Windows Phone 8 Inventory, Dummy Units Begin Arriving In Stores

We’re just three days from the official launch of Windows Phone 8 on T-Mobile and stores are getting ready with demo devices, displays and inventory all beginning to arrive. Both the Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 810 are making cameo appearances in stores as they wait for their T-Mobile unveiling this Wednesday.

Along with the store displays, some retail locations are already receiving some cases including somebody Body Glove and Speck Candyshell protective covers. The Lumia 810 and Windows Phone 8X will arrive on Wednesday, with the Lumia 810 available in black and the Windows Phone 8X available in the blueish/purple color.

Anyone planning on picking one of these up? I just got my hands on the Lumia 810 this past Friday, so I hope to have some first thoughts up later today or tomorrow.


Nokia Lumia 810

  • Available on 11/14
  • Value Plan: $99.99 down payment after a $50 mail-in rebate card and 20 equal payments of $20 per month with a two-year service agreement on qualifying voice and data plans.
  • Classic Plan: $149.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card and with a two-year service agreement on qualifying voice and data plans

Windows Phone 8X by HTC:

  • Available on 11/14
  • Value Plan: $149.99 down payment after a $50 mail-in rebate card and 20 equal payments of $20 per month with a two-year service agreement on qualifying voice and data plans
  • Classic Plan: $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card and with a two-year service agreement on qualifying voice and data plans

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  • I think the 8X is absolutely STUNNING plus “California blue” is my color. And even tho people are saying the 810 doesn’t look all that nice, I actually like it for what it is. Basic, Sharp lines, Classic. Its a shame I’m so integrated into Android.

    • jian9007

      Agreed. The 8X in blue is just a gorgeous phone. Best looking phone this year by a mile. I’m too far into Android to jump ship as well, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the fantastic design on the 8X. If it was $299 unlocked, I’d pick one up just to play around with Windows 8 and to stare at and admire it. :-)

    • shotok

      I do like the 8x but the 16G feature is a No No. the lumia 810 you can have up to 64 GB sd card which is nice, but don’t like the shape. I am getting a 920 unlocked and running on refarmed t-mo network.

  • I don’t know, but these are priced a little too high for me. those prices just don’t sit well with me. when will T-Mobile learn?

    • prohibido_por_la_ley

      Prices are lower than other carriers so calm down

    • David might be the answer to your problem. Follow instruction to perhaps gets better deal there. It is official T-Mobile site and number.

  • UncleFan

    Ugh, those classic plan prices are way too high, and the value plans always add up to a bad deal for me. Hopefully Walmart will give me a good upgrade price on my current classic plan.

  • Wyn6

    810 in black? Is that black w/ option for a cyan shell or will there only be black available?

    • Mimo Dakdouk

      The Lumia 810 does have replaceable back covers, so you will have the option to switch out the black cover for a cyan one. I don’t know where or when you can buy the cyan covers, though.

  • MacRat

    “Dummy units begin arriving in stores.”

    That’s not a nice way to describe Windows phones! :-)

  • Justin Plecko

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile will be carrying the 8X in the Limelight Yellow? If not, what is the point of manufacturers teasing us with these awesome colors if nobody is going to carry them. All they ever carry are the boring black, gray, white or shades of blue. How about a little variety please!

    • fentonr

      I agree. Verizon has the exclusive on the black and red, AT&T will get the yellow and blue for their 8gb version and blue only for the 16gb. T-Mobile only seems to be getting the blue.

    • Heath Cates

      From their official twitter account they confirmed with me that it was Midnight Blue only ‘for now’

      • fentonr

        So you’re sayin there’s a chance?!

  • Bravehard

    Its about to go down.

