Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q’s Real Name Is…

I’ll make this pretty brief since it’s clear the Galaxy S Blaze Q didn’t launch today and while we’re not sure why we are sure of one thing — the name has changed to the Galaxy S Relay 4G. Here in the tech blog world we often put some faith in these press images as the dates often coincide with a release and/or announcement.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, an August 15th launch has come and gone. Still, all is not lost as we know T-Mobile has a brand new name in store for this device, even if it’s not any better than the earlier name.

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  • Noor Mahmoud

    Whoever comes up with these names should definitely be fired. Seriously, fire them.

    • Man_micro

      Yeah, not a great name at all, should have just called it the Samsung Relay 4G. They release this crappy slider and they discontinue the Sidekick 4G, without even giving us a gingerbread update that would have improved the experience with the device. Seriously, why the hell did they not give us Sidekick 4G users a gingerbread update? 

      Did they even release any statement or reason as to why the Galaxy S got it and Sidekick users were left stuck with Froyo?

      If T-Mobile plan on releasing a new Sidekick with Samsung, it should be based off the Galaxy S 2, but add a circular optical trackpad with LED notification that would glow a different color, you could choose from a selection of several, depending on if its email, text, call and make it so you could have it glow with a Facebook, Twitter or other applicmanaation update.
      The two buttons on each side of my desired all black, darker finish keyboard Sidekick 4G LX should all glow and be touch capacitive like the TMobile Galaxy S 2 and should have all the other features of the S2 like, the 4.5 inch Super Amoled plus screen, front facing camera, dual core processor, 8MP rear camera with flash and keep the sliding keyboard mechanism and come with JellyBean.

      Make the backlit keyboard itself similar to SK4G but like I said earlier, change the silver backing to a darker  finish to have a more professional look. I like my Sidekick 4G, I feel what I stated would be a great upgrade to a device that was given lackluster software support and updates from Samsung and T-Mobile. They should get started promoting and making this device soon. I really don’t like virtual keyboards at all and desire a high end  Android Sidekick 4G LX in all black.

  • Chatter

    Why not the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Q 2012? (Q=qwerty edition)
    I think it would be nice for consumers to look totally stupid when telling their friends what phone they just got.

  • Lanh Nguyen

    samsung should stop calling every phone a galaxy ________.  Not every phone deserves the galaxy name.

    • Galaxy phones are Android phones, while Omnia phones are Windows Phones. That’s what Samsung does. In the last two years, there has not been one single Samsung Android device that wasn’t given the Galaxy name internationally. Same for the Windows Phones with the Omnia name.

      In the U.S., however, things are a little different. AT&T has the Focus line for its Windows Phones from Samsung. T-Mobile shunted some of the lower end Galaxy phones to the Exhibit and the Gravity lines. And of course, the Sidekick 4G. Similar examples exist throughout all U.S. carriers.

  • They should just call this thing the Samsung Galaxy Slide…

  • UMA_Fan

    Yeah recent android device naming has kind of ‘cheapened’ it in a sense.  Every other android phone wants to be iconic branding… but they can’t ALL be.

    I believe Apple might have exploited this with naming iPad 3rd gen just iPad instead of something like iPad 3 or iPad HD.  They could potentially do the same thing with the iPhone and refer to each new iPhone’s generation going forward.  Kind of like there were iPod refreshes every year.  Even the iOS based iPod Touch is only referred to by generation.  There’s no iPod Touch 4s.  I can see this coming to iPhone and make Android phones look like a mess.


    T-Mobile G3


      No No No. It would be Stock Android and this screenshot is clearly not that. 

  • jelliottz

    That really is a horrible name. I don’t want to be rude or narrow minded, but this name is lacking and pathetic.

    I’m normally very positive, but c’mon. What’s next? The Galaxy S shasta-express?

    • josh holmes

      Who cares, as long as it is better than my shitty Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G, I could care less, call it the Romney 4G and I will buy it, I buy for specs and how good the phone is not the name, so everyone just give the name a rest. If anyone can honestly tell me they bought their phone based on the name then you are either a liar or dumb shit.

  • Jade Hart

    I like how samsung is including the big home buttons on their new phones.

  • RotaryP7

    Someone was watching the London Olympics too much lmao. Relay.. GTFO.

  • Gouv

    Ugh!! These device names are killing me!!!! I hope someone gets paid very little to come up with these names because if not than something is terribly wrong!

  • Brian Kirby

    Has there been a confirmation on the screen size of this phone?

