I’m Leaving The iPhone Behind And Going Android Only For 30 Days, Can I Be Converted?

This is, by all accounts one of the bigger things I’ve ever done since the founding of TmoNews. So let’s just jump right in, for 30 days, I’m giving up my iPhone completely and going all Android. I’m calling it the “David’s going 30 days with the HTC One S since I know most of you would love to see me drop all signs of iOS in my household Android challenge.” Well, that wouldn’t be entirely true since I’ll still have my iPad and using that is part of the daily workflow. So there’s my one disclaimer. Otherwise, it’s pure Android for 30 days and who knows — maybe beyond that as well.

So here’s what I need from all of you. I need your help, I need your help with apps, customization, games, tricks, tips and more. Now, let me add that because HTC provided me a phone for the purpose this challenge, there will be no rooting, this is strictly a “consumer experience” challenge. I’d love to root, but it’s not in the works for this experiment.

So how do I feel about this? I’m both excited and a bit nervous, you get so used to one idea — but I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Now, it’s not like I’m an Android virgin, I’ve obviously used it before, as I’ve done a ton of reviews of Android handsets. Lately, I just feel like I never spend more than a few days on one operating system. I have a problem swapping out phones quite frequently, at least my wife calls it a “problem.” I call it being a geek but that’s neither here nor there. This time, the gauntlet has been thrown. Will I be converted? Most importantly, will you help me through this?

I’ll be blogging my thoughts every few days, with some thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas, and so on. I hope you’ll all follow along with me on the blog, @tmonews and even my our Facebook page.

There’s a second announcement here as well. As of the past two weeks I’ve officially taken over DroidDog.com for the foreseeable future. So not only am I spending 30 days with a Android device, I’m now writing about Android most days as well on both TmoNews and DroidDog.com. There will be some posts that wind up on both sites, but DroidDog.com will go a little more in-depth into the Android world. We’ll talk about hacks, tweaks, ROM’s, customization and all the good stuff you’ve come to expect from your Android smartphone.

The challenge begins…now. Leave your thoughts below and tell me the best places for customization, themes, icons, twitter apps, google reader apps etc etc. You get the idea. The single most important part of this is my promise to be fair and impartial throughout the challenge. Let’s get cracking!

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  • dingaling

    U should gimme your iphone to hold onto just to make sure you dont use it! Lol

  • Loopylogic


    All the help you will need right there. 

  • Loopylogic

    Android central dot com

    All the help you will need. 

  • Musicear

    :(( wait…why is this bigger than when you created Tmonews? o.O

    • I never said it was bigger than the site, I said it was a special announcement for me to do something.

      • Musicear

        Oh ok….good luck!

  • Mmia

    The true Android experience would be the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S. The HTC One S is just a T-Mobile-crapware-bloated-Sense 4 device on top of an unrecognizable ICS.

    • D4niel

      Yes, you really should go with a Galaxy Nexus to get the real Android experience. Carrier and manufacturer modifications do little but introduce bugs and complexity, from what I’ve seen.

    • Gsm1900

      I disagree. I wish the OEMs would back off on their bloatware, but there is a LOT of functionality they add. Camera, ActiveSync, Encryption, etc.

      I’m not saying that the Nexus devices are not great, but they are certainly NOT for the mainstream person. Why do you think T-Mobile sells so many mid and low end devices? The vast majority of people want those apps loaded, and like the bloatware. I sure do not, and neither do the majority of people who read blogs like this daily.. but it is important to remember the laws of supply and demand… carriers dont have the demand from the majority of the population to remove the bloatware, so they dont.

      • oneiopen

        Carriers add bloatware. Camera, activesync, and encryption are phone functionalities

  • nathan118

    Make it your goal to discover how android is different. Customize those homescreens. Try an alternate launcher. Share like crazy. Here’s a list for you Dave.

    1) Take a picture, and share it to twitter, Facebook, and google + in less than a minute.

    2) Install android agenda widget and tweak the heck out of a scrollable calendar.

    3) Setup your news and weather widget, and add custom news tabs for whatever you want (I’m going to add Diablo 3 right now).

    4) Install circle battery widget, brightness widget (by curve fish), and a ringer toggle widget.

    5) Install Nova Launcher and see if you like it better than Sense.

    That should keep you busy! :)

    • Deadeye37

       I love the Agenda Widget and that scrollable calendar! 

      For the battery indicator, I like Battery Indicator Pro since it gives the exact percentage of battery left in the notifications bar.

  • Marc Klein

    Flikie wallpapers. It cycles different wallpapers so you don’t get bored looking at the same one.

  • nathan118

    That’s not very helpful Mmia.

    Go into the settings Dave and disable all the bloatware and clean up your app drawer.

  • Neejay

    Ouch…no root? :(  Your iPhone isn’t jailbroken either?

    EDIT: Only asking because that will sway the recommended apps/tools.

  • Jrbourque898

    I think, if it fails with one s you should give galaxy s III a try for 30 day trial …when it drops obviously …but one s is a nice phone as its what my wife uses

  • Get_at_Me

    Dave…How will we really know you’re not using your iphone behind closed doors???  LOL

  • Tomblinr

    Your room at the Betty Ford clinic will be ready for you in 30 days….

  • Evan Carter

    Welcome to the less rounded Android ecosystem!

  • Pablo1215

    Honestly the hardest part for me when I did the opposite and used an iphone 4s for a month was I did not want to buy all of my apps again if I wasn’t going to keep the iphone 4s.  It was bearable because I had an ipad before so I had a lot of apps purchased.  Still that’s the hard part is the different ecosystems.  Try to find apps that you can get you by like using Google music or an app to sync your itunes playlist and music.  Enjoy the internet speeds though that HSPA 42 has to be better experience than EDGE on the iphone.  

  • Asmidnightfalls

    Two things on battery life….when low on battery turn off the data packet to preserve battery, you’ll still be a ble to receive and send texts and calls, and you’ll notice the battery doesn’t die as quickly, and download the battery widget called bat Stat. Its good for multiple uses and takes up almost no space, and no permissions. Enjoy the emulators! ;)

  • Ruperto17

    So what will happen if you decide to stick with Android? Will HTC let you keep the One S, or will you buy your own?

    • A good question, I don’t know!

      • Bmitch2621

        Can you get Apple to send me an iPhone so I can try it out on T-mobile for 30 days … :)

  • Michaelk706

    I use go launcher and go SMS, they are both smooth, user friendly, and have a good deal of themes.

  • Mike Shaw

    Get on Gchat more ill give you my advice there :-p 

    • I’m on gChat Texas!

      • what’s your gmail? lemme add 

  • Dima Aryeh

    I suggest trying out Go Launcher and Apex Launcher (I use Apex). Also Plume for Twitter, Any.DO for tasks (syncs with Google Tasks), Chrome for web browsing, QuickPic as a gallery (if you don’t like HTC’s), Wind Up Knight, Cytus and Death Rally for games, and maybe NotifierPro to wean you off of your iPhone (gives you iPhone-like popups, quite useful actually). Best of luck, and welcome to my world *whoosh*

  • Havoktek

    David, don’t fret…A real comparable experience encompass all of the Google services equivalent but not exact to those of Apple, try to keep your findings categorized as apps, ecosystem, hardware, “add on pluses” etc. In my experience (activating more android phones in my office than Iphones) the ah hah moment is there when you point out that yes…..you can do that with an Android phone! Also….see how much productivity you get done by using it…..good luck and keep us posted, I’m sure you’ll put your Iphone in the toy category.

    I work with engineers and developers, they see no use for the Iphone except for break music on itunes…

    Wow, long work day, I haven’t spoke with sense on here in a long time!

  • zednem


    I have
    tried both, went from iPhone to Android, then to Windows Phone, and in my
    opinion Android is the bottom performer, especially as it the performance
    degrades overtime. I respect your decision, however I would love to see you
    spend 30 days with a windows phone.

    look at it this way, it is not about the hardware specs, it is about how the
    software flows with the hardware.


    • Turdnugget0420

      It’s called general maintenance buddy, if you don’t do basic things to the phone you will have problems.

      • Juan Jose Bustos

        U are wrong my friend, 90% of the consumers, dont know sh**t about phones, and they dont want to be maintaining their phone, not only because as a consumer, ur not supposed to, but because they simply dont know.

        • HalfwayCrook

          I dont do any sort of “maintenance” and my phones works like a charm

    • Weird, I’ve been on Android for years now and have yet to experience this degrading over time phenomena. I know that people who pack their Androids to.the limit with apps experience performance issues, but the same happens with iPhone (not sure about Windows phone).

    • HalfwayCrook

      I can attest to the fact that WP7 is garbage

  • carl444

    David, I am a fan of your blog and maybe you will never love it as much as your iPhone but you will certainly find it more practical that’s the main difference. You should have gotten a galaxy nexus, but an HTC One S is a pretty great device. I am a fan myself of Android but mainly because i did not have a choice with t-mobile. Personalize it your way, use widgets icons with direct dials and message, clocks pictures and share them with us lovely or not Android is more than enough to me. I have not had the need of an iPhone, some people are just stupid in my opinion to drop t-mobile just because an iPhone. 

  • Since every one is suggesting apps I want to take a moment to suggest that you organize all your google apps into a folder on the launcher bar for quick access to all Google services.  

    A MAJOR TIP is to actually use all the Google services such as Google Documents (now called Drive) Voice, Play Music, Gmail, Navigation, Goggles etc.  See how awesome the cloud integration is with all of that.  The amount of data access that you have is amazing and the ways to access it are endless

  • carl444

    and please because most of your readers are Android users, don’t come up a disappointing biased review.  

    • Reverend Ink

      I’m sure his review will be based on his usage.  I was on an original iPhone that I jailbroke and unlocked in 2007, and I used that until 2009 when I took a HD2 and (thanks to the people on XDA) ran Android on.  I have since replaced the HD2 with a Sensation (rooted and ROM’d naturally), but Android isn’t for everybody.  I know many people that LOVE their iPhone, and while I may flip them crap about it, it still comes down to what works best for them.

      • I wrote a special sentence just so everyone knows I promise to be fair and impartial. I may often get accused of being an iPhone fanboy, but I’ve never been accused of not being fair. Look at my One S review, that wasn’t bad by any means.

        • Reverend Ink

          Nope, I have no complaints.  One of the reasons this site is bookmarked next to a couple other tech blogs I read. 

  • Ktwist

    @David Can you find out if the One S has got hspa+42 enabled yet. I currently live in Chicago and my galaxy s2 is constantly double the speed of the One S. I work for t-mobile and have been running speed tests everyday since launch and with provisioned sim cards. A coworkers one S is showing the same slow speeds while my galaxy dusts his phone by double. Thanks In advance

  • Roopull

    Here are some battery tips…
    Don’t use any widgets you don’t actually NEED.  Widgets use both the processor and your data connection every few minutes.  They kill your battery, so use them sparingly.

    Disable data if possible on your device.  This can make a phone that barely lasts a day last several.  Install a widget that toggles the settings so you can do this without opening up the settings.

    Use as few homescreens as possible.  They nibble at battery, too.  One way to do this is to put folders on your homescreens with similar apps inside.  For example, I have a folder for games, a folder for social network apps, and a folder for things like the calculator.  

    Keep wifi and bluetooth off if you’re not using it.

    If you’re going to be in a building or area where you know you have no coverage, kill the phone.  Otherwise, it’ll constantly be searching for coverage.  It’s almost like being on a call the whole time.Buy a couple of extra miro-sd cables so you can leave one hooked up to all your PCs, laptops etc…  If you’re sitting still, charge that sucker!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I’d be interested in hearing a few things from your experience…The Facebook apps on both OSs are universally hated.  Which is actually worse?In the real world, does the faster data really make that big of a difference?Let us know when you hit the data cap!If it can be disabled, I’d love to hear what you think of Android with & without Sense.I’d love for you to try out some of the other “launcher” programs.  I personally use “Go Launcher EX” and really didn’t like my Android til I had it.  I came from a Windows Mobile 6.5 device with SPB’s Mobile Shell and loved that old phone.  Believe it or not, until I got Go Launcher, I considered Android a step-down from WinMo!Thanks for the experiment… living vicariously through you!

