Rumor: HTC One X, One S Delayed Due To Chip Manufacturing Problems?

Let’s just make sure everyone has read the title and caught the word “RUMOR” in the front, because that’s exactly what this story is — rumor. According to SemiAccurate, TSMC is having trouble manufacturing 28nm chips, in fact they have gone as far as halting production in mid-February. It’s said (if this rumor is in fact, fact) production will not resume until at least the end of March.

So what does this have to do with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip you ask? Well, Qualcomm may have designed the S4, which uses the 28nm manufacturing process TSMC actually manufacturers. Without the chips, production of the devices that are using them, including the HTC One X (for AT&T) and HTC One S (for T-Mobile) may face a delay. The international version of the HTC One X will not be affected by any manufacturing issues as it uses a different processor in the form of the Tegra 3, manufactured by Nvidia.

Still, let’s go right back to the title and emphasize that this is pure rumor now, so any troubles TSMC could be facing may not actually exist at all. Hopefully, the HTC One S will not face any delays in manufacturing and will stay on schedule for a “coming this Spring” launch time-frame.

SemiAccurate via Phonearena

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  • UglyPete

    That’s all I need. It’s slow enough here in retail.

  • Deadeye37

    I’m not due for an upgrade for another few months…I can wait….IMPATIENTLY!!!

  • ConfuciusMonkey

    gah, I’m ready for an upgrade and was really looking forward to that April 4 rumored release :-(

  • Semicycle

    I’m pretty sure nvidia is manufactured by tsmc as well… they are fabless as well mate

    • Vim

      True, but the Tegra 3’s aren’t made on a 28nm die, they’re still made using the older, but thoroughly tested 40nm production process.

  • mreveryphone

    Even though I don’t like apple they have the best release practices around. Announce a product then release it a week later.

    • Iucidium

      At the cost of Chinese people.

      • truckeemike

        thx for that point made lucidium…

  • If TMO gets it it would not affect them either cuz it would be the quad core that tmo is getting not the S4

  • Taron19119

    All I can say is if true htc needs to hope that samsung dont announce the gs3 cause the people that was going to get it well not get it

    • Sandi

      Do you know how much the HTC One S will cost when it comes out to T-Mobile?

  • CCollision

    That would suck if this is true. Delaying a device in the tech world is almost suicide, as the market moves so fast. I hope once TMO refarms their HSPA+ to the PCS bands, they can stop tinkering with the international phone models and just use those (I can dream…).

    • Sandi

      Do you know how much the HTC One S will cost when it comes out to T-Mobile?

  • Y314K

    Isn’t the ATT S4 HTC One X more future proof then the TMobile NVidia3 HTC One X…  Once the band moves are done in 2013…  Won’t the ATT S4 have both HSPA+ & LTE that will be perfect for TMobile ???  And should be good for now too???  With AWS for TMobile HSPA+ ???


    LTE CAT3 – DL 100 /UL 50
    LTE: 700/AWS
    WCDMA: 2100/1900/AWS/850
    EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900

  • Hey rumor or not, T-mobile needs to get their $%!t together…

    • Well, this wouldn’t have anything to do with T-Mobile, so not sure why you posted it in this thread?

      • I think you’re reading a little too deep into my comment Mr.David, its just a general comment(to show that im fed up with Tmo)… so where you want me to post my comment at David? The first story, or how about the the 2nd? maybe i’ll just close my eyes and pick one at random. Yeah lets try that.

        • Hddsgggg


        • Yea, im the dbag -__-. gtfoutta here. He came at me first over some bs. Look at your name, it doesnt even make any sense. You dont even have a picture. lol please.

        • go_tmo

          Please troll somewhere else.

  • truckeemike

    HTC, and Samsung are under-water. They need help. IMHO :)

  • truckeemike

    I got my ICS fix with an Archos G9 10″ Tablet. Under 3 bills and equal to a much higher cost tablet. Secret was an online buy w/a coupon. Anywho…. Yesterday they upgraded me to Android 4.03. soooo I can love my G2 for another who know how long…. till The “One” shows. Yay me! I love my G2 anyway…

  • perfectalpha

    We have several folks in our center using the device as we speak. Needless to say, it is running excellently. I would be excited if your upgrade is coming up. The One S is legit.

    • Taron19119

      Ok answer this then what beats head phones well it come wit the ones that go over your head or the ones that go in your ears

      • Michael

        Since when do phones come with over the head beats by dre?