    • randomnerd_number38

       Not an official confirmation, but if you calculate the screen size based on screen-to-bezel ratio in the press shot and the size of the device from the FCC documents, it’s around 4 or 4.1 inches. So probably not a 720p display :(

  • Hd2brick

    They should call it the Galaxy S Delay 4G

    • HTC G2

      LMAO!!!! good one!!!!!  but i really want this damn phone!!  i dont care what it called… even if this called Samsung Galaxy Gay 4G.. i dont care… i m straight and married.. i just want this F@#$ing Phone!!!!!

  • BigMixxx


    Who came up with this name.  Galaxy Slide….Something simple…

    Galaxy S Relay 4g…who the hell is gonna make an accessory for that….

    • Realcool2000

      Hey what up Big Mixx you the man!

      They should call it Galaxy Blaze it Up 4g!

      haha just kiddin, i been sober for years cause im an athlete. but couldn’t resist the joke :)

      • BigMixxx

         sup man!

        HA!  Galaxy Ganja! the Dimesack edition….

        • Realcool2000


  • Joseph Tongret

    Let’s just call it “not the galaxy s3 or galaxy note 2, so nobody really cares to read about it-slideQ”? Who’s with me? Anybody?

    • randomnerd_number38

       Actually I could give a rat’s ass about the S3 or Note 2. I want a qwerty device. So no, I’m not with you.

      • Joseph Tongret

        Well, your a minority then Bud, but you just rock that phone until the hinges fall off, lol!

        • ransack

          This phone looks great I can’t wait to hear more about it

        • josh holmes

          I could care less about the S3 or Note 2  also, I would say you are the minority, not everyone needs a phone to replace everything in their lives like you S3 and Note 2 people, do you guys even use your phones for everything they are intended for or just get them to show people you can blow $600.

        • Joseph Tongret

          Yes, I buy high end phones so I can look like a baller! Sorry Bud, my 10yr old Toyota would blow my cover, lol! Relax guys, I’m just having a little fun. ;-)

    • Guest

      Let’s just call you “not interested in this phone, so nobody really cares about you”? Who’s with me? Anybody?

      • Joseph Tongret

        Aww… Him’s got his feelins’ hurt, lol! They might have it pink too, lol!

        • Guest

          Yes. As someone who does not own this phone and had no part in the creation of this phone, I am MASSIVELY butthurt that you are not interested in it.

          Fucking tool.

  • Get_at_Me

    although im not a fan of the name it does kinda make sense. “relay” a message… this ties in to the phone having a physical keyboard. something like the galaxy s glide or slide wouldve been a much better name.

  • Guest

    This phone wasn’t released yesterday because it doesn’t
    exist yet. This phone is still in beta testing with in T-Mobile. You’re
    looking weeks out maybe.

    • PiCASSiMO

       I hope you are wrong.  My G2 screen crapped out a week ago and using a nearly non-functional G1 is torture.  Need a replacement phone very soon.

      • Guest

        nope, I’m part of the testing team. Not for this phone. :(

    • Oh yeah? Any way to provide some proof for that?

      • Guest

        Nope love my job, youll have to decide what you want too.  

        • needgoodQWERTY

          Fair enough, but any chance you can provide some anonymous confirmation of the specs then Mr. Tester? Pretty please? :) I’m most interested in the screen resolution and processor.

        • WITHOUT saying anything…fThee specs are shitty….

        • David Icke

          if you loved your job as much as you say, you wouldn’t have said anything at all. That is a fact. What it sounds like is you just wanted to sound like you knew something “OMG EXCLUSIVE” without giving real details to feel like you contributed when you absolutely did not.

          Of course if the phone didn’t release yet it’s still in Beta testing – thats what phones do before release. If the phone is Beta testing – it obviously exists but isn’t in production yet. Sorry but your post just made me angry at the pompous nature of it.

        • randomnerd_number38

           What a waste of a comment, then. Why say anything? If you really are in a position of knowing something about this phone, you could at least give us something other than the obvious.

