Reminder: Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available Today

A quick reminder to all you Galaxy S Blaze 4G owners out there as today marks the first opportunity to get your hands on Ice Cream Sandwich. You can kick back and wait for the OTA to arrive or move right along and get the update via Samsung’s Kies software. Find all the instructions at the T-Mobile support link below.

T-Mobile Support

Download update from T-Mobile – T769UVLF4

You may request the T769UVLF4 update from the update servers, even if you have not received the Over the Air (OTA) update. To download or check for updates, follow these steps:

  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Touch Settings.
  • Touch Software Update.
  • Note: If the Software has been pushed to your phone, you will received prompts to download. If it has not, you will receive a ‘No Firmware’ message.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Wait as your phone restarts and updates to Android version 2.3.6 / Software version T769UVLF4

Download Over the Air (OTA) software update – T769UVLF4

  • You will receive a notification message when the update is available for you.
  • From the message Notification Screen, touch Download.
  • Touch Install Now.
  • Wait as your phone restarts and updates to Android version 2.3.6 / Software version T769UVLF4

Manually Update to Android version 4.0.4 / Software version T769UVLH5 via Samsung Kies


  • All  troubleshooting support for the Kies desktop experience including installation,  connectivity between handset and Kies as well as device OS updates via Kies, should be  forwarded to Samsung.



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  • success! however the entire home screen layout reverted to the default, minor pain in the ass

    • Louie

      Any lag issues? I know some people who updated their GS2’s that became a little sluggish with ICS.

      • Devon

        Yes its a little laggy, but after clearing out the cache and rebooting phone it made major imporvements. Now its about regular speed. Not to slow or fast. I would say a tad bit slower then on gingerbread. But then again I have a lot of apps and i never delete texts messages.

        • im the same way, plenty of apps, every text, and i see a little lag but not enough to bother me. i did however just have issues enter info into a text box using the browser, after completing 1 box it wouldnt let me go to the next, then the zoom changed and the first box was empty and wouldnt let me type in the second; hopefully that was a one time thing or cause i tried to use the auto-complete feature, which didnt work at all.

        • M42

          Doesn’t sound real promising. I’m happy with Gingerbread and Launcher Pro.

          Does it give you any new features or look that makes it worth upgrading to?

        • i havent found anything that makes upgrading necessary, the differences (so far) are minor and seem more cosmetic; that being said having to learn the new menu layouts (setting are in different orders and categorized) isn’t ideal. the most important thing is that ICS supports more apps, which hasnt been an issue for me in the past using gingerbread. part of me misses gingerbread, but soon enough ill adapt. at this point i personally think gingerbread would be better to keep and not upgrade, and if gingerbread looses support down the line then upgrade.

        • M42

          Thanks. That’s exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I’m perfectly happy with Gingerbread and the launcher I’m running. It’s fast and I have nice extras the launcher adds. Just read too many reports of lagging not only on this phone but on other Samsungs too.

  • i tried updating my blaze it says no update available what going on

    • i had to use kies to get it

  • boburk

    As of Oct 4, Mine still says no update too.

  • BobsYourUncle

    I upgraded my Blaze yesterday, and after a day I think it is a biiiig improvement. Much better/faster/more usable web browser, the task management (hold down the home key to get the list of recent/running apps) is a great new feature, and being able to disable the crapware pre-installed apps from T-Mobile is so nice. Panorama built into the new camera app is cool too. Same battery usage and speed overall I think.

    • BobsYourUncle

      btw, I updated via Kies

    • blazeowner

      i have tried many times using kies and all it does is saying download software than cuts off. nothing else and no new software. so how did you do it. thanks

  • mik.aza

    I had root before and went through the trouble of unrooting just to get it to work with Kies, and all I get is: your device does not support software update via Kies. Anyone has any suggestions?

  • GSBlazeUser

    I am not very impressed with the update. For one, the phone is far less responsive than it’s previous software, and lags quite a bit. Two, the phone uses much more resource than I expect, I have only a few apps installed [apart from the current pre-installed bloatware] and at idle the system is using about 500 MBs of RAM.Battery life has significantly been decreased, and there also there seems to be a glitch with the task manager which almost always show that there are no applications running, even though I can be running up to 5 applications at that given moment. It needs a little more refinement, but other than that it is potentially great!

    P.S. Does anybody know how to take a screenshot, now? Power+Home no longer gets the job done.

  • cosmogirl

    I am still waiting for the updated…

  • iwishthat

    is updating for the ics worth it? or no