  • carl444

    mightyTextnetflixlotto resultsgetgluefandangoangry birds spacegasbuddybubbleflashlightamazoncartoon cameradictionaryconvertpadfacebookpulseinstagramexpediaepicuriouspaper tossphoto wrapshazam……………………..

  • 30014

    I have to agree with some of the other comments, the galaxy nexus would have given you a true Android experience. As far as apps i would say definitely get beautiful widgets and also give Google navigation a try.

  • Femmefatale Atlanta

    I think you’ll be fine ;) I have a 4th gen ipod touch that I haven’t even looked at in a month, cause the interface is sooo 2007. Moving right along…
    Add the Task Manager shortcut to your homescreen on your HTC. I use it constantly and am amazed at the number of apps that come up even though I haven’t used them. Coming from a 3G Vibrant however, I’m very happy and relieved with this phone!!

    • nathan118

      This is ice cream sandwich. Really, a task manager? *sigh*

      • Femmefatale Atlanta

        A nasty little habit I picked up while using my Vibrant… don’t judge.

      • JBrowne1012

        We had those task managers built into the os since gingerbread its kind of ridiculous people still use apps for them.

        • Femmefatale Atlanta

          I know, reading that remark like “OMG you use a Task Manager?? NOOB” just brought back bad memories of being on the XDA forums last year, and constantly rooting my phone… was ok except none of them let my GPS work.. now if I find something works, I don’t eff with it – and the manager works well on my One S. It has been interesting to see all of the suggestions posted, but in the end I hope David just has fun with it.

  • Bbman335

    Personally, I couldn’t care less if you like android after 30 days. It doesn’t have any impact on me or anyone who does like android…so what’s the point? I came to Android because I wanted to, I wanted to figure it out, I wanted to make it work for me. I spent countless hours reading XDA and playing with my phone, making it less useful and then making it more useful until I understood it and it made sense to me and worked for me. I didn’t ask a bunch of people on the internet to tell me what app to use and what shortcuts I should try. This is without question the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You and your site are about tmobile, what phone you use is irrelevant to me…you should tag this post with “delusions of grandeur” instead of “challenge”…

    • Guest911

      Jeez, who pissed in your coffee?

      • Feel free to ignore this post and move on then. I don’t force you to read these things and while I can understand you don’t care, a lot of time and work goes into bringing you the news you do care about it. So I don’t think it’s so much to ask to have you guys work with me while I try something for myself, so I can better understand why everyone swears by Android. Forgive me for my “delusions of grandeur.”

        • Bbman335

          So I can’t comment on this exercise in futility? Give me a break.

          I am an avid Android guy, but I actually recommended iOS to my mom…she’s not tech savvy though so iOS is appropriate for her…as it may be for you. Who knows? I read your HTC One review, it read about how a review from my mom would read so maybe iOS is the right system for you…in any event, my point was, if you come to the conclusion at the end of this “challenge” that your Android doesn’t work with your MacBook Air and other iOS wares, so what? Doesn’t apply to me. If you say it does work with your other devices, same story. You are not proving anything.

          You are the handheld device analagy to American Psycho, “Even after admitting this, there is no catharsis, my punishment continues to allude me and I gain no further knowledge of myself. No new knowledge can be extracted from my telling, this confession has meant….nothing.”

        • Contrary to what you seem to believe. This isn’t about you, this is me about. I’m not going to try and convince anyone through this experiment, this is about convincing me. Period.

        • Bbman335

          Sorry, didn’t’ mean to make it all about one person…but apparently you don’t have the same reservations :)

        • To which I respond, you started it. :-)

        • Bbman335

          Nice! You are a true iOS user after all…no point to make at all! 

        • souggie

          sigh, you tool, so you take to calling me me essentially stupid when you clearly state and push your opinion, and then be passive aggressive about it when you get called out? Again David I STRESS the importance of blocking trolls and and tools on this site

          Thanks tool for showing us what you are.


        • I know I know, the thing is…I try not to block people, I don’t want to censor comments. I wish it fostered better discussion most of the time, but I don’t want to be one of those sites that only allows select comments through.

        • Bbman335

           I mean try out Widget Locker and Desktop Visualizer. We also have uh, Google Drive and uh, turn by turn directions with Google Maps.  We have iSyncr so you can still sync with iTuens and uh Voice Actions to send emails and text message. If you don’t like Android yet, we also have Temple Run…I know you have that on iOS, but ours is free and you can’t cheat, I mean we have Torch so you can find your keys in a movie theater.  Don’t forget about Unpacked to learn about the Galaxy S3…please like us, please…

        • Bbman335

          …and Tasker how could I forget Tasker…and we also have Slice to track packages and Pocket is now FREE! (Seriously, it is now free, unbelievable, but true!!) We have Play Music and Play Books…Juice Defender?!?! WTF? You do? Yes, we have Juice Defender!!!! This will blow your mind, but we have DSP Manager…I don’t know what it is, but it’s Android so you know it’s cool…can I get an Amen for CamScanner??? What! What! Yeah, you heard me boyyyee and don’t be sleepiong on Amazon Appstore either…and all this without root…cuz then we get stoopid, we get crazzy, we get Root Manager….we get Autostarts yo..can I get a heeze for BatteryCalibration? Common  yall, give it up for DevTools and CYANOGEN!!!! WHAT? Yep…word! And don”t get me started on Titanium Backup…we might as well talk about Root Toolbox then.

        • Theabunai

          I find it amusing that you were able to post a bunch of apps that android has that apple does not have (well they do but it’s not named the same).  Probably because I would need 200,000 spaces to list the apps apple has that android does not.  But don’t take my word for it.  Take the word of an android blog.  

          What is more amusing is that you mention Juice defender, i guess if your an android user you would need an app to save your battery.  I know my work Iphone doesn’t need that app.  Torch LOL really iphone has over 300 apps like torch and and get this i don’t need to worry if my iphone has an led cause there is only one type of iphone.  Tasker iphone has an app like that they have around 10 like tasker.  you talk about free apps, android has 300,000 apps free, iphone has 287,000 free yeah thats a BIG advantage there.  Before you go on your rampage nut hugging post and go on and on about android know that my personal phone is an android device a galaxy s2 rooted running MIUI on it if you send me a pm on xda developers my username is theabunai.  My WORK phone is a iphone 4s provided by the company that is not J.B. since it is the companies phone..  I find you so ignorant and truly believe the comments and nut hugging you do on android is the reason people HATE android.  the same as the nut hugging iphone users.  The point is i don’t see any nut huggin iphone users here and i do see you slurping up the sacks of android.  With the list you pasted it’s CLEAR that your ignorance runs deep and never picked up an iphone before.. Yes mommy has an iphone and i don’t see how that qualifies you as being able to shit on iphone. funny too that the author of the article made no mention of iphone being superior, yet boy did you take offense to the mention of an iphone.. But then again he doesn’t have small dick syndrome like you and doesn’t need to convince himself his “stuff” is better then everyone else… I hope your comeback is full of more iphone insults and nut hugging android banter, as it will only remove all doubt how jealous you are of the iphone since you felt the need to try and post how much better you think the android is than the iphone.. I mean i can see you right now in front of google typing in “convince me my android is better than iphone” and coming up with the list you posted.  Sigh thank you for the laugh.  Proceed with your Android nut hugging..

        • souggie

          key phrase, it’s futile TO YOU. so don’t push your opinion on anyone else in here. David didn’t push anything on you, so why even bother to comment? If that’s the way you feel great, keep it moving, the rest of us are interested to see what David finds out

          It’s not in your best interest to choose other peoples hobbies for them, food for thought

        • Bbman335

          Oh boo hoo, I thought a few people here were able to think for themselves, let me know who changes their minds as a result of David’s super important findings on the vast importance of iOS versus Android! How dare one person share their opinion…

          But yet, at the same time, David is asking for help and shortcuts and widget advice etc. Wait, he is asking for opinions and I dare offer mine?….okay for thee, but not for me?

          I know this requires a fifth (third?) grade knowledge to interpret so it may be above your head…the point is: this is a blog for the readers, I am a reader therefore the blog is for me, why am I unable to comment? Because you seem me unfit? Who are you? A TMO subscirber? 

          I shall chomp on the food of your wisdom and I do declare that if it were not for you, I would not have seen the light to know the food for which thoust serve, I now am able to think because of your incredible insight and knowledge and I now pine for the thirst and knowledge that is David’s…serve me oh David and share with me your wisdom and insight on something that means absolutely nothing…

        • The thing is, I didn’t tell you it meant anything. All you had to do…was not comment. Problem solved. I asked for advice on what to use so I could better enjoy my experience, at no point did I ask anyone to do anything that would even be remotely considered not thinking for themselves. If you can somehow make the argument that my request for recommended apps and widgets and the replies of the people somehow equates to someone not thinking on their own…well then you sir get a gold star.

          I never stated in the post that I was out to change anyones mind, you inferred something that does not exist. This is for me, and the only thoughts that are written will be my own. I am not out to change anyone’s mind, and if you don’t like the particular post, don’t read it.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Listen, you are entitled to your opinion. We respect your opinion and comments. But you will not be respected or listed to here when you act (post) like a frigging jerk. The problem here is not what you said, it’s how you said it. You are being rude and obnoxious.  Go back and read your post with an open mind, hopefully you realize that you probably should not be interacting with others until you know hot to play nice (and you should have done that a long time ago). So, like a nice man once said: “Feel free to ignore this post and move on then.”

  • Steven

    watch out for the unlock screen messing up happend to me a few times gota restart the phone to fix it

  • avataranjie

    apex and mycolorscreen.com :D

  • BCT

    Phonedog (see YouTube) did this with a gnote. He switched back to the iPhone after the 30 days, only to find that he missed the gnote. He’s a convert, as of last video.

  • Derail Doax

    I know this has always been a place of contention between you and your readers David. But I’m seriously surprised that someone who started and writes for the foremost of all T-Mobile fan sites doesn’t even use a phone they sell as his primary handset, let alone a phone that doesn’t even support T-Mobiles 3G/4G bands… How can you benefit from and appreciate their 42Mbps network, or champion their devices without using them daily? That’s like the head of the foremost BMW fansite driving a Mercedes as their primary car. I mean how can you be that big of a fan of T-Mobile when all you really deal with is voice coverage, SMS/MMS delivery, 128Kbps Edge speeds, their occasional customer service, and their plans through your monthly bills… You can’t appreciate their “Largest 4G network” with real world speeds of around 25Mbps, their great lineup of iPhone competitive Android phones, and their T-Mobile specific apps which are all designed for Android and slightly WP7… Especially how can you call attention to the fact that you’re a faker and try to make it a positive thing for the site leader to actually use a device that takes full advantage of the network that makes the carrier so great for 30 whole days? You’ve never used an Android phone able to fully utilize T-Mobiles network for more than 3 days? This is like tuning in to MSNBC to get positive news on a Republican Convention, if the site writers aren’t eating their own dog food how accurate can all this sites opinions really be? T-Mobile started the whole Android revolution with the G1 and the myTouch 3G, the success of the OS started right here under T-Mobile yet here you use a phone that they don’t even sell and have been busting butt to create devices specifically to best the iPhone. Its like sleeping with the enemy and its disappointing to see. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve thought this for years and my mentality hasn’t wavered so I had to vent.

    • Get_at_Me

      The man uses apple products in general.  Cut him a break.  I do understand the irony of Dave not using one of tmo’s many android devices as the creator of tmo news, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe that makes him non-biased concerning devices….The fact that he chooses to use a device that is “handicapped” for lack of a better word on tmo’s network shows his devotion to the company…For what its worth, i hope Dave becomes a full-time Android enthusiast after the challenge is over.

