Taking A Quick Look At The Nokia Lumia 810 For T-Mobile

With the kickoff of MobileCon 2012, T-Mobile was on hand last night in San Diego to show off some of their newest hardware, including the Nokia Lumia 810. Unfortunately, T-Mobile seems handcuffed by Microsoft which prevented T-Mobile from showing a working model of the Lumia 810. Most of the early hands on reference a slightly thicker than expected frame, along with a little extra weight. The Cyan color won rave reviews of course, but overall feedback was pretty limited given that the device itself couldn’t be turned on. Any feedback based on what essentially amounts to a dummy unit should be taken with a grain of salt until we can get a complete hands on with a working device.

CNET, WPCentral

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  • JB

    That’s a nice looking phone (I’m lovin the color!).. but my goodness we already know it exists.. it’s dumb we couldn’t see a test run of the software which begs the question, why even show it off? LOL. Oh well. C’est la vie. :-)

    • I <3 boobies

      Jessica from cnet was flaunting some tigo bitties, that was my only take away. But yeah otherwise pointless video. Microsoft put a damper on a potentially good video.

      • William Brubaker

        My thoughts exactly. After I read the phone was not turned on for the videos I had to find another reason to watch!

      • JB

        Lol there was the dude @ :22 that saw filming was going on and looked like “oops, I better get out of the way!” I strange enough wasn’t looking at Jessica’s chest…

  • frigadroid

    Another typical t-mopile fail. Oh well I guess that’s better than the glass box trick they pulled before. You gotta feel sorry for these poor t-blowbile employees how embarrassing!

    • Which part is embarrassing, it wasn’t T-Mobile’s decision not to show a working phone, that comes from Microsoft.

      • frigadroid

        Just saying facetiously Tmobile’s failure to get top tier phones other than the samsunged line would be embarrassing for me if I worked there. It’s no wonder customers churn & employee morale is at an all time low & now they are rated lowest in customer service. I’m pulling for them, have been as long as anyone, but gee whiz at some point you just got to walk away.

        • tmo employee

          You have no idea what you’re talking about. And you can’t spell. That my friend is embarrassing.

        • frigadroid

          Lmao really if you want to point out where corrections are needed you might want to start with your second sentence so you don’t look like such a moron, being a representative of tmobile and all ;-P

        • jared noel

          This is a bold faced lie

        • frigadroid

          Care to elaborate just what do you think I’m lying about? Are you 1 of these idiots living in denial? You can read and comprehend can’t you? If you’re going to call someone a liar you need to back it up with some proof, but you can’t because I’m not.

  • why even bother doing a hand’s on video if you literally can’t even turn the thing on .. to that note why even bother brining the device? just to show it exists and show the colors? why Microsoft why smh

    • 21stNow

      I think that it’s a sign that the hardware is the only thing to show off. Microsoft is acting like this is a brand new OS, instead of an update. Research in Motion isn’t this secretive with BBOS10, and that’s packing more changes than WP8 over WP7.5.

      • truth .. why are they acting as if we all haven’t seen Windows 8 already .. smh

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    The video is as useful as judging a television without turning it on . I am a fan of the streaming cleavage though .

    • fixxmyhead

      but the lady is ugly

      • 1 <3 Boobies

        You sir look like a dog, so stfu. She’s not ugly, in San Francisco she’s probably a 6.5 – easily. In my book, and I have good tastes, a 1, 2 or 3 is ugly territory jackass. Obviously a 5 is avg or meh…

        • fixxmyhead

          fine i take it back but shes a 5 at best. she looks too old like a mom type

        • This entire line of conversation is inappropriate. Move along gents.

        • jay

          her hair is falling off pretty bad in one spot

        • Todd_the_Hunn

          I never saw her face . Just cleavage and that black rectangular thing .

    • Spanky

      Can you say motorboat?

  • wtf is the point

    • archerian

      WP8 is the point

  • why would T-Mobile make such a big deal about releasing a thick phone when there are so many slimmer options out there! No one will want to sign a new contract for a phone that already looks outdated…unless its $50 or less which it won’t be.

  • Rep

    I beta tested this phone. It was pretty buggy. I hope the finished product has all the kinks ironed out

  • MarcusDW

    That thing is FAT.

  • archerian

    Altogether a beefed up Lumia 710, I’m glad it has a front facing camera and good processor. The way Nokia devices are sold on T-mobile, if its available for $250 prepaid early next year, I’d buy one.

  • bleeew

    Isn’t this the same specs as the Nokia 800, but with more RAM and a better CPU?

  • thats crazy. nothing showing on the phone, most likely just a dummy model.

  • I like em’ thick. I have bigger fingers because I’m 22, 5’11, & because of my gens. I love my HTC One S, but it’s a little so slender on the width of the screen. I never really had an issue w/ the height of the screen perse, I think the issue was the width. Still debating between this or the Lumia, the issue is price as of now