Costco Galaxy S Blaze 4G Buy One, Get One Sale Extended Through April 3rd

Quick update on the Galaxy S Blaze 4G buy one, get one free sale at Costco. Our original information indicated the sale was over on March 27th — well good news as Costco has extended the sale through Tuesday, April 3rd. Just a quick reminder:

The first handset will set you back $69.99, with the second Blaze 4G handset free out of the door. Sounds good right? It is good, especially with this offer applying to both 2 year new agreements and 2 year qualified upgrades. If you are looking to grab the Blaze 4G, and given the HSPA+ speeds it’s putting out, I wouldn’t blame you, head to Costco today!

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  • Jim Shepherd

    You apparently do not need a Costco membership to take advantage of this deal through the online store ( I just ordered one last night through the website and was never asked for a membership number (I am not a Costco member). With free shipping this is a good deal for everyone.


  • Philipineswhy

    Jim is correct, to order online you don’t need to be a Costco member, because you are actually dealing with Wireless Advocates and paying tax on full retail.

    If you buy the phone at an actual Costco store, you pay only tax on the reduced price that rings up on the register. You save more getting it at an actual Costco club store, depending on your state and tax rates.

    If you live in Cali, buy it at a store, you will save on taxes, as they don’t charge on the full retail price in store, but online they do.

    • Rick Reyes

      Not so true. I purchased the G2x from Costco since it was on sale, but I had to pay taxes for the full price. This was in San Diego

      • StrongArm

        You got robbed…

        • MrAOK

          the phone is $50 at Best By

      • Jorgelopez Music

        You are right I went into Costco in Nashville,TN and had to pay tax on full price of both devices. Total was 147 and some change. I’m now not feeling like I got a deal.

        •  Yeah.. same thing in AZ, I walked out feeling like I got screwed and only saved about 15-20 bucks…  I’m actually hating the phone and the TouchWiz is horrible.. so its going to be taken back anyways :D  I will wait for the One S

  • Philipineswhy???

    WHAT!!!! Since when did T-Mobile start outsourcing POST paid contracted
    accounts to the Philippines for customer service? I thought only
    pre-paid accounts got outsourced, the rest of us on post paid still got
    good American customer service?

    I’m post paid and just called T-Mobile and got someone in the Philippines.  UGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Krewdout

    costco website says they are out of stock

  • Anamor

    how is $69.99 even if you pay $30 in tax not a good deal. When you don’t have to pay $200 up front at T-mobile store and wait for your $80 rebate. Online with T-mobile is $149.00 at the store they told me $199. I don’t get all this different pricing is crazy. I hate that they are out of stock online.