      • Mloudt

        David you should learn how to take constructive criticism! People that voice their opinions in which they don’t agree with something you wrote you seem to always respond in an over aggressive manner in which you defend yourself even if you are wrong. In this post alone two readers told u that they would like an update on whats up with phone since it didn’t get release like you said it would and another person made it aware to you that it wasn’t released and that it is probably going to be released in a few weeks, and how did you respond mighty defensive as usually. You told one guy since it was a rumor released you don’t update you would just make a new article.
        That’s like when a month or 2month ago you talked about an unlocked device getting 42+ hspa and I told you it would only get 21+ hspa and I included a link from another highly credible phone info website to support my claim, and how did you respond as usually over-ally defensive saying that you got the info from the same link I did, and instead of mentioning you were wrong you came up with some logic that was invalid talking about they updated the article and you were right. (nah you was wrong) We tell you this to help you make the site better for us readers. We like coming to the site and we give you our opinion so you can make your site better and more professional. But you don’t listen you just defend yourself and your thought process to the end even when you are wrong. A blog writer admits they made a mistake and moves on.
        I’m shocked you even mentioned and gave credit that a tmonews reader sent you a link that you wrote in today’s article The only reason you gave them credit is so you would have a story to write for a slow day and seeing as they posted the link on this article people would of known you didn’t come up with it first and that’s why you gave them credit. Once again we like your site but you need to learn to listen to your readers better when they voice their opinion. I mean David seriously how can you get mad when people want to know whats up with the release of a phone when you was wrong about the rumored released date? I mean for example when the Galaxy Note got released on August 8, oh boy did you post multiple articles on that and you were basically glorifying yourself for hitting that release date on the map. So don’t get made at people for asking you what happened when you was wrong. If you learn to take the good with the bad then you will bring more credibility to this site and to yourself as a blogger.

  • Chrisfish1

    Maybe I’m old but I couldn’t care less what the name is as long as the specs rumored are close to the real device.  I’m anxiously awaiting this as my G2 is having some issues and I’d like a nice QWERTY device to move to.  If it never comes out, or takes too long, I am hoping the One X+ is as powerful as they say and I may listen to my family and coworkers when they say that I will not miss the keyboard once I leave it.  Also, thank you for the update on a phone I am keeping a close eye on.

    • Jay

      Hold off on the One X+, your familyand coworkers could be very wrong. i’ve recently move from HTC TP2 to the SGS3. love the phone but already looking from a qwerty. hate onscreen keyboards. you may get on with them but if you love your qwerty, stick with it.
      i’m now doing far less with my phone, tend to get the laptop out to reply to emails. just so much quicker with a keyboard.

  • Roygroh68

    come on!!!!  i want this phone so bad!!!!  my HTC G2 is about to falling apart!!!!!!!!!

    *1.5Ghz S4 Snapdragon… this is fast fucker!

    *1GB ram is good enough!!!!  Galaxy S3 had 2GB.. not much different!!!!

    *42HSPA+  I m crazy, (head bang on wall) !!!

    *5 row keys physical keyboard… much way better than HTC G2!!!!

    *Battery removeable… fuckin yea!!! (buy extra battery from eBay range from $5 to $10 w/ free shipping)

    *SD Card removeable… fuckin yea!!!

    release?!?!?!?!?  come on!!!!!!

    Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G is much better than Photon Q by Sprint, and Pantech Star Q by Verizon… check it out in Google!!!!!

    thank you
    HTC G2

  • William


  • bydavidrosen

    don’t care about name just please come soon. my mytouch4gslide reboots constantly. its a freaking mess but i don’t like any of the phones that are currently out on t-mobile.

  • galaxydude

    Galaxy s relay. What a stupid name.

  • SocalTeknique

    SideKick 4G II?

  • Mirad77

    My issue here is who buys or doesn’t buy a phone because of the name? If you like a phone you buy it.If you are broke you put on your wish list. If don’t like the phone then shut the f**k up. there is a reason for low end, mid range and high end phone. So shut the f**k up.

  • The old name sounds better…….look the note release date was v pushed back so why not other devices….duh

  • …… You people

  • josh holmes

    So for a phone that might or might not exist, funny how I found a company selling D30 textured gel, covers for a Galaxy S Relay 4G. I am sure the phone is coming out, but knowing T-Mobile and the fact that they are doing the buy one get one free sale on their Samsung devices it will probably launch September 5th since the promotion is over the 4th. “All about the Benjamins Baby”

  • ncmacasl

    no dedicated Search button therefore no keyboard shortcuts built-in!!

  • Realcool2000

    Hell yeah! I say I say, all the ladies are gonna Relay their messeges to me through my new GBlazeRelay!

    This phone is awesome if it comes out, but haters gonna hate, wannabes gonna want to be something they aint never gonna be, marks will keep themselves painted, and all the weak hearted will keep pretending they will do things they never will.

    I may get this phone cause i really like physical keyboards but ive gotten used to typing on my GS2 now, and the virtual does work better than I ever thought it would.

    Still have and use the G2 and it really works well, but that doesnt mean i dont wanna upgrade.

    The name, who cares. Relay that b!t¢he$….