    • I think “primary” handset is where the issue becomes gray. The iPhone is my go-to handset, not always my primary handset. It’s not nearly as often in use as a T-Mobile branded handset is. Either a device I’m using or a device I’m going back to, I generally have one in hand. The iPhone is my phone of choice and the fact that they as a company want me to use unlocked and unbranded handsets and champion that as part of the beauty of being their customer justifies me using whatever handset I choose. This will be their next round of marketing when their refarming is done, this is why they are doing it. So people like me, who love using all phones, not just phones specifically on the carrier are available with the best possible experience. All your metaphors don’t really apply unless MSNBC or Mercedes encouraged their writers or drivers or management to bring in stories or cars from anywhere else and use them as though they belonged. T-Mobile has specialized support for the iPhone, they carry iPhone accessories and even had microSIM cards produced for the million plus customers on their network using the iPhone. The only thing that matters is what carrier I’m using, not what phone. I switch phones like most people switch underwear, that’s a luxury I have doing this. My point was that I’ve never used an Android device for more than a few days time on my own, it’s not my phone of choice. I have plenty of opportunity to test the network out, see Galaxy S Blaze 4G review or One S review or Galaxy S II review. I’ve never allowed myself to completely go on one OS for more than a few days time, I switch back and forth and back and forth. None of that matters though, has it EVER stopped me from doing the best job I can on the site? That’s the only question you should be asking.

    • Caffiend

      The day I saw this;


      I knew that there was no better endorsement…. It’s like this, there is no one “super device” to rule them all. Until it comes along, there will always be the phone with the better camera, faster processor, bigger better screen, better apps, better OS features etc, with no bloat and just works at the end of the day. To that end, one more phone will always have something better than any other. In this case, it’s coming down to what works best for the user. Thank God there are choices, because if all I had to choose from was an iPhone or a One S, I would get a Windows phone. People like Woz figured it out.Add much add I hate Apple, as a company, I couldn’t see not using my iPod Touch daily. mp3 player with an outstanding battery -WHAT!? But, it’s no substitute for my GS2. Not on it’s best day. And my GS2, is no substitute for my Nook, which is no substitute for my HP TouchPro laptop.

      There’s to much technology out there one device right now. Either wait for that “_____ Killer” to come along, or root and deal with what we have.

    • 21stNow

      Anyone can blog.  If readers value what the blogger says, he/she is successful.  That’s all that’s required.  It wouldn’t matter if a bicycle rider ran a BMW fansite.  If the bicycle rider has a talent for bringing other fans together, and happens to know some insiders that can share anticipated tidbits of information, the blogger can be successful.

      Even though those of us that read this blog think that fast data speeds make the world go round, remember that around two-thirds of T-Mobile customers don’t have smartphones and couldn’t care less if they received 4G, 2G or G speeds.

      My shout out to David, I appreciate your blog.  Sometimes, I think that you care more about T-Mobile’s customers than T-Mobile does.  Enjoy your time with the One S.  Convert or not, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy learning the things that we talk about for yourself. 

  • Aaron

    Couple of apps I would recommend. 
    Mightytext to send/receive text messages from your desktop. Works with a chrome extension.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.texty.sms

    Tasker – For automation. It takes a bit of work to setup and understand but once you do, it’s awesome.
    I have my phone automatically silence at night when I’m at home. It automatically changes my ring/notification volume if I’m at work or home. 
    It changes my volume/screen timeout, etc when I launch an app.

    For me, these 2 apps are the biggest reason for me to stay on android. 

  • Pamelalibrarian

    I’m a little confused. You’re an iPhone user, but you write a blog about T-Mobile – who doesn’t even sell the iPhone. You probably don’t even use T-Mobile. Why the interest in blogging about them. 
    P.S. I really love your blog- I’m just confused. 

    • One million unlocked iPhone owners on T-mobile Pamela! I’m one of them! We can have our cake and eat it too!

      • mike.costellano

        Enjoy being able to finally enjoy the full speed of T-mobile’s network / “4G”.

        I use an Amaze that has “wifi tether” enabled and an iPad 2. After learning what all my Android device can do.. I am taking all trade offers for a gently used (since you can’t do as much as with an Android device) iPad 2 for a Galaxy Tab! Android all the way.

        I usually tell my clients that iPhones are for the elderly and kids :)

  • Aiziks251

    The app I use when I want to show people how cool android can be is Tasker.  It lets you set conditions (like connected to your wifi at home) and set tasks to run when those conditions are met (like change your ringer to full volume).  have a look at it, does not require root for *most* of the features.

    • I have that too! but it’s called Smart Actions. Motorola ftw. :)

  • scottyrob82

    Step into the light and start off with a bone stock Galaxy Nexus or try  the GS2.

  • OneRcknMan

    If you have multiple email accounts, gmail, pop3, Yahoo, etc., you’ll want MailDroid.

    • JBrowne1012

      HTC has an app for that actually more so a widget as well ;)

  • Gsm1900

    I dont think you need to be converted. The iPhone can run on T-Mobile’s network. Not perfect, sure… but it runs, and will soon get better. T-Mobile’s business channel sells iPhones to business customers, and plenty of employees use them…

    If you like a device, who cares? I know plenty of BlackBerry die-hards. I think the majority of us agree they need to be converted, but if they are happy, who cares!

    I will say I was disappointed that you liked the 4S camera better than the One S. I very much disagreed on that point…. it seemed you like your iPhone a bit too much and didn’t see past it and had to point something out.

  • Julian Haro

    This isn’t “pure android for 30 days.” This is HTC Sense for 30 days. 
    I don’t think it’s fair to judge android from something that really isn’t pure android. 

    • And yet far more people use Sense, TouchWiz or LG’s launcher than they do “pure Android,” so I’d say it’s pretty fair.

      • Reverend Ink

        First thing I did when switching from my Droid’d HD2 to the Sensation was install ADW.  I agree that most people are stuck with the crappy overlays from the manufacturer (including me), but I still love the feel of my wife’s soon-to-be-replaced G2.

      • I think the HTC One S comes with ICS 4 along with Sense 4, and Sense 4 got debloated and was more like the stock GB launcher.

        I know there are sites that tell which android apps are similar to iPhone apps.

      • Anmol Ghotra

        I think HTC One is a good START for someone looking over apple’s shoulder. As you know Android comes in many flavor and you can try them all at your heart’s content and see what you like.

      • MarcusDW

        Absolutely agree.

        I’ve tried them all and I just look at the skins as a different face of Android. Not some extreme variation of the OS.

      • avataranjie

        average consumers can’t tell the difference between cupcake and ics, they don’t give a shit unless it’s an iPhone :( we’re the minority here

      • JBrowne1012

        While he does have a point HTC Sense is actually everything Android should be. David try out that camera and all of the filters HTC packs it with. The widgets HTC has are incredible. Try the themes and the weather lock screen you will love it. Make it fit your life. 

  • gun2hd

    Could you fix your mobile site for Android phones now. Allow pinch and zoom.

    • A whole new theme is launching very very shortly for the site, it’ll have a brand new mobile theme, I hope you guys like it!

      • Please remove the orange!

      • gun2hd

        Love the new site setup. Great Job.

  • Matthew

    Two words: Wifi Calling.

    • UMA_Fan

      let’s add some more: HSPA+ 42.

    • Anonymous

      – Had notification bar before apple (yea apple copied it), and ability to use settings on the notification bar
      – Ability to drag and drop any types of files in mass storage mode.
      – Run multiple programs at once
      – Play AVI files
      – Customize your phone
      – Apps/functions on unlock screen
      – Different unlock screens
      – Widgets
      – etc etc

      Yea some of these work on jailbroken iphones, but isn’t the point of getting an apple product to get a nice finished product? if you want to have more options or mod, android is the way to go

  • AnonymousAndy

    David, I was wondering if we annoy you. 

  • Once you get over the fact of having to repurchase apps for Android you will soon realize how much more you can do with Android.  30 days is not enough time to really see the benefit but it is a start.  I like iOS for its polish but Android is more productive.

  • Jackie

    Wanted to do this, but my HTC One S was a dud and had to send back to tmobile. Still using my 4s on edge :(

  • Ryanscriven8

    i side with the sense comment, its not pure android, id say go with a nexus, and if anything, go with a galaxy s, samsung has gobbled up a HUGE market share and its only going to continue to grow. 

  • SocalTeknique

    David, avoid task killers. Remove unnecessary Widgets from home screens (they use up ram and battery). Press home and hold for task switching. Press back to exit an app (pressing home will leave it running in the background). Use Double Twist (or Songbird) on your computer for thransfering non iTunes music and playlists to the One S. For a music player, try Power Amp (it comes with a 30 day trial haha) simply the best sounding player on android (plus themes). This helps. Remember that your phone will be synced 24/7 so your battery may not last as long as the iPhone.

  • Surfer01

    Awesome will be following this. Hope you like the change I did. 

  • MarcusDW

    I’m proud of you David ;-)

    I don’t think you will be converted though because its not like you haven’t spent a day with Android. You sir are a real fan of iOS like we are of Android and I will never switch to an iPhone… period.

    • JBrowne1012

      Sadly this may be true but who knows android is persuasive

  • Millsrossi216

    As I type this from my amaze 4g , after reading all the comments about what phone should he use , Dave using an iPhone on tmobiles network , I’m thinking how people lose sight of what this is all about. Android is a great platform and so is iOS , Apple’s ecosystems is a smooth transition from device to another. If a hardware company was to provide devices that were able to become part of and help create an ecosystem using android , then Apple and its iOS would have competition in the market. Think about it , why people are drawn to Apples ecosystem , the ease of transition of our lives from device to device. iTunes , iOS , and Apples system software work together , basically provides one stop shopping. Android is free , ever evolving , a culmination of minds thinking outside of the box , yet still in its infancy. Android could and can become so much more. Android could touch our lives in way that Apple’s ecosystem couldn’t , with the way our lives change from day to day , year to year. To describe it , Apple is like going to work everyday 9-5 doing your job , which is a great job , you just know what your day is going to be day in and day out. Android is like ok I graduated college . What am I going to do with the rest of my life. I’m not going to ramble on , but think about it. IamAndroid! With acceptance , an open mind.

    • Anonymous

       and exactly which device would a new iphone user be transitioning from?

      As a PC user, IOS was foreign to me, and many things felt counter intuitive, simple things like lacking a mass storage mode, and the ability to play avi’s, they even recently copied a number of items from android (notification bar) and blackberry (imessage). Android on the other hand, despite being fragmented, worked exactly the way I thought it would, with a “menu” button as a “right click”, the ability to easily drag and drop files, pictures, movies and view them with ease.

    • JBrowne1012

      iTunes isn’t loved its required to work together because apple made it that way but i do see your point though. IMO of having used iPhones and setting them up i like having my phone hot swappable and the iPhone is not. To activate it alone it REQUIRES the use of itunes to set it up where as when i have gone through my android devices all my info on apps and so on is on my gmail address so the transitioning is easy as turning on the phone and it updating everything for me. Android

  • YepYep

    You can until the next iPhone comes out this October.  Since the iPhone 5 will probably be the most coveted phone in all mobile phone history you will not be able to escape the hysteria. 

    For now the best Android phone on the market is the HTC One X.  The One S will have to do if T-Mobile is your only option.  The most lusted one is the GS3.  

    • JBrowne1012

      You mean like how the iPhone 5 was the most coveted phone that never came last year? and instead an 4s that didn’t match the hype? of course what device does but the only difference was the dual core processor really same ol iPhone 4 otherwise. I really wonder why apple has people thinking they are going to amaze them with todays spec when they do minimal updates to their devices..

  • Ian Harrington

    My only recommendation: Have a charger near you, since you will be using 4G your battery will drain faster then using your iphone on 2g

    • JBrowne1012

      Or.. Just turn off the mobile data network and gps and bluetooth and so on when you aren’t using it. I did this with my Sensation and it will last the whole day without needing a charge. Also turning off the mobile network doesn’t shut off your service still receive calls and texts. T-mobile’s 4g doesn’t drain the battery like LTE which is why HSPA+ is a great tech to me.Just having a smartphone will have your battery draining if you use it as intended. Just gotta be smart about how you use it.

  • Chris G

    David I’ve been using the HTC One S now for a couple days I think the Galaxy S II would be a better test device. The One S seems rather glitchy and more concerning is the horrible reception. I’ve lost reception with my One S in places where I never lost service ever not once in six months and I’ve lost service not just once but many times. The phone has flaws. Because I wanna see you convert I would say if u can do this with the Galaxy S II it would be best. But I understand that HTC is part of this experiment. In my opinion the best Android phone I’ve used. At least on T-Mobile.

