HTC Talks Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Software Updates

It’s about that time, the time during which we start buzzing about the when, where and how Android manufacturers and carriers will deliver the newest Android update to our devices. We’re still waiting for word from just about everyone in the biz, but HTC is stepping out first with a brief statement on future updates:

“We are excited about Android Jelly Bean and are planning to support it across a variety of our devices.  We are reviewing the software to determine our upgrade plans and schedule, so please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans.”

It’s a pretty generic statement, but it’s also exactly what we expected. Nobody is going to commit to anything at this point, with the update having only been available for 24 hours, it would be next to impossible for any company to guarantee anything. Still, we’re eager to see where T-Mobile, Samsung, LG, Motorola and the rest of the Android squad stand. Stay tuned.

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  • sorandkairi

     I’ll just hit XDA up tomorrow …. !

  • MacRat

    Still waiting for HTC to support Ice Cream Sandwich

    • MacInTexas

      Then you’re on the wrong carrier. TMo has already updated their 2011 HTC phones to 4.03.

      • FlyOhMy

        mytouch 4g slide?

        • fixxmyhead

          keep dreaming. but hit up xda they at least have ics for it

        • UlyssesGhost

           ICS as an alpha.  Not exactly a stable daily driver with everything working.  And really, why should you have to go to xda in order to get an update…………………………

        • fixxmyhead

          Meh I don’t really know about this phone just saw an ics head line on xda. But xda the way to go when OEM give up on the phone. I didn’t know it was an alpha.

          Damn I feel bad for my friend but then again he doesn’t care anyways

        • UlyssesGhost

          The problem with this phone is that the proprietary drivers for the keyboard and camera are not released by HTC. That and they have locked up getting s-off. CM9 is an alpha. ICS roms are alphas at best. I am appreciative of those at xda doing dev work, but this device sold poorly and few have it. It is just another android kicked to the curb of android refuse.

        • fixxmyhead

          Yea I kind of noticed when I didn’t hear too much of this device in the news. I mean the desire is due for ics and the my touch slide is newer and more powerful. Sucks for those my touch owners

        • Edy6401

          Tell me about it. Never again, from now on I’m only buying Nexus phones. Never, Again!

        • FlyOhMy

          i dont have one. i was just replying to the guy saying all of htc’s 2011 phones on tmobile were running 4.0.3

        • 3560freak

          Anything on the mytouch line is DOA.  That’s why HTC got out of it, tired of T-Mobile running their show.  now LG and next Huaweii

        • UlyssesGhost

           Get used to Gingerbread my friend.  I have one of these as well and it is EOL’d so expect nothing else for it.  It also appears that unless you are going to hard wire it with juopuntbear at xda, you aren’t going to get s-off for decent rooting and romming either.   This is the last htc I am buying, probably the last android as well.

      • MacRat

        Barely 1 year old HTC T-Mobile G2.

        • Rosario

           The G2 is two yrs old come August, I should know as I got it when it first came out and just upgrade to the S III

        • Spanky

          October, actually. It was released on October 6, 2010.

  • Jeremey Perkins

    I really hope we see Jelly Bean on the One S soon!

  • Cycad007

    Glad to hear a more positive/proactive statement from HTC than the technical jibberish from the upgrade-laggard Samsung.  Next device I buy will either be a Windows phone or one directly from Google (Google Play)

  • asdf

    the source hasn’t even been released yet.  they have to at least wait until then to review everything.

  • Erik Holder

    Just Put Jelly bean OnMy GNexus. It’sLike Butter!HTC IsJustAsBad Samsung BUT Nexus Love Conquers All!

    • NexusO

      Your galaxy nexus is a Samsung phone:/

      • Fish

        The difference is nexus updates are pushed by Google.

        If you don’t have a nexus phone and you complain about lack of updates then you only have yourself to blame. If you find you are continuously waiting for updates then learn your lesson and buy a nexus.

        I have a nexus s, a 2 year old phone, and next month when I get jelly bean I will be laughing at all the sad people who bought a galaxy s3.

        • Qcknot

          Yup! You are right that’s what I did I finally got a nexus I got tired of waiting for updates now with my nexus I get updates ASAP.

