TELUS Announces LTE-Enabled Galaxy S III, Is T-Mobile Getting One Too?

Earlier today, Samsung Mobile Canada and TELUS Mobility announced that TELUS customers will be getting the Samsung Galaxy S III. While specifications (and any changes from the international model) were scarce, what is known is that TELUS will be receiving an AWS LTE enabled version. Now, we’re interested in a T-Mobile USA Galaxy S III, so why do we care about TELUS in Canada getting a Galaxy S III? We care because TELUS and T-Mobile USA always get the same variants of devices. A few examples from the past:

  • T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant became the TELUS Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G became the TELUS Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+
  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II became the TELUS Samsung Galaxy S II X 4G

Aside from the name changes (and band changes, since TELUS uses 850MHz and 1900MHz instead of AWS for HSPA+), the devices (except the Galaxy S II) were identical. The Galaxy S II was physically identical on both TELUS and T-Mobile USA since they supported 850/AWS/1900 for HSPA+. Those examples lead us to believe that we are likely going to get a T-Mobile branded variant of the TELUS version. That potentially means that LTE will be on-board. The TELUS model will likely also support HSPA+42 since TELUS deployed that technology across its network, too.


Android Central via DroidDog

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