    • YepYep

      Yes exactly.  

      My HTC One S loses reception completely in areas where I’d at least pick up 2 bars of EDGE as I travel through the mountains.  This is very noticeable. 

    • JBrowne1012

      Every device has its flaws the device i live by… HTC sensation a dumbed down version of the one S but man it works even though I had went through 6 replacements i will stand by this device being as great as it is, it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The One S is of a higher standard but they will kick out a bug fix eventually then the device will be the best of its kind.

  • Philosoraptor

    Install Go Keyboard. Then put the iPhone keyboard theme and set the Max height.

    Yes the default keyboard is horrible, but maybe Wp7 spoiled me before i picked up with android.

    • Venom02_2000

      i tried the one s demo in the store and the keyboard was one of the major things that hindered me from buying it.about time some one mentioned this.i still have an htc touch pro 2 and i like the slide out keyboard.so if there is a better virtual keyboard that may have me buy this phone

  • smh.

    You’ll be writing for an Android website? I thought this was one already. At the end of the 30 days when you come to your conclusion, surely it won’t be biased.

    • Taron19119

      this is a t-mobile site

    • I really don’t understand why anyone thinks this is a Android blog, it’s a T-Mobile blog. Which is why…ready for this…we cover Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone news and more! DroidDog = Android, TmoNews = T-Mobile and anything relevant to T-Mobile.

      • Tekk83

        TMobile doesn’t carry Android now does it? TMobile was also the first pioneers to carry Android.

        • Tekk83

          I meant iPhone.

        • As a T-Mobile blog, I’ll continue to write about Apple and iPhone relevant news as it pertains to T-Mobile. There hasn’t really been any news on that front as of late, but there will be soon when T-Mobile begins to go after AT&T’s disgruntled iPhone customers as the network refarm moves forward. I’ll report on that.

        • Jose Hernandez

           And we will be here to read all about it. David, I applaud you for doing this and We appreciate all the hard work you put on to this site. Keep it up, and don’t let a few close minded, hard headed, don’t know what they are talking about, cry babies get to you.

        • That’s not my point, I said they carried MORE than Android, which is why you can’t call this an Android blog as T-Mobile carries more than just Android products. Please re-read my comment again.

  • BigMixxx

    Hell has officially gone cold.  People there actually got ice water.  David is gonna use an android device!

  • aTmobileStoreMGR

    Google Play! Upload your iTunes playlist to it immediately! Also, since the One S has no memory card, take advantage of all the other Google cloud services, like Google+ Instant Upload to backup photos and videos (you can set it to only upload while charging AND on wifi to conserve battery and data usage).

    • JBrowne1012

      What do you mean One S has no memory card?? are you serious?

  • BigMixxx

    Yall are missing his point.  He is an avid iPhone fan.  That’s what he does, that’s what he likes.  I like android, David liks iPhone.  We can’t offer advice, he has to discover what’s cool.  It defeats the purpose of discovery.

    David, I actually see cows jumping the moon now.  You gotta do a daily post of what you find most interesting….

    • nathan118

      He ASKED for suggestions.

  • nerdlust

    Android and ios are both really good operating systems but when my workhorse BlackBerry curve 8900 broke I looked at both Apple and android and it took all of 30 seconds for android to win me over. I had a 32g iPod touch which I loved but those blue squares started to annoy me. When I tried my first android phone the cliq2 I was hooked no more blue squares. Now I’m loving my sensation. Nothing wrong with Apple, BlackBerry and Windows. All are great, just depends on what you want…

  • Lizbnson

    Trust me, it will be as easy as can be.  I converted years ago, and will never go back to an iphone.  The restrictions on an iphone are just too great.  freedom!!

  • Venom02_2000

    i think this is awesome because i was already thinking about getting the one s.doing this for that phone seems like you give it some real props as an android phone vs others which has me believing i may choose well in picking this phone.  and i feel this will actually give me tips if i get one.i’m already writing down the apps people are refering to you so i can get some ideas.

  • I recently converted my wife from the iphone to the Galaxy Nexus. She washed her iphone and I just happened to have bought a new Galaxy Nexus for myself to try out. I switched her over and she is liking it so far. She actually admitted it. She has had an iphone since the original came out and was a die hard user. She had the Apple fan girl trifecta a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and iPad. Now just to get her over to an Android tablet. She can keep the Macbook since I have a hackintosh.

  • Pierreestrella

    So first get comfortable with sense!…solo battery widget…watch dog 3g…after your first week switch to go launcher…and hit me up I’ll guide you from there to full freedom and more control of system design UI…see you soon…

    • nathan118

      Watch dog 3g? Ice cream sandwich has built in data monitoring. Learn what the frack you’re talking about!

  • Gouv

    honestly…. as a tech writer… Why not just use both for the heck of it?  

  • Truly disheartening to read that this ENTIRE time you have been using a freaking I-Phone??? I feel like my wife just cheated on me with my best friend. Seriously I lost a lot of respect for you. I realize that this is a T-Mobile site; however, how can you be true to it if you don’t lead by example? Jesus T-Mobile sends you to a bunch of functions and so do other venders. What do you do with all your free phones? This is total crap man. It would be the equivalent of the CEO of Chevy driving a Ford (Okay maybe not that bad, but still what the heck??) Man I think I have to stop reading your posts it just is such a bummer that your words and breaking stories are just stories about products you have never even used. What a fraud. If I were you I would either use what you report for good or leave all together. This is just heartbreaking to hear/read. Wrong on so many levels.  

    • Are you serious or joking? I never said I’ve been using it the entire time, I said I’ve never used Android-only. I always use a combination of devices, I’ve been known to swap phones 10 times a day, depending on my needs.

      Also, T-Mobile has one million plus iPhone owners, and so long as I am a T-Mobile customer, I’m leading and not following. What do I do with the phones I get? I use them…which is exactly what I’m doing now. I have never made a secret of using the iPhone, I’m honestly shocked most of the readers don’t know that, I’ve never hidden that I own and use one. You guys make it sound like I’ve destroyed your world because I use an Apple product, if I can shatter your world that easy, then I don’t know what to tell you.

      Also, as for products I’ve never even used, do you realize I do reviews on them and in order to do reviews on them…I have to…wait for it…use them.

      Please tell me you were kidding.

      • souggie

        David you should stop replying to the fundamentally inept people in here when it comes to phones, they just dont get it

        • Sadly, I never learn. That’s the thing with a site like this, you begin to get known personally as it’s a one man show. So you take things personally. You are right, I’m done now. Still, I’m not a fraud thank you very much.

      •  J/K I gotta bust balls every now and then. I realize you have to “Test Phones” to review them. P.S. Souggie is a bad-ass name, I think I will name my pet gopher after him.

  • Realcool2000

    David, try the GS2 also if you can bro.

    • I have it, I was going for the One S because it’s the most up to date device on T-Mobile.

      • nathan118

        Come on David…try a year old phone!

  • Have fun. Were here to help.

  • Duck Dodgers

    I think you’ll be using the Android Maps and Navigation quite often.

    Here are a few of the apps I use everyday.

    ESPN Scorecenter
    RssDemon (my RSS feeder)

    Others I don’t use everyday, but do use them quite often.


  • Man, I want to help you with this! I wish we could speak so I didn’t have to type this all out lol. Anyway, since you couldn’t use the GNex for this (which would have been my recommendation), you obviously will be using Sense. It could turn out that you like Sense and decide to stick with it but if you would like to try something with more of an ICS feel, look at Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher (launchers don’t usually require root). They both seem pretty popular and have a lot of options to customize things to your liking. If you have friends with Android or Gmail, get them on your Gtalk for chatting. I always have Gmail open in my Chrome browser so if a friend sends me a Gtalk message, it goes to both my computer and my phone so I can answer from either one. Do you have G+? You can group chat with the app and join Hangouts with your phone. Also, go to play.google.com/music/ and install the music uploader on your computer. Once it’s done uploading, you will be able to play all your music from the cloud and even pin your favorites to the device for playing offline when you aren’t connected. Any music you buy from their music store can be downloaded with the uploader app on your computer but it will also be automatically added to cloud access too. You might like to get an MHL adapter as well. If you rent movies from the Play Store, that will let you watch them on an HD TV. There is a lot more but that should be a place to start. Maybe we can talk more later.

  • Tortionist

    I played with the One S and it’s a good phone. You made a good choice. As far as apps go. I’d start with a good antivirus program. I use Lookout,but there’s other good ones like AVG, etc. Then i’d go with a good home launcher. Zeam, ADW Ex, and Launcher pro are three of the very best out right now. Zeam is very light weight (less than 1MB) and yet still very customizable. It’s very stable, fast, and smooth. Also it’s free. ADW EX is a little bit bigger but is still very customizable, stable, fast, and smooth. It costs around a dollar or two. It’s well worth the money. Then there’s Launcher Pro. It’s a little bit bigger than ADW EX. It’s free for the most part. It’s very customizable, fast, and smooth. I’ve tried all of the other home launchers, of which there are over 50. None of them come close to these three. There’s more in the works, but I’ve seen nothing yet. Next you’ll want a good settings app. I personally go with My Settings Pro. It’s an app that lets you get at the most widely used settings on your phone IE; WiFi, blue-tooth, brightness, GPS, Volume, etc. There’s a free version of it with ads. You can change all of these settings within a couple of clicks. It’s not widget, meaning it doesn’t shorten the battery life. For an all-in-one, I use Sense Analog Glass Clock. It has the clock, weather (with 5 day forecast), battery, amount of internal and external memory left,as well as RAM left. It takes the place of at least 4 different widgets. When you start it,you can even make it so when you tap the hours, as well as the minutes on the clock they will start another app,like alarm clock or the calculator. It’s quite universal. It’s just over or under 1MB and it’s free. Then the keyboard layout. I’d go with either SWYPE, which you can download from the web, or another great one I use is T9 Flex. It costs a dollar or two, but it has a SWYPE like function, as well as Dragon dictation, or just plain qwerty keyboard. Lastly,there’s Wave Launcher Pro.It lets you swype across your screen and open up apps. It’s pretty cool. There’s a free version and the Pro version, which costs a couple of dollars. I usually put 11 games on that that are hidden until I touch a certain area of the screen. These are the main apps I use. There’s more,but they’re for office purposes like Documents to go, scan to PDF mobile, printershare, etc. Some good tips for getting a longer battery life. You probably know most of these, but they might help someone else reading this post. Leave GPS, Blue-Tooth, and WiFi off unless you’re actually using them. Use a dark wallpaper, as the lighter ones use up more battery. Use a minimal amount of widgets. They also kill the battery. Put brightness on automatic. Set your timeout to never and lightly press the power button when you’re done using your phone. Nothing more anoying than your phone timing out in the middle of something. Clear your caches at least once a week. I do it once a day usually. That frees up RAM. Don’t ever use task-killers, except for Watchdog, which let’s you kill any one specific app after you’ve watched it fora while and can see it’s using more RAM than it should. That usually means a poorly coded app. I’m doing what you’re doing I almost always have had an Android phone, but I decided to Give windows mobile 7.5 a try, so I got an HD7. The transitions and scrolling are the smoothest I’ve ever seen and I’ve played with the I-phone 3GS and 4. Anyways, I hope this helps you a little. Good luck.

    • nathan118

      Really? Those are better than nova and apex? You realize this is an ice cream sandwich phone don’t you? And clear your caches? What is this, 2009?

      • Tortionist

        Actually, yes they are. Both are too large and sluggish compared to those three. Those caches don’t clear themselves. Clearing your caches is still relevant. My phones are never sluggish or slow. That’s because I follow my own advice. If David were going to root his phone I’d suggest cachemate or cachemate pro, the one click cache cleaners. For your information, not everyone cares about having the ICS look. Some people actually would rather have performance and more memory. Imagine that.

        • Tortionist

          Actually, I do stand corrected. Nova Prime is a great launcher that runs well. Antivirus is still a good idea, especially if you download third party apps.