  • Glen

    I am looking forward to seeing these. I am ready for a new phone. its either going to be one of these 2 or the SG3. Need a good phone with good battery retention and camera. Don’t care to much about apps need a calculator web access for FB, Twitter, and Email. Oh yeah, I guess that it will help if it can make and recieve phone calls!:-)

    • Josue

      get an S3

    • John

      Then Lumia 810 or HTC 8X is perfect for what you are looking for. They are both great phones. You gonna love it. SG3 I don’t really recommend it. Both 8X and Lumia 810 has much better build quality and of course OS.

  • niididdy

    These windows phones look like they have a great build quality to them. I like what I see from HTC and Nokia. Do they ever make these phones unlocked? It’ll be nice to find one unlocked at Nexus4-like prices so I can try one. Not interested in contract or value plans to try out a phone…

  • TonyJ

    Can’t wait until Wednesday! I’ve been waiting for WP8 forever. I will be getting the Lumia 810!

  • GeekyDiva

    Has anyone heard anything about when they will be available at Best Buy? I would like to pay for the geek squad protection instead of having to pay for the insurance through T-Mobile directly…

    • Fish

      I bought the insurance and never used it. I want to know if I can use my insurance as the tech trade upgrade instead.

  • Josue

    These prices, are to damn high

  • Lay C

    I’d get one in a heartbeat if they had wifi calling…


    My store already has the demo phones, hate the Lumia 810 size and shape, but love love love the shape of the htc windows 8 x… The back of it feels like you can drop it and it wont break, kind of a rubbery silk feeling (not sure if that is the best way to describe it) but it feels great in the hand!

    • Mark

      I held them both at my local tmo and I agree on both points. The Lumia had a gorgeous screen but it felt awful in my hands. The 8x felt perfect….just wish graphite black was a color option.

  • Matt

    Those prices are outrageous. Can’t wait to leave T-Mobile and move to AT&T. Hard to beat the Lumia 920 for only $99.

    • prohibido_por_la_ley

      Have fun paying more per month and with data caps. Your comment doesn’t make sense at all.

      • shotok

        just make the math… in a family plan two smartphones at full price are 1,200 dollars, divided 24 months are 50 dollars more per month. in tmo you pay for two phones around 140 plus 50 to have new phones every two years is 195 dollars plus taxes… that is almost 215 per month. In ATT you pay in a sharing plan for unlimited minutes and 10 gig close to 180 dollars per month and you can enjoy the latest and more powerfull devices. I know att is not a good option but the numbers are right… I am waiting for my contract to finalized and I will move back to att.

        • Matt Gies

          @ t-mobile the value unlimited talk text and 4g data is $120 plus $40 EIP equals $160 for 20months and $120 for 4 months mininum. At ATT you’ll be paying $180 for 10gb of 4g. That’s $640 savings if u go with t-mobile

        • bleeew

          More 3G/HSPA+ coverage outside cities. One of the reasons people leave T-Mobile is because they need faster data speeds.

        • shotok

          dont forget that you pay already 199 x 2 downpayment for these two phones. Yup more than 200 in savings, but those phones arent the best.

        • fentonr

          I hate to break it to you, but those numbers are not right. Have fun at AT&T.

        • Thank you I will. I’ve already done the math and I will end up paying about the same as I pay now and have better phones as well. Just for reference. If I stayed at T-Mobile and switched to the Value Plan I would pay $450 out of pocket for 3 L810s and then $199 per month for 3 lines with unlimited everything. If I switch to AT&T I would pay $300 out of pocket for 3 L920s and then $210 per month for 3 lines with unlimited talk/text and 10GB shared data. Plus I’d get better coverage including subways and LTE speeds. You might scoff at the 10GB vs unlimited but my current lines have 2, 2, and 5 and none have ever gone over limit so 10GB shared works for me. The choice is clear for me. Your mileage me differ.

      • Whitney

        Will stop worshiping your T-mobile model in bedroom and shut up. If Matt wants to go to AT&T for the Lumia 920 then that is right. Don’t get mad at him for T-mobile overpricing

  • fbeiderb

    Which version will T-Mobile have for the 8X? I’ve read there are 8, 16 and 32 gb versions. From the ATT demo unit at Best Buy, that is an 8 gb unit.

