Future T-Mobile Model SGH-T999 Spotted In Galaxy S III Walkthrough Hands-On Video

We’ve watched the SGH-T999 model number ever since we uncovered it back in January and now we’re more excited about it than ever. Upon first discovery, we thought it could be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, than we moved on to the Galaxy S Blaze 4G. Finally, we settled on what we’ve just noticed via a hands-on video walkthrough courtesy of the guys at Android Police, the Galaxy S III. It’s hard to call anything concrete at this point and only other possibility for the T999 model number is the Galaxy Nexus however, the Galaxy Nexus isn’t Wi-Fi Direct or DLNA enabled. I think we’re looking at what is our best piece of evidence to date hinting at an upcoming variant of the T-Mobile Galaxy S III.

Still, we’ll emphasize that this is hardly bulletproof evidence, but the T999 model number certainly looks to be more and more in the Galaxy S III camp. Come on Magenta, announce this sucker already!

You can see the full hands-on video below, or skip right to 5:53 for the image.

Hat tip to @drewtang1 for catching this!

Android Police

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  • smjth93

    I hope it’s as curvy as the international version

  • Al Chandler

    If the model SGH-T999 is already there, why would the phone asked to add your device?

    • Its to enable multiple devices for sharing, however, I suspect that someone just put that build number in when they were playing with the phone.

      I say this because similar to how you can distinguish your home computer on your network by naming the device it should work the same way for this app with the SGS3.

    • Lc

      I would assume the 999 device was in the area, but not the actually device the demonstrator was using.

  • That’s the f*&king GSIII. I’m NOT taking this with a grain of salt, this is confirmation and I’m excited. August can’t come soon enough (when i’m due for my upgrade from the G2).

    • krca21

      I have a G2 and this is going to be an amazing upgrade. I have to wait until October :(

    • Abe_The_Babe

      I’m upgrading from the G2 as soon as it comes out, been saving my upgrade for months!

    • IF the note doesn’t come to tmobile this will be replacing my G2 as well lol

      • niftydl

        The Note will come, but it will still have the older Snapdragon S3 (most likely). If you are going to renew your contract, I would not consider anything based on an S3 chip. The One S/X (AT&T) have a S4 Snapdragon.

  • AndroidFan

    Terrible, HTC One X is the true winner!

    • Fray26

      Please!! If this Galaxy S3 comes to T-Mobile, its gonna be way better than all the carriers in the U.S.. You crazy! Its gonna have the Exynos Quad Core cuz T-Mobile dont use LTE! OOOOO man! lol

      • I hope that’s the case but I’m not holding my breath on that one. I’m crossing my fingers we get the Exynos quad-core.

        • jessejames111981

          what makes you think a company currently in a speed campaign would not have the newest galaxy on their network not be the fastest data wise it can be?

      • Lol if it has Exynos it’ll be downgrading in the HSPA+ Department to 21 mbps instead of 42.

        • fixxmyhead

          yes but it would be the best s3 from the other carriers. A big F U to sprint ,att, and verizon if they get it and they can say ”we got the quadcore one with a SUPERIOR CHIP also”

  • Godson1227_Barry

    The design of this phone isn’t as bad as I initially thought, idk if its the white color or not but it looks good. I think a lot of ppl maybe eating crow this summer.

  • bruce_leer0y

    lovely, seeing how there wasn’t a galaxy note for tmobile shown, ill have to go with this device which looks pretty darn amazing

  • if this is the GS3, im canceling my AT&T and coming back to t-mobile. :-)))))))))

  • what if the new model IS the Galaxy Note and they are just gonna launch it at a private event??? u never know but the more i look at this phone the more i like it

  • I am seriously screaming like a B–ch. I would definitely craigslist my current S2 for this sexy greatness…..

  • i think most of the people who will be getting the GS3 is coming from a G2 (myself included) I CANT WAIT!!!

    • TMobileFan

      I have a bit of inside info. A friend of mine (reliable) has checked the T-Mobile SKUs listing and is seeing the SAM T999 GALAXY S III BLUE in both 16GB and 32GB varieties on the list. It doesn’t show a release date, but that is pretty rock-solid info that this is coming. I am excited.

      • Taron19119

        Can we get a pic of the skus listing

      • secano

        F the blue color. I’m not buying this one unless it’s white.

        • white phones are for chicks

      • now_onTMO

        i want the white one, i’ll wait for that one…. thanks for the info

      • John

        I can hardly imagine how much more the 32GB would be over the 16GB?? I’m sure the 32 will go much faster than the 16 since it may or may not much to go around at first. Kinda like the iphone was/is.More memory=more popular.

