New Rumors Hint At Galaxy S IV Unveiling By April Of 2013

I suspect that almost none of you will be surprised as rumors start to pop up discussing the next-generation Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S IV. We know it’s coming, we’re sure it’s being worked on, so it’s just a matter of the what, when and where. If the newest rumor from SamMobile pans out, we should be hearing a lot more about the new flagship, known internally as “Project J” by next April. In fact, SamMobile believes that we could even see an announcement as soon as next April, which would mark 11 months since the launch of its predecessor, the Galaxy S III. It seems ideal that Samsung will continue with a one-year refresh cycle for their most popular smartphone, allowing them plenty of opportunity to improve the technology built into a device that has already sold more than 30 million units worldwide.

A Samsung company official told the Korean Times last September that the Galaxy S 4 or S IV will keep the “inspired by nature” design as its predecessor and possibly receive a bump from a 4.8″ to a 5″ display.


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  • LOVE

    This will be like the Note II and Galaxy S III had sex and their baby.

  • Chris

    yay hopefully that means bigger screen for Note 3!!

    • ummm…. no lol

    • Josue

      N3 with a 6’5? nah

      • Paul

        I’d buy it just to say “Na, I didn’t want a 7″ tablet.”

    • The Architect

      Oh god I hope not!!! The Note 2 with an Otterbox Defender is plenty big enough for my huge hands! (btw I’m 6’4″ 275lbs and it’s very difficult finding gloves that fit me)

      • The Architect

        It was cumbersome to swipe with my pinky on a S 1 vibrant and upgraded to a N2 on black friday.

  • Currently very happy with my Galaxy S III and Nexus 4 although I will probably buy the GS4 unless htc comes along and blows us out of the water with something new. I wonder if sticking with the “inspired by nature” theme means the same build materials tho. hmmm

  • HangookSaRam

    An uncle of mine who lives in Korea has a good friend that works with Samsung (Samsung Jun-Ja) and it’s like super top secret and even though they are good friends he wouldn’t show the “test models”…but my uncle did say this (when they drank, lol) that they originally wanted what is in the N2 (in particular the quad cores) to be in the SG3, but because of timing issues, testing, multi-freqs and what not, we got what we got and they were able to resolve it with the N2 release but now to be guaranteed that the SG4 will help lead the way…as for the plexi-glass type thing that Samsung is working on, more likely on the N3 release than SG4, it will not be so much as a flexible phone as people may think, but to have a screen that won’t crack as easily due to the sheer overall size.

  • Addam

    5″ display is way too big. I hope they leave the huge displays to the Note II. Bigger is not always better. How about a tighter display, more pixels. Here’s the real reason the displays keep getting larger when it comes to Samsung: they don’t want to spend the time and money it takes to get things smaller. So, when it comes to Samsung, if you want a faster phone, it’s going to have a larger screen. We should call them on this. Case in point, look what they did with the GSIII mini: relatively crappy display, inferior chip set, doesn’t support LTE… The list goes on. When compared to all the pre-release speculation, the GSIII was a huge disappointment. What happened to the ceramic case? The screen is just okay. Samsung is NOT innovative. They just take available parts and put them in a phone, for an okay end product with decent software but no wow factor.

    • Well said. I think 4.0″ – 4.6″ is the sweet spot for the screen I would want on my smartphone, and that also depends on the form factor. I think the One S and iPhone 5 is the perfect size and form factor for most smartphone users. These 5″+ screens out here will pretty much make 7″ tablets pointless unless the 7″ tablets becomes a cellular device as well. One thing about Samsung devices like my SII is that its very light, even though I hate the plastic feel.

      • Whiskers

        I agree , my HD7 with a 4.3 screen pushes the limit for me.
        Pretty soon people will be walking around with tablet phones on their shoulders like back in the 80’s when people walked around with boom boxes next to their heads,lol.

        • Paul

          HA HA HA HA, that is a great visual!
          I got made fun of at work for my Note 2. They got the iPad mini and started acting like it was a phone.

          Meh, the size doesn’t bother me, fits in my pocket, in-call doesn’t seem obscure.
          It’s all about comfort and I get that it’s not comfortable for some.

          Love the 80’s reference.

        • LuvTMO

          +1 on 80’s reference.

    • PCJ

      geez, don’t buy it then

      • Addam

        umm, we talk about phones on this site. It’s what we do.

        • PCJ

          yea so dont buy the PHONE if you dont like it.

        • Paul

          This article is about a phone, so discussion about the manufacturer is common place here. I would say contribute to the conversation or just read.
          If you’re trolling, you’re doing a piss pour job.

        • PCJ

          im not trolling, im just sharing my opinion like everyone else.

