Wirefly Memorial Day Sale Offers Extra $25 Discount On HTC One S

Keep your eye on Wirefly.com tomorrow as they drop a nice little deal on the HTC One S for Memorial Day weekend. Beginning tomorrow, May 25th through May 28th, Wirefly is offering an extra $25 off their HTC One S pricing for T-Mobile. So what kind of pricing are you looking at — how about $125 for new activations and qualifying upgrade customers!

That’s a pretty hot deal and it’s all yours with coupon code: HTCONES25. The coupon is good for new activations, upgrades, and add-a-lines.

This is easily one of the best deals around on the HTC One S and isn’t one to miss.


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  • Gary S.

    That coupon code works now!

  • Naterapan

    I paid 150.00 for mine directly thru T-Mobile :-)

    • MacRat

      You’re paying a bit more than that for the subsidized plan.

  • Mcallenc

    Is the site reliable? I’ve searched reviews on Wirefly and “Scam” pops up multiple times.

    • Mark Hennessey

      I have friends who always use Wirefly, with no serious problems. 

    • I wouldn’t have posted it if I didn’t find them to be a reliable place to do business!

  • Just1tree

    Only thing I’m concerned about with this is the service plan entry. Is it actually making changes to my current plan or just extending it?

    • Charles William.

      I want to know this too. I already have a data plan so why do I need to check the data plan if I a
      Ready have one?

      • Scapegrace

        I just called T-Mobile and was told to select the $20 2gb plan on wirefly, and to call back and they would be able to revert my android preferred data plan back.  I haven’t tried it yet, but this is what I was told.  I did talk to retentions by saying cancel when prompted.

        • Scapegrace

          Well that didn’t work, the $20 2gb plan wirefly told me was not compatible with my grandfathered voice plan so they tried to upgrade my data to a higher package or change my voice plan, cancelled my order. YMMV.  I’ve ordered from costco and kept my data plan on the other line, so it looks like its either direct through t-mobile or costco for me. 

        • Wex

          In general, I wouldn’t trust ANYTHING a Tmobile rep tells you.  They have no power and in my experience are often wrong…they may or may not note what they told you in your record and you’ll call back and the next rep will say they have  no idea what you’re talking about and that they cannot offer you that ‘deal’

        • Scapegrace

          I’ve had zero problems with the retention reps, I don’t talk to any others when I call with anything related to upgrades/plans.  I have no doubt that they would have been able to give me my preferred data plan back, but it was wirefly that gave me the problems in the end.

    • Greggy Boone Garsuta

      I tried upgrading my phone through wirefly to get the new HTC One S phone but I had to return it back and ask T-mobile to revert back my old plan because the upgrade changed my data plan. This is what happened.

      So I called wirefly to upgrade my phone. During the upgrade process, the wirefly rep. asked me if I want to change my data plan since it requires a premium data plan (I currently have the Android unlimited data plan that I got a few years ago). I said no and he submitted the order. After 48 hours, I received a notification that it didn’t go through because my data plan is incompatible. I called wirefly and they told me that they need to just choose the 5gb data plan for my upgrade and this will automatically revert back to my old data plan. So it went through and after 24 hours I received a notification from T-mobile that my plan has changed. I kinda freaked out since I pay little on my old family plan. I called T-mobile and they told me that if I upgrade my phone through one of T-mobile’s authorized resellers (e.g. wirefly.com), I would be required to change my data plan. The only way for me to maintain my current data plan is to order directly from T-mobile (and spend more than $300 -___-“). So i decided to just cancel my order with wirefly to revert back to my old data plan. 

      This is how networks screw you. They say you can keep your old data plan but if you want to upgrade, you would have to get a new data plan -___-” 

  • Me

    Awesome for retail stores! I love online retailers.

  • Just1trew

    Yah this was a big headache unfortunately as they told me I’d have to get 5gb plan to get the phone. I’ll just wait for the s3

  • melon3531

    The One S is now $99 (after rebate) on T-Mobile’s website through 5/31…

    • Scapegrace

      New customers or add a line only…..