The LG X3, LG’s Second Quad-Core Phone…Will It Come To T-Mobile?

Chalk this rumor up firmly in the “I have no idea if it will come true, but I absolutely hope it does” category as the boys from PocketNow have discovered what is believed to be LG’s second quad-core handset. Running a Tegra 3 chipset, 4.7″ 1280×720 display, the X3 is said to have a sub nine-millimeter profile. The rear camera is said to be the 8 megapixel variety with the front facing camera coming in at 1.3 megapixels. The X3 is expected to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for you right out of the box utilizing physical capacitive buttons and not touchscreen buttons ala the Galaxy Nexus.

So where is the T-Mobile link? Well, we agree with the boys from PocketNow and AndroidandMe and suspect this might be the next in T-Mobile’s “G” series. Remember the G-Infinity from the leaked roadmap discovered in the Summer of 2011? Yeah, we’re still waiting to see what that device that is and given the X3’s HSPA+ 21Mbps cabaility, it’s possible we’re looking at it, or the “G3x.” It’s still very much a rumor and may not end up on T-Mobile at all, or even land in the United States period…but we’re hoping it does. I’m sure some of you are too.

Pocketnow, AndroidandMe

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