HTC Says No More Beats Audio Earbuds Included With Purchase

It was just 3 days ago that we learned the newest HTC device arriving on T-Mobile, the HTC One S would arrive sans Beats Audio headphones and now we know why. HTC is sticking the idea of including headphones deep down in a pocket and won’t likely bring the idea back unless there is a drastic change in…well something.

“An accessory like the headphone doesn’t factor in when someone is buying a smartphone,” Martin Fichter, an HTC product executive, told CNET. “If they want a Beats headphone, they’ll buy it directly.”

The inclusion of Beats Audio technology inside HTC’s newest smartphones was supposed to be a key selling point given the impressive audio quality over the competition. As handset vendors work tirelessly to distinguish themselves from their competition, HTC’s bet on Beats Audio was supposed to be their differentiator. In fact, HTC spent close to $300 million to acquire a 51% stake in Beats and if headphones aren’t moving smartphone sales, did HTC throw away money?

Fichter says HTC is more concerned with the technology behind Beats Audio, which will still get incorporated into future handsets. This decision was likely influenced by poor HTC Rezound sales on Verizon even with Verizon not putting much of it’s marketing muscle behind the handset.

So why is this relevant to T-Mobile? Well, the HTC One S, T-Mobile’s next device from HTC is a Beats Audio device and when our ninjas told us it was unlikely it would be bundled with Beats earbuds, we wanted to know why. Now we know.


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  • mreveryphone

    I have the same rom on my sensation beats is alright sense 4.0 is better

  • Jwalker3181

    So because Verizon screwed th pooch I miss out on decent headphones… Great.

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      No, you miss out on overpriced, over-hyped bad headphones. 

      Go shop around for some Sennheisers. You can get some for around $20-$50 that will blow away Beats! 

      • Doesnt like idiocy

        Stop being mis-leading. They aren’t over priced they come with the phone second if he wanted beats he wanted bass and if i know my headphones Senn will not come to the plate. We are talking about regular people not audiophiles they will hear everything great but lack of bass and they are out. That’s how people are. My sony MDR-7506’s have way better highs and pretty good mids and a nice defined bass but regular people compare them to beats and they say beats are better. So then you pull out do beats and pull out the god-ly ATH-pro700mk2’s and then they will understand. But any less and you lost them. Remember its the average person not you or I. 

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          Obviously you don’t know your headphones. Beats are made by Monster. Everything Monster is garbage. 

          And yes, they are over priced. It may be included in the package, but you are still paying for the headphones. You pay for everything IN the box, idiot!

          And learn how to write a sentence. 

        • Ishcabible

          Uhh…nothing he said about headphones was incorrect. The average person that would be interested in Beats probably wants a lot of bass. If you tried to compare an HD280 (ghastly headphone in my opinion) to Beats, the Beats fan would probably laugh at you. A better comparison would be a bassy headphone, like, say, an AKG K81. They have the V-shaped sound signature that most consumers want, they’re pretty, and they’re a quarter of the price of the Beats Solos. And they sound better.

          But he was definitely wrong about them being priced with the phone. The Rezound initially cost $299 when most flagship phones–Not sure what Verizon’s pricing scale was, so that part’s probably wrong. The Thunderbolt might have been $299 too now that I think of it–were priced at $199. The iBeats that the Rezound came with retail at something around $100. Then again, I can kind of see his logic because the Razr has somewhat similar specs and originally cost the same. But the fanboy’s argument for the Razr would be the build quality. Verizon’s argument would be that it’s a 32GB phone (somehow a 16GB micro SD card costs $100), so it should be priced the same as the 32GB iPhone.

          At least I think that’s what he meant. Seriously, use grammar.

  • hater on the rocks

    man i was hoping  for a 
    pair of beat head 
    phone  with a 
    purchase of a htc 
    phone because their one of the better cell
    phone makers. 

  • Bureau_c

    I highly doubt the included Beats earbuds are as good as my Senns anyway. No big loss.

    • WhyBeTea

      AMEN!!! I got the HD280 Pro and its the best phone I’ve owned! It does everything!

    • Auser72

      Matter of preference, i think senns over the ear headphones are excellent but their buds are mediocre at best. Beats sound phenomenal but are overpriced. This is coming from some one who owned several pair of both. Current headphones of choice Klipsch image s4, cheaper and sound better.

