Deal Alert: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB For $369.99

This may just rank as the best deal we’ve ever seen for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB smartphone at $369.99. Courtesy of eBay’s Daily Deals, this offer won’t last long as quantities are limited so you better act fast if you recognize this is one price that is hard to pass up. This is a brand-new, unused, and unopened Galaxy Nexus rocking 16GB of internal memory. You know the device, you know it’s the best stock Android device available and this is the best price we’ve ever seen. Go. Get. It.


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  • Guest

    Gee, I am first to know! Thks.

  • Qbancelli

    Crappy camera No Way

    • Crackzattic

      i thought that before i got it, but there is NO shutter lag. so ill take a 3mp drop for that anyday with my 3 year old

    • Spanky

      Megapixels don’t equal quality.

  • Princeasi

    I don’t think that’s good deal, considering the HTC one series and sgs3 on the horizon….. Maybe for $249.00 would be a “too good to pass up” deal.

    • Yolo

      No contract with this deal.

      • Spanky

        No CheezWiz or Sense, either! Pure, stock goodness.

      • Spanky

        No CheezWiz or Sense, either! Pure, stock goodness.

  • Jb8von

    This ebay deal is for the international unlocked version. The model sold by the Google play store is for the U. S. unlocked version. From reading many online reviews, the international version does not receive Google’s updates when in use in the U. S.

    • Spanky

      False. I’m in NYC and have the international unlocked GNex. I’ve received every update released by Google so far. If your phone has the “yakju” software build (easily flashable if it doesn’t), you will be the first in line for all updates.

      • Bsalic

         Please note: This is an international version phone. The default
        language on the phone and/or manual may not be English. The bundled
        charger also may not be US, however we will include a US adapter. Please
        check with your carrier if the GSM bands are compatible with your
        service before purchasing.

        • Spanky

          The GSM unlocked version of the Galaxy Nexus is pentaband, meaning it will function with any GSM carrier’s HSPA+ signal.

      • Chaim

        Can you please give me a link to flash the Google build. Thanks.

        • Spanky

          I sure can:

          Since you’re on this site, I assume you have a GSM GNex. Use either the “yakju” (international) or “takju” (USA) builds. If you need instructions on how to flash, take a look at the Galaxy Nexus forum on XDA Developers.

          Keep in mind that flashing a new build will format your phone. I’d advise backing up your data/apps prior to flashing. That way, you’ll be able to restore it easily.

  • Otter6969

    Just read elsewhere the iphone now is going prepaid to Cricket Wireless so now thats gonna make Tmobile look even worse…unlocked is becomibg way to go…Poor Magenta when Leap Wireless Prepaid & all these regional carriersget the iphone & all Tmo has is a chick in a motorcycle telling us to sync music wirelessly even though you can do that on every other carrier too

    • JBLmobileG1

      I wonder what would happen if Tmobile merged with Cricket. I know not every Cricket market will carry the iphone because of the different bands they use but maybe with a merger they could share the towers and the phones. An easy way for Tmobile to get the iphone without having to shell out extra money to Apple.

      • UMA_Fan

        I think when these telecos consider mergers, just bumping up the subscriber base is kind of just a plus but not a true motivation the merge.  The more important deciding factor these days is probably spectrum.

    • Youngt82

       Haha love it :)

  • Anonymous

    How is this a good deal when for $30 more, you purchase direct from google and you get a factory US warranty? 

    • RaChi

      $30 + Tax + Shipping.

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    Hold on to your money, in the next few months there’s going to be so many purchase options that IMO you are going to regret this purchase (even though this is a very nice phone). Consider:

    – Consumers continue the mass exodus to prepaid.

    – Prepaid continues to get better phone offerings. Al prepaids are now selling smart and superphones.

    – Prepaid now sells the iPhone 4s – This has to really frost T-Mobile: Prepaid carrier Cricket has cut a three-year, $900m deal with Apple, to sell the iPhone directly through Cricket’s PCS markets.

    (ALERT: Does this mean that TMOUS can finally get the iPhone, by offering it through T-Mobile’s prepaid market? I predict the answer is YES. So look for T-Mobile getting the iPhone soon.)

    – BYOP – What is really becoming mainstream and popular is the BYOP plans (Bring Your Own Phone). Of course Straight Talk is the KING of that concept. ST uses AT&T and T-Mobile towers, so service is not an issue. The only issue for people was the crappy phones. Now, if you have any GSM-based phone (even an iPhone 4s), you can use it on Straight Talk and pay as little as $41 monthly, total, for unlimited talk and text ,and 2.5 GB 4G data.

    So there’s lots of choices out there, and there will be even more options from June to September. The deals are going to be so sweet, this $370 is going to look like a bad investment.

    Sidenote: Of course, if you go prepaid you can use a phone for a few months, then sell it on eBay and get something else. With prepaid there’s no contract concerns, no ETF to worry about, and no more calculating when you are qualified for an upgrade.

    • sonyvaioS

      and you have no life of your own

    • Dnyyanks62

      My perspective: I bought my Nexus a few months ago and it’s fantastic. I’m not tied to a contract either, so I can leave whenever I please. It’s the best of both worlds. Cheap T-Mobile and good service overall and a great phone without a 2 year contract. 

  • Ungibbed

    If only wifi calling could be used with the Nexus…

  • Ne0

    storage is way too small, camera is pretty bad compare to this year smartphone.

  • JoeyKhache

    Keep in mind that all these nexus’ that are selling for these lower prices anywhere besides the play store are the “YAKJUXW” branded nexus’ which rarely get updates. Meaning that Samsung updates these specific ones and they take FOREVER! My coworker and manager bought the lower priced ones and they have yet to even see one update, it’s been like 4 months. 

    • redman12

       Even if you try “force update” which is: *#*#checkin#*#*

    • jon

      If you’re buying a developer device, you should be competent to do a simple flash of the official yakju build. My nexus was one of the imported versions with a different build. It took all of 15 min of research and 10 min to unlock and flash the Google build. If you’re not competent enough to follow simple step by step instructions; I wonder if you should even own a something that is known as a developer device…just sayin’….There is nothing wrong with the imported versions of the GN. The only thing that needs to be considered is if the website you purchase from can be trusted. I purchased mine from “daily steals” without a hiccup.

      • Chaim

        Can you please give me a link to flash the Google build. Thanks.

        • jon

          Just Google search yakju and find the link to xda-developers. You will need an understanding of adb. As long as you do the process is easy.

  • iTried

    Someone is a fan of slickdeals. 

  • Talk about a sweet deal…WOW

  • Harddude5

    Great deal? I notice the listing says you can add a warranty for $62.99. Yikes, why mess with that gray market deal when you can buy the fully warranteed version from Google for $399 +shipping/tax? The price would be almost identical and Google is providing customer support if you need it..

    • J Hodges

      Another thing… most people don’t realize that the majority of credit cards will double the manufacturer’s warranty (usually a year) for free.  Considering how we beat up our phones with most on their last leg around the time of our contract renewals, I don’t see the point in buying an extended warranty. But overall I agree, this isn’t that great a deal.