Angry T-Mobile UK Customer Destroys Store Before Police Arrest Him

We know that wireless carriers have policies and rules that make us upset, even when we are 110% sure we aren’t at fault, wireless carriers remain stubborn and refuse to help out. Still, none of that is grounds for destroying a retail store and yet that’s exactly what this UK person does for an unknown reason. I’m betting he got a look at his first bill and lost it. However, if this was an AT&T store, I would say he dropped his 2394209342034 call in a week and then lost it.

Needless to say, he seems pretty calm while the police take him into custody — I guess he worked out his anger taking down all those “evil” store displays.


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  • What’s wild he doesn’t seem really that….angry. Just like, it’s his job to go in and tear everything down.  

    • Sean W

       You’re right. Possibly mental illness?

      • 21stNow

         I was thinking the same thing.  I used to work in a retail store (not T-Mobile) and there was a mental patient from a nearby facility who would come in and throw things around in the store.  With us, the police never responded, but ours was on a much smaller scale.

  • Sean W

    I guess he doesn’t like magenta.  

  • Wow, was smiling too.

    • MarcusDW

      Dude is soft.  That’s what that smile was.

  • Frigadroid

    That was just a UK fan celebrating the ncaa championship and the unibrow & kid going number 1 and 2 in the draft. Shame on them for losing control. Hopefully they will show some restraint during future championship seasons. ;-P

  • noteless in america

    he found out the note july release probably has been pushed

  • bcwest

    I love at 1:12, you can read the sign that says “CCTV in Opperation”

  • Dumbazz

    Probably mad because he couldn’t afford the galaxy S3. Probably one of the poor bastards who posted on this forum.

    • Right because the UK price isn’t the same as the US Price sooooooo….

      • Dumbazz

        He flew over on his last dime and took out all his rage. He probably felt like a rat in a cage.
        All of his friends making fun of him because he couldn’t afford the S3

        • jussayin

          Reminds you of that special ed class, huh?

  • Thepinkplanet

    what phone was used to record that?  I actually like the noise and video quality.  good job on part of whoever recorded this.

  • JBLmobileG1

    LOL really? I can’t believe he’s doing that and another person is in there with him. Maybe he’s on his death bed and his final wish is to destroy a Tmobile store.

  • LeeArtis

    He probably was upset that Phillip Hymn was leaving TmoUSA and going to a competitor. I think the dude is from my neighborhood.

    • Taron19119

      Can u read its t-mobile UK

      • LeeArtis

        I was being sarcastic, genius.

      • HeLLo

         Obviously you can’t.

        “He probably was upset that Phillip Hymn was leaving TmoUSA and going to a competitor”.

        How hard is it to understand that.

  • Leilanygc

    Why is there an iPhone poster in the back?

    • Taron19119

      Cause t-mobile uk not t-mobile usa sells the iphone

      • Leilanygc

        Really…wow I didn’t know that. Thanks! :)

        • Taron19119

          Yeah dt dont cear about us in the us so they wont get t-mobile usa the iphone

        • LC

          DT doesn’t own Tmobile UK, Orange does.

        • Taron19119

          No dt own half and they are the ines that got t-mobile uk the iphone

  • Taron19119

    So no 1 tried to take him down

  • tekmonkey

    This is what happens when you take bath salts and your SGS 3 stops working…

    • Guest

       No, when you take the bathsalts and your SGS3 stops working you eat the screen off the phone. 

  • Daddym469

    On a much more serious note…Nothing justifies destroying property that is not your own and even worse property you cant pay for. At the same time I think he did something many people have thought about, but too afraid to do. Retailers sometime forget that they are at the mercy of the consumer and not all consumers come in to do business. What amazes me about this video, is the boyish calm exhibited by the cops. THIS GUY DIDNT DESERVE TO BE TREATED CALMLY AT ALL. PEOPLE ARE KILLED FOR SO MUCH LESS, YET THEY LOOK LIKE THEY WANNA HUG THE GUY….RIDICULOUS STEREOTYPICAL NONSENSE AS USUAL. HATS OFF TO THE TMOBILE EMPLOYEE WHO CHOSE TO STAY INSIDE WITH THE NUT. TOO BAD HE WONT BE REWARDED FOR NOT ALLOWING THIS GUY TO INTIMIDATE HIM RIGHT OUT OF THE STORE.

