The Galaxy S III…Disappointment Or Give It To Me Now

As all the Galaxy S III details came out during yesterdays Samsung Mobile Unpacked event, first reactions were ultimately very different from what many had hoped to “feel.” For many, the Galaxy SIII launch was a disappointment, for others it was quite a step forward for Android.

Last night, DroidDog’s own Joey Lehto took to the blog and wrote down his own thoughts on the Galaxy S III launch, and he wasn’t too thrilled. Now, part of the problem lies on the shoulders of people like myself as we create a hype machine that makes it almost impossible for any smartphone for live up to. Many blame us, and they should, but everyone needs to take equal blame. The bloggers and journalists for fanning the proverbial rumor fire and for the readers for eating it up. We all love hype, rumors, some more rumors and a whole lot more rumors. They give us something to look forward to —  now that the Galaxy S III launch has come and gone, we’ll start looking for “the next big thing,” and everyone will get right back on the rumor train.

No matter which side you fall on, I urge you to take a look at Joey’s post over at DroidDog or Vlad Savov’s equally disappointed editorial on The Verge. I’ve pulled some choice quotes from both editorials below:

Joey: Wow. Just wow. Those were the exact thoughts going through my head when I witnessed Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy S III. Is that really it? Is that really the device that everyone has been hyping about all year? It’s just…a major letdown. Before we dive into this, I understand that yes, it may turn out to be the most powerful device on the market. Yes, I shouldn’t be let down. But truth be told, I am. And Samsung has seriously disappointed me.

Vlad: So what did we get? The Siri-imitating S Voice, a quad-core SoC that’s already been announced for the Meizu MX, a suite of camera enhancements that rips off HTC’sImageSense wholesale, and a signature animated lock screen that emulates interaction with water, something that’s been a live wallpaper option on Android phones since 2010. Oh, and industrial design and build quality that you’ll find on any anonymous South Korean MP3 player — Samsung seems to have tried trickling its design language up, never a good idea.

Vlad: At best, Samsung matched the HTC One X. At worst, it indulged in a two-month delay of an MWC-worthy device, stoked a frenzy of anticipation that was unjustified by the eventual product, and jeopardized the still fragile growth of its brand reputation among smartphone enthusiasts. I’ll leave you to decide which extreme I’m gravitating toward.

Joey: A phone is nothing without a good screen, and Samsung is throwing a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen in the newest Galaxy S. You know what that means: PenTile. Some make the debate that PenTile doesn’t matter when a screen has a high DPI, but in my experience, it most definitely does. After using the Galaxy Nexus and its 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD screen for an extended period of time, the PenTile matrix definitely becomes noticeable. On top of that, the Nexus was released in November, and we’re seeing the same screen tech in Samsung’s newest flagship half a year later. By now, I would expect to see PenTile gone. It’s old, annoying, and can really degrade the experience on a phone.

Hit the source links below for the full reads:

DroidDog, The Verge

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  • adc

    the front looks amazing but the back is fugly

  • Oscar Dominguez

    Overall im a bit let down , I dont see a really reason to change my Nexus for a while. dont gey me wrong ita not a bad phone just not what i thought the SIII would be.

  • David M. Garcia

    What makes the phone worth purchasing to me is the processor and the pop up function when watching a vid on the media player which allows you to move about on the phone while still watching the vid kinda like PIP, that to me is the best if not just the coolest feature of any phone I’ve seen.

  • Ricardo N Feliciano

    I may still get the phone, but my two let downs were lack of 12MP camera (I don’t need it, but expected it so yeah :/) and the PenTile screen. I hope the US versions, at least T-Mobile’s gets a screen change.

  • macck

    I’m pretty satisfied with this phone.. only because now I don’t have to deal with selling my GNexus to get it lol. It’s not significantly better so I’ll be holding onto my current phone until the next Nexus

  • erod

    im in thw market for a new phone being that i still use the galaxy1 but like the article says they put out leaks and rumors as they come and we eat it so its a 50/50 blame it happens with everything in life that we hype. im conparing this phone to the htc one and im still leaning towards the sgs unless tmo changes the hardware or decides to release in october like the sgs2 thats way too long and stupid

  • wcdude18

    I’m still on the Samsung Vibrant, so the SGS3 is a HUGE upgrade for me, one I’m willing to overlook the larger physical dimensions for.

    I can imagine that people on the Nexus wouldn’t view this as a major upgrade. But for me? I’m on board as soon as it’s available.

    • TsuNnami

      I’m in the same boat as you wcdude18. I am on the Vibrant, which imo was the first samsung galaxy. This would be a huge leap…I can’t tell you the number of times I have literally thrown that phone at the wall or ground recently out of sheer frustration. It’s not functional and it takes 5 work arounds to get certain things done.

      My major hesitation with this phone is Samsung as the manufacturer. If any of you have the Vibrant and you are not the type to root, you know exactly what I mean. They released the 4g version a couple of months later, and totally left those of us on the original 3g out to dry. It took us over a year to get froyo, and it wasn’t a OTA. You had to d/l and use kies mini. So retarded. They haven’t looked back once either. It’s like they released this “top of the line, best thing ever” phone in 2010, and then decided not to support it. If it’s because of certain components within the phone, then get your head out of your asses and hire people to figure out how to get around it. That way you don’t have people like me that are usually very loyal customers never wanting anything to do with your company again, in every electronics category.

      My contract with TMobile is up in June, so I have the next few weeks to figure out what I’m going to do.

      What do you guys with GSII’s think? How have they treated you since that phone came out? Just curious.