  • If you use Chrome for your desktop browsing, setup the bookmark syncing on your desktop so you have all your bookmarks on the go.  I’d also recommend the chrome beta browser either way.  
    Download google music to sync your itunes playlist to the cloud.  
    Use your widgets!  
    The facebook/twitter that it comes with is barebones but does the job.  I’ve been using tweetdeck for awhile though.  
    Google Voice works like nothing else on an android phone!  Even if you just use it for voicemail check it out.
    I use Mortplayer for Audio books. 
    MoboPlayer is what I use when my sister sends me a video from her iPod.
    Pocketcloud is a quick way to do remote desktop for PC or Mac.

    Past that your going to find a lot of the apps that you use on your iPhone on the play store.  You might want to look into the Amazon app store as well for the occasional free app.  It can be worth it.

    • Ha I thought about doing that, but Chrome has far too many bookmarks for me. The one thing I’ve never loved about Chrome is bookmark management. I’ve been saying for forever that I need to try xmarks.

  • nathan118

    Would people learn about this phone and ics before posting…please! You don’t need task killers. There is a whole freaking button now that will let you see what’s open and close them.

    Virus apps? Really? Don’t download random wallpaper apps with no reviews and you’ll be fine.

    Stop suggesting crappy keyboards…the one it comes with is probably better.

    Stop saying the galaxy nexus is better, even if it is. He has the one s, and most people have subsidized carrier phones.

    So many lame suggestions on this post.

    • MarcusDW


    • oneiopen

      Thank you

  • 517tiberius2011

    Draw Free
    MP3 Ringtone
    Temple Run

    • Tortionist

      Draw Free is quite fun and addictive.

  • ElfirBFG

    Solid Explorer beta. (File explorer , zips/rars ,
    Cloud. (I use Ubuntu One and Drive personally. )
    Slide Keyboard. (Swype if preinstalled,or sideload the apk if you can. If not, TouchPal is decent. )
    Launcher. (Nova or Apex. I use Trebuchet, but I have CM9)
    Poweramp. (Best media player I’ve used. Bought Pro.
    Google goggles.

    Too bad you can’t root or flash custom ROMs ,that’s the true Android experience.

  • nadimm

    Android is all about the sharing. Share everything with anything. 

    •  Sounds like some Socialist bullshit to me..lol J/K [not really]

  • perfectalpha

    God bless you on your journey. I’m not looking back at Android. I feel as overall device and os maturity, as much as tmobile folks don’t want to hear it, ios is the best. Now, personally I like windows phone second best. With that in mind, I’d probably recommend the highest end android phones over our current WP offerings. Like the one s, galaxy s 2, etc. For any customers not looking to spend big money, they will be happier with a Lumia 710 or Htc Radar over a cheap Android phone. I know some will think the statement makes no sense, but windows phone is rock solid.

    Personally, I think there’s a better chance of you switching to Windows Phone than Android coming from iOS. I dunno what apps tou use, but you seem more open to recommendations and trying things rather than having a specific app set that you use and need.

    • Fed

      Why do android phones win so many of those phone battles on youtube by phonedog over iphone?

  • Killigmodprince

    Wait you took over droid dog? Wow i remember wen i first started following this Site I was using samsung s5230 (star?), running touchwiz(2?) yea it sucked my first Android phone was the samsung vibrant say wat u want about gps issues I was one of the few who never saw those problems despite 3 replacement vibrants. Great phone easy 2 root and with the help of roms such as simply honey(i9000 port) the vibrant was able to compete beyond the smack in the face that was the galaxy s 4g. (Odin is a godsend at times) From the vibrant I upgraded to the GSII(tmobile) sadly the S3 soc pales in comparison to exynos if fact is felt only slightly faster than an overclocked vibrant. With lte all the rage I picked up a droid razr. As my first motorola android it was a love hate relationship., spec wise the razr was a beast but locked bootloader often lead to near stagnant development. I am currently using the galaxy note(at & t), and i must say this phablet has it all tablet mode is a beauty my only gripe is the cpu change apps I use every day are mostly root apps but includes fast facebook aldiko premium, quickpik, and games such as final fantasy, zenionia 4, world of goo, and fpse(emulator), in between said android phones. I’ve used an iphone 3gs and a blackberry 8250. Iphone while smooth doesn’t allow for as many customizations as android even wen jailbroken vs rooted. BlackBerry very gud wit buisness yet boring designs hopefully the get it 2gether wit blackberry 10. It’s not a matter of which os is betta but which os better suits YOUR needs. Comparing android and iphone is like comparing apples to oranges(no pun intended)

  • Bigworm

    I am officially removing Tmonews from my Google reader. This guy is an Iphone Fan boy. are you serious? all this time Im reading from Tmonews about T-mobile phones. Tmobile does NOT sale iphones. I dont get it David but good luck you lost me. I wont be checking you site anymore..

    • Jwicks82

      With all do respect but your an idiot. The dude rarely show his iPhone love and is never biased on writing his reviews like other sites *cough BGR.com cough*. David, I think you do a pretty damn good job with this site and have fun with the android, I think you will be pleasantly surprised what you like. Welcome to the club. 
      (some things i use/like)Google Music for iTunes syncChromeGoogle Messenger (its free text messages with other Google devices)Google Navigation is a life saverGoogle VoiceGoogle Drive (google cloud)You will find out that the voice command understands your voice better than siri…..I promiseI just think the overall customization is awesome. I like a clean looking ui versus everything on the home screen like the iPhoneDon’t bother to mess with the tmobile bloatware, its pointlessThe music in Google Play is hell of a lot cheaper than iTunes and they have deals daily

    • jaZzyjeff

      Cry me a river


      Shows how much you pay attention. We all know David is an iPhone guy. And there are more that one million iPhones being used on the T-Mobile network. Soon to be more when we make our network compatible. 

    • MarcusDW

      You sound like a B!@#$

    • I mean it’s not like I’ve made any secret that I use an iPhone sometimes. The more important thing is that it doesn’t interrupt, interfere or influence how I run this site. Also, have you seen my Android reviews? They are generally pretty positive so unless I have some concerns with hardware, I don’t complain about Android.

    • mrsbelpit

      You’re an idiot.  

  • Butthole


  • jaZzyjeff

    Easy Mp3 Downloader

  • guest

    Dave, I propose you do this when the SGSIII when it arrives. Then go to xda-developers and root it. There will be alot more developer support for it. The One series is going to be a huge flop with lack of sd card/removable battery. HTC fanboys won’t put up with that crap unlike the Moto fans (they are used to being r@ped) I just don’t see the point of using Android without rooting. You are missing half of the experience. Please tell me your iphone is at least jailbroken?! That’s rather embarrassing if a rather popular tech blog guy can’t even mod his/her device. Please don’t be like one of those ret@rded CNET writers who know just enough about tech to be able to screw up their computer tinkering with it. Those tech enthusiasts are the worst! You can always load Linux (live cd or dual boot) on that Mac of yours and root the d@mn thing quite easily. No more excuses, please!

  • Simon Netz

    I will link some apps to Google Play here wich I would recommend strongly

    Handcent SMS.  (SMS app) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.handcent.nextsms&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5oYW5kY2VudC5uZXh0c21zIl0.     I like this more than the original sms app. 

    Swiftkey X Keyboard. Best keyboard I’ve ever had.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.touchtype.swiftkey&feature=top-paid#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDIwNiwiY29tLnRvdWNodHlwZS5zd2lmdGtleSJd

    If you want a free good keyboard I would go for GO Keyboard    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jb.gokeyboard&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5qYi5nb2tleWJvYXJkIl0.

    Widget Locker. Customize your lockscreen however you want it.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS50ZXNsYWNvaWxzdy53aWRnZXRsb2NrZXIiXQ..

    Dolphin Browser     https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm1vYmkubWdlZWsuVHVubnlCcm93c2VyIl0.

    Zedge  Really nice app with LOTS of wallpapers, live wallpapers, notification sounds and ringtones.      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.zedge.android&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm5ldC56ZWRnZS5hbmRyb2lkIl0. 

    Apps 2 SD   Really easy app to easily move your apps from your phone to your SD-card         https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a0soft.gphone.app2sd&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5hMHNvZnQuZ3Bob25lLmFwcDJzZCJd

  • If I can leave Android for WP7 than you can leave iOS for Android :) DO IT!

  • www.bit.ly/SPY4YOU

    just as  CHARLIE replied  I can t believe that people can easily spy on anyone’s cell phone(spouse,children,employees) simply using  this website.have you seen this website before .

    (Copy The Link On mY Name)

  • TrinNY

    Doomed out the gate you are not a techie Dave Android is not for you but here are a couple app recommendations Tweetcaster, Elixir, Feedley – good luck would be nice if you stayed with Android until iPhone 5

  • I think you are going to have fun , but but you are doing it with the wrong device.

    • What do you think I should use? I have a Galaxy S II and a Galaxy S Blaze 4G lying around.

      • Galaxy SII

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus

        • ND5

          David, the perfomance of the One S blows the GSII away.  Use the device that HTC gave you for this test and have fun with it.  Don’t second guess yourself.  I’m sure we’d all love to have an extended test report on this device anyway.  Maybe if you get a GSIII when it comes out, you can do a similar extended test and give us a true long-term use comparison of the two.

        • While I respect your comment, you’ve obviously never used the SGII. The HTC One S may have the specs on paper, but the end user decides. The the galaxy S line has a proven track record. If he had a Galaxy Nexus, that would be the one I would say use. Because its stock.

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus

        • oneiopen

          sorry, no sir. the One S is better. Galaxy S line’s track record? Come on man the Vibrant? Trash homie

        • lol. Okay, ‘homie’ even though it did not get the updates it should have, doesn’t make it a bad phone. Also, put all the HTC phones up again the Samsung phones. Who do you think will be the victor? Be real about it, don’t just grab the coat tail because its a new device.

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus

        • oneiopen

          What made it a bad phone was the fact that it was a bad phone. The galaxy vibrant sucked and it shouldnt have been released on Tmo. Ive been in wireless for 6 years, 2 of them with tmobile. New phones dont excite me because i get to sit around and play with them all day. Unlike most people on this site, i get to see these phones everyday, side by side so that i am able to compare the performance of each device. How many Sammys were released compared to HTC phones? Why else would they be so popular? Flood the market with the same devices on every carrier. Sensation> every Sammy phone before the GS2. Hell even the G2 or HTC Mt4g. You can keep that plastic garbage. 

          Sent from my OG Evo cm7.1

        • Well, it’s not how long you’ve been around. It’s what you’ve learned along the way. We could go on and on, but I won’t. I will leave you with this. Head over to YouTube, and enjoy the rest of your day.

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus

        • oneiopen

          lol, nice talking to you bro

        • KoseKid

           The galaxy S line was new last year… how has it had a proven record?  it has only had 2 series… HTC has been known to make better quality phones… ANNNNDDD… the one has the same specs as the GS2, but is faster, with less “cartoony” saturation, on a better ppi screen…

      • jay

        Galaxy S II

      • Get_at_Me

        S2….then root if ur allowed…..run darkside evolution ics rom with apex launcher which comes preinstalled in the rom. This rom makes me care less about the one s and note….ahhh….the beauty of android…..new rom = new phone

      • Mike

        global galaxy nexus, w/Nova Launcher…just sayin

      • Chad

        unlocked Galaxy Nexus. If your going to come from iPhone you got to atleast try Android out on the king of all Androids. unless you like skins then I’d say the One S should do you good or GSII

      • Marc Klein

        The Galaxy S II for sure. More powerful then Blaze and more features.

      • chefgon

        You’d definitely be better off with a stock Android device than any of those, but in my experience TouchWiz is terrible enough to ruin the experience of using even the most powerful hardware. Samsung has the worst software and graphics guys out there. Hideous and buggy taken to ludicrous extremes.

        I’d stick with the One S out of those three options, but if you really want the best possible software experience with Android you need to get an unlocked Galaxy Nexus.

    • UX-Guy

      The One S is a great device too.

      The strength of Android lies in it’s ability to choose the right device for you.

      • Point is, end users have not spoken yet. With the SGII they have.

