Nokia CEO Says The T-Mobile Lumia 710 Is “Exceeding Expectations”

Let’s just be frank and say we honestly have no idea how Nokia’s CEO is quantifying “exceeding expectations” since we don’t have any idea what the expectations were for the Lumia 710. However, speaking at Mobile World Congress, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was reportedly enthusiastic about the Lumia 710 and it current sales numbers. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t give up any specific market numbers, but it seems Nokia has a small hit on their hands.

I gave the Lumia 710 a favorable review, though I was definitely disappointed in the overall quality of the camera. However, it’s clear that I’m not alone in favorable reviews as T-Mobile’s website now gives the Windows Phone a 4.7 (out of 5) stars from 115 reviews.

You should absolutely re-read our full review if you’ve considered the Lumia 710!


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  • Kalel

     I have to say that it’s a very good phone.  I was allowed to use one for a day and it is very easy to use, the screen is very good, and very fast.  I’m a techie, running CM7 on my phone and love the complexity and abilities, but I could see Windows as a much better option for those that just want it to work without the learning curve of Android.   Still would like to see the 900 series on T-mobile.

    • RotaryP7

      The Lumia is a good phone. We’ve sold a few in my store. I haven’t heard of any complaints. I myself love to use it. I have an iPhone 4S and the new Windows OS on the Lumia is awesome.. So smooth, stable. I was amazed. That’s the phone I play with the most out of our demo phones. Leave the bias at home, I truly recommend this phone to anyone who is tired of iOS/Android/RIM. I also recommend this to any new smartphone users. It’s so simple to use and learn. I sell these to the new comers. Especially when they have a basic flip phone.

  • Lumia 900 or…


  • Ashshlay

    The niche seems to be first time smartphone and old blackberry users. Thats who we sell to the most. Very few come back that way…

  • Vim

    T-Mobile is constantly running promotions on this smoothly competent little phone.  They’re practically giving it away, and on a lot of days they do give it away.   Heck, it’s free yet again on T-Mobile’s web site today, and that’s without having to deal with any annoying rebates.  So it’s not surprising that they’ve moved lots of these.  I have no doubt that Microsoft is rewarding Nokia for going all in with WP by subsidizing sales of these little puppies to build market and mind share for WP. 

  • tmo_rep

    CSRs are given extra incentives for selling them.  I sold 7 in one day being a CSR.  Most people seem to love them, I haven’t had one person complain about the phone yet!

  • I picked one up on Sunday.

  • I sincerely hope this paves the way for higher spec Lumia’s on T-Mobile.  Any chance of a late discussion with Nokia about therowing a 1700/2100mhz radio in the Lumia 800 (i know the 900 is contractually tied up in the US by AT&T), or perhaps there is something else in the works.  All i will say though is AT&T hogging the WP high end (Lumia 900/Titan/Titan 2/Focus – all 8MP/16GB/FFC devices) is bad for everyone except AT&T and I hope T-Mobile can get a device in soon to change that.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, Chris–I need a new phone, and there is literally nothing appealing to a power Windows Phone user on TMobile right now.  The Radar is a great little phone, and the 710 is really nice, but a 900 with a TMobile Radio would keep me with the team.  Otherwise, I’m going to have to leave.

      • David

        Yeah thats why I am leaving T-Mobile in 2,3 weeks to get Lumia 900 at AT&T. I really not like this move but enough is enough and I can’t wait for T-Mobile anymore. So I guess you bettr off doing same and switch and get Lumia 900 and enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

    What really makes the camera so bad on the 710 is the camera in Nokia phones is usually stellar . That camera in the Nokia 808 coming out has what , 42 megapixels ? That’s silly . Of course the OS is also symbian which is pretty nuts seeing its basically dead . That being said , I can’t help but think down the road when Nokia has a top of the line windows phone on TMO with a camera like is in the 808 . I mean that is just my dream phone . Somehow I bet this phone makes it to every carrier but TMO …….which will still only have the 710 ; )

    • Anonymous

       Actually I just read that the Lumia 900 would run on TMO’s LTE if it is run on its AWS band as expected so coolio . I will get that phone down the road .

    • Landmarkcm

      The camera on the 710 is not bad at all. It actually takes better brighter night shots then iphone as the flash is better & it auto fixes shots better.

  • My wife loves hers.  I had to borrow hers to make a call while I was installing a custom ROM on my G2x, and it was much easier to navigate.

    My biggest complaint is the stupidly huge lower case labels on the top of each screen that bleed off so you can’t even read the entire word.  This is one time where design has failed vs. function.  Stop trying to be cute M$ and stick with functional.