      • NT_

        I also have a Vibrant and, for a variety of reasons, am not interested in rooting. You have totally hit the nail on the head, and if I had more than one phone, the Vibrant would have long ago been hit with the hammer instead of the nail. Samsung “experimented” with the software on the Vibrant, developers either have to write apps with the device in mind or they just don’t work reliably. I thought when I went to Froyo those problems would have been fixed, but they actually got worse, so I never went beyond 2.2 and pull my battery at least once daily just to keep the damn thing from freezing up so often.

        Since I also am a relatively heavy display and data-streaming user most days, I do swap to a fully-charged battery at least once a day, so I am not thrilled with the idea of the HTC One’s non-user replaceable battery, though with enough accessories I could probably get by. Nonetheless, virtually everyone on the internet and people that I know personally have been extremely pleased with the Galaxy S II, so I suspect the GS III will also be a smoothly functioning device.

        However, I feel like they (Samsung and T-Mobile) abandoned us with an expensive smartphone that performed well below its hardware capabilities, and that’s a bitter pill to swallow before pulling the trigger on another Samsung product.

        • loueradun

          You really should reboot or turn the device off/on normally. Pulling the battery could very well be the cause of many of your problems. This should be reserved only for cases where the phone is completely hung and your only option is to pull the battery. If you have USB debugging enabled, an ADB reboot command can likely reboot the device even when frozen as well (this does not require being rooted).

        • loueradun

          You really should reboot or turn the device off/on normally. Pulling the battery could very well be the cause of many of your problems. This should be reserved only for cases where the phone is completely hung and your only option is to pull the battery. If you have USB debugging enabled, an ADB reboot command can likely reboot the device even when frozen as well (this does not require being rooted).

        • loueradun

          You really should reboot or turn the device off/on normally. Pulling the battery could very well be the cause of many of your problems. This should be reserved only for cases where the phone is completely hung and your only option is to pull the battery. If you have USB debugging enabled, an ADB reboot command can likely reboot the device even when frozen as well (this does not require being rooted).

        • loueradun

          You really should reboot or turn the device off/on normally. Pulling the battery could very well be the cause of many of your problems. This should be reserved only for cases where the phone is completely hung and your only option is to pull the battery. If you have USB debugging enabled, an ADB reboot command can likely reboot the device even when frozen as well (this does not require being rooted).

        • loueradun

          You really should reboot or turn the device off/on normally. Pulling the battery could very well be the cause of many of your problems. This should be reserved only for cases where the phone is completely hung and your only option is to pull the battery. If you have USB debugging enabled, an ADB reboot command can likely reboot the device even when frozen as well (this does not require being rooted).

    • zeth006

      People who’re on the Nexus more than likely bought it back in 2011 or even earlier 2012 likely aren’t even planning to get the S3. This phone is perfect for people like you whose contracts are up. It’ll be a huge stepup from the 2010 Galaxy S line.

  • BigMixxx

    I think it goes two ways:

    if you are an S2 user, you will be disappointed…HIGHLY. Especially if you have a T mobile Galaxy S II or a ATT Galaxy S II skyrocket… As you really expected from Samsung. This was a real opportunity. But they highlighted Software WAY more than throwing more of the kitchen sink in the phone.
    if you are in the market for a new mobile phone….it just got more difficult. GSII, One Series, this new LG thing (Lg will just butcher this thing). I personally think the One S is a good device but the wrong choice for T mobile. Hopefully the One X hits the network. Otherwise, expect the GSIII to hit the states in force and hopefully the big T gets it going…

    The one thing is that the GSIII will be bastardized by getting the American variant. More than likely dual core s4, meaning longer waits for updates to the device. While it will be scalding fast….we won’t note the difference….

    The one thing that disappoints is that we expected WAAAAAY more. But then we expected WAAAY more with the iPhone announcement.

    • Oluwalere Babalola

      I’m truly confused at what you expected. I have the Skyrocket from at&t, and I’m not disappointed in this phone whatsoever. The only thing that did not get greatly improved is the camera, which they chose to do Software instead of hardware, but who knows they might have improved the sensor also. We have to wait and see on that. The screen is larger and HD, that is a pretty big improvement. Nobody knows what processors are going to be in the U.S. variants again everyone is speculating. Maybe Samsung made there quad core chip compatible with LTE, even if they didn’t, the next gen snapdragon is on par with the tegra 3, which I’m certain the processor in the S2 is not. People expect way to much out of new phone. The industry is already moving at break neck speeds and people are still asking for it to move faster. The phone has a faster processor than most netbooks and a the same resolution screen as my 43″ tv in my living room, yes I know I need a new TV. I want this phone.

  • TheReder

    These people would be disappointed if they saw the face of God. There’s just no pleasing some people.

    • Noel

      The GS3 is a lovely device but a it is little taller than i was expecting and that back cover is just too bland. It needed some eye catching styling mostly around the camera and speaker region or at least something akin to that of the GS2

  • trife

    Touchwiz = I am disappoint.

    • that guy

      Root and move on.

      • j5ive

        All that stuff Samsung has on the phone is software and defendant on touchwiz. You’d lose everything but hardware.

      • trife

        Why should I have to root? Why can’t a phone of this caliber work how I want it to right out of the box? Believe it or not, not everyone wants to have to tinker with things. Making this vanilla would solve that problem.

    • Levizzzle

      touchwiz = ugly samsung theme.

  • meek82

    My opinion…not worth it. I want non-pentile screen.
    US version going to have Qualcom chip also right?

  • Grimbeaver

    I just got a Galaxy Nexus from the Play store and couldn’t be happier. Everyone throws such a fit about PenTile. Do I notice it? Yes I do. Does it bother me, nope not one bit. Screen still looks great.