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  • sorandkairi

    Great idea and congrats on taking on DroidDog!

  • Fhugo1369

    Handcent, Amazon apps market, Better Keyboard ( Amazon ) and try out the different camera apps. Also, check to see if you have access to Tegra Zone.

    • Marc Klein

      Amazon appstore has the free app of the day

  • Hucesar1017

    I have compared the too and once you start using android os you realize how boring ios is.

  • Freeline022

    A good app for RF Testing is RF Signal Tracking it records your RF measurements similar to drive testing equipment…swype is lil hard to get use to but it learns and gets better the more you use it

  • Fhugo1369

    Use Application Folder and make use of Widgets. Sticky Note, Evermore, Google Drive ( anyone know when this will be available? ), and try out the music players to see which one you like. Check out the HD live wallpapers for fun- they’re actually beautiful to look at ( but can eat up the battery ). Take advantage of movies, TV, e-readers, YouTube, games, etc. Coming from iPhone 4, where all of the aforementioned were painfully unbearable, you’ll find the bigger screen on Android to not only be pleasurable, but NECESSARY.

    • Fhugo1369

      Sorry, that should say “Evernote ” not “evermore”

  • Gmn1972

    Amazon App Market-FREE app every day!

    • Spanky

      I second that. I love the Amazon App Store.

  • Dude, you scared me…honestly. I even told my wife someone called me a fraud, I thought that was the lowest I’ve ever been called through this!

  • UralBas

    You wan to transfer between iPhone to Android go with a Galaxy S3… Anything else, including the 1S (it lacks the resolution and robustness), does not cut it.

    • Trollerderby

      This is, quite literally, the dumbest thing I have read in three days. You don’t even know for sure what the s3 is rocking yet and it’s the only android phone worth anything?! The only place the one s lacks is in the screen. I’ve played with it and as near as I can tell the “robustness” you speak of must just be touchwiz because the phone is a solid device.

    • TommyBoy31

      And you have had the experience of using the Galaxy S3? 

    • chefgon

      Unfortunately the Galaxy phones run TouchWiz, which means he’d be switching straight from the best UI in the business to the worst. I always recommend the Nexus phones because none of the UI skins are ever even half as good as stock Android. It’s totally worth putting up with less-than-cutting-edge hardware to have a good user experience.

  • Munchy16

    “Zeam” launcher – havent tride it with ICS but should work just as well.

  • James

    I wasn’t the biggest android fan, until I tried ICS, Now I love it.

  • jakematic

    I switched 18 months ago and it’s saved me a TON of money.
    Went iPhone 4 -> LG prepay on ATT -> Exhibit II 4G -> Google Nexus.
    I’d consider an iPhone again because of iCloud integration with contacts and the Mac.
    Otherwise can’t see a reason to go back now that I’ve got ICS.
    Recommended apps: Ringo+, Zedge, IP Cam Viewer, Dropbox, Redlaser, Torque, and of course Bird is the Word.

    • Braun

      Besides dropbox, this is the crappiest list of recommended apps I’ve seen in a very long time

      • jakematic

        LOL. Well I use my phone mostly as ….. wait for it….. a phone.

    • Why do you need contact integration with the Mac? If your phone is set up to sync with Google’s services, all your contact information is stored in the cloud. You can access it online any time from Gmail. Up in the top left corner of your Gmail page, click the word Gmail and you will see the option for contacts. You can edit the information on your phone or from Gmail and it will always be synced up.

      • jakematic

        Because it syncs with my iPad which id used for work.

        Also Micro$oft Exchange doesn’t automagically use Gmail contacts but can use the local address book on Mac.

        So my Gmail contacts (which I never use anyway) has been relegated to phone numbers.
        Any changes have to be manually entered into the Mac address book as well.
        It’s not a lot of fun…

  • Curtis Mullins

    ” Now, let me add that because HTC provided me a phone for the purpose
    this challenge, there will be no rooting, this is strictly a “consumer
    experience” challenge. I’d love to root, but it’s not in the works for
    this experiment.”

    I am a consumer and I root.

    That is one of the glories of Android, its your hardware and you can do anything you want with it.

    Being stuck with the OEM experience is the definition of Apple. Nobody knows how your phone should be setup better than you. Being able to switch between MIUI and AOSP just because I want to is one the best features. That is also why HTC unlocks bootloaders now.

    • Ottoman

      You can root ios too. Get your head out of your a** and smell something else.

      • Curtis Mullins

         No, you cant root an iOS device, you jailbreak them, and that is totally different.

        Among other differences, a rooted Android device can run customized version of Android. There are no custom versions of iOS.

        Do a little research before you shoot your mouth off like and uneducated jacka$$.

        • Ottoman

           Again, another a$$ who has no clue what he is yapping about. Where the hell do you guys get your info? Android blogs full of other dingbats?

        • Robert Espinoza

          Ottoman You have described yourself to a tee. “Again, another a$$ who has no clue what he is yapping about.”

    • Lani

       Which roots do you use that actually have a working camera and video camera?

      • Mullinscurtis

        My unlocked and rooted galaxy note with a custom ics build works fine.

  • LTEstyles

    Awesome post David, can’t wait 30 days to find put what you think. In the mean time I use photobucket to manage my photos between mobile platforms. The pics go with me where ever I go. Google Music is also da bomb yo (yea you read that right) it does what iTunes match does but FREE! Good luck!

  • Scott Friedman

    One app that I COULDN’T live without is Battery Indicator. Instead of that stupid green blog of a battery that isnt accurate, battery bar shows you CPU temp, voltage, and battery indicator in an actual number! Test it our. Very lightweight.

  • Mikecaros

    nova launcher

    • guest

      on global galaxy nexus..just sayin

  • Sidekicker89

    “and even my our facebook page”?? :p line right above your sweet photo haha … In other news I am loving my HTC One S so far… I just need to find a really good case for it.. any suggestions?

  • Lee72artis

    David keep a daily journal of your experiences. This way we can get an objective account of the similarities and differences of the two OSs. However, i think that you would need to choose more than one device because the hardware, custom skins, and version.

    • Iz_2

      more than one device to replace one i-phone would make the switch pointless.. but i agree with the daily journal and thoughts..  this way whatever the hiccup you may encounter, you can get some useful feedback from the peanut gallery here on what you could try to compensate for what you think you’re missing out on..   

  • Lee72artis

    Oh and you might want to try rooting your phone. Consider your challenge more of a project to find out if Android is right for you.

  • Juanellobo

    Use spbshell 3d awasome app also world of goo is 45 cents yes and applanet market most of the stoft is free o yeah jetvd(jet video downloader) let you download videos from youtube to your sd card. Downloaded jet vd.com market only has light version.

  • TMoFan

    This will be interesting, for you and for us readers. A few apps I can’t live without:

    There’s a UK & World News app that is a feed for the BBC. There’s a nice little widget that you can use and set it to whatever category you want. (i.e. sci/tech, most popular, etc). I get most of my world news from this; It’s so much better than the official app from the BBC.

    Zedge as many have mention here is really good. Offers a lot of customizations from wallpaper to ringtones.

    Kingsoft Office does a good job at opening and editing word docs. It has a lot of features and it’s totally free.

    Astro is a fantastic file manager. Use it almost daily.

    Obviously all of the Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Play Music, etc, work very well together.

    Enjoy the ride! I think it’ll be hard to covert you, but you never know.

    • Svetzy02

      I second Astro. There are a lot of apps that may or may not be useful depending on how you use your phone, but I can’t imagine Astro NOT being useful. Also, I’ve had pretty good luck with beyondpod for podcasts.

  • nhatters

    This is really handy, especially once you enable it in the notification menu.

  • Bbman335

    I didn’t realize the point was just to list apps that Android has that the iPhone doesn’t…in that case, why would David need recommendations? He could just read that lame blog you posted, right? I actually mentioned apps I have used…yeah, I used Juice Defender, when I had an Amaze, but I don’t need it for any other phone I use..is the fact that Juice Defender is available for Android an indictment on the entire platform? I don’t think so…I think you may want to re-read my post and see that I was really just providing a list of apps that I use in response to David’s request for apps that we recommend…with heavy sarcasm because I continue to think this whole exercise is a joke. I guess people on this site want an echo chamber and would rather ban people who they don’t agree with and label as trolls…then there are plenty here to ban.

  • oneiopen

    Just watch a flash video in the browser, you’ll never go back

  • StonersLane

    Now you finally get off that Edge speed for some real fake 4G. And what’s with your picture?

  • LoveTmoNews

    I never EVER give advice for apps, but ONE that I love (that isn’t allowed on iPhone) is SwiftKey.  Best text prediction ***ever***.  And, because Apple doesn’t allow developer access to it’s keyboard interface, they cannot make a version for iPhone (they even confirmed this).  Get that for your Android and you’ll never look back.

  • dkbnyc

    Does anyone really care?  

  • Lester Green

    I think Lee72artis has a great idea of keeping a journal of your experiences for us to read.  Brilliant!  You know, since T-Mobile has one good phone rolling out about every 6 months, you should have some extra time (I know, I know, not fair, not accurate, but it was fun to post!).  :)

  • I wasn’t really a Fan of the flip clock so If you don’t really care for that clock I would recommend beautiful widgets to get a digital clock with the weather also being customizable to whatever you desire.

  • Not sure if this comes standard on the One S but if not Swype is a must have

    • Marc Klein

      NO it’s not. Swift Key is better

    • zifnab

      HTC Sense has a keyboard similar to swype… or at least it does on the Sensation… I don’t notice too much of a difference between the two

  • JrzDroid

    Nova Launcher 
    Google Chrome
    Super Android Battery( if you like retro battery mods)
    Wallbase HD wallpapers(sweet wallpapers)

  • Cupcake

    My two must have apps are SMS Popup and SMS Backup.  And a good virus checker is McAfee.  Its a little costly (there’s also a free trial) but worth it.  Good luck and have fun.  I think Android will eventually win you over!

  • coolerthanu

    You have to go with Tweakdeck. It’s just like Tweetkdeck but gives you better Facebook updates. If you like a clean look for your phone, look for minimal text widgets and themes. Circle launcher is a great alternative folder app. With changeable folder icons. And last but not least, Vlingo for hands free driving

  • SkylerTmobileGuy

    shoulda tried a galaxy s 2…htc one sucks

    • Cycad007

      The HTC One S only has a *BETTER* UI overlay (Sense 4), support for Microsoft SkyDrive, DropBox & Google Drive, faster processor, latest OS, better camera, and better build quality than the Galaxy S2.  It also snagged PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice award and many other glowing reviews from various publications….if you think that “sucks”, then I can assure you that you’re quite delusional.

      The upcoming Galaxy S3 may be better…but not the S2.


    HANDCENT=  for messaging.
    LAUNCHER PRO= to put apps across bottom of screen and to make apps go up and down to scroll much faster.PULSE= for news apps I have Wallstreet journal.bbc news,popular science etc,,,on mine read articles and lets you know when new ones come out.TUNEIN RADIO= radio station and police scanners from all around the world.Beauty of Android you make it how you want it not how Apple tells you how you should do it and what you should pay them .

  • Flavio Martinez

    The apps I use the most are:
    IMO.IM – I know that there are many IM clients but the interface on this apps is really nice. It feels like an app that was designed for Android, I had Meebo but it looked like a bad iPhone port.

    Amazon MP3 – I like being able to access my music from the cloud. I also like the music player.

    Whatsapp – I use it for keeping in touch with my friends overseas. Feels like a cross between IM and SMS. Allows you to send text, pics and more.
    Handcent – More powerful SMS app. Some people like GoSMS, you might want to look at that as well.
    Astrid – A very useful to do list, syncs with Google tasks.
    360 by Teliportme – Takes panaromic pictures. I was overseas recently and a fellow tourist with an iPhone was using Microsoft Photosyth to make panoramic pictures. I was plesed with how seemless it seemed. I had purchased Panos and I started it up…but it wanted to connect to the internet to authenticate the license. I was overseas and it was $15 a MB so I had data switched off. Panos defaulted to some demo mode and it took forever to stich the photo. I have tried 360 and not only is it free, it is much better than Panos.