    Another complaint is their Marketplace seems very confusing to navigate when looking for an app to install.  If you don’t know the name, it’s hard to find an app that does what you are looking to get out of it.  On the flipside, I’ve never seen her get any apps to crash or freeze up.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the labels are functional.  The type of application you were in is called a pivot application.  With pivot applications, there are multiple screens out there that are all accessed by swiping, but you need some sort of visual indicator that there is a screen to be swiped to.  The idea of the labels bleeding off the edge is to provide you that indication with the least amount of “chrome” possible.  So rather than being cute, this type of UI design is the exact opposite–getting rid of all the cuteness so you only have the purely functional behind.

      Agreed on Marketplace search–that has a lot of room for improvement.

    • SwagTeveian

      The reasons why the letters are so big and bleed off is to let you know that you have more on another screen… if you get to the end of the letters than you know that your on the last screen and that lets you know your going back to the beginning

      • How about letting me read the whole word, with capital letters and an arrow to let me know there is more?  Maybe have the entire word for the page I am on and half of the word for the page that is to either the left or right…

        • Guest

          I guess you don’t know anything about design or maybe Metro-Style design is not your thing.

          Either way it doesn’t mean something is wrong and someone wanted to be cute!

          It is very beautiful and fluid typographic design UI but maybe it is not your taste and Marketplace is very easy to find what you wnat if you know how to do it.


  • Hopefully t-mobile will get a pureview 808 windows phone hybrid, *crosses fingers.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure the phone sales are good because at $50 on contract for people who just want entry level smartphone its a no brained its this phone or a lower quality android phone at the $50 price point

    • The thing Microsoft has going for it is that this device at the low end is incredibly more responsive and functional than a low end Android.

      • Vim

        and the higher than usual subsidy…  Where Apple forces the carrier to eat the extra subsidy, Microsoft and Nokia eat the extra subsidy themselves in this case so that T-Mobile and the customer both pay less than they would otherwise.  Meanwhile Nokia and the carrier’s sales people can sell lots of these and trumpet how WP is coming back from the dead.  It’s an interesting dynamic, and demonstrates both Microsoft’s deep pockets and commitment to making WP successful.  Android phones don’t get quite the same subsidy so the 710 tends to dominate the low-end android phones in its price class.  And those low end Androids at T-Mobile are mostly badly made LG’s…

  • Hmph

    Somehow I seriously doubt that….

  • EXIBITman

    How much off contract?

    • Anonymous


  • WillieFDiaz

    Nokia in the US market has always been known as “the free phone”, “the prepaid phone”, or “the changeable faceplate phone”. Unfortunately, no matter how badly Nokia pushes Smartphones, they still are viewed as cheap, disposable, problematic phones which Nokia charges service repair fees if they go haywire. Essentially many Americans would rather buy a problematic Sony smartphone or something from some no name OEM like Huawei or ZTE than a Nokia again. I’m one of them.

  • Thecityboy781

    And just when I though I seen it all…..

  • Frigadroid

    Of course it is! The whiny complainers on the blogs are always right! It takes different strokes for different folks to move the world.
    A bit late but it’s about time they figured out that many people like windows phones, and this option is budget priced right in line with the demographic that tmobile caters to.

  • zachary sears

    I work in retention at T-mobile and Nokia has really pushed sales incentives for this phone.  I’ve managed to sell quite of them and would estimate about 40% of my actual phone sales are the Nokia. But they also gave me one to use so I could be a “windows expert” on the floor.  I actually prefer the windows operating system over my Sensation to be honest.  Miss my Stumble upon and Wells fargo app though.  It’s easy to sell this phone when it’s the highest rated phone on our website.

  • The 710 is actually a REALLY nice phone.  I got it free for wifey, so I could get her to start enjoying a stable OS.  She is impressed.  I don’t know why this is considered an entry level phone, because the specs and performance are on par with the Titan, just missing a front camera basically.  Otherwise, this is a nice phone.  It’s not just doing well because of the price, it’s doing well because it performs well and has some great features.

    • Guest

      Every phone is nice when it’s free! Pay something for a phone and then I will trust your review.

      • Think again.  Go search me on YouTube, and you can see I own damn near every phone that comes out, so have fun all the man reviews I have up.  Hey wait…you are just a guest, why am I responding to you? lol  Go register…

        • Tbyrne

          Lol indeed!