    • Climber42104bg

      That’s the UK, police in the uk treat people a whole lot better, as do people in the public, unlike the US, where it seems like people don’t respect each other anymore.

      • Ali

        Ah, yeah…Because destroying an entire store then grabbing two fire extinguishers and using them in the store = respect.  Big time.  Oh yeah, followed by getting in the face of the employee who is hiding from your destructive and outlandish behavior.

        Very respectful.

      • MarcusDW


      • WW

        As demonstrated in this video.  That perpetrator was respecting the hell out of that store.

      • kahlayoh

        Hahahaha…you should really read your post 4-8 times before clicking the post button!!!

    • LeeArtis

      Only in the good old U.S. of A.D. where you can be roach stomped by the police. While I agree that destruction of property is inherently wrong, I take issue where violence should begat violence when apprehending a person.

      • Dumbazz

        Ya because when someone is out of control and acting in a violent manner the best way to stop them is with a hug.
        I guess if someone is attacking you the police should do nothing?
        Maybe while you are being beaten they should whisper lovingly in his ear?
        Cops love violence…that’s why they spend millions on less lethal weapon.
        Too many whiney liberals in this country acting like we live in a police state.

        • LeeArtis

          You are wrong. I was falsely accused by a taxi driver of holding her up, arrested by the cops, beaten by them, and released when it was shown that it was a mistake. No apology, no acknowledgment of a mix up or anything. But I guess I deserved that, huh. Too many self righteous conservatives who assume that the way to solve crime is shoot first and ask questions later.

        • LeeArtis

          As for your less lethal methods, we have more humane methods for animals than humans.

        • Dumbazz

          Probably guilty of something else CONVICT

        • LeeArtis

          Guilty of listening to your asinine statements.

        • jussayin

          You point is stupid, he wasn’t beating anybody. Just stuff. When the police came he was calm and didn’t resist. If the police had kicked his butt criminals would have no reason to cooperate with the police. Now you cooperate unless you want your butt kicked. No one was in danger, no need to kick his butt.
          If court is anything like the US, that’s punishment enough.

        • kahlayoh

          Cause when the cops came, he was probably affraid and realize he messed up. And you people are so ignorant comparing UK to US or US to UK. Stop with that mess, we all live in the same world!!!

    • Zw77wz


      Not in first world countries.  Crime and punishment in the US is insane compared to any developed nation.

      I would say it is surprising this hasn’t happened to T-Mo the states, but looking at the available product lineup, there’s not enough to even get the lunatics to shop

      • kahlayoh

        hahaha.. “Crime and punishment in the US is insane” GTFOH…we don’t cut off anyones hand if they steal, we don’t punish you for spitting in public. Don’t get me wrong, we should have more of a strict punishment. For example, if someone resists arrest or refuse to pull over and leads officers on a high speed chase..Officers should be allowed to do what ever it takes to stop the vehicle.

        • Spanky

          Punishment in the U.S. is not insane enough.

        • kahlayoh

          I agree with you, once an individual breaks the law he has no rights. Therefore police should’nt be blamed for using any way to bring the person into custody. If the person has no respect for the law or people that is around him/her, why should we take that risk of the individual hurting or killing someone.

    • davedsone

      O.K., but he will spend many happy hours in jail, thinking of all the “hugs” he got.  Stop overreacting.  They let him express himself, and he will suffer the consequences.  They just didn’t want it to escalate beyond what he already did.

      • Daddym469

        Its the UK right…so why would he spend one second in jail? Especially since they are so kind to the citizens of the UK. Now it’s obvious you didn’t understand my point at all, and when you reply with pure stupidity, you get a 100% return!!

    • Qcknot

      This wasn’t in the USA! In the UK police officers know how to do their job.

      • DADDYM469

         You, davesone, zx77wz, blue720, climber42104bg…AND ANYONE ELSE!! I respect your personal right to not AGREE with my comment. However, you people lack common sense and REAL LIFE( NOT YOUTUBE) understanding.