      • Khalints

         I have a pair of sony xb500 its all the bass I want for when I want that extra punch, and very comparable to beats (and they were only $50!!). For everything else I have some in ear Denon’s that I love.

  • steveb944

    I wsh they had included them with the Amaze previously, that way I would have had em. We never got a phone with them, nor will we ever. Shame

  • Lisa Dph

    There are no free lunches, if headphones are included in the purchase then they will be charged for.  I for one am glad to not be forced into buying headphones I will not use.  Just as HTC says, if you want Beats  Headphones buy them, no need to add to the cost of the phone when most won’t be swayed into buying the phone because they are included and some may be priced out by their inclusion in the purchase price. 

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      Exactly, you’re paying for it anyway!

      • BigNgg

        Love Futurama

    • Wiiengineer

      It would be smarter to provide the customer with the full potential of your marketing campaign since most customers probably don’t see the advantage to having the $100 headphones and therefore won’t buy them on their own. Also with the phone being subsidized on current prices T-mobile would likely be eating the additional cost of the handsets not the consumer, which isn’t good either but the only difference the consumer would really see is the better quality they could have.

    • BigNgg

      This thread is makes a lot of sense. Not to mention that customers will probably get a lower quality beats headphone since I am sure HTC would make a separate/lower quality ear  phones to offset the cost. This is similar to how companies make lower tiered product that gets sold directly to outlets with the same brand name. 

  • Lisa Dph

    A much better idea copied from 
    HTC could simply include a coupon with every phone, giving customers a substantial discount on Beats headphones at a participating retailer. HTC would still be passing on value to their customers without actually giving anything away and customer would be able to choose which headphones they really want rather than having to go with whatever’s included in the box.

  • DaBoss

    If beats aren’t included I’m not buying any HTC phone. Fail!

    • Khalints

      If you’re buying a phone for what kind of headphones are inside you have a problem…

  • Trjcasper

    a 51% stake in Beats means they stand to gain 51% of the profit out of Beats. If they “give away” the ear buds no one would be encouraged to buy a set. If they include them with the phone they need to raise the phone MSRP $20-30 to extract the profit they expect from Beats.

  • Taron19119

    Ok then im not geting the one s

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Good thing I got a pair of Nokia BH905i headphones.

  • not that Beats is worth any of this but i mean come on .. you plaster Beats Audio all over the phone and then dont’ even give customers an out of the box Beats experience.  fail.

  • Theshadow

    Count me out of buying the htc one s from tmobile one of the main reasons why I wanted it was to experience beats audio to the fullest with the headphones now I rather buy the galaxy nexus instead

  • Auser72

    HTC would be better off pricing phone to include headphones vs forcing customer to make separate purchase to use phone key feature.

    • Bigngg

      No, people don’t want to be forced to buy accessories that they don’t care about. lots of tmo customers want free phones, so pricey ear buds would inflate the price and make it harder to acquire this phone for free.

  • Guest3435

    Totally agree with HTC! lol who uses those cheap earbuds anyway!

    • Jarrod

      Cheap quality but they retail at cheapest $90. Anyway I laughed at that!!!!

      • Guest3435

        Please educate yourself. First of all, who listens to “high quality” music on a smartphone? if yo want truly good quality music despite the noise of being mobile (environmental noise) you will need a good digital player with a portable amp (RSA, Headroom, Xin, EA, etc), a decent ear/headphones like Grados, Ethymotic, Senheiser, etc) and a clean line-out link. Everything less than that is for the Bieber crowd. 

        • Khalints

          Sarcasm noted but you still have to agree Beats are over-priced and over-hyped for all the kids that want to look “cool”. The marketing team at Beats HQ must be rolling in money.

        • Jarrod

          Why are you saying that I need to “educate” my self when I simply made the comment that they were cheaply made with a price tag that starts at $90 retail. Any ways I think my iPhone 3GS and Bowers & Wilkins combo do just fine with quality and for the Flac format they also give you a six month trail where you can download music for free.

        • Jarrod


  • Jaycovic

    They fail to see that lots of people including myself will only get Beats ear buds if they come with the phone. I would not spend $100 on those ear buds alone. So if no Beats with the phone then who cares about HTC. That was their + against competitors, now they won’t really have anything special.