      • StonersLane

        I too almost bought the 710. I was looking for something to replace my G2X. The things that kept me from buying one were the fact that the apps that I need aren’t there (Yet) and no front facing camera. The HTC radar has a front facing camera but it feels like it was gonna slip off your hand. I guess due to the metal body. The felt quite great. I ended up leaving with e HTC Amaze.

    • Landmarkcm

      Wells said indeed! I love mine better then I did iphone 4s!


    Well when your expectations are that you will sell 5, then of course its gonna exceed projections. Cheap plastic phone, my mom hated hers, she sent it back within 5 days and got the galaxy s2 in white. Never again will she upgrade without me there.

  • guest

    Tmobile is having on after hour sale on their website tonight.  All phones are free or heavily discounted

    • cprigge

      only for add a lines. My upgrade price is still 19.99 for lumia 710. 

      Note, 19.99 is actually $100 because of shipping, tax, fees, and mail-ins.

    • Vim

      A quick look at their web site shows that the free Lumia sale has been extended another day while the Sidekick is free tonight only.  The Galaxy S2 is on sale for $99 w/rebate.  Most phones are not free. Many aren’t on sale (eg. Amaze). 

  • Gelo

    Passed on the Valentines Day and President’s Day sale where I can get a Galaxy S2, hoping that T-Mobile will get the Lumia 900.  Hope I’ll not be disappointed or be waiting in vain for T-Mobile to get a highend Nokia WP7 phone.

    • So far, these models are becoming carrier specific, and the Lumia 900 is going to ATT.

      • Vim

        Word is that AT&T’s period of exclusivity on the 900 is 45 days.    The fact that recently, T-Mobile specifically mentioned Nokia as one of the three most important OEM relationships that it has (along with Samsung & HTC) should be encouraging for people who want this handset. Nokia wants the 900 on more than one carrier and rumor is that
        T-Mobile will be getting it’s own variant of the 900 some time in the

    • Guest

      I did too but at March 18 I am swithich to AT&T for Lumia 900 and leaving T-Mobile after 11 years. Can’t wait anymore for T-Mobile.

      I recommend you to do same and don’t waste your time for T-Mobile.

  • GinaDee

    Poor choice for Enterprise users.  I ordered 7 of these to test out as replacements to our BlackBerry platform.  Each Lumia is connected to our Exchange Server for email.  Problems:

    A) After the first week all users complained about device lagging between switching menu options
    B) Home screen freezes up after ending long calls
    C) The backlight sensor keeps getting triggered while handling the device which makes the screen go black
    D) Battery is not very good for those who use Push Email.  
    E) Small sweet spot for voice calls.  People complain they can’t hear us unless the mouthpiece is pressed hard against our face.
    F) Speakerphone is loud but voice is garbled and users complain they don’t understand us when on the other line. 

    The sad thing is that we are having these issues w/o even installing extra apps.  I’m sure if we actually installed more apps the device would slow down and lag more.  

    I would only recommend this to someone looking for an affordable smartphone who has low expectations for performance.  

    • Landmarkcm

      Weird none of those problems here first one did have a speakerphone problem but returned for another & everything works perfectly. It’s actually one of the better phones for sound.

      • GinaDee

        Good to know.  I really want to like it.  Believe me I do.  You can’t beat free.

    • Nox0202

      As a business user, I agree, windows is not the best (go figure). I assumed windows would work seemlessly with outlook, but have issues opening some protected PDfs. I downloaded the appropriate apps but no luck. Not the biggest issue, but a hastle none the less.

    • Smith

      You can install 100s of app and still have same speed. Window sPhone is not like android that installing mor eand more apps means more messy phone.

      It’s funny that all these problems you are saying I never heard of those people has it or using it and everything seems works very good and smooth.

      I check your settings for Exchange on your server or do a little research to find a solution.

      Battery life is really good and phone with average use keep batter for 2,3 days. And if you are using them a lot no phone can give you good batter if this doesn’t the rest will be even worse.

      About sound quality I have to say it also very depends on T-Mobile service. I had problem with voice quality before but when I moved to new place and different city same phone gave me great sound quality.

      So don’t balme it all on phone. And after all this a mid-range Windows Phone device and not a high-end device at all but performance is not low and much higher than many othe rphones with other OSes.

      I recommend you to do a little more research and find solution to some of these problems. This is a very good phone with very smoth and high speed performance.

  • josue cifuentes

    i wonder if Mr Stephen Elop even uses a nokia…lol

  • None

    I would have given it a shot if it did not have a physical button. I see no reason for buttons on the face of a phone in 2012. Admitted windows fan but not this one.