      • Crayola_Rox

        my contract ends in august, bye bye Vibrant, im hoping the S3 is out by then

  • Youngt82

    Of course we’re getting the GS3, T-Mobile doesnt have that much high end devices so when a big one like this comes out (since we got the GS1,GS2) it makes lots of sense we will get this phone, the only worries is what chip will they put on it Exynos or Snapdragon??? T-Mobile has a big relationship with Samsung and HTC anyways:)

  • Taron19119

    Ok so dont that mean he can sen a pic to all the devices listed if so then the sgh-t999 phone is in the room

  • foofighter28

    lined up next to HTC One GSII and GNEX this device is big but not like awkward wide like the GSII it’s a nice form factor

  • gopmatt

    The galaxy nexus does indeed have Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA capabilities…. so that reasoning is incorrect.. not saying that the phone isn’t the S III , but using those factors isn’t justification.

    • sahardcore

      I was just about to type this
      Good catch.

      • gopmatt


    • Yeah, I was confused by that as well. Wi-Fi Direct is a feature of ICS.

      • I actually think it’s a feature Samsung tries to implement in their devices. My stock T-Mobile SGS2 has it as well.

  • Faifai

    Weird thing is that the original wap leak for t999 stated It have arm11 instead of the supposed snap dragon s4 arm9. Hopefully that was just a mistake. Also not sure why they still didn’t announce the Note as the later we get the Note, means the later we will get the GS3. Unless Tmo want to have two high end device compete with each other.

    • Jshardcore

      I was just about to type this
      Good catch.

    • now_onTMO

      i looked into this, but snapdragons are also armv7 (arm11) just like the exynos ones.. but maybe snapdragons are arm9 .. not sure

  • Ewa beach oahu

    Ohhhh nooo! I just got htc one s! Ughhh lol

  • Anonymous

    before I saw this video, i was kinda hellbent on getting a one S or unlocked one X.. but after this, I think I might just give samsung a try. I haven’t had a samsung phone since my slider back in the year 2000 (or so). I hate touchwiz (i strongly prefer sense) but it didn’t seem too bad when he was using the phone.

  • jmatt

    I rather have the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Focus S

    • iphonesinthebackdoor


  • MarcusDW

    Yup, there was a T-Mobile GS3 secretly floating around within WiFi shot of that GS3. Woulda been nice for US carriers to announce their versions during CTIA.

  • jon

    I think you’re connecting dots that aren’t there. My Galaxy Nexus does has direct Wi-F. So you still cannot rule out the GN. The 999 was in the room, no doubt. But this video doesn’t confirm anything more than that…

    • MarcusDW

      “the Galaxy Nexus isn’t Wi-Fi Direct”

      Yeah that part is wrong but I think the SGH-T959 and SGH-T989 are two undeniable dots and the SGH-T999 is the connecting dot.

      Furthermore, why would TMO even pick up the Nexus when it would be over 6 months old if it does land on TMO and can currently be had for a mere $399 off contract via Google?

      • jon

        Yes, yes it is. Look it up. If I had the ability to show you a screen shot in settings I would. The GN DOES have direct Wi-Fi. I am not suggesting that the t999 is the GN. I’m simply saying you can’t rule it out…

        • MarcusDW

          You misread me. David wrote
          “the Galaxy Nexus isn’t Wi-Fi Direct” which is wrong. I am verifying that it does in fact have WFD.

    • tommy

      Umm dumb question what is WiFi direct

      • now_onTMO

        when devices have wifi direct features.. they can share files even without being connected to a wifi network… buddy share and all share are some of the features on GS3 that use wifi direct..

        • now_onTMO

          but they need to “add devices” on the phone in order to use the feature

  • The Galaxy S3 is nice, but I don’t see it being worth the upgrade. I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Galaxy Note, bot powerhouse devices. This one does not offer enough upgrades, for me to consider it worthy of my funds. Very nice phone though.

  • Cashman

    I’m happy with my One S

  • mooggyy

    Maybe its just me but the eyeball thing is really weird and creepy! Big Brotheresque! Other than that, a great phone! Gotta make some choices come July!

  • tekmonkey

    Im coming from a SGS 1. Cant wait for this phone!!