    • Levizzzle

      I have the one S and yes if I try I can notice the pixels but you know what, this is the more beautiful screen I have seen so far. I prefer it over the s2 screen easy.

      • V_i_m

        Higher resolution generally trumps pentile/non-pentile, and the pentile
        qHD display of the One S has a higher resoluton than the
        non-pentile WVGA display of the GS2.

    • I got my GNex from the Play Store too, and I agree with you!

    • Exactly and I too agree with you.

      I picked up a GNexus too, and for what you get. It can’t be beat right now. Price, quality, size, performance, you name it. People who get caught into specs too much, always miss out on a good thing. But some people just want to ‘say’ they have the latest devices, and don’t even put it to good use.

    • lion heart

      in the same boat like you, i like my samsung galaxy nexus. Whats the difference between Pentile and a normal screen anyways, can someone explain.?

      • Grimbeaver

        PenTile is AMOLED which is different from LCD. The difference everyone focuses on is the different arrangement of the RGB parts of the pixel. In LCD each part is the same size, in PenTile it’s not. Also LCD has a backlight while PenTile does not need one because it’s LEDs. I think the different size RGB elements is because the different color LEDs vary in brightness. A quick search will find you lots of comparisons. They both have their pros and cons.

      • Grimbeaver

        Resolution has gotten much better since this was written, but it’s still a good article:

    • rg12

      I also got my galaxy nexus from the play store. amazing price for no contract, great performing device with a screen as good as most high end devices. the pentile display does not bother me, yes if you try hard enough and put the phone inces away from your eyes you will see some pixels.

      nevertheless, i couldnt be happier. personally i love stock ics and looks of the phone, all blacked out front looking amazing when the screen is off.

    • remister

      I brought Nexus Galaxy from the Play store also. Damn, the screen is so sexy. I didn’t even know it was pentile.

    • Dennis

      How’s the battery life and build quality of your Galaxy Nexus? Just a few questions, as I am in the market for a new phone and am no longer tied to a contract.

      • Chris

        I’ve had a GSM Galaxy Nexus for a few months now and I can tell you honestly, it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. With moderate use, after a 10 hour day, my battery is usually around 65% never below 50 at the 10 hour mark. I know the Verizon version is MUCH worse, but the GSM version has fantastic battery life. Build quality is, well Samsung, it’s plastic. I’ve had a case on it since I got it, but it feels relatively solid. I’ve looked at the One Series and now the GS 3 and I can honestly say I will take my Nexus over either one of them any day. My only gripe is the camera, in good light and not zoomed, it’s wonderful. Low light or zoomed in and it’s a disaster.

      • loueradun

        Just to note, I am a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus, but a co-worker of mine has gone through two of them already. Both of them developed cracks on the digitizer from normal use (no drops). My guess is he probably sat on it in is back pocket or did something irresponsible (I’m always super gentle with my phones), but I believe him when he says he didn’t drop them.

      • loueradun

        Just to note, I am a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus, but a co-worker of mine has gone through two of them already. Both of them developed cracks on the digitizer from normal use (no drops). My guess is he probably sat on it in is back pocket or did something irresponsible (I’m always super gentle with my phones), but I believe him when he says he didn’t drop them.

      • loueradun

        Just to note, I am a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus, but a co-worker of mine has gone through two of them already. Both of them developed cracks on the digitizer from normal use (no drops). My guess is he probably sat on it in is back pocket or did something irresponsible (I’m always super gentle with my phones), but I believe him when he says he didn’t drop them.

      • loueradun

        Just to note, I am a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus, but a co-worker of mine has gone through two of them already. Both of them developed cracks on the digitizer from normal use (no drops). My guess is he probably sat on it in is back pocket or did something irresponsible (I’m always super gentle with my phones), but I believe him when he says he didn’t drop them.

      • loueradun

        Just to note, I am a huge fan of the Galaxy Nexus, but a co-worker of mine has gone through two of them already. Both of them developed cracks on the digitizer from normal use (no drops). My guess is he probably sat on it in is back pocket or did something irresponsible (I’m always super gentle with my phones), but I believe him when he says he didn’t drop them.

  • frontrowfred

    I like many others anxiously awaited the SIII reveal. I would put my reaction as neutral at this point, I currently rock the HTC Sensation (T-Mobile). I rarely comment because I’m not that well versed in all the tech hype surrounded by cell phones. I just like my phone to do what I like and do it well. Having said that, I had a MyTouch 3G before my Sensation and hated that phone with a passion, so my step up to the Sensation was nice. My contract is up in August so I’m in prime position to sit back and wait for the next “BIG” thing to come down the pipe. I have become numb to the never ending drum beat of new phones that come out, and I no longer feel like I am missing something or feel left out because I do not have the latest and greatest phone. The lines are starting to blur between what the best smartphones are, and features are starting to migrate across all platforms, software and hardware. Heck, I used to feel like if I did not have an iPhone I would just not be able to exist, que the snooze button on Android and Apple rumors. I don’t know at this point what would make me sign another two year contract, what would blow my socks off, reading some of the reviews on the SIII kind of proves my point as review after review stated how let down they were. When the iPhone 4S was revealed the same comments of discuss were posted. Waiting to be wowed!

  • NeedNewPhone

    Doesn’t the fact that t-mobile gets watered down phones make this even worse in the eyes of these reviewers?

  • I always looks at my phone’s screen with binoculars so PenTile is a huge letdown for me.

    Give me a break, I can’t stand it when tech journalist blow things out of proportion. There becoming worse then the naggy “h8ters” on car forums. Unless you’re using a magnification tool of some sort, I’ll bet any money you cannot tell the difference between the screen of a GS2 and Gnex. I’m holding both phones in front of me, I have 20/15 vision, and other then the Gnex (PenTile) having much crisper text thanks to 300+ dpi, there is no difference.

