Galaxy Note Full Retail Pricing Revealed, Less Than 24 Hours Until Launch

Update: Turns out this price was known a long time ago, some things just slip right by us!

We’ve already nailed down the two-year contract pricing for both Classic and Value plans for the Galaxy Note launching tomorrow — unfortunately, we were still waiting for full retail pricing for those of you like myself who just can’t stomach a contract. So the good news, or bad news depending on your point of view is the $599 price tag on the Galaxy Note, sans contract. In reality, for a phablet, that doesn’t sound all that expensive — the problem I have is the age of the device and the price with the Galaxy Note 2 just weeks away from being announced.

So what do you think? A $599 full retail price too high for the Galaxy Note?

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  • tekmonkey

    Besides the bigger screen, any benefit for the Note vs SGS 3?

    • jawash22

      Stylus..that’s it.

    • Roswell_V

      Nope. Slower processor/GPU and half the RAM.

    • Brian

      pressure sensitive screen for drawing and writing with a hard plastic stylus.. thats about all lol

    • A stylus that uses an electromagnetic resonating grid, which is much, much more precise & accurate than capacitive stylii or fingers.

    • JBrowne1012

       Galaxy note is further along the lines of the GS2. Galaxy Note 2 will be further along the lines of the Gs3

  • Yeah it’s too high. But maybe i should understand that this what businesses do. I just hope that after a couple of weeks they will lower it down because nobody is buying at that price.

  • jawash22

    Same price as 16GB SIII(and BBerry Bold…lol)..ridiculous!

  • It’s not a pressure sensitive (aka resistive) screen, it’s a “electromagnetic resonating grid” based screen from Wacom. I.e. the stylyus is extremely accurate.

    • Hello There

      Good to know, I never even heard of that technology before. Thanks!

      P.S. I like your avatar, cool pic.

    • Buttons

      Its like a tiny cintiq in your…well maybe not your pocket, but somewhere on your person… I know it isn’t near the same quality but I really don’t think that matters much. Personally I’m also looking forward to the actual note tablet or anything samsung throws out with this tech.

  • TKfromCLE

    $249 on contract? PASS!

    Whatever happened to T-Mobile being known as the “budget minded” cellular company? They are charging more than any other carrier for an on-contract GS3, and now this. I understand that it is the same price as AT&T but that’s just my point. This “old” tech should be available at a lower price than the new flagship device.

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      You pay more for hardware and less for service. 

      On AT&T, Verizon you pay less for hardware and more for service. Take your pick. 

      • Th3problem17

        Stop talking about the note 2 just because its being announced next week does not mean the carriers will have it next week.att will probably have exclusive rights and the note 1 will be receiving jelly bean so its not an eol device y’all just complain to muxh

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          I didn’t say a word about the Note 2. In fact, you’re the only one that mentioned the Note 2 in this entire comments section.

          I think you need to learn to read! 

    • Rfgenerator

      While their data plans/voice plans are marginally cheaper, it’s quite clear that T-Mobile’s strategy is to make up that difference with increased out the door prices for their phones which begs the question, why put up with T-Mobiles weaker network if one is going to end up paying the same price overall.

      • Hi There

        You use words you probably don’t even understand. Cost/benefit ratio? Marginally cheaper?

        You don’t actually think it makes you sound smarter or more credible, do you? It actually does the opposite and you come off as a whiny little…

        I understand your point. Valid but don’t exaggerate or fool yourself.

        – T-Mobile’s data rates are materially less expensive, look up the word material. They are not marginally cheaper. I would add, versus Sprint the data network is also superior.
        – Your foolish if you think T-Mobile is making money hand over fist, then you are a clueless consumer. Because T-Mobile charges less for its services it can subsidize less of the upfront cost for devices.
        – at the end of the day, T-Mobile is a business and it has to make money and stay in business by charging for its services. Don’t be simple minded and think these companies are here to serve and bend to your every whim. If you don’t like it leave T-Mobile. I’m sure you’ll save way more on AT&T or Verizon (yeah you keep telling yourself that).

        • Rfgenerator

          I sure as hell can use the term cost/benefit ratio when referring to my costs and my benefits.  If it gets too expensive for the price I would pay, then yeah I think I’m fair in using the term “cost/benefit”.  I didn’t realize the term was the property of the intelligentsia.  I’ll make sure to get clearance on using the term next time.  BTW if you read my other posts I didn’t say that Verizon or ATT are any better.  I proposed bailing out of cell data all together and simply go with a wifi device.  More times than not, I have access to a wifi network so I’m just asking myself why I could be paying close to $500 a year for data, and be locked into a 2 year contract, and are charged an inflated figure for the devices. 