  • Thompc82

    b2g1f with tmo accessories

  • Wiiengineer

    Big mistake on HTC’s part in my opinion. I was actually considering this phone based on the fact that it came with such impressive headphones included. I have never bought third party headphones for my devices and especially not $100 ones. I think their marketing department has misjudged their consumers by a long shot saying that people aren’t interested in peripherals that come with the device as a selling point. But I thank HTC for making my decision easy to wait for the Galaxy SIII instead.

  • Gift2r

    The Beats ear buds were also why I was holding out for the One series.  I, like Wilma, have the Nokia 905i headphones and will not spend $100 on ear buds.  Was really wanting to experience Beats Audio through a Beats listening device, but HTC’s decision has also now made me rethink which new phone to purchase.  Bring it on Samsung!

    • StarMenace

      I just bought a pair of the Beats Tour earbuds on eBay for $47 shipped. They’re brand new and there are a bunch of them listed for that price. Seems like a good deal for headphones that retail for $150.

      • ghulamsameer

        Not to rain on your parade, but the chances are extremely high that you bought a pair of fake Beats. The majority of Beats headphones sold On eBay are fake.

      • Khalints

        You probably got fakes dude ebay is full of fake sellers especially for headphones. When I bought my denon’s I found so many on ebay for so cheap I said fuck it and spent a little more than what I wanted for the reassurance that I was getting the real thing.

        Just saying

      • MHPhan


    • Ishcabible

      You didn’t miss out on much… If HTC wanted to bundle any type of Beats IEM, they would have bundled the mediocre sounding iBeats the Rezound came with. Nothing to lose sleep over. If HTC included iBeats with the One S, the retail price would probably have been $299 and everyone here would complain about how expensive the phone is. This way, the One S will likely be priced at the $199 price point we love so much. 

      Beats Audio is just a fancy term for equalization. Just download an equalizer app off of Google Play and mess around with it. Beats Audio probably has some additional tweaks that aren’t as easy to tinker with, but it’s really nothing special. Just buy an XePort 5010 and you’ll have something exponentially better than the iBeats.

  • Susanne Salce

    We all know that the HTC One S will be on the pricy side based on what the phone can do alone. This is why HTC is wrong in why they decided to not include the Beats headphones. If I am paying $200-300 for a device I would like some good quality headphones to come with it and being that the One S has Beats technology already integrated it is only fair to those who would want to buy the phone. Small details like these is what makes HTC lose prospective buyers.

  • Bigngg

    Too the average consumer (which includes me), this decision makes no difference to us. I had no idea what beat headphones are and don’t care. It was a smart move by htc because they can increase their margins

  • Imma huge HTC fan, second to Apple’s hardware IMO… but I think by not at least including the iBeats headphones will be a blow to sales. I hope I’m wrong tho. I already have the Beats Tour and Beats Solo (Solo’s are a waste, skip these and get the Studios like I shoulda), so I can care less. However, I am curious to experience these with a Beats Audio enabled device until the iPhone 5 drops. My Amaze & Sensation is getting very boring and not helping my 513 jeans. I might sell these two devices on CL and cop a One S to see what the fuss is about. No HD screen still sucks tho.

  • It’s not a big deal to me. Beats are overrated, overexposed, & overpriced to me. I was seriously just caring more about the camera, & the beats built-in software on the device itself than the earphones. I could care less about the earphones.

  • riderdiechic

    Can someone seriously *without being sarcastic* tell me what the difference is between the regular ear buds and these beat ear buds?  I honestly do not know and I’m just curious to know if it’s something that I want to purchase or not.  Does these ear buds work on all smart phones?    

  • Which way is Up?

    iBeats headphones are a cool pack in but certainly not why I bought my Sensation XE or any other Beats enabled phone I look to purchase in the future. 

    Some might look at this as problematic or perhaps even a deciding factor in their purchase, however according to the original report, the reason HTC is no longer packing in the expensive freebie is simply because that particular line (of HTC phones with the pack in iBeats headphones) did not sell as well as they thought (or hoped it would).

    As the article highlighted, HTC and carriers lack the type of marketing skills needed for some of these products.  Although the US and Europe are completely different in how phones/plans are sold, there IS a market in the US for imports and/or premium bundled handsets.  I only caught wind of the Sensation XE from internet blogs, certainly not from HTC.  Had I known about the Sensation XE, I would’ve never bought a Sensation 4g or Amaze 4g for that matter.  HTC and T Mobile should not really worry about losing busienss as there are plenty of folks who depend on the subsidized price of their celly’s and so, some folks could care less about a more expensive international version of their phone with no subsidy.