    • V_i_m

      I agree, since you’re comparing the lower WVGA resolution non-pentile GS2 with the higher 720p resolution pentile GNex. The 720p IPS display on the One X however is an entirely different beast. This is the first IPS display HTC has ever used. Apple only uses IPS displays, although HTC’s is bigger and at a higher resolution. You have to see it to understand just good it is.

  • unashamedgeek

    I ordered the Nexus from the Play Store after this announcement. I think I will be happier with that device.

    • I don’t think you will regret getting the Nexus at all! It’s a great device and will hold it’s own nicely for the next year or two. I think it looks better than the GS3 as well. If you’re like me and you buy phones at full price anyway to keep a grandfathered account, then the price is great too!

      • unashamedgeek

        Thanks, always good to hear someone else reaffirm a plan. The $399 is great to keep me off contract.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    It didn’t meet the hype it generated but I like it and will gladly upgrade off this HD2 to it.
    I do not like S Voice though. Regardless, it has a SD Card slot and the battery looks removable.
    I am not Leasing cloud storage. I’d much rather OWN my memory through SD cards.
    It has those 2 features, all else is a plus.
    It was a disappointment to those that thought that it was going to be a revolutionary device but I’ll take one or the Note.

  • Jinx

    This phone is still a solid piece of equipment, but in the mobile world…it’s going to loose its shiny fast. It’s just what we have to come to expect.
    At those who keep complaining about TouchWiz, may I just say, ITS SAMSUNG! That’s their thing. To quote ‘that guy’ below, “root and move on.” Don’t complain when a company uses their software on their devices. If you like the hardware but not the software, fix it.
    However, despite all this what it really comes down to is that a lot of hype was created over this phone. So much so that it created a ‘man can’t live up to the legend,’ kind of thing. Even though the ‘man’ (in this case a phone) met just about everything we heard about it. That’s the problem with building things up in your head, the only time it isn’t disappointing is when it turns out better than you hoped. On par just isn’t good enough.

  • rwc1792

    I’d be disappointed if I expected the design to be anything different from what they’ve been before, I didn’t. Say what you want about the plastic backing for the phone, I’ve found the backing on my Vibrant to be very durable, and that allows me to not have to buy a useless case.
    The specs are fine for me, given where I’m coming from, if I had the SGSII, I wouldn’t see the need to upgrade. I see all this discussion of pentile vs. non-pentile displays, I would have to know more about the difference to be disappointed about that. Some of the software features on the phone seem useful, clearly it’s becoming more about the software rather than the hardware. It’s the next galaxy, but I don’t think it’s the phone to beat. Clearly, Samsung left the door open for Apple to destroy them. However, for me, the leader in clubhouse is probably HTC and the One X

  • I dig it, I will be taking a hard look at this one for my next phone.

  • I am not disappointed at all. Then again i was never planning on getting it anyway. My rooted and overclocked Sensation will do me well for another year or so. Quad core on android is almost as big of a feature as a tv having a built in HD-DVD player. Sure it works good…. but nobody supports it. Anyone that does more than two things at once on their phones needs to get a life.

  • MarcusDW

    The leap from the GS2 to the GS3 is about half the distance that the GS1 took to the GS2. Next year I will be buying a GS4 which will be similar to me going from the Vibrant to the Hercules.

    The GS3 is by no means disappointing but my GS2 is already so high end that I don’t I no longer have the desire to upgrade.

  • MagentaMadness

    Sounds like “Joey” and “Vlad” need to get out more. Who are they and why are their opinions being broadcasted like scripture?

    • I’m using them as a sounding board, this post is, as they always are for you guys to sound off and refute or agree with them. I’m using them to create the discussion.

      • MagentaMadness

        Right I understand that, didn’t direct it towards you or the site personally, more of a general statement.

  • Call it how you want to call it, but end users count. Not bloggers who use a device for 3 mins. This will sell millions just like all the others, and the ‘end user’ will decide. Which is the true point of view on all of these devices that hit the market.

    Some people have in there mind, that there is this super phone that will match their every need. Well, sorry to say…it won’t happen. Everything that comes out, is NOT for everyone. I actually had already read the post on the Verge (how he was heart broken) before this, and it’s just one persons view with a wimpy heart. Take it as such, and make your own once you have it in hand.

  • klawatti

    Having suffered for two years with Samsung’s crappy TouchWhiz, I am so happy to have the Galaxy Nexus! Great interface and fast as hell. Given the choice today between the Galaxy III and the Nexus, I would choose the Nexus.

  • Deadeye37

    I think this is a good phone. While we, the tech elite, may have deal breakers with certain aspects (pentile screen, touch wiz, etc), the vast majority of the people who will be getting this phone are people that see a sleek device with a large display that they can play games, read eBooks, watch videos, and sometimes even communicate with people via Skype, text, or phone. Tell them that there’s a pentile screen and they’ll look blankely at you. All they want is a multimedia monster that is a good alternative to the iPhone. And that is what they’re getting. This phone will sell like hotcakes

    Personally, I think its a great phone. All the specs scream good performance. Hands on video looks great. Will I get the phone personally? Maybe. It all depends if the One X comes to T-mo, or some other cool phone is released before the end of the year (my contract is up then).

    • Deadeye37

      BTW, I expect the Hype Machine to go crazy right before the iPhone 5 gets released and then the actual release will be a big letdown because there is no way that most phones can realize the expectations that people start putting into it. There’s usually a large gap between someones dream phone and the phone that is released. More so if its a popular phone.