        • Hi There

          Well I’m glad it’s a wireless data rant vs a T-Mobile data rant. I know what you mean. I pay $25 for the privilege of having access to data and the Internet on a smartphone. I was fine paying $50 for a basic phone, so having data is sort of a luxury. Damn, that’s 50% more than what I had to pay before. So I feel your pain. But you seemed to target T-Mobile as the culprit when in fact, I think their services are less expensive and just as good, for me, to do what I need to do on a daily basis. I also thought you thought they made up the lower service costs by charging less. I’m sure they make some up, but not all that much compared to Verizon or AT&T. So in my eyes their not the nickle and dimers AT&T and Verizon are.

          As for cost benefit ratio. Please state those ratios in numerical terms so I can confirm you are permitted to use that term. Please humor me. Show me the numbers.

        • Guest911

          Dude, Rf was right and YOU actually come across as naive and childish. Leave comments to the big boys ok?

        • MatthewMurawski

          For me, it’s worth it to buy it full retail. Over 2 years, I spend $600 on a phone and $30 a month on my monthly4G plan. 30×24 = 720. 720 + 600 = $1320 over 2 years, not to mention I’m not locked into a contract. The cheapest contract plan I could find is $60, and to get a decent plan, I have to pay $80 a month. So $280 for the phone plus 80×24 (1920) = $2200 over 2 years. Saving $900 over two years and not being locked into a contract is a no brainer.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Marginally cheaper than who? Please don’t say Verizon because now you’d be dead wrong.

        My friend has a G Nexus on Verizon and has unlimited talk and text and 4GB of web for 2 lines for $100 on the new Shared Data plans.

        That’s $50 a phone. Tmobile, that’ll be around $70 a phone.

        • FOS

          Well my friend has three lines on T-mobile for $120 total. And my friends friend has 3 lines for $140, all unlimited everything. That’s $40 for first friend and $35 for friends friend. Top that, jack of arse.

  • Josue

    my INT note was $499….good luck tmo on selling it @ that price im sure alot of people will run out and buy it (sarcasm)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Craigslist has the AT&T version WITHOUT contract ranging between $275 and $400.

      I am heading there as we speak. I can deal without an extra 5mb of internet speed.

      other than that, it’s the same device.

  • GwapoAko

    If you do not want to buy it then don’t!!! That’s why we have choices!!! If you don’t like Tmobile then switcth to AT&T ($$$) and Verizon ($$$)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      People like you are why companies get away with charging ridiculous prices for things.

      You are the sucker in the phrase, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

  • Guest

     This phone will appeal to some users for odd reasons….like in my case a working phablet I can use as a nice GPS unit and occasional web device. Certainly the largest device that works for Tmobile and still can be considered a functional phone.

    • Buttons


    • Ash

      Credit card reader connected to Note, swipe.
      Please sign on the line.

      Received PDF, sign and reply.

      And I like to draw a lot.

      This would be good for me, however $600 is a bit too much…luckily I know a guy who knows this other guy who do wholesale on cell phones…let’s see what’s the wholesale price is first.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Let me know what the price is from the guy as well. I may consider buying one from him if the price is right.

  • Rfgenerator

    Yet another T-Mobile over priced phone.  It seems that their overall game plan is to get all the higher end phones into the $250 to $300 zone.  It’s too bad that each carrier in this country requires phones more or less built specifically for the carrier.  I think you would see those $599 list prices on these devices drop quickly if there was actually an open market with them.  If Google can sell the Nexus 7 for $200 you can’t tell me that the technical part that would make it a phone adds $400 to the price.  The cell carriers in the US are basically all swindlers.  I’ve had a smart phone since 2006 but am seriously considering going back to a dumb phone on prepaid and just just use a portable device (i.e. Nexus 7) on wireless if the prices of data and the phones keep shooting skyward.

    • Help There

      Yeah because you’re idea on just using a portable device on “wireless” will somehow not be affected by the skyrocketing price of data… That doesn’t make much sense. Unless to you wireless means not using data – which is it?

      • rfgenerator

        I mean wireless as in WiFi networks.  Yes it’s more inconvenient but the question is it $400 or more (the cost of cell companies data plans for a year) worth of inconvenience.    The cost/benefit ratio is rapidly approaching a point I’m not willing to pay. I realize others are willing to pay, but as the Cellco’s keep pushing prices higher and higher to increase revenue I don’t think I will be alone.