    • Landmarkcm

      I was on the fence about the physical buttons but liking them actually better. No accidental presses. Overall I wouldn’t not get the 710 just for that.. It’s a great phone!

      • Riopato

         Problem with the buttons is it being too close to the bottom edge of the touchscreen where contextual menus are constantly being touched unintentionally. I noticed this when I saw a ton of email drafts with nothing on them. I would accidentally touch the “new” icon every time I back out of my email screen. The phone runs so fast that I didn’t notice that I was doing this.

  • xmiro

    no hard numbers = low goal posts.

    Looking at the sh*%soup MS has made out of Windows 8, I don’t have much hope for Microsoft or Windows Phone, no matter how much they’re trying to ram tiles down our throats

    • Riopato

       You’re such an expert on OS ui. whu don’t you make one yourself and stop trolling little girl.

  • nerdlust

    Im in love with my sensation but i had a chance to play with a hd7 running mango single core but it was so smooth and i tried my best to make it crash it took everything i throw at it. So if a dual core windows phone is release I would check it out.

  • Jake

    Well – I said I’d update you all when I found out – Tmobile raped my families finances for hundreds of dollars. 

    If you’ll recall, about a month ago, my wife dropped a phone in the sink and I called tmobile support.  I ended up buying a Nokia Lumia for my wife, and a Samsung Galaxy S II for myself – on the condition that my wife’s grandfathered data plan wouldn’t change.

    Well after the phones arrived – upon activating my wife’s phone – I found out they had slammed through a plan change.

    So I immediately returned both phones – the plan was they’d undo the changes, and I’d cancel my account with them.

    Guess what – they credited the Nokia Lumia, but not the Samsung Galaxy S II.
    I had paid $400 for the 2 phones – they’ve credited back only $100 – leaving me out the other $300.

    They changed one of the lines back.  The other line they claim still has 2 years left on a contract.

    So between the $300 I paid for the Galaxy S II, and the fact they are going to charge me a $200 ETF fee now, I will be out a total of $500.

    Complete and utter bull.  First they lie to me to get me to take the phones, then they play games with the return of the phones.

    That’s the tmobile some of you love.  And you can’t sue them – remember they have that covered too.

    They’ve legalized thievery.

    Don’t ever do business with these people.

    I’m going to call them tomorrow.  If they change the story again, I’ll let you know again, but at this moment I’m out $500.

    • Vim

      It sounds like they received the Lumia, but not the Galaxy S2. Do you have a tracking number for the S2?  Packages do get lost in the mail and T-Mobile isn’t responsible for phones they never receive.  That’s what shipping insurance is for. 

    • Bklynman

      Can’t sue them? Say’s who? I took them to small claims court when they were voice stream.
      They never show up.Won $700.00 from them,all I wanted from them was my deposited back.
       1st they told me it was miregrating it’s way thru there system. Then they told me they had no record of it. If they would of just give me my deposited back,it would have been only about $150-180 minus any fees I had own them. Small clams court! That where u take them!

    •  i like all that you said

    • Ajay

      No need to update us. We don’t care. Your spamming a news blog. Haha, its fair to say you lack good judgement by posting this pathetic story following an unrelated news topic. I hope you never get your money back and that the Galaxy phone you stole breaks.

    • Guest

      i learned my lesson two times this past DEcember! Do not order any phones off the internet ever!! at least i won’t. Lol.

  • It’s an interesting dynamic, and demonstrates both Microsoft’s deep pockets and commitment to making WP successful.  Android phones don’t get quite the same subsidy so the 710 tends to dominate the low-end android phones in its price class.

    • sickofmorons

      Windows phone is faster, more reliable, and generally much better than any version of android. THAT’S why the 710 dominates. It has nothing to do with subsidies.

      • KevinCormier

        not really, you can argue that the high end android phones are only faster because of specs… but who cares?  Faster is faster, and if im a customer I dont care if windows phone is more optimized for weaker hardware.  That being said I love my lumia 710 because it succeeds at being a damn good phone and excels at everything I like to do with a phone.  More of a preference thing.

        • I don’t think he was arguing that they *(android phones) are faster The line “Windows phone is faster…” is the exact opposite of what you got out of it. sickofmorons is basically asserting that it takes more powerful hardware to prevent it from feeling sluggish. For instance, the lateset builds of Android OS would not be pretty on a G1.  Tango (the next version of WP7.5) will run smoothly on what basically amounts to that hardware (well with 256Mb more RAM).  When was the last time another Mobile OS optimized to allow for lower specs?  I pretty much don’t care what other people choose to use, But I do admire what MS accomplishes once they have a fire lit under their arse.