  • Jay

    Honestly, if the next iphone or s4 doesnt cook me dinner, im going to be disappointed

  • GimmeaNote

    A removable battery and Micro SD slot make this much better than HTC One X. However, I think my money will go towards a Note with ICS….if T-Mo ever releases it!

  • Ian Harrington

    I have mixed feelings about it. But I will hold off all opinions until I hold it

  • rbaggio

    these people are funny, apple comes out with the iphone 4S and its the best thing since sliced bread, samsung has a brand new phone new everything and never happy.

    • Ummmm, I hope you are kidding or just terribly misinformed. Look at the news reports following the iPhone 4S launch…they were EXACTLY like this. Disappointed, expected more, etc etc.

  • fixxmyhead

    the phone is perfect . bunch of whiners u guys are all becoming like women bitching about every little damn thing. being a man is becoming a lost art. these companies are not gonna make a “superphone” made to YOUR specifications

    • dingaling

      Exactly what i said! NO phone manufacturers are gonna EVER put all the best features into one phone! Whine and cry all u want but it will never happen!

      • Radical K

        Exactly!!! people want their I cream and cake, you can not have both let’s not forget they are out to make $$$$$ and that’s it…. unless you want to make your own phone! then don’t complain cause nothing is going to change, just move on and get another phone or wait until Christmas..

  • MikeOlson

    Definitely think everyone got overexcited. It is an incremental improvement over the GSII and the GNexus. What else would it have been? Did you really thing that Samsung was working on some super-secret quantum chip with special telepathy technology? Probably Samsung themselves went a little overboard with their marketing machine, but it is everything that the blogosphere predicted and nothing more. What is wrong with that?

  • jigglytatas

    Eh. I just would like to see a quad core in the guts of the s3.

    But other than that, I am more excited for BB10 and their cool keyboard.

  • Johnny Brown

    It’s both for me.. I just think the disappointment of the masses is just rubbing off on me, but from someone that has an upgrade and I’m coming from a MyTouch 4G (with a Vibrant and HD2 as backups) then the S III would be a pretty good upgrade for me. To me, I think S III is a sexy piece of hardware (though not HTC sexy but it still looks good nonetheless.) I’m sure the design will change a bit for the US variant, so I’ll reserve final judgement for that. With an HD screen, Pentile vs non is negligible for me. Unless I’m looking for it, I wouldn’t even notice. What seals the deal for me over T-Mo’s HTC’s One S offering is the removable battery and external storage.

    So now it’s just me weighing my options:

    Do I want to get the Galaxy Note? (if or when it hits Magenta)
    Do I want to see if the rumors of the One X coming to T-Mobile are true (If so, I’d probably get that in a heart beat)
    Do I just get the Galaxy Nexus unlocked?

    Either way it goes, I’m sure I’ll break my phone piggy bank and get two phones: One off contract and one on contract… it just all comes down to WHICH two I want…

  • guest

    I am disappointed in the lack of ceramic housing. The non pentile display only seems to be an issue for those who have used them in the past. The camera seems to be fine… 12mp on a mobile camera doesn’t mean a thing. Lens quality, image processing, etc. is what matters in good pictures. So, basically, coming from a HTC with a keyboard… I wanted a phone with a large screen (to help with typing onscreen keyboard lol) and a solid feeling phone. I was really hoping Sammy finally quit making these plasticy devices but I guess I was wrong. Who knows though? It might not be as bad as these reviewers where claiming and a solid case will help with that. All and all… we expected too much from a phone that was designed many months ago. Hey, at least Samsung hasn’t sworn off qwerty models, stopped making sd cards slots, and allowing batteries to be removable! Screw HTC… Hello Sammy!

  • knotjeff

    I couldnt agree more with the blogs…they made another plastic phone with a bigger screen and said “there you go!”….one x tops it in nearly every sense. (Pun intended)

    • ctkatz

      what’s with the hate for a plastic-y device? i would rather have a device that would be able to absorb some bumps than a solid device that could crack easily.

  • Nickts1989

    I actually am not disappointed because I’m still sporting the Samsung Vibrant. So its win-win for me. If the T-Mobile USA one is bloated and not up to par I can probably get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy SII for a good price.

    I do have to say this phone is not that bad and I was happy with some of the new features. My favorite thing is the elements of nature incorporated into it.

    My only disappointment was the long shot rumor of being able to dual boot it with either touchwiz or vanilla ICS. I have no problem with touchwiz as I no nothing else in the android world. I am willing to pay the $200 for the phone. Hopefully I can use the promotion to get $100 on an old smartphone.

  • Nate34a

    meh… Galaxy Nexus FTW. Pure Android >>>> Touchwiz cr@p

    • Nikolai T

      Censoring crap? How old are you, Nate?


    im on tmobile… WHAT DO I DO NOW!!!!

  • Here is my 2 cents. The fault lies at the feet of the dumb ass tech blogs and forums who choose to report speculation, rumors, leaks and analyst BS. YOU hype the phones. YOU release the “leaks” and YOU are the amateur journalists who decide that “per click” is more important than the truth.

    Don’t pass the buck. The overhype comes from you and your “sources”. Any disappointment people feel comes straight from the garbage you and your competition push on a daily basis. Thanks for posting quotes and links to other blogs. Seems like a pretty easy gig you have,

    • randomnerd_number38

      Whatever. Anyone that read the S3 articles that were labeled “take this with a grain of salt” and “put this firmly in the rumor category” and then expected them to be the gospel truth about the phone have only themselves to blame for being disappointed. I was pretty sure, even after all the “1080p screen and 2GB of RAM ceramic phallic symbol you can wear as a codpiece!!!!” rumors came out that I wouldn’t see anything that made me regret my One S purchase. Surprise, surprise, I was right. Common friggin sense. I know exactly what these blog sites are, and I enjoy the sensationalism, even as I realize that a lot of the times it’s not the truth. That’s what these sites ARE. If you’re butthurt about that, go read something else.