        • JBLmobileG1

          Sad thing is when the original Nexus One was released no phone hardware wise came close to it… and not for quite some time. With todays Nexus phones there are actually better phones out there when it comes to specs. The only real advantage today with owning a Nexus phone is that you get the latest updates first. Technically if the specs are powerful enough there shouldn’t be an issue with handling the latest and greatest o/s that may be out. It really boils down to whether the carrier and phone manufacturer will continue to update the phones or not. Sad thing is once a newer version of a phone is released your lucky to get one major update. For me owning an Amaze and there being a One S… chances for me seeing Jelly Bean may be iffy while there is no doubt in my mind the One S will get it. And yet both phones are very similar spec wise.

      • Barracuda777

        Technically it is, but at the same time it isnt.  Manufactered by samsung designed by Google. 

        if that were the case NexusO we would be calling the iphone the FoxconPhone 

      • Gmoney

        Erik is a dumass haha

  • GuestL

    LOL! HTC sends it to T-Mobile and then T-Mobile sends it OTA. It took 8 (EIGHT!) months for my Sensation 4G to get ICS.. so do your math you are looking at 8 months starting on mid July when they offcicially release JB to the carriers. I would say April-May 2013. 

    • thats based on previous sense 3.0.  Remember with sense 4.0 they did some major changes with compatibility.  Could be sooner than that this time around.

      • TMOTECH

        All of the HTC devices got sense 3.6 in the OTA  not 4. I do agree though that it will probably be quicker because jelly bean is more of a patch improvement to ICS than a completely new operating system. 

    • s10shane

      yeah but gingerbread to ics was a big update. ics to jelly bean is not as big of a update so it might not take that long. 

    • Salavicius

       Wasn’t the Sensation 4G one of the first Gingerbread phones to get an OTA update?

    • UMA_Fan

      ICS was only ANNOUNCED by Google six months after the Sensation came out.

      So in actuality, T-Mobile and HTC got you Ice Cream Sandwich within a 4-5 month period after HTC got their hands on it.  Which realistically is the best you can hope for on a non Nexus device. 

      How can you be so negative when in reality you have one of the first devices in the US to even receive ICS?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hopefully they will update the Amaze 4g which will then fix the issues I have with ICS. If not the least they could do is fix the issues that are in ICS. I noticed my signal isn’t as strong as before and the native email client has it’s issues too which forces me to use another client that seems to suck my battery. Can anyone make a phone that is bug free or when they upgrade the software to not fix something that isn’t broken?

    • JBLmobileG1

      One other thing… like the Microsoft commercial… I actually want to be a beta tester. At least then I will have the latest o/s and hopefully I would be able to find the issues and have them fixed sooner than possibly never. Give people that option Tmobile/HTC so we can help fix the issues. Just have a disclaimer so anyone who participates knows that they may have issues but hopefully with the right input to the programmers they would eventually be fixed.

      • NexusO

        You can be one. Grab a Nexus phone ;)

        • JBLmobileG1

          I had the original Nexus One…. my girlfriend is using it now. Too bad they don’t support it anymore…. well XDA might but not Google.

  • I think that any device that has gotten, or would get, ICS should get JB. And those devices that haven’t gotten ICS yet, should skip ICS and go straight to JB.

    • Barracuda777

      Not true, The Nexus S has 512 MB of ram yet is getting JellyBean.  

      Not only that its one of the first devices to get it along with the galaxy nexus ! 

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am tired of this gimmick, naming operating systems and ROMS after desserts and sweet things. I can’t keep up with them all. Besides, Google should not be promoting sugar.

    Then again, I don’t like vegetables, so no way would I want to see “Google announces broccoli to replace cauliflower.” 

    Hmm… never mind, I guess desserts are a better naming convention.

    • rwc1792

      Well Jelly Bean came from project Butter, so Key Lime Pie will come from project Canola Oil. I’m stuck when it comes to D for an oily food product.

      • Mark


        Grammatica, have you ever seen regular Linux distribution release names?  One distro names their releases after the cast of Toy Story, in no discernable order.  At least Google goes alphabetically!

      • Andy Kemp

         Canola is a marketing term for rapesed oil.

    • Joshua Levi Davison

      I lol’d… to be honest I couldn’t think of better names…software update for “Optimus PRIME” haha

  • Tmonews_FAN

    Wonder if the GS3 will get Jellybean due to the physical home button???? I hope it does so I can order it soon. Or should I wait for LTE devices with Jellybean???