    • Riopato

       I like the way you troll. Androids would choke on lumia 710’s hardware because it’s bloated code is the bottle neck. Microsoft had nothing to do with the subsidy. You can blame Nokia for offering T-mobile a really competent phone at such a low price.

  • Ajay

    sorry off topic,  me and my wife are going to NIAGARA FALLS  and Toronto and we will need to carry some kind of phones with us to call within Canada and back to US ,
    but it is too costly due to roaming, long distance and many other
    charges. Our phones are the TMO GS2 and the MT4G.

    Can I carry my phone to canada, leave the sim here and buy Canadian sim and prepaid phone cards?

    Where can I get sim card and phone cards to use for our canadian trip?

    what are out options?

    Thank you

    • Yaja

      Wow, talk about being off-topic. Why don’t you grow a brain and do a little footwork and research the question? Pure laziness on your part. You must feel entitled to help anywhere you go? Thanks for spamming a news blog with a random pointless question. Seriously, not trying to be mean, but your lack of tact is intolerable – its not even like you have Nokia phones, at least some connection.

      -voting to delete original posters message. Clearly this is spam.

      • David

         shut the f**k up, you dirt b*g!
        If you  can’t help others, at least  sh*t the f**k up!

      • I vote to delete the entire conversation? His post may have been off-topic but didn’t warrant such a harsh response. In the same time you could have typed the negative response, you could have equally typed something helpful. K?

    • The T-Mobile Galaxy S II will work fine on any Canadian network. Talk to T-Mobile about getting your phone SIM unlocked so that you can use Canadian SIM cards. The MyTouch 4G will only work on Rogers Wireless (2G), Mobilicity (3G), Videotron (3G), and WIND Mobile (3G). Bell, Telus, and Virgin Mobile are not options since they are 3G only networks that operate on UMTS 850/1900. Again, like the GS2, just talk to T-Mobile about getting your phone SIM unlocked for use with a Canadian carrier.

    • guest

      Or just call for free… call tmobile and add the free wifi calling feature then just make your calls using wifi free.. No international charges will be incurred :)

  • Nox0271

    Windows  Phones are not bad. I like the interface for the most part. Had HD7, but got tired of it. Was given a Free Radar and really enjoyed it for a few months. Now I’m pretty torn. I love some of the apps (which are better than their android versions IMO), but, I want the better features such as bigger screen and better camera. Tried Lumia, but I thought it felt cheap.

    Overall window’s strategy is sound.. sell High quality software in a mid range handset to compete against the low quality we see in mid range android phones. But for me, I’ll probably get a phone with a better camera and bigger screen soon.

    • KevinCormier

      wait for the lumia 800 or 900

  • jays_on
  • Blah

    OK, so I studied the specs on Lumias and realize I want the Lumia 800, the 900 too big for me.

    But of course tmobile doesn’t have 800. 
    There aren’t even rumors of when it might get the 800.

    • Vim

      No carrier is carrying the 800 in the US.  Nokia forgot that they weren’t an 800lb gorilla anymore and demanded too much for it.  All the US carriers turned them down.  If you want it badly enough, you can get it unlocked for full price from a third party, but it won’t work on T-Mobile’s existing 3G/”4G” bands. 

      • David

        Sprint and Verizon are both very idiot company and they have very stupid CEO in charge. So that doesn’t do anything with Nokia asking for too much. They are in bed with Apple and Google therefore to be cool and show them they are their good pet they act like that don’t care about Nokia, Micorosoft, and Windows Phone.

        T-Mobile just became a network of cheap crappy android Phones and even tough in the past it was the only network that always offered the high-end Windows Mobile sadly recently they lost that position too.

        even first generation of Windows Phone they got HD7 which is fairly better than what AT&T got but HTC screwd the phone with bad screen and later gave it to AT&T with much betetr screen and now AT&T pushing it so hard to get all the best Windows Phones 2nd generations and offer the best to steal marketshare from others.

        I know many here are android fanboy but you like it or not Windows Phone is here to stay and it only grow and grow and it will become even bigger than others at some point. Remember when XBOx firts came and everybody laughing at Microsoft and telling they have no chance against Playstation and look now where they are?

        This is same situation and AT&T now is the only winner in this ecosystem that will grow and get bigger and bigger in future and then the rest want to follow but it’s kind of late for them. Situation you see with iPhone and Sprint these days.

