus on the play store will block the banner ads!!

  • Josue

    $299 on contract $599 w/o contract, lmao

    • bleeew

      T-Mobile’s 2013 “high-end” lineup.

      • Josue

        iPhone 5 killer

    • JBrowne1012

      T-mobile isn’t that stupid this is going to be on par with the LG L9 in terms of specs so the pricing should follow suit. $350 off contract 75$ on value plan/classic

      • Josue

        “T-mobile isn’t that stupid” I’ll keep the sarcastic commemt to myself lol

  • rob

    my goodness I hope it isn’t another cheap Chinese myTouch device. I remember when Huawei and ZTE only provided feature phones or low end price friendly “smartphones” for T-Mobile. Now they slap a mytouch logo on any phone that might not sell well w/o the branding. HTC put the myTouch name out there and T-Mo is now squeezing the life out of that name. Maybe in 2013 TMO will also offer superphones again like in 2011, ah the return of the G line, myTouch, Sidekick, etc. All being touted as high end or superphones once more. What good is a new better network without any good amazing hardware to use on it. If TMO wants to clean its image, it has to clean up it’s phone brands as well. The G line would be an awesome Droid/ Nexus competitor, the myTouch could tout the iPhone once more(on other networks), the SideKick could get reinvented or Tmo and Sharp could work together again to bring the old school in with the new school (as in a high end SideKick this time that brings that once iPhone like brand back). All LTE10 capable and hopefully HTC as a preferred manufacturer again, please this Samsung/Huawei/ZTE plastic options are killing me!

    • Todd

      This is just one phone. Take a breather. They have to have the lower end phones, too. This is what being a “value” company is. They need to provide the phones for people on a tight budget. Obviously, AT&T and Verizon don’t give a crap about that demographic, so it’s a great opportunity for TMO to scoop those people up.

      • Value doesn’t sell.

        People on a tight budget widen it to go on Verizon

    • Napster87

      yeah! hopefully next year t-mobile will get super phones like the samsung galaxy s3, note 2 and the one s. What it comes down to is other carriers paying ridiculous amounts for exclusive rights to some of the major phones. this has nothing to do with t-mobile choosing low end phones.

  • Eddie

    I won’t spent money if doesn’t have LTE. Becuse t moblie Need Phone with LTE and hspa in 2013 .if phone doesn’t have LTE is fail . Becuse all people in worldwide will soon convert to LTE phones. so why spent money on phone . That’s why t moblie offer free phone because t moblie are smart. They wanna all invontory to make room for LTE phone .

  • T-Fail

    Oh boy, another middling piece of shit phone! Can we get something top of the line besides the GS3? FFS!!!! One X+? Xperia T? Optimus G? DNA/Butterfly? Hell, I’ll even take a Droid Razr Maxx HD!!

    • Noel

      Hang tight..some of these devices are not for you and me. The phone we would really want to cradle on our paws on Tmo is the rumored HTC M7 with a 4.7″ 1080p HD screen with i think a 468ppi. Lets hope HTC at last come to their senses and have it on ALL the major carriers. The specs of the rumored M7 seem top notch so far..lets just hope it comes with a monster battery capable of lasting 16-24hrs of active use.

    • Would love the DNA or DROID Razr Maxxx HD on T-Mo.

  • Tbyrne

    I thought we were done with bricks?

  • Always the groomsmen never the groom. T-Mobile with another crap device

  • Jesus Alanis

    It’s the same thing as the zte warp sequent on boost mobile, not a bad phone but no where near the gs3, high end phones please.

  • Bklynman.

    I will cook for you panttherlady! ;)

  • D Velasquez

    why not the 920??

  • fsured

    Cnet has this phone with a Tegra2 chip? Either way it’s a middle of the road fluff phone. I hope they are not counting on this to be a big winner that will draw new Android users wanting a top notch phone.

  • ant

    tmobile should stop making these cheap phones because they suck and useless i know they want to help people but that new to android stuff or mid range low end phone era should be over like instead of tmo gettin the high end lg optimus they get the cheap one trying to sell more because its free but in a couple of months you gone hate that phone and complain on how tmo suck and lg suck even thou they tried to help save u money but think about the value of the phone not the cost or price if it to high save

  • this guy 13

    That isn’t even a phone that will be sold on t-mobile postpaid. it is a 4g prepaid smartphone.