        I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THE POLICE IN THE UK. This guy deserved to be kicked in the face on site. Point blank period. I would also add if any of you are from the USA, WHY DON’T YOU PACK UP AND GO OVER THERE! Only a person with a severe lack of common sense wouldn’t SEE what I see!! This has nothing to do with who’s carrying the badge…it’s about sending a message, and for wrecking that store they should have wrecked his broke a**!!! I get it…guys…these were UK cops and they did the right thing…SURE…this is what happens when you live on youtube, but have yet to LIVE ANY REAL LIFE. To clarify, for the real IDIOTS HERE…many people all over the world have DIED for way less than a tantrum in a store…..and his actions could have just as easily been transferred to ANYONE else. He should have been met with same force he used to wreck that store…you’re a TOTAL idiot to attempt to justify this crap any other way.

        • Climber42104bg

          I am English and living in the US, so I’ve seen from first hand experience the difference in police styles in the UK and the US In the UK, police officers don’t carry guns either.

      • kahlayoh

        hahhh…Police should’ve destroyed him like he destroyed the store…eye for an eye! That’s why there are so many criminals in this world cause nobody is afraid of the punishments!

  • Guest

    i think he might be a bit mental…

  • Iucidium

    He asked them for a high-end Android phone, staff tried to sell him an IPhone and a Blackberry.

    The best Android phone TMo UK sell now is the GS3 followed by GS2.

    • jussayin

      Both of which are better than an iPhone or Blackberry.

  • HelloAmaze

    Should of been Verizon or ATT…on second thought yeah verizon

  • Rudy Belova

    At&t calls this “tuesday”

    • MarcusDW


    • cellularcrazy09

      Lol…i think i peed a little…

  • mbcls

    this is SO FAKE!
    why didnt the tmobile employees do something??
    the store probably just going out of business cus the lease is up!

    • Chumlee

       Um…pretty sure if some psycho is destroying my store….i’m just gonna call the cops and go away. Not worth risking injury over. Company policy would say to do that too. They don’t need lawsuits.

      • kahlayoh

        You forgot to add P after the M. Even if intentions was just destroying the store, an innocent person still could’ve got hurt because a person thought it wasn’t worth risking an injury over.

        • Edy6401

          I work at a company where we also have customers in and out of the building. not a mobile place, and we have been instructed to do the same. You Do NOT in any way do anything physical. It will open the company and yourself up for a legal mess. It looks like they did the right thing, got three customers out of the store and waited for police to show up. The guy obviously just wanted to wreck the store, and just that alone.

        • kahlayoh

          Legal mess is a much better way then saying, we are to cheap to pay for any injuries you might get. Agree the guy just wanted to wreck the store, and we can say that now that it’s over. But while it was going on, how will we know that that’s all he wanted to do. And because his intentions was only to wreck the store, he still could’ve hurt someone…worse maybe a kid. My opinion is we need to be more preventive in this world and screw legal issues, a living person is worth more then a legal battle in court!!

    • Ali

      What do you expect an employee to do?  Most retail centers prohibit employees from getting involved and the guy called the cops.

      • kahlayoh

        Be a man and protect others around you. Forget about policies and what they prohibit. Why should any person wait for themselves or anyone being attacked before they actually do something. That’s why there are alot of people who don’t do anything helpful in this world. Such a shame!!

    • LC

      Employees are specifically told not to intervene when anything like this happens. Even if it’s as “simple”ass someone stealing an accessory or display phone, employees are not to pursue the individual.

      • kahlayoh

        They say these things cause cheap companies don’t want to pay a dime if you get hurt trying to be heroic.

    • MarcusDW

      You must not be of working age.

    • Guest

      Can’t do anything unless the violator harms you. I was told to stand back and watch when i worked in the store…then i was told if they come at you and try to harm you….defend at will. 

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      He’s probably looking forward to getting a few days off work, while they clean things up.

    • kahlayoh

      Cause this is the UK, they scared..LOL!!

  • S man

    He is pissed cuz he paid over $349 for an sIII and found found other carriers are selling $199 or less.


    This guy got mad because Phillip Humm left T-Mobile 

  • Matthew Jett

    That is HYSTERICAL

  • MarcusDW

    That guy was furious that T-Mobile doesn’t carry Tampons.