      • Most articles where and “according to” or “analyst says” without any true integrity behind those statements. Sure there are ones that caution people that they are rumors but then they follow that up with “but remember this is the same person who got the right on the money.”.

        I personally never care until the OEM announces the device. Sounds like you do the same. Not everyone does and that is why writing articles on guesswork seems lazy to me.

        • The thing about all of this is and don’t get me wrong, I never like running them even so this site has its own set of rumors and leaks it runs with. The problem with all of this is determining which of these leaks are false, true etc. It seems like every time we choose to ignore one of them, that’s the one that ends up being legit.

        • True.

  • I love the hardware but I can’t get over how ugly touchwiz is.

  • Giantbear

    Can someone tell me once you purchase the GNexus fromt he play store, do you haveto d something to make it recognize your tmobile sim card ? or does it automatically does it ?

    • nathan118

      Automatically does it.

  • V_i_m

    Screens: One X > Galaxy S3 > One S
    Looks: One X = One S > Galaxy S3
    Processors: One X = One S = Galaxy S3 (in the US)

    Galaxy S3 = Galaxy Nexus + better camera + micro SD card + Samsung bloatware

  • now_onTMO

    pentile non pentile.. lol it’s ridiculous that people nitpick on this minor unnoticeable thing on a screen.. how about flaws on the hardware? dust under the screen? who created all the hype anyway? who made up all these rumors? lol.. samsung included software features that were innovative and improved android.. is that something to complain about? i like the design of the phone except for the back side,the white one looks real nice.. and the quad exynos? is the a15 chip ready for productions? is there a phone that has it? uggh.. such high expectation from samsung,how about those who complain hop on a freaking time machine and go to the year where your magical device is available already.. lol.. the material used on he gs3 is the as the one on the one x,but with a glossy finished..

    honestly, the one x is overrated, the reason it got lots of praises is because htc were only able to produce a phone with such specs this time around wherein they failed to do so with their previous devices… the one x lacks micro sd slots, removable battery,and no added special software features like the gs3… call the features gimicky for all i care, but samsung is able to deliver and compete with the iphone in terms of software implementations, no other android device has ever offered a feature packed device before until the gs3.. is that something to complain about?
    i want the white one please..

  • now_onTMO

    also the reason probably why the announcement was delayed instead of unveiling during mwc was because samsung was still working on the software, they wanted everything to work perfectly and so the delays… i think samsung also decided to focus on the software because the specs are already there… what good is the hardware for if the features are too basic? the gs3 deinitely stepped it up and gave android a different meaning.. i know most rooters will find te software features unnecessary, but majority of average users will find them useful and nice… i root my device and i do find these features really innovative..

  • I’m seriously amazed by all the articles whining about the device because many of the editors sound like spoiled brats:

    “It uses a pentile screen. Whine. It has curved edges. Whine. It has two capacitive buttons. Whine. It’s re-introduced the capacitive menu button to android (probably against Google’s wishes). Whine. I hate manufacturer skins, especially TouchWiz. Whine. It’s only a step above the One-X which was unveiled a whole MONTH AGO. Whine. I thought the phone was going to give me a religious experience, but it didn’t. Whine.”

    I expect these type of comments from fanboys and just random people on the internet but I don’t expect this type of silliness from paid editors from major tech sites, it’s embarrassing.

    That’s not to say there are not some legitimate criticisms of the device, there are:

    -Plasticky/cheapness of the phone (is it built to last 2 years after shelling out $200+)
    -Cost. Will this phone be subsidized at the standard rate of $199 or are we gonna get Verizoned (yes i used that as a verb) and get charged $299 for a high end device on all carriers?
    ….And that’s about it. Grow up people.

    • V_i_m

      The GS3 isn’t a step above the One X.

      • …That’s your reply to my comment?

        Ok…*Around the same level as the One-X. You happy? Whine.

        Wow, the fickleness of some people.

        • V_i_m

          You are certainly thin-skinned for someone who is whining about other people whining.

        • You reply to a legitimate point I was making with snark, what do you expect?

  • Gouv

    Its not bad at all.. Not the biggest android guy (Apple fan boy) but this is pretty good imo. I’d still rather get the galaxy nexus personally if i had to choose between both Samsung devices.

  • nathan118

    Well, considering it makes me perfectly happy that I got a Galaxy Nexus, I would say it’s a disappointment.

  • Dell can suck it

    Any clown who uses Siri imitating is an Apple Fanboi clown. Siri immitating vlingo, or google voice recognition. Apple puts some slick packaging on open source(forked and recompiled of course.) sprinkle with a few patents and legal terrorism against legit developers add in a catchy emo band roll tape.. In comes velvet rope, dial up oxygen…. AHHHHHH another hit.

    Galx3 is awesome. Give me a tmo galx note with 3500 mah battery and a sock full of batteries to shut up the apple fanbois.

  • Dell can suck it

    I like my tech leaning creepy. I kind of dig it can recognize me. I think I would actually pay full pop if I could program. It the galx3 to screech “Bitch you don’t own me. Set me the eff down and bring back Big Daddy. You heard me go on.”.

    Applause. No I am not an iPhone I am a full figured galnex3 and I won’t fit in your pocket.

    Pay up.