  • Noel

    Really torn making the choice between the One X and GS3. That is to hoping that the One X comes to Tmo as rumored with vanilla ICS. If that is the case putting both devices side by side what DOES THE ONE X HAVE THAT THE GS3 IS LACKING and is that enuf to give the One X an edge. I keep going back and fourth…i really like the form factor and design of the One X with its super ISP screen but considering its lack of an SD card expansion and lack of a replaceable battery while the GS3 has all this is tearing me apart decision wise. Again that will depend if both device come to Tmo around the same time. If Sprint made sure that their version of the One X came with an SD card expansion slot Tmo can do the same for their version of the One X

  • Derail Doax

    I know I have said it a million times. I am a BIG HTC fan and having a HTC Sensation 4G was hoping to get a One X on T-Mobile, but being that HTC signed a stupid exclusivity agreement with AT&T I’m going to be finally going back to Samsung for the Galaxy S3. I liked my Vibrant, but I found there to be too many bugs. Hopefully this experience is better. Plus the Galaxy S3 has a removable battery, bonus!

    • fixxmyhead

      ur really turned from a OEM cuz of a bad experience from a 2 yr old phone. stop being stupid, of course they have improved on it its the latest and greatest u swear like there gonna crap out on a flagship.

  • What a bad ass phone. I can hardly wait to get my hands on this device. Hoping the US Carriers will bring this great phone to market much faster then they did with the SGS2. We got the S2 6 months after it was released and that makes the phone old before it is even released. The US Market is ready for this phone NOW.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hmmm… I like the GS3 but I was waiting for the Tmo Note that seems to have eluded us. Seems like the GS3 is my next phone.

  • AD

    Looks like it may be released on July 21st

  • Kristian

    If its GSIII ill be buying it. I still have my samsung vibrant I running ics rooted of course, but is time for that hardware upgrade.

  • Leon

    I want tmobile to release the Galaxy Note already but i think they might release it when Samsung gives the update to ics since the Note that TMONEWS showed that it comes with 4.0 already!!!!

  • meh id want the Tmo note more

  • HeLLo

    Wow great news.So where are the people complaining about T-Mobile not getting any high end phones?.People just need to be patient.

    • Disgruntled

      One possibly two phones in 2012. WATCH OUT!

  • John

    I was talking to my local T-Mobile rep today (btw shes is very knowlledgeable) about the GS3 and the Note. She said T-Mobile is getting the GS3 around the first week of Aug, and the Note in June. Somehow I do believe her, Her eyes lid up and all smiles up when we were talking about the GS3 and the Note and how she can’t wait either. Sounded like she wanted the Note more than the GS3 becuse of the Pen…Can’t wait….
    P.S. She want on to say the GS3 or the Note should be around $199 after a $50 rebate. Should priced arounf the same as the One S.

    • faifai

      That’s my guess also, since they have to give enough time for the note to sell, otherwise they will have direct competition from their two samsung device. I wish note can come out ASAP or maybe they shoudl do the same as ATT, just drop the device.

  • Looks like the release is now September 2012

    • ABC

      If thats true then Tmobile will be one of the very last carriers to be getting a SGS3 cuz rumor is that Sprint and Verizon will have the SGS3 in June/July.


    • Are you asking me?

  • I’m still on a G2 as well, have had it for over a year, and no problems until now. It won’t charge, or charge fully. I think its the charger though, so I just bought another 1 and we’ll see. I want to hold on to it as a back up phone, so don’t want to have to get a replacement and send it in. But I don’t want to waste my upgrade on the phones available now.

    Honestly, I don’t really want the One S or the S3. I don’t like the unibody and lack of expandable memory. Not to mention the One S only has 16GB, probably only 12GB is usuable, another 1GB probably taken up with bloatware. I rock a 32GB in my G2, I know 16GB isn’t enough for me. I’m not crazy about Sense or Touchwiz, and I prefer a keyboard. I’m trying to wait for something I actually want. Maybe I’ll just let me contract run out and go elsewhere. I know I want a new phone, but nothing I am seeing on the horizon for T Mobile is making me wanna spend the money, hahaha

  • The One S has been rooted already right? I’ve been seeing comments about ROMs for it. How is that working out without the removable battery? Sometime you just need to pull the battery, hahaha

    Ok, the S3 has sd slot and removable battery. Cool. So, if you already have a dropbox, can you just get the 50GB for free

  • godrilla

    Is this based on 2012 dualcore standard CPU s4 or something better?

  • wonder what the u.s one will look like and what will they strip from it besides the button and the Exynos 4 Quad processor

  • Ahnguyen

    i dont see how this points to the SGH-999 to be a SGS3 or anything else. it’s a device that is connected to the phone in the video but that doesnt necessarily means its the same device.

    • We know the SGH-T999 is the Galaxy S III. We know it’s an indicator because we know it is!