        • Buttons

          Your plan is highly tempting… If anything I would keep a phone around that can still hot spot without the added cost and just have the cheapest data possible for whenever WiFi isn’t available, (currently I’m almost doing that now that I think about it… my HD7 doesn’t charge the $15 for hot spot and I only have the 2gb limit because I almost always have access to data and spend more time on my tablet than anything…)

    • davedsone

      Oh, I don’t know about that.  I got my HTC One S for $99.  Plus free shipping.  Plus they billed it to next month’s bill.  It’s all in how you ask, I learned that on Sprint.

  • Hello There

    David!!! You cut off some info I was actually searching for today in that pic. What’s the pricing going to be for the SGH-t159. I need that phone, and intel much appreciated.

  • What is POS? On the Galaxy Note it’s cost 299.99?

    • GwapoAko

      Nope it is $599 on Value Plan!

  • GwapoAko

    Waiting for  the White Note!!!

    • GwapoAko

      Point of Sale!

  • POS is point of sale

  • MarcusDW

    $599 is as expected but considering the age of he device, it should be $199 for upgrades instead of $249.

    Hell, it will be EOL before the year is over! Just give it about 2 months and the price will undoubtedly drop.

    Year old phone…

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I don’t know man. I can see $500 tops for this now. I mean sure it has HSPA+ 42mbps but At&t’s version now has Official ICS and is hackable to include HSPA+ 24mbps.

      I mean sure it seems like alot but when you actually use the device, that only translates into about an extra 5mbps because nobody will get the full 24 or 42mbps that the paper falsely states.

      I agree that it should be $199 on contract. Don’t know who is in charge of Tmo’s pricing as of late.

      • MarcusDW

        Given that the GS2 which is lesser of a device costs $549, I think $599 is the correct price. Im with you though and I don’t think either one should cost a dime over $499.

        • kalel33

          GS2 isn’t lesser, except in screen size.  If were talking pricing then what about the Nexus for $349 that has the same internals as the Note and only lacks the larger screen.  Also, the Nexus has Jellybean.

        • MarcusDW

          The GS2 is lesser. The Note has an HD screen which makes it superior BUT that the bus stops there.

          And like I said the $599 price tag is in line compared to other TMO devices but that doesn’t mean its a good price or that I like it.

        • Creeper22

          Yes,but it shouldn’t be the same as SGIII 16gb at 599.

        • …the specs in the Nexus and Note are NOT the same clearly two different processors…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

      • TMOTECH

        Full retail is usually what the provider pays to the manufacturer. Should they give it away and lose 550 per device?How would that help our bottom line when we are struggling?  And a +21 device only uses one radio to perform data. A +42 device uses 2 so if your speed is 8 Mbps on a single carrier than it would be 16 Mbps on a dual if the test were preformed at the same time under the same conditions.  

  • loueradun

    Hard to justify that cost with the Note II on the horizon…

    • timdawg919

      That will be the international version and no doubt it will be months before it comes to the US and then it will probably be for AT&T for a few months just like this note

  • Bjh2379

    No stores in st Louis will have it tomorrow! Wth! Guess I’ll buy online now and wait for shipping.

    • Cameroon

      Not a single store selling it in NC, either. Expedited shipping charges, here I come.

      • MatthewMurawski

        I can’t even find a store that sells it here in NYC. I paid retail price on eBay and paid shipping instead of tax. Big savings!

  • Get_at_Me

    Alot of ppl fail to realize that this device is unique and tmo will have limited quantities. Its not like theyre asking 250 for a s2 at this stage of the game. Its the Note!!! Which is only 6 months old in the states. Tmobile will see success with it.

    • “It’s the note!” ?    Lol, that isn’t exactly a basis to rally upon.  If you had said, “It’s the Note 2!” then yeah, that would have more traction.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Ppl are back & forth on whether the Note is worth its price tag or not, but I’ll tell you one thing, it isn’t going to perform like the gs3, but with a nicely tweaked stock rom & the bloat ware removed, it should at least perform adequately to balance between cutting edge & a uniquely equipped device w/ advantages for many users! For those that venture into the world of Android hackery, have no fear of whether or not you’ll be able to get this phone up to par! I know, many will say they shouldn’t have to hack a phone, but the truth of the matter is that many of us actually enjoy doing it in our spare time.

    • 21stNow

       I hadn’t put a custom ROM on a device in over a year.  I have the Collective’s CP1 on my Note now and realized how much I missed customizing my phone.  That ROM adds so many things that I wanted to be able to do with the Note, but couldn’t.  To say that it feels like a brand new phone is an understatement.

      Note to those that care more about performance speeds, that’s not my main focus.  I’m interested in increased functionality and ease of use more than speed.