  • Deadeye37

    The best bit of customization IMO is GO Launcher EX and Agenda Widget +.   GO Launcher is very customizable.  My favorite customization that I use all the time is the Quick Access bar at the bottom (where you normally see the dialer, contacts, text message, web, etc).  GO Launcher lets you customize the shortcuts there.  It also gives you 15 slots (5×3) on that shortcut bar.  I put my most used apps on that shortcut bar.  So when I work out, I swipe the shortcut bar to the right to get my heart rate app and MyFitnessPal for tracking.  If I’m going to drive, I swipe to the left and then select Waze (one of the best crowd-sourced GPS/traffic apps).  I have several other apps on that shortcut bar that I access a lot (Winamp for MP3 playback, Pandora, camera, media folder containing all my media apps, etc).

    The GO Launcher apps are good also.  My favorite aspect is that they are scrollable.  Is use the facebook and the Note/ToDo widgets the most.

    Agenda Widget + provides a scrollable calendar along with the ability to have multiple calandars synced to it.

  • Michael Brooks

    Must have apps:

    Beautiful Widgets or Beweather
    Stair Dismount
    Google Drive

    • YoullLoveThis

      Google Currents 
      Google Music 

  • Iz_2

    a great idea..  a good phone to test phone for the challenge..  however.. you should at least keep a 2nd rooted phone handy as well… just to show the comparisons/limitations vs rooted phones (for us geeks)..  but i predict that you won’t be disappointed..   go android!!!!

  • hg

    Google+ is a great addition as well.  I don’t care for the social app but the instant backup of my photos   & videos to my google account is very practical. 

  • Tre Goolsby

    Must Have Apps:

    JuiceDefender Ultimate
    Lookout Mobile Security
    Notification Toggle
    Barcode Scanner

    Best Social Apps:
    Facebook for Android or Friendcaster
    Twitter or Tweetcaster

  • Iz_2

    i think the biggest thing you’ll come away with, is the feeling of ownership of your device.. and the savings on apps..  there are plenty of wonderful paid apps.. but there is abundance of free apps that do just as well or better than many of the paid apps.. i’ve been an android man since the G1, and i’ve only paid for one app (clockwork mod pro)..  i’m a rooter..  and i love it..  

  • Tjbunch1228

    Hopefully if you go back to iPhone, your credibility as the primary moderator of DROIDDOG isn’t questioned…

  • rwc1792

    I welcome this.  I’d like to do more customization with my phone, but don’t have the time.  Just the topic has introduced to me some apps and widgets that could be useful for me.  Thanks

  • chefgon

    If you really want to get the most out of switching to Android, you have to understand the different approaches to apps that each platform takes. iOS trains your brain to think of an app as a monolithic thing. It has an icon, that icon launches the app, you use it until you’re done and then you leave the app. Android obviously has a lot of apps that are the same way, but it also has quite a few apps that follow a very different model of providing background services without UI and those are probably Android’s biggest benefit.

    For example, one of my favorite Android apps is called Page Ring. There’s no UI to it, really. It’s just a process that sits idle in the background until a text message comes in, and if there’s a text message containing a code word that you set up it’ll automatically set your ringer volume to maximum. My wife knows my phone’s code word so that she can get my attention in an emergency even if my ringer is turned off.

    There’s another one called Hearing Saver that sits in the background and waits until headphones are inserted or removed and then automatically sets the media volume to a certain level. I use it to mute to volume when headphones are removed and then set it to 30% when they’re put back in again. It’s especially handy if you use your phone to play music in your car, because you usually have to crank the volume up all the way for that and now you’ll never accidentally explode your ears out of your face when you put your headphones on later and forget to turn it back down first.

    I have another one that turns on the screen for a few seconds when a text message comes in, one that auto-syncs my phone’s clipboard with the one on my PC, and one that turns on my WiFi when I get home from work.

    I’m not a big user of “novelty” apps, but I do really like the apps on Android that enhance the core activities that you use your phone for with new features that feel like they’re built into the OS once they’re installed. They do it all invisibly in the background with absolutely no intervention from you, and as far as I’m concerned that kind of convenience is really what technology is all about. It’s easy to miss them if you’re a long-time iOS user because you’re not used to looking for that kind of thing; it’s easy to fall into the mindset of your phone only being able to run apps that are full-screen pieces of UI that you interact with directly, and that would make you miss out on a lot of what makes Android great.

  • Keith Southern

    Apex Launcher is a great choice for an ICS stock feel once you grow tired of HTC Sense.
    SwiftKey X is the best keyboard, and you can try the beta version for free from their website.
    Screen Filter saves battery life when using your phone indoors.
    Swipepad lets you quick launch up to 12 apps/shortcuts with one swipe.
    StatusBar+ and Metro Messenging Beta will give you a lil bit of Windows Phone ui.

  • Howie

    Wow, how do you deal with EDGE on a daily basis!  It’s so s-l-o-w!

  • KoseKid

     I work with customers on a daily basis troubleshooting and customizing their Android, and Windows devices at T-Mobile.  If you want some help, suggestions, or a IOS equivalent I can help you out. 

  • KoseKid

    Also… How about a WP7 30 Day challenge? or better yet, i’ll pit my Radar against your HTC One, or iPhone 4s…

    • Tortionist

      I wouldn’t go that far. Windows mobile 7.5 is great and very smooth, but you just don’t get the serious extra functionality that you do with Android. I immensely enjoy my HD7 with windows 7.5, but I miss the added functionality that Android offers, to even mid range smart-phones. I would pit the Radar against the I-phone though, not Android. If there were a scale for functionality and customization. Android would be on one end, the I-Phone on the other and windows mobile and Blackberry would be in the middle.

      • KoseKid

         What functionality are you talking about?  I know you can root an Android phone, but aside from games I’ve lost nothing switching platforms…  i’ve also pitted my Radar against the new One S, it’s a great phone, but when it comes to social media, email, web pages, and stability WP7 has dominated.

      • What functionality are you talking about other than rooting?  I imagine the only real feature WP7 doesn’t offer would be VPN (still can’t understand that one) but as of mango I haven’t ran into a feature I wanted that I couldn’t download an app for or write one for, but maybe our needs differ.

  • Philosoraptor

    Another thing, download the Chrome Browser and set it as your default. If you’re coming from wp7 or the iPhone, the default browser will drive you nuts because pinch to zoom is really jerky. Chrome is pretty smooth.

  • Mmmaxheadroom

    Two words. Dolphin browser.

    • This;

      3 words…Dolphin mini browser.

  • NotAg1

    But…oh that’s right…no SD card :)

  • Tortionist

    David, I gave you my advice. There are a lot of other people on here that have good advice as well (as far as apps go) so, you should have plenty to choose from. Good luck and enjoy. You rock for being willing to try it out. You’ll have a great experience. I know I did, coming from The Blackberry Pearl in 2008 to the G1. I’m not saying you’ll convert, but I would be shocked if you didn’t at least enjoy it. You’ll have a lot of added functionality to your phone. Have fun because that’s what it’s all about. If you convert, great we welcome you. If you don’t convert, at least you’ll have given it a fair shake. That’s a lot better than most people do. You gained some serious cool points in my book. Keep up the great work. I’ll continue to check your site twice a day like I always do, for updates on how it’s going and what you think. 



  • Mike

    This has been bugging me a little bit, but I see the only reason behind this is the fact that its going to generate Pageviews for Tmonews which in turn is going to generate more ad impressions which will eventually find its way into the pockets of Tmonews. 

    We don’t really need to watch someone go from the iPhone to an Android device.  It happens all the time.  They learn what apps to use by googling, experimenting, joining XDA, etc.  David reviews enough Android devices that finding his way for a month to compare shouldn’t really be an issue.

    This is sort of a poor way to just make more money.  Look, HTC GAVE him a phone to do this.  How many average folks get a free phone from a major company just to see if he can be converted to Android? 

    Sorry I really enjoy reading this blog – and generating a pageview – but not for something like this.

    • You can’t seriously sit here and tell me that you think this is going to generate enough NEW traffic that page views will increase to generate more revenue? This post is for my existing audience, which already generates a set number of page views per month. A few extra thousand views doesn’t equate to extra money in my pocket. Didn’t anyone recognize this when Gizmodo got a picture of the iPhone 4? They said point blank, a few hundred thousand extra page views doesn’t do anything if its only a few days. I get what you’re saying, but it helps to understand the ad market a little better before jumping to greedy conclusions.

      More importantly, the ONLY reason behind this is because I thought it would be fun. If I wanted to be greedy and grab more traffic through crappy challenges and baiting headlines, I could do a lot of other things, a 30 day Android challenge would not be one of them.


        Ignore this guy, even if he is telling the truth, I am interested to see what happens, as I’ve been a follower of this blog probably since you started it, but I do have a recommendation for you, although the HTC One S is a nice phone, HTC Sense gets im the way, so I would say you should wait to do this with a different device, maybe Galaxy Nexus, or SGS3, TouchWiz(IMO) isn’t as bloated as Sense. Goog luck, but I think you will end up sticking with your iPhone, I couldn’t see myself switching to a new OS after all these years, I’ve purchased too many apps and games, I’ve spent too much money in the Play Store and I enjoy Android more than any other OS anyways.IRIE4IPIER

        • I appreciate the support, but you guys don’t get it, there is NO chance a single post, or even a single story over the course of a month will translate to more money. It takes significant jumps in traffic to see a big rise in dollars.

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          I know, thats why I said to ignor the guy, I don’t understand how a post such as this would generate more page views, just stupid, I understand this post was meant for you main followers, a new-commer to your site could care less what you are using.

        • Absolutely, new readers to this site are generally enticed by the idea of a T-Mobile specific news site, or the leaks surrounding a new phone. They 100% could care less what phone I’m using.

  • now_onTMO

     or you can keep both phones and enjoy two different OS’ at the same time..

    i bet you’ll enjoy android more.. ;)

  • Jb82

    Would be more interesting to try wp7.   It is an OS few want to try but those who do get hooked.  Lovely OS.


      Maybe you did, everyone I know who tried it, didn’t like it and exchanged it for either iPhone or Android, all you WP user should really go away, mad annoying.

    • Adg_00

      I owned a G1 and a Vibrant and deiced to try the HD7 when it came out. I gave it an honest chance and returned it at the 2 week deadline; now I have a rooted Sensation. I hated hot the wp7 felt like a childs toy. I think the idea is cool, but for practical use it is not where it needs to be. 

  • Dell can suck it!

    All the people with android phones are stupid. We are all just waiting to liberated by apple? WTF?

    I want a galaxy note. I have a htc g2 now and I would have bought a streak.

  • fechhelm

    The one app I’ve found I can’t live without is shush! 
    When you turn your ringer off for a movie, this app turns it back on afterwards.It’s activated when you silence your ringer using the volume buttons. You don’t need to remember a special app. Once your ringer is off, it asks you how long to stay silent. I use it every night, so my phone won’t wake me up, and I use it almost every day for different occasions.

  • mrjimilee

    So I’ve switched to a blackberry for work related purposes also,since then I’ve been using my ipad way more. Are you going to swear off the ipad for anything other than workflow purposes?

  • tspx23

    david do you have t-mobile? Curious because any smartphone with edge seems crippled.

    • I believe I’ve answered this question no less than a dozen times in this thread!

  • To be really fair you need to do 30 days with a Windows phone.  :)

    • Curtis Mullins

       Or pass on it. WP7 is boring and shallow. I hope you like the way it looks because you can never change it (even though you can make an android look like WP7 with a free app).

      And I sell phones so I get to play with all the new ones all the time. I currently have a working Lumia 710 and 900 at my kiosk, other than some rather minor (camera resolution, screen size) differences, they seem almost identical in operation and use. Which you might chalk up to a good point, but it really just makes you not give a crap when a new one comes out.If it doesn’t perform any (or substantially) differently, why should you? You cant add storage, most of the batteries are irreplaceable, app development is anemic at best, and availability is pathetic on the first and third largest carriers.

      Windows Phone 7 is the answer to a question nobody asked.