    If HTC marketed their products better, I’m sure they would see higher sales.  Also, if US carriers marketed the HTC’s with the included iBeats or Solo’s, they would also see increased sales.  There is absolutely a market out there.  HTC and carriers have yet to fully capture it. 

    • I think the Sensation XE is the sexiest device ever. Black and red is my favorite color and it will match a lot of my clothes and Jordans. Screw the One S, I’d rather have the XE. This dude in my building has it and I tried to offer my Amaze and cash for it but he refuses.  

    • Loopylogic

      I do agree…there is a market for premium bundled handsets, but I think the more pertinent question is how big is that market…you have to remember, you are now trying to capture a niche within a niche market. I still think that it is the right move by HTC/tmo/whoever made this decision. 

  • Gmail

    Beats headphones are overhyped overpriced garbage that people with no personality and no individuality buy to think they look cool and be part of the supposed “hip”  crowd ..If you want good erbuds get the Klipsch s4i , Audio Technica,  Sennheisers .by the way the most influential factor in audio (music ) quality is the source so if your MP3 are 96kbps i dont care if you have $1000 headphones music will sound  terrible now with 320kbps music files and a 60$ music sounds wonderful.when you buy a headphone buy it to hear great audio , not to try to look cool or pretend ur a fake ganster rapper …..geez it so easy for these companies to brainwash these fools with overpriced junk because of celibrity endorsement .” HUH Im cool my headphones were made by DR. Dre, I am a ganster im bad Huh Huh Huh”” … Knowledge is Power………

    • Guest3435

      Agree, as i said earlier, who listens to “high quality” music on a smartphone anyway? if yo want truly decent quality music despite the noise of being mobile (environmental noise) you will need a good digital player with lossless compression format like FLAC, ALAC or 320 kbps MP3,  a portable amp (RSA, Headroom, Xin, EA, etc), decent ear/headphones like Grados, Ethymotic, Senheiser, etc) and a clean line-out link. Everything less than that is for the Bieber/ghettho/Dr.dre crowd. 

    • Which way is Up?

      It’s funny how you consider people who wear these headphones as wanting to be “gangster rappers” and thinking they are “bad.”

      Based on your ignorant comments, it seems as though you have a serious issue with the multi millionaires behind the product (Dre and Iovine), certainly not the kids or adults like me using these headphones. I do agree that the real quality focus should be on the file, then headphones but the fact is, most consumers already know this and so you are stating the obvious and making assumptions and you Amy know what happens when you that, right?

      What an ignorant f**k you are…

      • kalel

         Ignorance is claiming you believe, as an adult, that Beats are good headphones.  They are decent headphones that are way overpriced.  By you saying you use them shows you are ignorant on headphones altogether and buy what a rapper tells you is great.  I’m sure Monster has some HDMI cables and speaker wire that they can sell you at 5x what they should cost too.

        • Which way is Up?

          Another one…

          I never stated they were good, I simply pointed out how ignorant the comment of wanting to be “bad” and “gangster” is. Re read my reply and understand what was written before running off of emotion.

          My point in this all is, I am an adult, college educated in business and recording engineering. I didn’t buy my phone because I wanted to be “gangster” or “bad” and to make such a generalized and purely ignorant comment like that is simply idiotic and offensive to someone like myself. And yes, I use them as they came bundled with my handset, NOT because I believe they are the best headset, but because they are far superior to any pack in headset found in the majority of celly’s sold.

          Besides, I enjoy my music in my car or in my house, not my celly. There are no headphones included with any celly that can be compared to my equipment at home or in my car and so as a pack in to a cell phone I purchased (for less than an Amaze 4g off contract), the iBeats are pretty damn spectacular.

          A lot of folks posting negative comments regarding the iBeats headphones are simply upset that they never owned a pair or their next purchase will not include a pair. Lol.

      • Gmail

        Your just another idiot that is obsessed with the fabricated gansta rap .what you know of sound quality? let me guess you drive a car with more expensive rims than the actual car it has a lot of bass and you think it sounds amazing you watch a bunch of rap videos and you imagine your a sound engineer .I could sell you any headphone paint it red and white and tell you Dr Dre created them and you would rather not pay your rent to buy them to wear them to make your self think your cool. “”””””OHHH they sound amazing because Dr Dre said so OHHHH “””””

        • Which way is Up?