    • Mark

      Tmo is getting the 16gb version….there is no 32gb version for any carrier

  • None

    What is the off-contract price?

  • Vexx

    Here are some examples of what I mean….If anyone is familiar with Nokia phones, you should already know Nokia phones have always kept a lower than expected retail price. For instance…The new Lumia 920 comparable more to the 8X only is only $449 with a larger screen and more advanced feature set than the 810. So why is T mobile introducing the phone for $549???? The Galaxy S3 was $549 about a week ago and is now $579. Then the 8x will be offered for $599 and this model has no expandable memory and the screen quality of the 8x is above the 810, but does $50 REALLY seperate these two phones??
    I’m on Value and YES i do appreciate the pricing structure and being able to pay off phones over 20 months….BUT OVERPRICING THE PHONE TO BEGIN WITH TAKES AWAY FROM THIS SO CALLED SAVINGS….AND I’M JUST SICK OF EVERYTIME A NEW LAUNCH COMES, THEY DO ALL THESE PRICE CHANGES OVER A COUPLE OF PHONES. Then when you add in the Nexus which at this point appears like it will be at least 499 to 599 vs the 349 cash at google…it’s all just insane!!
    Let’s say..I want the 810….Ive got to spend nearly $200 to take it home and 400 more to own it…thats not helping me….TRY THIS T MOBILE. PRICE THE 810 AT $399(WHICH IS WHAT IT’S REALLY WORTH…I pay 99$ and taxes and pay out the 300$, now that makes sense….Trying to pit the 8X against the Gs 3 will not succeed!! Windows is not Android….the 8x is worth $499 but not $599. The value plan should emphasize lower payout at the register…LOWER…..LOWER….THE MONTHLY SAVINGS DON’T GIVE CREDIBILITY TO THESE OVERPRICED HANDSETS…..

    • Agreed. I did the math and if I move my 3 lines over to AT&T I can get better phones for lower cost up front with unlimited calls/text and 10GB shared data and my monthly cost will be the same as I’m paying on my classic plan now at T-Mobile. I see NO reason to stay with T-Mobile and pay more out of pocket for a lesser phone and switch to the value(?) plan.

      • Noisome

        Sooooo? Do it. Doesn’t work for me, but if it works for you, do it.

    • fentonr

      Whoa, so many caps. I can’t answer 100% as the only people who really know for sure are the procurement people. However, I can take a pretty good guess. T-Mobile doesn’t do the volume that the other carriers do so often they aren’t able to purchase the phone as cheaply as the other carriers do. Remember that by customizing the phone by adding carrier branding or small modifications (AT&T for example has an exclusive on the 820, so T-Mobile got a modified version) cost is added to the device. Also, keep in mind that when you see an article that says the cost of a phone is around $200, that’s meaningless. The cost to the manufacturer is often around $200 (although I’d guess that the actual cost is always a fair amount more then the cost of the parts) the manufacturer then raises the price to make profit. I am a T-Mobile dealer and have been for about two years, and while I don’t check all of the time, the highest markup I’ve seen on a high end smart phone is about 3-4% meaning, that pricing of $550 full retail only makes T-Mobile $22. Considering that out of that needs to come the shipping from china to the warehouse and then from the warehouse to the store, that seems to be a reasonable price. T-Mobile isn’t looking to make money off of their phones, but they don’t want to lose money when people buy them full retail.
      That said, it sucks, I’m going to go in on Wednesday and drop $600 plus tax to buy a 8X. I’m not happy about it either. I wish that more people were on T-Mobile so they could do that kind of volume needed to get that price down. I wish more of the people already on T-Mobile would give Windows Phone a chance and drive the price down. Unfortunately, the facts are that T-Mobile doesn’t have that many customers and neither does Windows phone. Combine the two and what you get is a 8X and 810 that costs more than we’d like.