    • Borrusownage

      you’ll be fine ics was the first is to remove hardware buttons and yet we still have one on our gs3 while running ics

    • HeLLkAt31

      Why not buy the Galaxy Nexus on Google Store? Its running for $350. You would be getting Jelly Bean in mid July. And the best part is, you wouldnt be locking another 2yrs on contract. If theres a phone later on you feel you must have then get it on a 2yr contract and you pay the $200 bucks for it. 

  • UlyssesGhost

    Wow, Jelly Bean launches and Ice Cream Sandwich after 7 months has a whopping 7% install base on devices.  Lucky for us the android alliance promised updates for devices for 18 months.  By the time “Key Lime Pie” launches I bet ICS will be up to at least 15 %  and Jelly Bean will have broken the 5% mark.  (Do I even need the /sarcasm tag here?).

    • Spanky

      This is exactly why I will always own a Nexus device.

    • Guest

      I think you need to drink some of that android Kahlua my friend, and calm yourself.  Maybe have it with the pie. Stressing yourself with that kind of anger is bad for your heart.  Two drinks a day really helps.  Add a shot of vodka with the Kahlua, you will enjoy it.

  • Danan Thomas

    Man Jellybean is pretty sick, installed it earlier today. I most definitely have to hold out for the next nexus phone. 

  • HelloAmaze

    Here’s hoping HTC brings Jelly Bean to my Amaze 4G! Don’t let me down!

  • Deon Davis

    If I had it my way every HTC phone since G2 should be upgraded to JB I know it wont happen. But it should since the hardware is capable of running it. 

  • Nick

    I’ve learned that with Andoid phones, and rooting aside, you shouldn’t buy a particular phone unless you think you’ll be happy with it, OS version included, for 2 years.  Sad state of affairs, but that’s what the last few years have taught us.

  • Drumbeast72

    It seems like android fans are never happy. I have had almost every phone my carrier offers and now have the one series. I LOVE this phone! I’m happy with ics. Will Jellybean be cool when it comes? Absolutely but I’m not gonna cry about how long it takes to get here. Get on with life people.

    • It’s not that we are unhappy. We just want all the new features. With a yearly update like this the folks running previous versions are going to be missing out on some pretty good features. What makes it even worse is not knowing if you will even get those features. 

      You may be happy with ICS but the improvements that were announced in Jelly Bean are pretty compelling. Most significant (IMO) is offline voice typing. That is a big deal for a person that uses it a lot. To put it bluntly, if you aren’t going to be upgraded to JB then you won’t get this function until you shell out another $200-$300 for your next phone with contract in tow. That seems like a pretty good reason to “never be happy”.  

  • Tuliom Mesa

    if they cant update their phone from 2.3.6 to 4.0 i highly doubt we will see 4.1 any time soon


      Anything that is running 2.3.6 still has a single core processor and probably would not handle the load that sense would put on it. Best to go get the CM9 update that is stripped down and optimized…

  • Hoser Man

    OK, so my phone is now two years old and I had a OS update today to 2.4.shit. If I had an iPhone I would of had three system updates for my hypothetical two year old iPhone 2 giving it much more than what I have on my HTC Incredible. So why should I purchase yet another Droid phone and HOPE to get one update in two years? Tell me why, please! I guess what I’m telling you is that I’m waiting for the new iPhone 5.

    • QwietStorm

      Serious question. Why is there always someone with a comment like this? What you said it somewhat related at best, but its still off topic,and really, why do you feel it is necessary to tell people what your next phone is? I dont get the motivation.


      Why are you commenting on a Verizon handset on a T-Mobile blog? It is not T-Mobile’s fault that Big Red does not update it’s handsets.  


      Y would u want iPhone. Garbage have fun being stuck under apples wing with no where to go

  • Kirbi182

    Basically the htc one line will get the jelly update 

  • tommy

    Tmo needs a bigger screen HTC phone. I like my one s.

    • Sh

      HTC One doesn’t get a signal, why care if it gets updated.

  • Bigjavar101

    Wonder if my amaze or sensation will see the official Jelly bean update?! 

  • AndrewLake95

    Does anyone know if the htc vivid will be out with jellybean by the end of the summer or even by July.

  • Biggdaddy007 Br

    I’m loving jelly bean on my nexus 7 am looking forward to getting it on my htc 1 S