      • YoMamma

        Yeah but unlike Android… No fragmentation. I am not an android or windows or even an iOS lover by any means, but to say that windows is garbage is to answer a question no asked you in the first place. All these operating systems are great for each other as they lead to better development and better thought out strategies. I have a nokia n9 and as much as I love love love my phone, I dont expect everyone else to be sold on it… windows is not shallow. Maybe the person at the booth is shallow for wanting the newest fancy thing in android… but hey we all are man, thats why we all love tech so much… we are shallow and pitifully nerdy, and I wouldnt have it any other way 

        • Curtis Mullins

           “Yeah but unlike Android… No fragmentation.”

          I have been using Android since the day it launched on TMobile in 2008. Fragmentation is a boogey man invented by people who dont have legitmate gripes to heave at Android. I have been selling phones for years and I have literally NEVER heard a customer ask, or complain about fragmentation, even in the widest interuptaion of the idea.

          People, on the other hand, do ask and complain about removable storage and batteries.

          “but to say that windows is garbage is to answer a question no asked you in the first place.”

          Actually I believe the entire point of allowing comments on posts is to invite people to leave their opinions. Much like you just commented on mine. If I wasn’t invited to comment on WP7, you weren’t invited to comment on my statements.

          “as they lead to better development and better thought out strategies”

          Or they muddy the market and confuse consumers, all while burning perfectly useful capital.

          “Maybe the person at the booth is shallow for wanting the newest fancy thing in android…”

          Maybe the person at the booth wants a phone that is substantially different than the first generation WP7s launched almost 2 years ago. And maybe that is being picky to you.

          “we are shallow and pitifully nerdy, and I wouldnt have it any other way ”

          And some of us are in sales and don’t like having to waste time explaining a phone no one is going to buy, and having it take shelf space from stuff that does make us money.

        • YoMamma

          Funny thing is fella, Im in cellphone sales too. They do sell… If you listen to what the consumer wants and not what you want to give them. When a person scared of smartphones comes in wanting a smartphone that isnt too tough to use… more often than not windows is a good way to go because its ” so shallow ” it makes it easier to use. I was using your own words against you with my comment of answering a question no one asked, oddly enough that seemed to have slipped right by you smart guy. Oh well… you stick to your perfect android and sell just your android and I’ll just have to mosey on by and deal with making sure to keep an open mind and trying to rightfit my customers the first time the right way instead of dealing with returns and complaints about forcing a phone on someone. though Im sure a supa-star like you NEVER has any returns at all, or at least so you’ll say. 

          have a good night… im bored with this now.

        • Curtis Mullins

           ” because its ” so shallow ” it makes it easier to use. I was using your
          own words against you with my comment of answering a question no one
          asked, oddly enough that seemed to have slipped right by you smart guy.”

          What are you talking about? Nothing slipped by because there was nothing TO slip by me. You weren’t using my words against me, you just told me I had no place stating my opinion about WP7 on an internet message board devoted to the discussion of phones, using the same verbiage from one of my totally irrelevant prior comments. Yours is just a stupid comment that you apparently thought held a deeper literary significance than anyone with a greater than middle school reading comprehension would apply.

          “Oh well… you stick to your perfect android”

          Show me where I said Android was perfect.

          “dealing with returns and complaints about forcing a phone on someone”

          So now I force phones on people? Riiiiiight

          “have a good night… im bored with this now”

          Yeah and you probably need to get to bed before your parents find out how late you are up.

        • I’ve went over 30 days with the HTC Radar 4G. For the first month, it was the best thing ever in my mind. But then it got boring. No popular games, hardly any apps that suit my needs and the ones that were there (Except 4&Mayor) were lackluster and poorly thrown together. Even Android wasn’t that bad a year or so into it’s life. In the end, I sold it and bought an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store.

        • baopham

          WP7 is already somewhat fragmented bc of the 256mb vs 512mb RAM issue (skype doesn’t work with 256mb windows phones).  WP7 and WP8 will be fragmented, all the Nokia Lumia 900 people will not be getting upgraded to WP8 (confirmed).  Programs should work though but you will still be running a WindowsCE kernel vs the WindowsNT kernel.

      • MattB

        “Or pass on it. WP7 is boring and shallow.”
        It may be shallow for phone-geeks like you and me, but the truth is there is a market for that. There are plenty of people who aren’t very tech savvy that are intimidated by the very versatility that you and I love about Android. Truth be told, there is a huge segment of consumers that could do _everything_ on a WP7 device that they can do on and Android — simply because they aren’t going to dive that deep into the functions to begin with.

        Additionally, there are things that WP7 actually does a great job with. I love how they took the frequently used apps (facebook, twitter, email, etc…) and integrated them into the OS in a way that makes sense.
        I love Android, but when I’m in one of my weeks in which my Android tablet follows me everywhere I go, I _always_ switch my phone to one of my WP7 devices because of the simplicity they offer. Its refreshing.
        “Windows Phone 7 is the answer to a question nobody asked. ”

        Listen a little closer to your customers — plenty of them have been asking, even if indirectly.

      • gwhyte01

        You sound like a brainless idiot.

  • This;

    I would say my favorite part about android is the widgets. Things like the power widget, weather, color note, music. Almost endless really. And the navigation by google is pretty good!

    • now_onTMO

      i agree… it’s all about the widgets!  LOL

      they make the UI less boring..

  • now_onTMO

    fave apps:

    beautiful widgets
    root explorer

  • TrevorMadden

    I would

  • Bleacherbums1

    Good luck and obviously enjoy it !!!! Screw this haters …. widgets baby !!!! Try tango
    But the new Sense 4.0 is actually cool.

  • loso

    download go sms. it will still let you use the emojiis that are so popular for the iphone.

  • Draigons Fire

    Poweramp for music and Tweetcaster and friendcaster for Twitter and Facebook. I also use HD widget all the time.

    • Draigons Fire

      I also forgot Spotify.


    The Galaxy S2 is better for sure, HTC Sense sucks ass, bloated junk, it hides Android 4.0’s beautiful UI from the user, butt-ugly UI from HTC, HTC phones suck ass. The only star of the phone is the SoC and the AmOled screen.

  • F033x

    I for one love HTC Sense, atleast 3.0 onwards that is, touchwiz has a horrible dpi look, and vanilla just bores me over time not to mention the lack of uniformity.
    Sense carries a ton of useful widgets with great animations,  and sense 4.0 is no exception.

  • Ray

    Good luck on your journey, I wish i had the opportunity to do the same.

  • Edward Hammond

    David, can you be converted?  Great question!
    I’ve worked as a network administrator for the last 30 years and have used nearly every computing device and operating system invented.  One of the things that I’m frequently asked by customers, family and friends is what type of computer should I purchase.  In the case of giving advice about smart phones my first questions for them would be:

    1. what would you use the smart phone for?
    Basic internet browsing, email, communication, games/entertainment or more advanced uses?

    2. what is your level of comfort with using a smart phone?

    3. Is the smart phone for business or personal use? 
    If business, would you need a secure device and would it need to be integrated with your business network?

    4. How much are you willing to spend up front and on a monthly basis?

    5. How often do you plan on upgrading to a new phone?

    6. How important is battery life?

    7. Would you prefer a physical keyboard

    I would lean toward suggesting an iPhone for someone that is new to smart phones and simply wants the basics.  The iPhone is very stable with a simple, consistent interface.  App development on the iPhone gives the user many options for adding features to the phone. 

    For a business user that needs a secure device that integrates tightly/securely into a medium to large business network I would suggest a Blackberry.  Granted that RIM is having problems, the integration of Outlook with BES can’t be compared to any other phone.  Battery life on a Blackberry phone is unparalleled.  Having the ability to swap a charged spare battery is another benefit.  The Blackberry phone’s keyboard is hands down the best option for data entry. 

    Windows phones have a great deal of potential and with the release of a
    new OS it will be interesting to see where Nokia and Microsoft go with
    their newest devices.  The new interface and the similarity with the new
    Windows 8 operating system will be a huge boost in popularity and ease
    of use as Windows 8 is accepted by likely a large number of users.   Hopefully Microsoft will be able to offer a comparable variety of apps such as Google and Apple.  

    For an advanced user that loves to play with configuring the device and would like to upgrade frequently to the latest and greatest, I would suggest an Android OS based phone.  Widgets are a huge plus and Google apps can definitely compare with Apple’s.  Android phones offer many more choices in screen size and abilities that Apple does not offer.  I think you are really going to enjoy using an Android device.  Android phones also offer keyboards which again gives the user an efficient way to enter data. 

    I look forward to reading your blog and hearing about your experience!


  • Templaroflte

    Good luck, David! I’m a long-time reader of TmoNews on Android’s Pulse News Reader, and I’ve actually considered the opposite end: picking up a used iPhone from a friend when he upgrades to give that experience a chance.

  • voodoo

    I have been on Android since day 1. Dealt with all the problems that have come with being a early supporter of the OS. My suggested apps have changed over time as the OS has matured. Here is my list of must have apps that help your user experience:
    Full Screen Caller ID: This  app is available in both free and paid versions. Allowing you to use all of the beautiful screen when receiving calls, texts, and emails. Uses high res images stored either on the phone or pulled from the contacts Facebook. 
    YouMail: Love how much you can customize this voice mail app. Personalized greetings for each person in your contact list. Also can send callers whom left a message a receipt of delivery. Important for me and my clients. 
    Taxi Magic: I take a lot of cabs. This app allows me to book a cab and then track it via GPS. No more hoping and waiting for a cab. Furthermore, I can rate the driver. 
    Splashtop Remote Desktop: Got this for free using AmazonAppStore. WOW! What a great app. I use it to gain access to work/home computer when I’m away. 
    Moon+Reader: I use my phone to read books when there is time. This app works very well and has loads of features to customize ones reading experience. Oh yeah, it can read a book out load for you as well. 
    Netflix/Hulu/Pandora: These are heavily used for me. Entertaining the kids or something to keep me occupied during a commute. Furthermore, with the HDMI features on most phones, I can use these apps on my tv in my bedroom. Saving me the trouble of having to run cable or install a media PC in that room. 
    List Master Pro: I HAVE to stay organized with work. This app helps me to do so. The export to email feature allows me to keep co-workers on the same page if needed. Lots of options and I can keep an entire inventory current through this app as well. 
    FlashLight: I know it seems like a silly thing to list, but I use it all the time. This one is my favorite for the widget features, shake phone on lock screen to turn light on, and price…FREE. 
    Business Calendar: This app was another free find on Amazon. Which I guess is a suggested app of its own. Biggest reason I love this app is, it looks like your using google calendar on the desktop, but on your phone. It does a great job utilizing all that google calendars has to offer. Meetings are color coded as I have set them. Easy to browse. Even easier to add events or meetings. I know have my entire office using this app. 

    There is other apps I could suggest, but those are more specific to my phone (g2x -no root) that offer me what I want from the phone. Such as “Camera ICS+”, “ICS Messaging”, “ICS Keyboard”, “Dolphin Browser HD”, “ICS Home”, and “Beautiful Widgets”. LG and Tmobile may not want me to have ICS, but developers have done there part to make it available for me. 
    I will not go into camera apps. Your stock camera will beat anything I can suggest. 

  • howaboutthisinstead

    Everyone here should go to XDA and BE respectful.
    Turn YOUR DEVICE into….something much more!!

    As per iPhone. I used to use it on Tmobile, but once i found out that my same price data supported the 3G network, I tried it and well, Im stayin for awhile now, so many flavors of android, modding, many phones.

    So yea, edge at maybe 200kbps download or…

    7Mbps down on HSDPA

    I dont even need to tell you what thats like.

  • Rob

    What I don’t get is how you’ve used EDGE this whole time with your Iphone(s). When my Sensation is on 3G now, I feel like it’s crawling.

  • PlowRox

    WooHoo Congrats! Now the first thing to do is spend a few hours doing the unthinkable…Customizing your device! move the icons around organize your screens, [mine are apps one page,all google stuff on another,games etc youll get the idea! and best of all you can now nest your icons with ICS make lil folders!
    Thats probably the biggest challenge with android…you have to think and not be told how to use the phone! :P That and you can customise your device without asking “mother may I”.
    Good luck!