    • Qcknot

      This is in the UK in the UK TMobile does carry Tampons (ip)

  • WillieFDiaz

    T-Mobile as a whole, regardless of national division is evil. Its finally about time someone destroyed something to the same value customers have lost in their own value with that company. Bravo.

    • Dumbazz

      It’s not a company’s fault you are broke.

      • jussayin

        It’s not his fault you’re stupid.

        • HeLLo

          So what does that make you?.Yeah look at yourself in the mirror before you begin calling others stupid.

    • Dumbazz

      This has to be the single most moronic thing ever posted here.

    • MarcusDW

      I’m sure all the employees at that store missing a day or two of work has a deeper impact than that guys destructive bich-fit had on the company.

  • Ecteks

    I bet this was a smashing experience.

    • predation

      Yeah baby! 
      -austin powers. 

  • Lani

    Drum Roll….
    TmobileUK customer had a BF(biatch fit) because Tmobile un-friended him on Facebook.

    The Police were calm, because the customer did not show any violence during apprehension.  Any amount of assault and battery by Police would have been clearly videotaped and used against the Police.  The customer would have been awarded money for assault and battery, after pleading insanity.

    In the Los Angeles Fairfax & Olympic Tmobile Store, located next to a busy Starbucks, they have an ARMED guard inside the store during business hours everyday.   The WestHollywood Gateway Tmo Store experienced an ARMED robbery a few months ago.  I’ve seen wacko’s in other Tmobile Stores.  The things Tmo Store Reps have to go through… :/

  • Lani

    Too bad we didn’t get to see the earlier part of the BF session where he toppled the counters.  Thats probably when the crowd gathered outside.

  • My only takeaway from the video: They have Aldi Grocery Stores in Europe?!

    • Zw77wz

       Aldi is German-owned and with subsidiaries is probably the leading supermarket chain in Europe, if not the world.

      Hmm…a German company in the US…hasn’t always gone over so well.

      • kahlayoh

        Agree….look at DHL!!

    • HooMee

       Aldi started in Europe.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Maybe he found out that Humm is coming back to Europe and he is pissed because they are so close to eachother. Maybe he knows something we don’t… like Vodafone is trying to buy out Tmobile UK and Humm is behind the whole thing. LOL

  • Haha @ tmo


    • Josh Robert Nay

      There’s about as much space between the caps lock and your pinky as there is between yourself and insanity if that’s how you feel.

      I’m not exactly a member of the T-Mobile fan club either, but destroying a store is just plain crazy and uncalled for.

    • kahlayoh

      So if it’s something you wanted to do…that would make you a wanna be retarted loser!!!

  • Timmy

    Lol he saw the pricing of the GS3

  • Karl

    I feel like doing this right now….

    • Sh

      He probably got his 3rd defective HTC One-S

      • Karl

        Try buying a house where you don’t get signal and ask to waive your cancellation fee. Unreal that this company used to have the best customer service around. Apparently, I should have checked my signal before buying my house.

        • Getsome

          Right, I because it’s not Tmobile fault you moved. It’s a contract so pay up

        • Karl

          I have been with Tmo for 5 years. I didn’t ”
          have 30 days to to cancel the service if you are seeing bad signal” since the contract was already there. It certainly isn’t their fault I moved, but is it my fault there is no signal in the state capital? Should my cell service have been a concern when purchasing a house? Tmo isn’t a charity, but I’m not a sucker. 

        • niftydl

          WiFi calling?

        • Getsome

          Listen, it’s a business relationship not a relationship. You took a risk signing the contract and it didn’t work out. I as a result Tmobile recoups there investment lost via etf. Besides, and they used to do etf waivers for moving out of area, and and it was heavily abused. I so if you want to blame someone, make it the people that ruined it for people like yourself who legitimately had a reason to need a waiver.

        • Tmo-manager

          U can always get a signal booster or using Wifi calling from home.

        • Getsome

          Tmobile isn’t a charity,and there etf is only 200. keep it in perspective

        • kahlayoh

          Sure Tmo isn’t a charity, but there has to be a line drawn. The man bought a house and since there’s no signal there, they should atleast waive the cancelation fee!!! It’s not like he just wants to leave.