      • That’s why as of December AT&T will be getting my money. Really looking forward to having that Lumia 920.

      • Vexx

        While I do appreciate your insight as a dealer of T mobile products, I dont think you can speak for T mobile USA. T mobile is not a mom and pop wireless store and they are currently not fighting hard enough to satisfy the many interests of it’s main supporters. They have partnerships with Family Dollar, and Wal Mart and have been selling phones at full price for over a year now and I personally don’t believe revenue is a major issue for this company. This overpricing issue seems to be more about bad choices and weak marketing strategies. Example, when the 8x and 8s were annouced the announcement I recall stated that T mobile will be a primary partner bringing these phones to market….BUT look how things ended up….Att was the first carrier to aggressively market the phone and even released it before t mobile. Also, the Samsung focus did pay off but not everybody wants a GS3 or a Galaxy Note, but they chose to focus on Samsung at the expense of everything else. They even released the note one only to stop selling it barely 10 days into launch….WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY….Sure we all know Att has the buying power, but T mobile has gotten in there own way. They wasted all of that marketing on the One S and there is nothing remarkable about that phone….other than its thin body….The beats audio feature is crap….whats even crazier is the screen quality of that phone is as bad as the beats feature, but they went out and bought beats headphones just for the display….and again the sound was nothing to rave about..then if the audio quality was really a solid selling point, why not loead up the demo phone with some really hot tracks so we could at least see for ourselves. The GS3 campaign was a gem because the phone is a gem and the company was astounded to tell us all how this is the best selling T mobile phone of all time…..great but all credit goes to the phone, not T mobile. The Value plan pricing up untill two weeks ago was more inclusive to the buyer….Example a 500$ phone only required a 100$ down now that 100 is back at 200$$ not cool and all they are doing scaring off new business and pissing off existing customers like me…..Now in the case of the Nexus 4…spec wise its right up there with the note2 since these are the only quadcore phones. Now T mobile has the greatest opportunity to use this phone to thank everyone who has been loyal to all the changes good and bad….Marketing…wise…They could remind everyone that they(Tmobile) launched the very first google phone and in conjunction with the google playstore…we proudly announce the 16gb version of the Lg Google Nexus 4 for $349.99 same as playstore……WHAT I JUST SAID WOULD DO WONDERS FOR THIS LAUNCH…..BUT I ASSUME THOSE SPECS ARE JUST TOO GOOD TO PASS US THE DEAL…..This may look like a rant at this point but the bottom lime is tmobile is a wealthy thriving company that doesn’t have to OVERPRICE IT’S HANDSETS, FOR NO OTHER REASON OTHER THAN GREED AND MANIPULATION. IF THEY WERE CASH POOR, WHY IS THE METRO OFFER ON THE TABLE TO BE COMPLETED….and there is no way T mobile is only earning 3 to 4% markup on anything they sell….that math would make no sense to anyone. Hopefully black friday will give us all a break and a chance to save some money on one of these phones.

        • fentonr

          So, I’m going to keep this simple. You’re right, I do not speak on behalf of T-Mobile, nor do I claim to, that’s a good way to be fired. What I do want to address are these points:

          1) Revenue, T-Mobile has major financial issues, if you want to know more, take a few years in business school and then look at their financial releases and statements. T-Mobile will say right up front they don’t perform as they should.

          2)Markup, believe it or don’t, facts are facts even if you don’t like them. I only ask that you keep in mind that T-Mobile isn’t in the market of selling phones, but rather service. You can see this as evidenced by their push to value plans. Focusing on service revenues and not revenues to subsidize devices. T-Mobile doesn’t care if anyone purchases a phone, they care if they’re able to sell service, phones bring in lots of revenues and zero (okay, fine, nearly zero) profits. You say it makes no sense to anyone, but in fact it makes perfect sense. Sell the phones at near cost because it allows more people to own a phone that will run only on T-Mobile’s network and drive more people to purchase T-Mobile’s product; service. T-Mobile is not a retailer, they’re a service provider, they sell phones because they have to. Again, like it or not, this makes perfect business sense.