        • theking_13

          Piss “poor” job at spelling too. :) jk

        • g2a5b0e

          I don’t understand how what he said is trolling. He stated his opinion & there’s nothing wrong with that. I completely agree, for one. I keep hearing all this talk about how 5″+ is way too big for a phone…blah, blah, blah. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but understand that there is a market for these devices which is why they will continue to be made & why they will continue to sell. I own the Note 2 & after a few weeks with it, I could never see myself with anything smaller. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a 6″+ device for my next phone. But, I understand that it’s not for everyone. I think small phones are stupid, but I would never say, “phones with (insert display size here) screens or smaller should cease to be made.” I say to each, his her or own. If some one wants it, then it should be made available. Just because 5″+ is too big for you, it doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone. Speak for yourself, I say.

    • Paul

      Just my POV:

      GSIII was a huge disappointment – Yes, the US version was not the same as the international version. Sammy learned that lesson and changed that for the Note 2.
      ( I love my Note 2 and the sizes doesn’t cause issues for me. Video is ridiculously great as well.)

      Bigger is not always better – mostly, yes. Increasing the pixels on a small screen isn’t going to make a huge difference for everyday use either. You’d have to elaborate on how the user would really benefit from it. Games? Photos? Highly doubt it’ll RELALY be noticeable.

      if you want a faster phone, it’s going to have a larger screen – Nope, not true. Given, they put a faster chip in the Note 2, but the GS3 Int. has a quad core as well.

      GS3mini was meant to be crappier than the GS3, it’s for all those that can’t afford the GS3 but want an android phone from a better known company.

      It’s all good, you have your opinions on the matter. Not all of them can be agreed upon. Hopefully the GS4 can make me a sandwich.

      • Addam


        Thanks to your thoughtful response I am now procrastinating on the web with purpose! Okay, without doing a ton of research and avoiding a discussion of the GSIII as compared to the iPhone, here are my thoughts:

        I think the US version of the GSIII was not quad core because they had to make room for the LTE radio. This reinforces my point. I can think of at least one other company that, through engineering, would have figured out a way to make this work. Instead, they compromised the build. My problem with Samsung is that when they are against a wall, they more times than not sink to the occasion by compromising performance. And that is instead of taking the bull by the horns and making less sacrifices.

        The Note II is the beast that it is because there is plenty of room in the body of the phone for all of the fancy stuff. It’s like the old IBM super computers, yea they did a lot but the took up an entire room. I just think if we’re all being honest, the spirit of the smart phone race is about fitting more into less and my problem with Samsung is that they wait for the technology. In this respect, they don’t behave like the leader they portray themselves as in the ads and that, certainly, their sales and market share seem to back up.

        I concede your point about display quality after a certain point. There is probably little difference. But I think you may be trying to have it both ways here in that we all spend days anticipating every software update and analyzing software features we know we will never use and postulating over the next flagship release… so, is it fair, in this context, to say that screen resolution doesn’t matter because you won’t notice it anyway? I’m not sure about that one. It matters to me.

        Again: I think the Int is quad core because it doesnt support LTE and theres more room. (I could be horribly wrong about this)

        Samsung IS trying to market the GS3 mini as top-end (if not a flagship phone). I agree with you that it is not, but if you google the Mini there are comparisons everywhere to the Nexus 4. And somewhere I read a press release or quote from someone at Samsung saying, specifically, that the phone was meant to rival the top phones on the market and even compete with the iphone. Which, again, highlights my problem with Samsung. I love the mini concept, but they used old parts they could fit in a smaller body and it’s a dirty shame. And they do this because Samsung doesn’t have the stomach for REAL innovation. They just dont.

        • Paul

          Excellent, you bring up great points.

        • theking_13

          Uhm, just because its a quad core vs a dual core, doesn’t mean the processor takes up double, or even more space at all. Just that made me realize how uninformed you might be about the rest. (I stopped reading anything after this).

          The reason its a dual core with LTE as opposed to a quad core with no LTE, is because the dual core chip, a Qualcomm S4, has an LTE radio built into it, as opposed to adding an LTE radio alongside a quadcore CPU.

          Not only that, but the international version is just that, international, and in no way could support all LTE frequencies, while carrier versions can.

          The number of cores has nothing to do with it, you should definitely research before trying to make an agruement.

        • Addam

          right so… since the dual core chip comes with LTE and the quad core doesnt, I think (if i haven’t forgotten all of my logic courses from undergrad) we can say that to support LTE on a quad core device they would have needed to add an LTE Radio, right? This, again, points to the fact that they didnt have the space they needed for quad core and LTE (so they went with the dual core with LTE built in).

          THANKS for making my point. If you want to bet on it, I’ll dig in to the specs and PROVE that the Quad Core along side an LTE radio would take up more space under the hood then the Qualcomm S4 (with LTE radio built in).