          Dude, they dont cost much, you can probably afford a pair…

          Dont worry about my car, it is newer than yours and you could never afford it. And no, watching rap videos does not qualify anyone with being a “sound engineer” but my degree does.

          Name calling, generalizing and using stereotypes. Not only are you an idiot, but you are also an ignoramus.

        • Gmail

          HMMMMMM  a 1999  Crown Victoria or a Chevy with purple paint and 24 inch rims and a degree from the YMCA…. let’s see.. you make hiphop beats which you upload to the internet with the WIFI connection you steal from your neighbor . your such a Simpleton you wear the Dunce hat nicely.the rightful owner of the Sensation XE is looking for his phone please return it. 

        • Which way is Up?

          So petty, immature and juvenile.

          A girl your age shouldnt even be on the internet…

        • Gmail

          The truth hurt your feelings awwww.  An Ape or is it a chimpanzee like you should not be on the internet much less a mobile phone  website .Get out of here with your nonsense trying to talk like you know anything .Monster has made lots of money from fools like you who swear by Dre Dre headphones , a shame the money doesnt come from your hardwork but from the welfare check you recieve every month . The End

        • Which way is Up?

          Relax lady, perhaps you will afford a pair of Beats branded headphones someday, one day. Never really, lol.

          Everyone is laughing at the ignoramus. What a ditzy, putzy, misinformed and plain ignorant little girl you are. Pull your skirt up. Emotions are running wild!

        • Gmail

          Okay Ape man im sure your proud of the phone using “Gorilla Glass” its a reminder of your monkey heritage .

        • Which way is Up?

          I’m truly lol at you, you stupid little girl.

          Clearly, you’re truly an ignorant, sub human. EVERYONE reading your comments can tell that you are not smart and have no idea what you’re talking AND have racist undertones. I’m surprised you haven’t been banned yet…

          Thanks for the laugh, dummy

        • How about you get some manners, kthxbai.

        • Which way is Up?

          Lol, a little too much?

          Okay, my bad David but looking at those comments… I will play nice in the sandbox.

        • Gmail

          Awesome job David …..””But looking at those comments… “”  Huh Dr dre headphones made me cool huh…

        • Beats is crap.   Just like JayZ sells 13 dollar bottles of wine as ACE of Spades and dumb rappers pay 1400. a bottle for the swill in clubs because it costs the most.

  • Gouv

    “Impressive audio quality” ?????

    I don’t think many people would notice, I personally found it comparable to the Bass Booster EQ setting on iPods.  It’s also only going to make a noticeable difference if you listen to  music with heavy bass like hip hop, and some electronic music etc.  I didn’t see much of a difference in listening to classic rock, jazz, or blues on my friends phone with his ibeats.  I did notice a difference using the Bose headphones, but that’s a different story entirely.  I think this is more marketing than anything else.

  • Asianotp

    actually this doesn’t surprise me. adding beats headphones to a smartphone deal is pretty gimmicky imo. even though i am with tmo and have been for 12 yrs i have to say that lately tmo has disappointed me in the smartphone market. for a company that started off with the first android phone out of the big 4 they have now settled for mediocre while the remaining 3 carriers have left me with quiet a bit of smartphone envy. the only reason i haven’t jumped ship is the rate plan i am on is hard to beat. i personally would go for the htc one x over the htc one s too bad its not coming to tmo.

  • i think that actually sux. u would think that htc would reward their loyal customers with a “goodie” in the box. but i’ve notice that the handsets are coming with less in the box. i gotta say personally disappointed, i tend to buy at a minimum 2 handsets per year usually full price to skip the contract BS but i just wish they’d appreciate their customers a lil more for us shelling out our hard earned money.

    • Which way is Up?

      If you’re buying phones out of contract twice a year, you’re spending the same amount of $ as you would purchasing an international phone which comes unlocked and sometimes comes bundled with the extra goodies.

      My international Sensation XE, came with the Beats branding and headphone and operates on T MoUSA’s 3g and H+ network (AWS bands). I paid about $6 for it, the same as you would pay for any new phone without subsidy.

      eBay or Negri, bro.