          3)Metro PCS, T-Mobile USA is not purchasing Metro PCS Deutsche Telekom is so this has nothing to do with T-Mobile’s current cash situation. Speaking of, I suspect that the Nexus 4 is cheaper in the play store because Google is subsidizing it, I believe that I saw that other carriers around the world are pricing similar to T-Mobile, suggesting that T-Mobile is selling the phone for near cost.
          Finally, I agree, I wish that T-Mobile were selling some of these phones cheaper. I also wish that T-Mobile were putting more money into advertising smartly. I agree things like the Note 1 mess were stupid. However, you seem to speak of marketing, business and corporate strategy from the perspective of someone who doesn’t understand how these things work. Its not my intention to be rude, but rather show how they do work. I don’t pretend to have a perfect grasp of these things, but T-Mobile dealer is what I do to pay for school, I spend my days covering these topics extensively and as such, I get why T-Mobile sells phones at cost. Because its not their product. If T-Mobile could find a way to not sell phones but still sell service to customers as they do now, I’m sure they would. Phones are not a business but a necessity for them to sell their actual product; cellular services.
          Of course, I’ll end this by saying these are my opinions, I don’t speak for T-Mobile or the dealer I work for and everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt, and what ever disclaimers T-Mobile wants me to include.

        • Vexx

          Your perspective is respectable but still not consumer based. T mobile has taken chances to do things in new ways. The problem is they keep adjusting the prices to counter other areas and for most consumers like myself it comes off as another form of bait and switch. Stop using new phone launches to justify prices changes.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    But will they do WiFi calling?!?

    cuz I need me some WiFi calling…

  • James

    Will AT&T HTC Windows Phone 8X work on Tmobile? If yes, am I going to get HSPA+ speeds?

    • Vexx

      James, you will probably need to reference the specs on the Att model.

    • fentonr

      Yes, but good luck getting it unlocked. Also, only 2g unless you live in a reformed area.

    • why not just get the 8X on TMobile? i’m confused.

      • Foxeh

        I just want to know if the T-Mobile version will support the upcoming LTE.

  • Amedeo Felice

    T-Mobile keeps screwing us over I have a classic loyalty plan been with them for 10+ yrs. and they are ripping me off.. phones are more expensive than with att Verizon or sprint. like the S3 or note II are $80-$100 more expensive on contract than other providers. windows phone selection is not good at all where is the 920, 820 ativ S and where are the colors? no red for 8x? no black? and prices for plans are not dissimilar from those of att at 10GB cap which I don’t use more than that monthly even with zune streaming music and youtube playing video all the time.. I really am starting to get fucking sick of them.. if by may there are no changes I will leave them even if I have to pay a fine.. fuck it..

  • Charles Smith II

    I’m definitely interested in this phone. Looking forward to your thoughts David! I’ve been using my 710 for about a year now and am generally very happy with it but it is time to upgrade. I considered the nexus 4 but I don’t think I’m quite ready to return to android. Windows Phone just works too well!

  • AK47

    Anybody knows when the Samsung ATIV S will be available?

  • Ben

    I’m getting a pair for myself and my wife. I’ve had the HTC HD7 with Windows 7 on it and I’m hooked. I told my wife I would buy her one to woo her away from her frustrating iPhone. Ever heard what I call the ‘iPhone sigh’ ? Somebody is using their iPhone and they start sighing and getting frustrated ? I think the iPhone OS needs a revamp. Juggling all these apps is annoying. That’s why I love the Windows phone. It’s all integrated and task oriented rather than app oriented. Anyway, that’s my Windows fanboy speech. I hate Microsoft usually, but I’m really fond of these phones. Can’t wait to get a lurid yellow one :-)