          If you’re going to be a d-bag, at least be right.

          You can stop reading now.

        • theking_13

          The quad core S4 version of the SoC, has an LTE radio integrated, it’s not like it’s not possible to have a quad core with the radios integrated.

          It’s pathetic how you’re still trying to seem right by adding info, even though you were dead wrong from the beginning.

        • Addam

          agree to disagree

        • JEno904

          The reason why the US carrier version had the dual core S4 was because at the time the quadcore exynos chipset samsung was producing didn’t have LTE built in. Only reason… The second Samsung made the quad exynos LTE compatible they threw it in the samsung galaxy s 3 korean version with 2gigs of ram. Look it up, its the same phone across the border along with the US and international version.

          The GS3 mini is for the european market, which means people over there don’t have the carriers subsidy the phones so the mini costs half the price of the big brother but looks the same is slightly smaller. Its for people who are not aware of what they are buying as long as it works.

          Go back to your iPhone. True story BRO!

        • Addam

          I totally agree with your first point. I was wrong. I said in an above comment that I could be horribly wrong.

          They DO absolutely have carrier subsidies in Europe. You’re wrong on that.

          I do want an iPhone. I always have, but I need native wifi calling (TMO UMA) for work. So, I’m stuck admiring from a far. But please be honest, you have to admit that you were at least a little disappointed with the GSIII. Samsung let me down.

        • JEno904

          alright so not every carrier in Europe subsidies phones, all I remember is what European carriers are notorious for. The only disappointment was why t mobiles version of the galaxy s 3 got the dual core and not the quadcore. We don’t have LTE and t mobile didnt really specify that the GS3 is future proof for LTE unlike the Galaxy note 2 which I believe is hinted at being future proof for tmobile LTE network. That is the only disappointing downfall I have of this phone that makes me want to sell it and grab me a note. The build quality is what is to be expected from samsung. Plastic on top of plastic but I’m not complaining the phone’s weight feels next to nothing. The screen is vividly beautiful. Its snappy, battery is so so. 16 hrs of avrage use, my nexus 4 does around the same as well. Over all its a great phone, certainly not the best, HTC One X is beyond beautiful only downfall again is that its a dual core and no removable battery, other than that it’s design is beyond beauty.

        • Addam

          Not sure where my reply went, but I’ll try again.

          FACT: Quad core chip w/ LTE radio takes up more space under the hood than dual core with LTE built in.

          If you would like to wager on that I’ll dig in to the specs.

          And, to quote a guy that really knows what he’s talking about, “you should definitely research before trying to make an argument.”

        • theking_13

          Except, you said “US version of the GSIII was not quad core because they had to make room for the LTE radio.”

          You never mentioned or even referenced an SoC, which is where LTE, among other radios, would be built in. You just said “4 cores take up more space than 2, so they used the extra space from those 2 cores to add an LTE radio.”

          Which is wrong, because the LTE radio wasn’t just added, it was included with a completely different CPU.

        • Addam

          i take your nuanced point. I rushed through the comment, but I was making the larger point that the quad core with LTE that would fit was not available for US GSIII and instead of designing the phone around the quad core LTE, they just went with the dual core w/ LTE and took the path of least resistance.

          They lost some engineering and design points with me for not making it work.

          And this space issue is the same reason the GSIII MINI is just average or a little below. Are you saying Samsung has the ability to fit the Note2 guts into the GSIII Mini and just choose not to?

          And this is exactly why the GS IV will be larger than the GSIII and not, primarily, because consumers demand larger screens. And they’re selling it to us as a positive,”Now with 5″ screen!”

    • od312

      Gs3 a disappointment? Lol. Says you

      • Addam

        says everyone

        • Addam

          it wasn’t a sales disappointment, but it was in almost every other aspect.

        • nick

          no one asked for your opinion addam

        • Addam


    • Bong

      Good thing I was actually reading your one page paragraph on my note II. I didn’t have to scroll from left to right over and over trying to find a break.

      • Paul

        HA HA HA, niiiice.

  • Spanky

    This trend with the oversized screens needs to stop. Within a couple of years, we’ll be walking around with Nexus 7-sized phones.

    • Deadeye37

      Nexus 7 phone….BRILLIANT! I think you’re onto something…. ;)

    • PCJ

      But then the Mini-trend will not make any sense.

    • theking_13

      Or you could just get an iPhone… There’s a reason that there’s choices.

  • rfgenerator

    Thoughts… 5″ display to big.
    T-Mobile’s classic price will be over $400
    Value price over $700
    Replacable battery?