  • ISAH

    This phones design is beautiful, really slick.
    All it needs is a QWERTY Keyboard and it would be very similar to the Toshiba K01
    that many people were looking forward to a US release but only got released in Japan.
    There is yet to be a QWERTY device with a huge amoled screen and slick simple design.

  • Scott Norcross

    i actuallt really liked the sgs3. ill definitely put money down on the international version, i want to make sure i get the exynos SOC. but all the other specs were nothing to be disappointed about. its a great smartphone. cant wait to order!

  • You Whiners

    Dear Diary,



    these are quotes from people who are iOS users, joey works for droiddog, doesn’t mean he is an Android user, same with David, he works at droiddog now too and we all know he is devoted to the iphone.

  • new2droid

    first of all i think tmobile & samsung both suck f%@k juice! tmobile sucks for many reason but the main 2 i speak on is customer service & there bogus 4g speeds vs other carriers. why want they challenge verizons premium 4g devices? iphone isnt a true 4g device so of course youll beat them. but since sammy is on Apple’s nuts both of you clowns look so f’ing stupid because youre admitting that the iphone is better because youre always comparing it your own sucks for many reasons a big screen running android…whooo! the past several devices have been rip offs from other companies genius. htc evo tablet – the galaxy note. now a siri impersonator. stop it please! sell good products & get off apple’s seeds.

  • badbob001

    Since I’m on TMO and we’re not getting the One X, this looks to be the best that we’re going to get. Of course, I’m still using my G1 (and the wife on the Vibrant) so any old dog food they throw out will be more appealing. If this comes out at $299 on contract, then I will have to give some thought to the $399 off-contract nexus. I wonder if there will be a new nexus phone this year but I suspect Google will release a nexus tablet instead.

  • ONE S

    the design is a huge let down! PERIOD!! I mean use a metal like casing or make it look sexy? It reminds me of Samsungs first crap Android phone on T-Mobile this is your flagship Iphone killer? SAD! HTC one S it is!!!!!!!

  • jonathan3579

    I will not be in a rush to consider this phone.

  • Pig Vomit

    In a perfect world, I would never again spend even one cent on any Samsung product, and it’s their fault.
    I bought my Vibrant on the first day it was released. They strung us along on the whole “GPS will never work right and we know it but too bad we’re only admitting it after it’s too late for you to return the phone” debacle. Lousy software (both Eclair and Froyo) loaded with crapware that frequently locks up and never worked right. No ability to sync with Outlook in the US (but able to in Europe???!!!). I’m current running Passion ICS on my Vibrant, and Passion runs like a dream. Stock ICS experience and absolutly no lockups. I have not bought a Samsung product since my Vibrant because I felt so burned by this. I’ve bought flat screens and major appliances and have purposely skipped looking at Samsung products.
    So I was looking forward to the HTC One products. I think HTC makes a pretty good product and has pretty good support. But WTF? 16GB and no microSD? REALLY? I don’t like clouds, and I would easily go over my 5GB data per month just listening to music. Deal killer.
    Pentile vs. non-Pentile? Well, obviously, I’d rather have Pentile, and you can tell the difference. I think Samsung totally dropped the ball here. Given the competition, it’s pretty unacceptable these days for a flagship device to be stuck with non-Pentile.
    I think the asthetics of the design is fine
    TouchWizz? Completely useless. I’d rather have the stock experience of Nexus, but I need Wifi Calling as I use it frequently when out of the US.
    A Nexus phone? Would love it, but then there is the whole 16GB with no microSD, no Wifi Calling, and made by Samsung.
    I’m hoping that another manufacturer will release something that kicks Samsung’s butt, hopefully an HTC product with Pentile and microSD expansion, prior to the sale of this phone on T-Mobile. Otherwise, I’ll probably hold my nose, with pliers, and get the S III.

    • Pig Vomit

      Yeah, I switched Pentile and non-Pentile in my post. Thanks for not pointing that out before I did.

  • Hell I have the G2X now, and while I don’t have nearly as many problems as the guys complaining against it, I have had the major ones that frustrate me. Also, the 8MP camera isn’t even an auto-focus so when I zoom in, the images look like crap! I would root, but I really don’t want to void my warranty (and I’m not entirely tech savvy enough to know exactly what to do if something goes wrong).

    Gah, I plan on selling this POS with some other gadgets and getting the unlocked quad-core version of this.

  • mobilephonecompare

    How is the galaxy s3 i disappointment ??? its a quad core monster awesome OLED Display super fast camera with screen awake detection :) no on a serious note who and where has some body used the full daul core on there smartphone ?? i guessing no one as its enough power to do every day task :)

    • CactoesGel

      Put it this way, people had high expectations for Samsung, we’re all rooting for Samsung to come up with something revolutionary. This phone comes up short. Don’t get me wrong, I love Samsung. I use the Vibrant with T-Mobile and a Note with AT&T.

      • mobilephonecompare

        Quote:Samsung to come up with something revolutionary: Dude can you tell me one feature or functions that would make a phone revolutionary ?? And plz dont say 1080p display as that will be here soon :)

        • Fred

          you just said it “1080p will be here soon”,,thats no good,, i wanted 2c it the s3

  • Those two clowns are poor excuses for reporters, Vlad is a I-Phone sheep who rips on anything and everything, what the hell was he expecting, the SGS3 has everything possible you can put in a modern phone. Take your I-Phone and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. All as he is doing is looking for some readers, f— him and his cheap ass glass phone.

  • Jon

    As nice as this phone is I just won’t get it. I will go with the Nexus because it is nice to receive updates in a timely manner. And stock android is what I prefer, I have tried Touch-wiz, Sense Motoblur and it is just not the same…. Not to mention as most pointed out already you can’t go wrong with a contract free phone especially at the asking price of $400. It is the best bang for your buck.