        • JBrowne1012

           Umm.. you check your signal before buying the service… even more so you have 30 days to to cancel the service if you are seeing bad signal……

  • Asent13191

    Anyone else notice the iphone poster?

    • Taron19119

      Its t-mobile uk not t-mobile usa t-mobile uk sell the iphone not t-mobile usa

      • Farhan

        Say t-mobile one more time and I’m gonna go postal. HAHA!

      • JBLmobileG1

        Maybe he’s a tourist from the US and is mad that Tmobile UK has the iphone and not Tmobile USA. LOL

  • Mailme

    Why is this guy so angry? They tried to sell him a Lumia phone? :))

    • Guest

       No because his android force closed yet again and he had to do a master reset and lost all his data and settings.  He calmed down when they offered to give him a Lumia.  Glad I could clear that up for you.

  • 21stNow

    I guess they won’t have working display models at that store anymore.  Dummy phones for all!

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    He’s not an angry T-Mobile Customer. I think he’s part insane. I understand destroying the things around you because you are angry, but what goes on in a man’s mind that causes him to spray things with a fire extinguisher?

    • JBLmobileG1

      Maybe he’s dumb enough to think if he sprays the area with a fire extinguisher he could tell everyone there was a fire in the store and thats what caused the mess… “honestly officer… I was just walking by and I thought I could help put out the fire” LOL

    • NT_

      You’ve obviously never had to clean up after a dry chemical fire extinguisher. They make a hell of a mess, and you keep stirring up powder for months that you thought you’d gotten completely up. Some of them contain a strong dye pigment that won’t come out of any fabrics it touches.

  • Dwinbush2

    That’s is what I felt like before I left T-Mobile. Glad I left in time before I made the same mistake

    • Heisenberg

      So then, why exactly do you visit this website?

      • Dumbazz

        Has nothing better to do since T-Mobile fired him

    • Dumbazz

      Probably fired.Sorry you can’t control yourself. Maybe this is why you job hop.

  • Trevnerdio


  • Blagged? Speak English to me, Tony. I thought this country spawned the f#@king language, and so far nobody seems to speak it

  • That is one bad publicity stunt..

  • Duckman

    must have been a person working for Metro PCS, just happened to be in the uk, pissed that Tmo doesn’t want to join forces :P

  • tmo employee

    Oh wow. Can’t believe the guy got away with THAT much damage before the cops arrived.

    I would’ve stepped outside of the store though if I were that employee.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      The local newspaper account said that T-Mobile employees had everyone get out of the store. I don’t know what that one guy chose to stay inside. I guess he did not feel threatened.

      Here is what a Manchester newspaper said:

      “A spokesman for T-Mobile said: ‘The incident which occurred at the Manchester Market Street store was of course very upsetting for our staff.’

      ‘During the incident, all customers and staff were taken outside of the store as quickly as possible and the police were called immediately to handle the incident.’

      ‘The customer’s dispute was in relation to a refund that we were not able to give – as it was
      clearly outside of the stated terms and conditions.’

      ‘There were seven members of staff and a number of customers in store at the time –
      and we are very pleased to say that none were injured during the incident. We are currently assessing the damage, and will be re-opening the store as soon as possible.’

      ‘We will of course continue to work to ensure the safety – of both our staff and our customers – is of paramount importance at all times.'”

  • BklynMan

    I think he was upset because Tmobile never came out with a new The Nokia 6263! 

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      I know you jest, but it could have been a phone promised was not delivered, or he could have suffered a problem similar to one of many I had with T-Mobile.

      I was charged $10 monthly for a service I did not order, MobiTV. It took four phone calls and six months to get back $60 in overcharges. On the four phone calls each CSR said sorry for the error, we will stop billing you and issue a credit. After six months still no credit, still being charged.

      Toward the end a CSR tapped a bunch of keys and said “there, you have the credit.” Got next month’s bill, no credit.

      On a final call to T-Mobile, the CSR said “You got the credit, your problem is you don’t know how to read your bill.” On demanding to speak to a supervisor to complain about the CSR’s rudeness and condescension she said “he should not have said that to you, but I see where he was correct, you did get the credit.”  After I pointed everything on the bill to her, she said “Oh, you are right, we did not refund the $60 in overcharges.”