        • Guest

          exactly! lol! they are used for the built in speakers. some people are just plain stupid, sometimes.

        • Taron19119

          How about the sensation xe look up the unboxing on youtube

    • Guest

      That has nothing to do with regular production models, genius. No one is doubting that but if they can’t make them anymore for production (not engineering/testers) then it will be delayed. Think before open your big mouth next time.

    • Sandi

      Do you know how much the HTC One S will cost when it comes out to T-Mobile?

  • iFonePhag4S

    Yeah… suck. Oh well, I can wait a little bit longer for the One S. Seems like it would still be worth the wait.

  • Glock61043

    Wonder why T Mobile is getting the chopped down version of the HTC 1 X and AT&T is getting the better phone the HTC 1X  

  • Yellowfaceboul

    gosh I want a Tegra 3 phone. I have had this upgrade for the longest time, and I could have bought a SGS2, but decided to wait… wtf!? 

  • halfamateur

    1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 in One S is better chip than Tegra 3 from Nvidea (running toooo hot)

    • Wilma Flintstone

       Yeah but the question is, is it better than the Tegra 3 from “Nvidia”?

  • felips110

    ATT might block AWS on their HTC One X just how they blocked AWS on the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and the Galaxy Note both with a qualcom chipset although if your familiar with rooting and flashing ROMs XDA should have a solution.

    • Y314K

      Right…  ATT can be petty…  Hopefully TMobile was smart enough to include no AWS locking on their merger crash payoff…  Will know after some of this devices come out…

      I would want a AOKP rom for the X anyway…  I use to love rosie/sense but ever since ICS came out I don’t see any real reason for it..  Still like some of the apps but that is about it…  So xda custom rom would be a must for me..  (My HD2 is still top of line thanks to XDA…  But the hardware is beginning to bug out so I might have to get a SGII or Amaze to tie me over)

      One thing that will probably keep me from getting any X is the lack of sd card slot…  I like cloud to be an option…  But not the only option..  Specially if ATT only comes up with a 16GB version…

      Still waiting eagerly to see what Samsung comes up with for their SGIII & I am liking the Asus PadPhone concept…  I think HTC shot themselves on the foot by getting rid of sd support…  Even with “Unlimited” 4G for first 5GB & Wifi..   I don’t want to have to keep worrying at the end of the month cause I am about to hit TMobiles dial-up speed cap…

      Since contracts are usually a 2 year affair…  I am now only looking for phones that are TMobile Now HSPA+ & that are TMobile 2013 LTE compatible…  Which means that S4 phones probably from ATT will be the best solution till late 2012 or early 2013…

      Researching if my 3 line Family plan with upgrades is cheaper then Monthly4G with MagicJack or Skype…

      • felips110

        aah definitely! I hadn’t thought about that, maybe T-Mobile was smart enough to do that but if not well Im opting for the tegra 3 though 

        • T-Mobile has no reason to demand such a condition. And no such condition has been attached to it. The HTC One X for AT&T physically has no support for AWS HSPA+, according to the FCC.

      • Sandi

        Do you know how much the HTC One S will cost when it comes out to T-Mobile?

  • Heroxx89

    My problem with htx devices is they all look the same this looks like a thin sensation

    • go_tmo

      Because none of the iPhones look similar…

      • Wilma Flintstone

        I’m just reading the comment from @ea6567b2472032d54aaea26f8a349bd1:disqus  and trying to figure out where you see him say they like iPhones?  Just wondering…

        • Realcool2000

          Gotmo is obviously pointing out that if the millionz of IPhone users have no problem with all iphonez being clonez of eachother and looking thhe same then why should heroxx have an issue with HTC phonez looking similar.

          oh hear that…freds calling u , u better go see what he wants….

        • Fred Flintstone


  • That’s funny because TSMC makes nvidia’s silicon too and nvidia was having problems with the 28nm process as well.  I wonder if they have sorted it out yet.

  • Sandi

    Does anyone know how much the HTC One S will cost when it comes out to T-Mobile?  I am just wondering, because I really want the phone, and I havent had an upgrade in the past 3 to 4 years, so I just was wondering how much the HTC One S will cost from T-mobile when it first comes out, to see if I can afford it… I really liked the features on this phone, and did not know if it was worth buying it?

    Thank you very much for your time!