  • nerdlust

    I’m still in love with my sensation but I was looking forward to beats audio enhancement and beats headphones on my next htc. I do most of my yard work with headphones on. :(

  • Tazy254

    Sensation is garbage lags WiFi errors restarts there arw jus a few.among.other problems

    • nerdlust

      Maybe I’m lucky my WiFi works great. Only lags when I run a bunch of stuff without closing apps in the background.

    • Nikolai T

      Running Virtuous Eclipse (a port of the One S RUU) and everything is working perfectly.   

  • Got LTE?

    Htc is a pathetic manufacturer and Tmobile is a pathetic company! At&t all the way suckers!! Best phones! Best service and LTE!!!! Step your game up you pathetic pink shits!

    • ChadBroChillz

      You know HTC sells phones on ATT’s network right? What does that say about ATT, when they are willing to sell phones from a “pathetic” manufacturer? 

    • Lmfao

    • Cupcake

      Funny if you are such an ATT fan, then why do you have your happy azz on this TMOBILE site???  Got nothing better to do than read some real interesting news???!!!    Duffus….

  • Realcool2000

    I do think the phone has more to offer than just beats audio cause HTC is a quality phone company that stays on top of updates etc., but since they marketed this phone as beats everything and won’t include the earphones then thats really ridiculous.

    Its like selling a TV with no remote lol…car with no tires,…breakfast with no silverware, gun with no bullets, dog with no leash,…solar powered house WITH NO SOLAR PANELS…..

    Come on HTC, whats up with that.

  • FILA

    HTC hardly even released any phones here with Beats so how do they kno people wouldn buy a HTC just for the Headphones, jeeze, they should of advertised it more, and give it a chance. Only phone in the US with Beats was the Rezound wasnt it? Its always about money, phone cost 150 dollars or so to make but jack it up to 500-600 dollars. Earbuds are cheap to make but force you to pay over a hundred, get real, Beats is over rated anyways

    • kalel

       Actually, just the parts for the HTC Thunderbolt cost $246.  That’s not manufacturing, warehouse, shipping, research & development, marketing, and support.  So where do you get $150 from?  Do you have a source, because I can give you one for mine, but only when you concede you pulled your number out your #*@. 

      • FILA

        Jesus christ smart ass, bunch of little nerds on here always want exact shit, im just making a point, not the fucking exact decimal point of how much shit costs. The point is, shit always cost less to make then what they mark it up for. Tell me how much it is to make a Beat ear bud? Or tell me how much you got your ass beat for being Bill Nye all your fucking life

  • Hey

    Im fine with this since I already have beats HD solo headphones

  • DADDYM469

    So many comments, but not a lot of substance in them…. First of all, I love my music to sound good!
    The fact of the matter is, REAL music lovers who are seeking a premium audio experience will utilize the best headphone they can afford. At this point there can be no case made on not including the headphones. It comes down to the carrier in question. The few HTC phones that have been released were all on other carriers, not T mobile. What they probably found was people getting the phone and selling the headphones or stores losing them in returns or to sneaky employees and so on. 


    Now Again..carrier wise…T mo will sell a heap of these phone to Value plan members who WILL NOT get a discount on this device…So for I believe$550(PRESSUMED ONE S FULL PRICE) plus tax…I sure in heck would like a premium pair of headphones…WHY WOULDN’T ANYONE WANT THAT???? Also keep in mind this One S phone has the beats audio preamp built in. So instead of making a new beats head phone to compliment the handset package, they are banking on you getting your own and using the feature, like many will do anyway. The decision was probably in response to the Rezound and those Sensation XL’s. Now that the One S has the beats audio feature, I see no reason to combine a Beats headphone. Plus many of you  don’t know what great sound is or why anyone would pay 100$ ‘s for some headphones anyway!THIS NEWS SHOULDN’T BOTHER YOU ANY…YOU’RE  PROBABLY STILL WHINING ABOUT THE ONE S NOT HAVING A 720P SCREEN, YET ITS STILL SHARPER THAT ANOTHER 480X800 SCREEN….

    • Guest

      LOL! You think you are a real audiophile? You cannot get great sound out of a 500 dollar phone. Real audiophiles are willing to shell out $10,000 for a power cord that you plug into the wall. So don’t kid yourself. Your argument is moot because real audiophiles would not be using a little $500 to listen to their music.

      • Those 10k power cords are useless, power still goes through 100 feet of 12-2 romex wire.   Those are sucker-philes, the same ones that would buy Beats, the modern day loudness button.

