Google Employee Posts Android Evolution Comic, Adds Key Lime Pie?

If there’s one thing we know, we’re always eagerly awaiting news, any news that surrounds the next-generation Android. In fact, Google employee Manu Cornet’s image is stirring the nest around the interwebs as a “confirmation” of sorts that Key Lime Pie will be the next Android platform. Cornet, who is part of the Gmail team inside of Google says he drew the comic “just for fun,” and not to read into the image too much. Given that Cornet’s not on the “inside” within the Android team at Google, it’s likely that we should take the image at face value and not official confirmation that Key Lime Pie is the next iteration of Android.

Still, its possible that we’ll see a large piece of Key Lime Pie sitting on Google’s HQ lawn in the coming months and if so, we’ll know which Google employee confirmed it first. Let’s just be honest, the name Key Lime Pie has been tossed around for so long with the next major Android launch, is there any question Google wouldn’t use it anymore?

Engadget via Google+

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