A Brief Look At The T-Mobile Branded Galaxy Note II “In The Wild”

With all the T-Mobile, MetroPCS merger talk today we almost forgot about everything else, almost. Thankfully we’ve just received a few “in the wild” shots of the Galaxy Note II hanging around getting some hands on time with some of the locals. Unfortunately, we don’t see much of the device in action nor do we get any indication as to when this will arrive or at what price, but we’re not too angry. It’s just something to hold us over and remind us that good things come to those who wait. At least that’s what my mother always tells me.

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  • David, your mother Is smart! ; D

  • Bajamin

    I got to play with the Note 2 about a week ago (pre-production model). The device feels great and the stylus was very nice. Phone is a bit thicker than you would imagine though. Not sold 100% I needed more time with it.

    • Hitman69

      Liar! Lair! pants on fire.

      • Bajamin

        That is a lot of down votes I got. I work for the company, so yes I have played with it. Mark my words, people will complain about how thick it feels and it will be a toss up with the new stylus. It’s a nice phone none the less, but getting a bit too big for an every day. The stylus icon shows a little “0” on the screen where you are pointed when hovering off the screen and not directly touching it. Like a cursor.

    • guest

      b!tch got burned lol! away with ya, troll!

  • kev2684
  • LORD please let this phone have an FM Radio since I no longer have a friendship with HTC.

    • LeeArtis


    • paul2834

      Would love this, but realistically, it probably won’t be there. In previous galaxy releases, the FM radio was there in the international release but then removed here in the states. It makes sense. People will buy the device regardless, and this might be the push some people need to increase their data subscriptions. It’s really nice that the HTC phones have it.

    • deceptivesmiles

      Why not just use the I<3 Radio app?

  • This is goooooooooooooood news. But with it not launching any time soon, I’m gonna wait patiently. Woohoo..

    • nycplayboy78

      November 2012 is only a month away :)

      • Paul

        Samsung is having a big show in later October…might be before Halloween.

  • jelliottz

    I just swapped out my Galaxy Nexus for a unlocked Galaxy Note and I couldn’t be happier. I’m very interested to see how the Note II comes out. it sounds like a beast and will be a nice addition.

  • MarcusDW

    Get in my HANDS!

    • nycplayboy78


  • codys2k

    the samsung rep came to my store the other day and i got to play with the Note 2. OMG! what an awesome phone! dude, it’s gorgeous. Thin, Light, Bright and full of features. I own a T-mobile branded GSII and Iphone 4 which i use daily. the phone didn’t seem too big and it actually fit in my pocket quite comfortably. I really wanted and GS 3 but i thought something was missing. I then thought maybe I should go for the Galaxy Nexus or wait for the Nexus 2. However, after seeing the Note 2 I was sold!!

  • JP

    Enough of this already. Just release the damn device !!!

    • SDJB

      +1… this is torture… Can’t handle it anymore. O_o

  • My body, it is very ready.. very very ready!!

  • steveb944

    Either this guy has big hands or the device isn’t really that large. Can’t wait till it’s in store so I can try it out!

  • Paul

    :| This is just teasing me, and making me impatient for this glorious device! Looks fantastic.
    I’s also like to see it next to a S3.

  • YoureProbADumbass

    please stop using the phrase “in the wild”…it shows you have no class, no creativity, and it shows that you are just a replicant of a crappy editor/writer, which most bloggers are because they aren’t real journalists…

  • Did the Note 2 go to Alaska, live in an abandoned school bus, and die from possibly eating poison berries?

  • ccnet005

    Between these photos and all the unboxing videos I’m going nuts waiting for phonezilla to show up at TMO

  • Ryan Light

    Seriously, Samsung or T-Mobile cant even support the products they currently sell with timely OS upgrades and now they want to convolute the issue with a phone that would be too big for Herman Munster to hold in his hand?? Great.

    My biggest bone to pick with Android is the lack of timely OS upgrades. There are clearly too many hands in the cookie jar from Google all the way to the end user. It’s a shame that you have to risk voiding your warranty or bricking your phone to get an OS upgrade these days. It really any kills any excitement I might have had towards any new features.

    What’s a bigger shame, is that, as customers, we are really treated like shit when it comes to Android. Want an upgrade to a new OS? Buy a new phone seems to be the mantra and we, as consumers help them shovel their bullshit by buying into that crap.

    What, it seems, Google and Samsung try and foster, is an Android vs. iOS debate. The real threat to Android? android manufacturers and US carriers. They’ll eventually do more damage to Android than iOS ever will.

    Don’t believe me? Ask Microsoft how it worked out for them the first time around. It’s what helped kill Windows Mobile.

    • eurohomie

      You must be stuck on a Sidekick 4G like myself… lol My upgrade’s in November so I’m happily waiting for this monster

  • YL

    that’s pic is fake luck the size of that phone ,is galaxy III if you own one put in your hand and you going to notice

  • adc1031

    I cant decide if i should get the note 2 or iphone 5 please help?

    • Felicia Rosa

      OMG i AM STUCK BETWEEEN the SAME battle!! I never owned an iPhone always Android and I am for some reason craving an Apple!!!

  • YOpops

    hurry up i have 25 days to return my S3 that im itching to root right now!

  • Josue

    is anyone else annoyed by the white sticker and the sharpie mark? lolz

    • Felicia Rosa

      lol i am im here wondering what they scratched off lol

      • Josue

        lol at least im not the only one who is curious about that

  • David

    I was so hoping for a big splash from HTC but nothing but another let down. The note 2 looks like it has enough to keep me from getting bored with it to soon unlike sg2 and sg3. I’m actually thinking about getting this phone.

  • chuck

    looks smaller than the first note


    Id like to have a new phone but am out of contract and have a HTC sensation.. Its works welll and besides the new processors that beats the sensation or battery life. most new phones come with same 8mp…. So really NO need for me to jump on a new one.And im nervous of the METRO REVERSE DEAl…… But this phone does make me take a look.
    Im just crazy about these prices for cell phones rediculous…… And how many times u use for an emergency?

  • D. Baltimore

    This Device will be awesome. I most definitely can not wait until it comes out. This weekend I went to Best Buy and held the “dummie” Galaxy Note 1 and played the Galaxy Note Tab 10.1 and then went to the T-Mobile Store to play with the Galaxy S III and I used to love HTC but now Samsung is stealing my heart!