    • WirelessRefugee

      That all sounds impressive, but it is wrong.

      Fact -people using a phone for listening to music don’t give a rat’s pitoot about a “premium sound experience.” Most people don’t even know what that is.

      Fact – In regards to use and demand, you should look at digital cameras to understand what is going on with audio. Digital camera sales are tanking. Why? Because people are content to use their cell phones to take pics. They simply don’t want to carry a camera along with the phone. The same is happening with music. People are content with the sound cell phones put out.

      Fact – People don’t have a discriminating ear. They don’t know the difference between Beats and a plain old beat.

      Fact – This is all about MONEY. If a headset is not included in the box, guess what, the store clerk or online CSR is 99.999% certain to sell the handset purchaser a wired or BT headset. It is far better to make $60 on a $5.00 headset than to have the customer pass on the sale because one is included in the box.

      Fact – It is T-Mobile who orders from HTC what comes in the box. The T-Mobile bean counters told management they can make $500 million extra on headset sales, or not if it includes them in the box.

  • Nikolai T

    Someone needs to ban FILA. His cranial capacity is insufficient. 

  • DADDYM469

    Did I ever once mention using the One S as a primary listening device….Even if I did or you did, what would be wrong with that?? Android technology combined with your digital song library can offer one of the best and convenient listening experiences around. Have you ever used your phone like a receiver or preamp…? If you have you should know the sound tweaking options on an Andriod phone is already high quality and wide range. There is no argument when it comes to the headphone situation here. My point was HTC has NEVER released a phone with BEATS HEADPHONE ON T MOBILE, AND NOT DOING SO IS CHEAP OF THEM.
    YOU PROBABLY WON’T BE GETTING THIS PHONE OR USE THE HEADPHONES IF THEY BOTH WERE FREE…I’m sure you would find a a way to sarcastically talk your way right out of them. Stop looking for criticism AND COMPREHEND DOPE….

  • Nada

    I wonder when they’ll stop giving us a charger, or battery for that matter. I remember my first HTC smartphone came with headset, cradle, usb cable, charger, and it seemed like they wanted you to have a great buyer’s experience. now it’s if they want a headset, they’ll buy a headset, harumph huzah.

  • zps

    Bad move, HTC.

  • Sachimistry95

    numbers of sales will reduce, was an extra loads of people were looking forward to when buying a htc with Beats Audio included

  • I read with great interest.Thanks for you sharing.

  • da9th_one

    i wanted to buy a beats audio device  w/ headphones, but i’m not buying the cheap ass inferior one s just to get it…the one x, definitely…the one s, not so much…

  • Haz

    That’s bogus reasoning from Mr Fichter. If I have three smartphones that all do more or less the same thing (because the’yre all on the same OS, have roughly the same speed / memory), I’d buy the one that throws in a set of decent headphones.

  • Hard Wear

    When will people realize that Beats Audio is a preset equalizer setting?  Moreover, applying the software to non Beats branded phones does not make sense.  The DSP is supposed to be synergetic with the hardware.  It’s kind of like trying to watch a VHS on an HD television, sure you can do that if you really want to but for what?  The telly will only make your video look worse than it is.

  • Sco10ada

    Just to comment here as a T-Mobie employee… I don’t believe it’s all about HTC saying no to the headset. It would be great to have them included, yes. That would mean T-Mobile would have to charge the consumer more for the device in question. With such a competative market, does it make finacial sense for T-Mobile to order the HTC One S with such a high end set of ear buds? I think not. With HTC having to pay whomever for the earbuds, does it make financial sense for them to include the earbuds free of charge to T-Mobile? Again, I think not. Nothing in life is truly free so for the people who want to couple the device with the earbuds/ headphones… You have the freedom to do so.

  • jtmaximus78

    So everyone knows. Im a Tmobile HTC ONE S owner. i went to Best Buy to purchase the beats earbuds for $100.00 And sounds great but controls on the headset do not work. I them upgraded to the beats Solo HP $200.00 also sounds awesome. But the controls on headset did not work IE: Vol/track change. I bought this phone mainly due to high power and camera as well as beats audio integrated. HTC and beats audio need to come up with a plan such as an update for beats software. I have a great phone that has Beats audio installed and printed on the phone and i cant even use it. The controls on the headset only work on iphone’s! HTC and beats need to get with it!

  • Beats headphones may be the biggest rip off since most Bose products!