  • Defiantbeast

    Im sorry im just not impressed. If nothing else it just looks like a
    blue galaxy nexus. Which is fine except that the nexus is 5-6 months old
    now. I really liked the galaxy sII design, almost thought of importing
    an international one and using it on edge speeds because i was really
    impressed with the design and processor, but looking at the Galaxy s3
    just confirms that purchasing the One S was a good move

  • Jonny Flynn

    This phone looks pretty slick…but is not compelling enough to move from my Galaxy Sll.

  • going_home

    I was so disappointed I went and bought the One S today !

  • nerdlust

    this phone is a beast!!!!

  • kresk

    Seems like solid phone . Im sure it will do everything people need it to do. I do have to wonder about their capcitive/hard button option they decided to go with.Why wouldnt they go with the latest itteration (on screen buttons) and follow the Gnex…On a side note.Why did samsung make the even so serious. I felt like Eathen Hawk from “Gatica” was about to pop out as a guest speaker. Lighten up samsung and have a little fun :)

  • CactoesGel

    Wow. Just wow. LOL. I’m with these guys, this is a big letdown. I guess I expected a lot from Samsung, something revolutionary, spectacular. This is not it. Yes it’s powerful, but the design is blah. Samsung set the bar so high just to lower it with this.

  • Noel

    Oh how i wish HTC had put an SD card expansion slot and a removable battery on the One X. If that was the case hands down i will be choosing the One X over the GS3..besides i like HTC build quality. I also hate the Touchwiz over lay…wish they could just make it virgin ICS or give u the option to choose stock or Touchwiz. My hope is if true.. the rumored Tmo One X should come with vanilla ICS and a little design adjustment to include an SD slot and removable battery. Also hoping that the Tmo GS3 will also come with a little design adjustment..bringing down the height to abt 130mm close to that of the Tmo GS2 and also getting rid of touchwiz. Looking at the HTC Sensation XL with a 4.7″ screen and at 132.5mm height, there is plenty of space at the bottom to put in a 4.8″ why couldn’t have Samsung made the GS3 about that tall instead of 136.5mm. Tmobile should and must be gunning for a more compact GS3 variant of about 130mm or a max size of 132mm with a less curved GNex type top and bottom but w/ more like the Tmo GS2 top and bottom.

    • Noel

      Or to achieve a reduced height for a Tmo GS3 variant they should just get rid of the home button and most of that space at the bottom and use onscreen buttons akin to the GNex..or a reduced bottom with no home button and a row of capacitive buttons. Also redesign the back cover.

    • dingaling

      If your gonna be that critical…. Why dont u just build your own phone that way your not whining bout others?

  • just give me my Tmo Galaxy Note

  • benjitek

    Doesn’t really matter what’s said about the device, it’s only covered in tech blogs, like most any android or Windows Phone device — mainstream media covers each model of iPhone, whereas android and Windows Phone are covered topically at the OS level — it’s not like the general consumer is going to catch wind of what a bunch of geeks discuss on tech blog sites ;-)

  • Oleg k

    Instead of the full hd 1080 AMOLED Plus we got a Pentile Nexus screen doing the boring 720. The processor is a 1.4, not a 1.8ghz, the battery is a 2100 mAh (4.8″ display you say?) weakling, won’t hold. i understand the resolution, but why Pentile matrix? Plus the whole idea of the high quality finish, the rumored ceramic cover, where are thou? This is a perfect example of underachieving… What they basically did is made yet another Galaxy Nexus, stretched it out and made it a bit faster, although the whole quad core thing might just make it worse than the predecessor. iPhone 5 killer you say? You just lost to the iPhone 4 !!!

    • faridur

      Can you please share any Samsung official statement which said they’d release the SIII with a 1.8 ghz processor, ceramic body or 1080 AMOLED Plus? Dude, these were rumors unleashed by the bloggers and journos. So no point blaming the manufacturer. Just use the Galaxy Note for a few days and you’ll realise how primitive the iPhone 4(or 4S) is.

  • faridur

    Can anybody please share any Samsung official statement which says they’d release the SIII with a 1.8 ghz processor, ceramic body, 1080 AMOLED Plus, etc? These were rumors unleashed by the bloggers and journos. So no point blaming the manufacturer. Also people orgasming on the iPhone 4(s), just use the Galaxy Note for a few days and you’ll realise how primitive the iPhone 4(or 4S) is. I think SIII is way ahead. Only that Samsung doesn’t have a Steve Jobs to present it with the drama. I doubt if Apple has any too now.

  • reecedawg

    Options for 32 or 64GB built in AND SD slot?

    The screen is good enough for me… that + storage = win for me. Count me in.

  • reecedawg

    Options for 32 or 64GB built in AND SD slot?

    The screen is good enough for me… that + storage = win for me. Count me in.

  • reecedawg

    Options for 32 or 64GB built in AND SD slot?

    The screen is good enough for me… that + storage = win for me. Count me in.

  • reecedawg

    Options for 32 or 64GB built in AND SD slot?

    The screen is good enough for me… that + storage = win for me. Count me in.

  • dingaling

    Why do people complain about the casing on phones? U know damn well that your just gonna put a case over it anyways so why complain.

  • Milad Khahil

    About David Beren …. Edit: connaisseur ( french verb connaître=to know ) not connoisseur….

  • vict0rjr

    Dissapointment this phone is way way waaaaaay too BIG!! it is just like the Galaxy Note the look like TABLETS!!

  • Arvin

    if i could pick between the one x and this ied take the one x