Galaxy S II Color Refresh Shown In Monthly 4G Promotional Video

In a minor bit of news today, T-Mobile is set to introduce a color refresh to the Galaxy S II, perhaps with a new Monthly 4G edition. As seen in the image above, the Monthly packaged 4G Galaxy S II outed via this promotional video is decidedly not black. Earlier in the month we outed T-Mobile’s current roadmap which indicated an October 29th launch for the “Samsung Galaxy S II Color Refresh.” We still don’t know what color T-Mobile will call this “new” shade of the Galaxy S II, but it’s definitely coming.



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  • steve1026

    How about an update before color changes???

    • Benjamin@tmo

      Don’t expect one, honestly. With the update to ICS a few months back, they won’t be pushing any further updates (JB) until it launches on he GSIII. Most people have ROM’d there phones instead of waiting.

      • fixxmyhead

        u dont even know what ur talking about. samsung already said were getting JB. i want a stable jb touchwiz rom , im tired of buggy ass cm or aokp roms

        • Benjamin@tmo

          Actually, I do. And if you read my comment right, I said not to EXPECT one before the GSIII get’s JB. I don’t know for sure, no one does. But due to track record, we probably won’t be seeing a JB official launch for a while. Also, if you rom your phone right and know what you are doing, they aren’t buggy. I’ve used about 4 different roms since I bought by GSII on my employee account and have never had a issue or bugs UNLESS it’s a rom in alpha stage. Yes, you may see some slight bugs but get over it. It’s a rom. OR be patient like everyone else and stop whining.

        • fixxmyhead

          camera on aokp or cm still doesnt even have touch to focus for the hercules. i refuse to use a rom without touch to focus. plus the video recording has glitches. i’ll stick to a touchwiz rom where everything works properly. cm might run good but the non working camera features are what kills it for me besides i actually like touchwiz too

        • loueradun

          That’s a lot of complaining for all the wonderful work our devs do for us… And I thought we were discussing JB on the GSIII not the Hercules? Anyways, be patient or don’t complain. You already mentioned there is working JB for your phone but its missing 1 feature you use! Give me a break! It is people like you that give rooting/modding a phone a bad rep. If you read the ROM comments you would have known that feature was broken before ever installing it too!

          Edit: My bad guess we were discussing the SII, not sure how I missed that… The rest of my comment still applies though.

        • fixxmyhead

          theres a couple more features not working too but if it makes u feel better i gave up on those roms. ill just stick to official ones where everything fully works with no problems. im getting tired of the custom rom scene

    • Guest

      You bought an Android phone more than a month ago? Good luck getting updates.

  • How much is it going to cost ???? Guess we’ll have to see….

    • np6s4x

      $299 at walmart for the current one

  • I just saw the NOTE and felt justified !

  • jayboy

    An s2 running jb is not life or death! I run an s2 on Ics and a nexus 7 on Jelly bean stock and there’s not Much difference, atleast not enough to make me loose any sleep!