T-Mobile Stores Begin Carrying SIM Card Adapters For All You Phone Swappers

For all your SIM swappers out there constantly messing around with new phones, T-Mobile owned retail stores are starting to receive the above accessory, a SIM card adapter for microSIM to normal size SIM. For the price of $4.99, this is a steal and a terrific value if you find yourself switching phones from time to time. I’ve got about a dozen of these lying around that I’ve collected over the years and they are invaluable.

I’m not sure how widespread the availability of this accessory is at the moment, but if its something you’ve been looking for, contact your local T-Mobile retail store and see if they have any in stock.

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  • Guest

    this excites me.

  • Get_at_Me


  • mtmjr90

    I don’t know if they’ll also have nano-SIM adapters, but as someone who swaps often, I strongly recommend microsim-shop.com. I’ve been using their stuff for a while now and it’s EXTREMELY high quality. They never get stuck in SIM slots and you feel confident that the SIM is snugly fit in there.

    Right now, I’ve got a T-Mo nanoSIM in a nano-to-microSIM adapter in my Nexus 4 and will be swapping with my iPhone 5:)

    (Oh, I should make it clear that I do not work for nor benefit in any way from their sales.)

  • NinoBr0wn

    So is that like a SD card adapter? You just insert the micro into it?

    • loopyduck

      Pretty much. Instead of sliding it in along the length of the card, you plop it down into the blank space.

      • NinoBr0wn

        Cool thanks

  • loopyduck

    Cheaper on eBay. You can pick up one that works with both microSIMs and nanoSIMs shipped from California (no four week wait from China) for $2, and that’s including shipping.

    • Foxeh

      I ordered two of mine from Amazon for just over a buck, all told. I picked a seller that happened to ship from the same state I’m in so it came overnight.

      I’d hardly call five bucks for one of these a steal. Might be worth it if you’re in dire straights and need an adapter immediately, but it’s by no means a deal. Every store should have a cookie jar full of these things just to give away, if you ask me. :P

  • Old full size SIM + basic instruments = free micro SIM card adapter.
    I did it myself a week ago and my T-Mobile G1 now using micro SIM I bought for Nexus 4.

  • MHPhan

    4.99 for a thin peice of plastic?

    • archerian

      fits typical accessory markups seen at a T-mobile store

      • prohibido_por_la_ley

        Typical #firstworldproblem

  • Mirad77

    Nice to know. I have s sim cutter and tend stop by m local store every time I need mini sim.

  • HumorPrint

    So, if I were to say, use my kids upgade to get me a new phone I could use this to use my sim card with a new S3?

  • Theres really no need for this… Most people nowadays who upgrade are upgrading to newer devices that have the micro and nano sim cards… As well they either trade or sell their devices only a handful keep them as backup devices… $5 isn’t too bad though.

  • Nick Cannon

    Tmo tried charging me $20 to change my SIM to Microsim…

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      Really? And you said “No way, Jose,” and they backed off? (I’ve wondered if they pull something like that.)

      • Nick Cannon

        Yes and I asked why there was a charge and they said it was normal. Walked out, went home and cut my sim down to size for free. I don’t understand why they would charge for different sizes when you can get an activation kit online for $1 or free…

        • Kot

          They ask $40 for the nano sim card at the retail store!!!!!! No wonder why people defect! I told them to convey the message to the management that the price is outrageous! Doubt they care thou…. Sorry to say but the level of employees is much to be desired….

        • no one from Tmobile charges for sim cards.i got two nanos for me and wife for free.no one ask for a penny

        • 3dragons

          Agreed, I have never been charged for a sim. In fact pre-launch Nexus 4 I went into my local T-mob store and asked for two nano-sims for the Nexus 4 I was ordering from the play-store.

        • The nanoSIM should be no more than $20 – $25 and that’s ONLY if someone is making you pay for in a store. If you’re paying more than that, something else is wrong.

        • Kot

          Well , thinking that $40 had to do with that particular Tmobile employee’s incompetency, I ve gone into several retail location in the NYC area, and received same quote of $40 for the nano at every one of them! As one particularly “bright” one has told me, they charge that much as I would not have to pay the “express” shipping charges if I was to buy it from the web site…Go figure …. :(

        • UncleFan

          “several retail location in the NYC area…”
          LOL, that’s your problem right there! This is like the 5th time this week I’ve heard about somebody getting ripped off at a NYC T-Mobile store. This gouging would *NEVER* happen at my friendly local T-Mo shop. Why do New Yorkers put up with this crap?

        • Kot

          These all were the official T-Mobile corporate stores, and not independent dealers! Their pricing computer database should be the same within the region, or entire country me thinks , or , is it? I guess in the land of the Free , say Texas, if you get quoted 40 bucks for a 50 cent worth piece of plastic you are expected to shoot them, lol …Alas, in our commie land, we just swallow our pride and keep telling ourselves how much more does ATT sucks…

        • UncleFan

          Both the T-Mobile and AT&T corporate stores in my town always give me new SIMs for free… just southern hospitality, I guess :)

    • zacamandapio

      I remember when I used to ask for a new SIM with no problems. Now they want to charge for SIMs? It happened to me and I just walked out. I’ve been w/ TMO for the last 6 yrs and I had never done anything like that. But then again, it’s a business and what I started doing was to save my SIM cards.

  • nycplayboy78

    Ummm huh David…Swapping phones I know what you’re doing…You’re not slick :)

  • $4.99 for a SIM card cutter, and 4 adapters on eBay. Pass on this lol.

  • fixxmyhead

    pfft u can get these on ebay for like 1$

    • mingkee

      I have couple of them but they do not fit (too thick), but the adapter from T-Mobile fits well with HTC Amaze and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • bob90210

    Dave, if you have a dozen or so lying around the house, then they are not likely invaluable.

  • mingkee

    Take the accessory deal to buy 3 for the price of two.
    There is nothing wrong to have a couple more in the inventory.

  • A Wu

    Fairly ridiculous that they’re this expensive…they only cost a penny to make and I’m sure you could find them for a disposable price off of ebay!

  • niididdy

    Not a bad retail price. I might need one…I go through phones like I change my clothes lol

  • 21stNow

    I think that with shipping, I get 3 for $5 from Amazon. I would call this convenient, but not a steal and terrific value.

  • Oh great more complainers, look take a big breath of air and think…UUUUUUUMMMMM….there now do you really have to type out your 1st reacting thoughts? They aint forcing you to buy it, and at least it isn’t $8-$10 which I wouldn’t be surprised if they priced it at that. It’s more for ppl who 1. didn’t keep their old sim after cutting it. 2. They don’t want to wait for shipping or needed it ASAP. 3. They are a casual general consumer who happens to be in a store and want’s to use something w/ a reg sim.

  • Zombie Killer

    Multiple card sizes shouldn’t even exist. Saves no space. Its just a disgusting apple ploy to mess with people and generate hatred towards them by everyone with a brain.

  • shadwell_lad

    Free adaptors in t mobile uk

  • Craigers

    Yes! I’m going to be picking up an iPhone 4S as soon as the prices drop a bit. I was concerned about being able to swap between my loved HTC One and the iPhone. I didn’t even know such an adapter existed. Thanks David! I love this blog!

    • kev

      Both iPhone 4S and HTC One S using the Micro SIM. You don’t need an adapter.