        So yeha sadly T-Mobile became a network of cheap crappy Android Phones and lost it’s position. And none of these are Nokia fault.

        • Vim

          I love your circular logic.  Allow me to point out a few historical facts of which you are apparently totally unaware. Nokia abandoned Sprint and Verizon in 2006 when it decided it didn’t want to make CDMA phones anymore several years back. Furthermore, Microsoft burned Verizon badly, costing it a very large amount of money, in the Kin debacle.  These companies, most especially Verizon, have a long memory.  And only someone who is completely clueless about the telecommunications business or perhaps totally irrational would say that Verizon is being stupidly run.  They are not only the largest telecommunications carrier in the US, but also the most profitable by far.   If Microsoft and Nokia desire to get back onto Verizon’s network they’re going to have to prove themselves by making money for the other carriers first.  Giving away 710’s for free, or nearly free isn’t going to impress Verizon.

          HTC’s first and second generation windows phones have sold so poorly that they’ve scaled back production of new models.   Nokia’s Lumia 800 hasn’t been particularly successful either. Only the 710 is doing well and that’s because it’s being given away for free or nearly free.  That doesn’t mean the 710 is a bad phone. It’s actually a very good phone, in fact it’s terrific for the price. 

          The chicken little hysterics of the handful who can’t handle the fact that AT&T has signed an exclusive deal for the Lumia 900 are highly amusing.  The sky is not falling.  Nokia and WP are just getting up off the ground.    It’s going to take some time for them to grow their mind and market  share beyond the small, but clearly vocal, minority it is today.   And T-Mobile is going to be with them as they do.  Rumors are already pointing to a T-Mobile Lumia 900 sometime in the Summer once AT&T’s exclusive period expires.

        • Peter

          Your logic about Verizon is not correct. About kin it was actually Verizon fault that wanted to charge people arm and leg like they always do for a phone that suppose to be feature phone not smartphone.

          But of course it is Verizon and not shocking that they wanted to charge people too much like the way they always do.

          And don’t tell me Verizon is the largest and best network because they are not since they had 3,4 major network problem since Decemner last year and I can assure you that they have spoty service as well like other networks and their network is not working well everywhere  and they just mostly want to be cute for google at this point.

          Also CDMA is a technology that no one really use around world except Verizon and Sprint and GSM is the way to go.

          So no, no one need to proof anything to Verizon. You are wrong about that and you must be perhaps totally irrational to think like that.

        • Vim

          I would appreciate it if you’d refrain from twisting my statements out of context. I didn’t say that Verizon was the best network.  I said they were the largest and by far the most profitable network.  it’s easily proven by comparing their quarterly earnings reports for
          the past several years to that of AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile.   Regardless of whether or not you want to believe it, just because you or anyone else is upset that Verizon doesn’t carry a high end WP doesn’t make them stupid.

          It also very much sounds like you agree with me that Nokia stopped making CDMA phones because they didn’t feel like going out of their way for Verizon, Sprint and large parts of China.  It’s thus difficult to see how a reasonable person can fault Verizon for several years later sticking with those loyal OEM’s who had stood by its side instead of going with Nokia, who after losing huge amounts of market share, suddenly became willing to make CDMA phones again.

          Microsoft killed the Kin platform only 6 weeks after Verizon launched it.  You can blame Verizon’s pricing all you want in your attempt to deflect the blame, but Microsoft defended Verizon’s pricing at the time. And if pricing really was the issue, Microsoft could have worked with Verizon on that instead of cutting the legs right out from under Verizon so shortly after Verizon made the investment.   In fact Verizon did cut the price only 1 week before Microsoft dropped the axe.

          Yes Microsoft blamed low sales numbers, but Microsoft’s behavior was hardly beyond reproach.  They delayed the device for 18 months during which time it became increasingly obsolete so they could design a version of windows for it (instead of the Sidekick platform as Danger originally intended), and then they changed their mind and decided that the new Windows variant was one mobile OS too many, and decided to consolidate down to just WP7 which was also very late and in desperate need of more resources to expedite its arrival. 

  • duncan440

    there should be correction made to the article, its not 115 reviews, it is actually 172 reviews. For some reason the 115 number doesn’t get updated until you actually click on it

  • Lumialover

    Off topic (sort of): does anyone know if the lumia 900 is coming to tmobile my contract ends on 3/27 i won’t mind waiting until may if they will get it but i don’t want to wait and waste my time doing so. does anyone have any factual info and the link to where they got that?