  • Josue

    as long theres expandable memory (unlike n4) lookimg foward to it

    • niftydl

      Its a Samsung device, they license exFAT files system for external storage to support 64GB microSD cards – so most likely. It is one of the features that continues to differentiate them from HTC and Nexus devices, sadly.

      • Josue

        i have a 32GB sd card and like 10GB are just movies

    • Paul

      That has been the deal breaker for me to ever consider a Nexus.

      • Josue

        i have nothing against the N4 but thats one feature that i need

  • Anonymous

    I bet it’ll use Sharp’s new 1080p 5″ display.

  • That is right about the time the last of our lines goes off-contract and we’ll be able to ditch T-Mobile for AT&T

    • haru280

      but att is now rated lowest by consumer reports, below tmobile

      • Doesn’t change the fact that I can’t get a consistent signal in many areas around where I live (suburban Los Angeles), TMOs coverage has gone to hell in the past ~2 years. Several times a week my TMO phone leaves me hanging and I have to pull out my AT&T work phone which works way more places.

        In any case I’ve never put a lot of stock in what CR has to say.

  • mgrexx


    • theking_13

      That’s what they said about the S2 as well…

  • Yoda

    Bigger screen doesn’t automatically mean a bigger phone you know, bezel size has been diminishing for Sammy’s flagship phone since the s1, so i totally welcome a 5inch screen.

    And all the so call experts cried about s3’s gigantic 4.8 inch screen as impractical at the time when compared to the likes of the iPhone, but look at how well it sold? Play with the actual device first then make your remarks… i know i love my note 2 because it’s in reality the first gadget I’ve used that truly eliminated the need for a secondary tablet. While still small enough to fit in my pocket

    • thepanttherlady

      I have to agree 100% with you on this. I’ve preferred bigger screens since using the Droid X when I was with Verizon. I didn’t think I’d like the size of the Note 2 after playing with it in the store because it just felt awkward. I was surprised at how fast I adapted to it and actually prefer this screen size.

      • od312

        Thats what she said

    • theking_13

      My thoughts exactly, and have also become thinner, and lighter as well.

      Bigger screen, with a smaller footprint.

  • 1″ 20″

    bring it on from a 1″ to a 20″

  • Paul

    I have to agree with the general opinion here, a bump to 5″ is not the best move for them. The Note series can be the big phone, but let the S series compete with the iPhone crowd.

  • mreveryphone

    Good, this note 2 is getting long in the head

  • Yanil

    U must be crazy if u think the galaxy s3 is a crappy phone its the best phone in the world after the galaxy note 2, if it was a crappy phone it wouldnt have surpassed the sales of the iphone

    • Guest911

      It hasnt surpassed the iphone sales. So … Based on your logic, its a crappy phone!

      • Ajdms

        It has though… it sold more than any iPhone…

  • Richard Yarrell

    Regardless of anything anyone says or thinks Samsung has grown and because of that so has android. Look around I don’t care where you reside on this earth people are walking around with Samsung or Apple devices. The Samsung Galaxy S2 was big but not on the same level as today’s Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Note was large and what people laid clSamsungo a niche product…Yeah right that niche rang to the toon of 10 million sold. Now the Galaxy Note 2 is in the house and it’s the best thing ever seen android was invented. 2013 will be another banner year for Samsung and it’s well deserved they make and cater to it’s customers when everyone else says ”F them” The Galaxy S4 will be 5inches, will be quad core clocked at 2gHz, yes 3gb of ram will be here, and 1080p will be in the house on the S4. Samsung will start internak storage bump to 32gb no more 16gb.I will wait for the ultimate product and that’s the Galaxy Note 3. I am loving my current Galaxy Note 2 and this is the only device i would keep for 2yrs. But like clock work next November 2013 i will be ready for the Galaxy Note 3. 2.5ghz processor, 3gb of ram, 6inch 1080p screen, 32gb of internal store with 2sdcard slots capable of 64gb each. Samsung will corner themarket 2013 because of storage options mark my words on this one.

  • JEno904

    I have both the S3 and N4 and both phones are at the top of the game. My friend got the N2 and besides the pen and bigger battery I don’t see much of a benefit of upgrading, unless you’re into the I have this phablet and movies look freaking amazing [which they do I’m not gonna lie.] So the S IV while still being at the rumor point with a 5 inch i think will be okay it won’t be much bigger than right now I hope they make the screen borderless, incoperate newer technology as far as the screen goes.

  • Bklynman

    Mmmmmm in the NYC Daily News,they had article and pictures of a new Samsung
    phone,that is come out next year,that almost unbreakable,the pictures of the phone was bend in half,and hanging a metal pole. The article didnot say if this phone is coming to the US market,all it say’s it was coming out next yr. The picture of the phone was bend in a s shape
    hanging from the pole. David,have you heard of this phone? Can this be the SGH 4?