      • Joseph Tongret

        Amen! I used to oc my phones & tablets to squeeze them of all their power. With today’s hardware, I under clock devices if I do tinker with the cpu clock speeds. I enjoy added functionality as well, and removing all of the unneeded files & applications. I do apply a few build prop tweaks to enhance my user experience, but as far as pushing a phone to its power capabilities, I’m not even interested! I he Note will still be plenty of phone for most ppl, and that includes android enthusiasts that realize they don’t need the latest and greatest device to hit the market, because they can modify things to their liking & to meet their needs.

  • This is such a fail for TMo. Our luck we’ll get the X+ umpteen months down the line too.

  • nokiabrock

    I’m hoping to see the Note listed in some kind
    of “Back to School” special that T-mobile usually run yearly at the end of
    August. Or I’ll wait till Amazon offers it for less. Just like they are doing
    right now on the GSIII.

  • Ne0

    $600 you can get a new galaxy s3 for that price from many seller even the quad core one. 

    • Anonymous

       why would a person that values a bigger screen over a spec list.. purposely buy a phone with a smaller screen for the same price???

  • Ne0

    T-Mobile forgot is Aug 2012 not Jan 2012.

  • Ne0

    Apple might able to get away from late price but definite not this phone.

  • eespinosa

    Much too high.

  • Oboydhs

    more interested in the t159 pricing underneath

  • Dumbazz

    All the usual cry babies acting as if Tmobile owes owes them something.

    • Spanky

      I’ll agree with the fact that T-Mobile doesn’t owe anyone anything. However, those who are not under contract don’t owe T-Mobile anything, either. $600 is a LUDICROUS price point for what’s considered to be, by today’s tech standards, an old phone…a phone whose successor is about to be announced, at that.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Let me try my hands at Programming again. It’s been a while so I’m a bit rusty.

    Class Ridiculous

    Public Static Void Main[args]
    String Me;
    Int GNote;
    if GNote = 500
            System.out.print(“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Tmobile has done it again. Dug it’s own pit to get Sparta Kicked into”);

    GNote = 599;

    System.out.print(“HAHAHAHAHA Tmobile has done it again. Dug their own pit to get Sparta Kicked into”);
    //I know that probably won’t compile because of errors but you get the point still lol

    • jbhotnessmon

      Does someone want to point out his idiocy or should I

      • Mark

        The line with Gnote = 599 is already covered under Gnote >= 500?

    • Dumbazz

      Do you normally spend this much time to produce dumb?

  • Well I certainly can’t afford 599 from the get go and really don’t want to pay 249 for this phone although I would love to have one.  I think I’ll wait for awhile to see if the price will drop to something more affordable or see what will happen with the Note 2.  Maybe for Christmas or after Christmas they will mark this phone down to 149 or something better.

  • Radjolt

    It’s showing best pricing for me at $299, I’ll probably end up seeing what wirefly has to offer.

    • bruce_leer0y

      same and i dont have a full upgrade yet

  • Titansfan956

    What time will it be available ?

    • bruce_leer0y


  • bonnierz

    I was actually willing to pay the high cost.  T Mobile rep told me this morning that it was onlyl being sold with 2 year contract.

    • Guest

      That is not true, who ever told you that lied (I am a tmo manager)

      • bonnierz

        Well, that’s what the online rep told me.  I tried to put it in my cart to buy, wasn’t allowed to, so I asked for chat help.  I told the rep I wanted to buy the phone and then use the monthly 4g less expensive plan.  The rep asked if I was a current customer.  When I said no, he/she (can’t remember) said that it was only available for sale with a 2 yr contract.

  • Satanas850

    l found it for free on with a new line. not sure bout upgrade……i might just not be able to pass this great deal up

  • Dumbazz

    I love all the cry babies who can’t afford something but spin it and blame the company. Maybe you should better your financial position?
    NO because that would require personal responsibility! It’s much easier to play the victim for some of you.

    • therealmikebrown

      Just because you can pay for something, doesn’t mean you WANT to pay a premium. You act like rich people hate good deals. If they are willing to wait or find a better price, so what.
      I can buy an Xbox right now, but It’s not worth it to me.
      Maybe the Note isn’t worth $250 to them, that dosen’t mean they don’t have it.
      Let them blame the company. They are only stating an opinion. Same as you. Except they aren’t trolling.

  • Acbikerpilot

    trying to add a line to a value plan. They are telling me that I have to pay $546 for the phone. what gives I thought I could get the phone at discount price and then pay full price thru my monthly  payments.  I have 2 lines all ready and have gotten the both phone at discount price. can any one help me out 

  • Digeratid

    T Mobile Galaxy Note will be about one year old.  I wouldn’t pay for a two year contract on a device that is already out dated.  Now the Galaxy Note 2 is something all together different.