T-Mobile Posts ‘Fast Songs’ TV Commercial For HTC One S

Finally, a T-Mobile/Carly advertisement for the HTC One S:

Get your music 4G fast with the new HTC One S, exclusively from T-Mobile. Combine the 4G speed of T-Mobile with the built-in beats audio technology of the new HTC One S 4G smartphone and what do you get? Stream your favorite songs from your music library straight from the cloud on Google Play. No wires. No syncing. Just 4G fast.


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  • Deadeye37

    Carly on that bike = HOT! (~13 sec)


    Looking good. Keep it going…

  • MarcusDW

    This is more like it. Showcase a device and its beneficial features and throw in Carly lookin’ good on the bike going 4G fast. Simple and to the point but now I’m thinking about T-mobile, the One S, and an awesome new(ish) Google service.

    Do more of this.

    Might take the long way home on my ZZR when I get off now.

  • Johnny Brown

    Finally, a T-Mobile commercial with a phone in it. I like. I’m sure they just had the beats headphones in there for the aesthetics and to further show that it’s a beats audio phone, I just hope people will read the small disclaimer at the bottom and know that they aren’t in the box… Just sayin. :-)

  • iTried

    Someone once asked what direction T-Mobile should take. I feel this would be the appropriate one.

    • perfectalpha

      Definitely, this is absolutely the route they need to be headed towards. I wouldn’t say the commercial is perfect because it REALLY doesn’t showcase the HTC One S to the best of its abilities, but its trending in the right direction. Leave the iPhone alone…all they’re doing is giving free publicity and advertising for Apple.

      • iTried


      • Michael Scott

        Perfect……all except for the part where it kills motorcyclists!

  • I love it, lol.

  • fixxmyhead

    i like that song in the pix

  • i wish those Beats headphones had come with the phone :)

  • Jays_on

    I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to listen to music on headphones on a motorcycle.

    • loueradun

      Not sure why this got down voted… This is true, at least here in Florida.

    • Michael Scott

      Whether it’s “illegal” or not……..it’s an UNSAFE practice. Don’t do it……..and, HTC/T-Mobile……..don’t encourage it!! You’re going to kill kids.

  • Ananymous

    Just saw this on TV :)

  • #pandagirl820

    anyone know the first song that she listens too before she changes to classic music really want to listen too it please let me know!!! 

    • Arsenaultj

      if you ever find out what that first song is/was, could you please email it to arsenaultj@hotmail.com? (Please?)

    • Lindawarren

      I’m dying to know the name the song myself and I cannot find out anywhere!

  • Michael Scott

    Listening to music with headphones while operating a motor vehicle is a dangerous (if not unlawful) activity. Whether or not it’s legal ANYWHERE…. it’s definitely unsafe EVERYWHERE.
    HTC and T-Mobile obviously failed to do the proper research before depicting this life-threatening practice. The fact that they’re promoting it using a young person on a speedy bike makes it all the more deplorable. (Come on, guys…give your own legal departments a call…..NOW!)There are already enough distractions on the open road capable of killing young drivers without adding one more ‘element’ to the mix. 

    So, HTC and T-Mobile, I implore you to pull this spot! It’s irresponsible to say the least.

    Michael Scott
    Motorcycle Safety Trainer

    • Kayesel30

      False. I agree with you, however, I just wanted to point out that the real Michael Scott would not be this responsible, and would probably try to do magic tricks while riding a motorcycle.

      (I am referring to Michael Scott from the television show, The Office, just in case you are not familiar with my reference.)

      P.S. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.