T-Mobile Posts Valentine’s Day Marketing Spot, Complete With Cupid And Carly

T-Mobile’s first marketing spot for their upcoming Valentine’s Day sale is now live on YouTube and it’s starring our all time favorite T-Mobile spokesperson — Carly. Well, Carly, and Cupid.

“Nothing says “I love you” like a 4G smartphone from T-Mobile and even Cupid himself is looking forward to T-Mobile’s Valentine’s Day Sale where all smartphones and select mobile devices are free after mail-in rebate card when signing up for a new 2-yr contract on a qualifying Classic plan – even some of the best tablets”


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  • Anonymous

    When’s T-Mobile going to do a commercial demonstrating the benefits of WiFi Calling?

    • Lacedupchi_ct

      because they have not perfected the app and its not on every phone.

      • Anonymous

        That’s no reason.  It’s on the vast majority of their phones and it works quite well.  Your experience is dependent on your internet connection though.

        They need to pull on the heart stings like Apple does with their commercials.  Have someone in the military posted overseas keep in touch with his daughter without international roaming charges thanks to WiFi Calling.  That’s a commercial!

    • Andrew Singleton

      wifi calling is being phased out and replaced with bobsled. which requires a facebook login, as far as i can tell. which is stupid. lol

      • Anonymous

        No way would T-Mobile ever phase it out.  Crude VOIP, which is what Bobsled is, is very different than actual telephony over internet which is what WiFi Calling is.

        Every android device released in 2011, except for the LG myTouch’s, supports WiFi calling right now.  WiFi Calling is one of T-Mobile’s efforts to solve people from cancelling service due to poor in home signal penetration.

        The purpose of Bobsled as far as I can see is for people with iPhones or phone on other carriers to have T-Mobile brand awareness.  It is cool to dial number to businesses straight from my desktop though without reaching for my phone. 

        • Anonymous

          i think i actually deleted wifi calling by accident after rooting and it’s impossible (from what i can see) to re-download, so i assumed bobsled was the replacement for it. bobsled requires you to sign into facebook though, which makes no sense, and there’s a huge echo. any idea how to re-download wifi calling?

  • Zee

    So this is not for their 49.99 Unlimited data, talk, text plan? Can someone please confirm?

  • Andrew Singleton

    that chick reaaaaally creeps me out.

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  • bill

    the deal will be for new activatons and if you get full upgrade

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  • Scodelic

    Loyalty Plan? Would I have to switch out of it to be eligible?

  • hdhdhdhdhd

    If I’m 16 months in on my last upgrade (blackberry minutes and mail plus
    data), can I change to a unlimited value plan (migration fee accepted)
    to qualify for the promotion?I want the galaxy s ii

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