      Anyway, truth be told when that CSR told me the problem was that I was a dumb?ss, if in a store instead of on the phone, I dunno, I might have snapped like that guy did.

      • 123

         MobiTV is a service either already installed on your phone,or been downloaded on your phone…either way, you or somebody else, activated the trial service..after the trial ( maybe 15 days) you got charged,,there is not way for T-Mobile to “add” the service on your phone…very easy to unsubscribe just go to the app …browse for help>>subscriptions>>unsubscribe…voila there you go…no calls to Tmo cc, no need to get a new liver …

      • 123

         MobiTV is a service either already installed on your phone,or been downloaded on your phone…either way, you or somebody else, activated the trial service..after the trial ( maybe 15 days) you got charged,,there is not way for T-Mobile to “add” the service on your phone…very easy to unsubscribe just go to the app …browse for help>>subscriptions>>unsubscribe…voila there you go…no calls to Tmo cc, no need to get a new liver …

  • JBLmobileG1

    Looking at this video again makes me wonder if this was staged… I mean look at all the people in the street. Seriously is there that many people wandering the streets in the UK? It looks like New York without any vehicles… or better yet Disneyland on a busy weekend. Plus if ALL those people were watching…. I am starting to think it was staged or planned. Maybe by a rival carrier… although that would be a little childish on their part.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Amazing that this guy generated that much viewership while Carly struggles to get half that crowd. Lol 

    I’m calling this staged.

    I bet this got some CEO’s attention though.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

       Maybe David should have a poll. “Staged” “Not Staged” “Local Stunt” “Staged by T-Mobile”

  • Mental illness can be hilarious. Very sad, actually.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      If this is real (which I am thinking it is, since the police don’t look like they are in on all the “fun”), I hope this is not the definition of mental illness. If it is, than I suspect a lot of us need help (including the people in that crowd who were cheering the guy on).

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    Yeah, this is staged or the guy was being careful in his anger.

    I guess it could be real, in which case I would say it is the latter, the guy knowing that at the end of the day it will cost him a lot more than a cell phone/contract to pay for repairs.

    If it is staged, what gives it away is that he does not really inflict hard damage to the store. In fact, watch how he appears to carefully remove hangers from the wall and just kind of gently toss things about. A truly enraged person either would assault the employee or if wanting to damage property would have, for example, taken the fire extinguishers and tossed them through the store windows, or used them to smash things.

    He also would have sprayed the fire extinguishers at the employee, instead of looking like he was watering plants.

    If this was not staged, then the guy was sane enough to make sure he did all of the above, almost as if he knows the employee would simply have to hang things back on to the wall, etc. 

    I wouldn’t put it past T-Mobile to have staged this because the store was scheduled for a remodel, so they came up with this way to remove the old stuff off the wall.

    And IMO the guy looks like an actor. He certainly did not look mad or angry.

    If this was a publicity stunt, it worked, because here in San Francisco in was on my local news. And if it is on the national nightly news, then I say that whoever thought of this should get a raise.

    But that does not make sense because the video does more harm to T-Mobile than good. So on thinking about it, I say this guy is pi$$ed off at T-Mobile, but smart enough to know that if he causes serious damage his out-of-pocket will be far more than the cost of a phone, getting a credit, changing his plan, or protesting a charge on his bill.

    • John Roan

      As part of Phillip Humm’s new strategy with Vodafone, Humm may have paid this “outraged customer” to wreak havoc on the T-Mobile UK store to add more fuel to the burning ship T-Mobile has become.

  • Mohamed Helmy

    He got his first bill and realized it’s not what they quoted him

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    Ha… a T-Mobile spokesman said the guy got mad because they refused him a refund.

    As usual, T-Mobile said: The customer’s dispute was in relation to a refund that we were not able
    to give – as it was clearly outside of the stated terms and conditions.

    Those “terms and conditions” will nail you every time.

  • Gouv

    HAHA that’s entertaining!!  I’m honestly surprised something like that hasn’t happened here in the American cell phone stores.  Maybe it has and i’m just not aware of it.  I do remember hearing in the news about some poor woman being lit on fire by her estranged husband at a T-Mobile store.  I think she was an actual employee too.  Anyone know what ever happened to her?

  • Wow was it really that bad that someone had to claim copyright to the video?!