The LG X3, LG’s Second Quad-Core Phone…Will It Come To T-Mobile?

Chalk this rumor up firmly in the “I have no idea if it will come true, but I absolutely hope it does” category as the boys from PocketNow have discovered what is believed to be LG’s second quad-core handset. Running a Tegra 3 chipset, 4.7″ 1280×720 display, the X3 is said to have a sub nine-millimeter profile. The rear camera is said to be the 8 megapixel variety with the front facing camera coming in at 1.3 megapixels. The X3 is expected to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for you right out of the box utilizing physical capacitive buttons and not touchscreen buttons ala the Galaxy Nexus.

So where is the T-Mobile link? Well, we agree with the boys from PocketNow and AndroidandMe and suspect this might be the next in T-Mobile’s “G” series. Remember the G-Infinity from the leaked roadmap discovered in the Summer of 2011? Yeah, we’re still waiting to see what that device that is and given the X3’s HSPA+ 21Mbps cabaility, it’s possible we’re looking at it, or the “G3x.” It’s still very much a rumor and may not end up on T-Mobile at all, or even land in the United States period…but we’re hoping it does. I’m sure some of you are too.

Pocketnow, AndroidandMe

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  • Anonymous

    G3x is what I was thinking when I read about this device.  Looks and sounds sweet but I wonder how LG will jack it up.  

  • andrew bui

    hopes it stock ics 

  • Adam Franchise

    I will sever my genitals if this doesn’t come to T-mobes

  • Dodo95

    I will never buy another LG smartphone, still shaking off the G2x saga. 

    • You and me both…


  • Sure it sounds great on paper, but.. well, why should the G2x owners trust LG again? Or even anyone else? Think I’ll hold out for a Quad-core HTC device, with an S4 processor.. and well a better camera.

    • Anonymous

      S4 is a joke

      • Austinchrisp

        Ur moms a joke haha

      • J-Hop2o6

        HA! Not even close. S4 will be 28nm compared to Tegra 3’s 40nm SoC, which is more energy efficient, and can finally put LTE on the SAME DIE instead of an extra chip on the board (which equals lower battery use for LTE). So keep your thoughts to yourself until the benchmarks comes out. The CPU will be a beast for a dual-core + its using ARM’s newest Cortex (A15, compared to Tegra 3’s A9), and Qualcomm’s newest architecture (Krait). And the GPU should be on par with Exynos 2 (4210) and Tegra 3.

        • ^—- Which is why I’m waiting for an S4, and it’ll most likely be HSPA+ 42 if not  better, by assumption.

        • Third_Eye

          Qualcomm is not a licensee of ARM cores. NVIDIA, Smsng, TI are. So none of their chips’ building blocks are the A9 Cortex core or A15 Cortex cores. 
          Instead they license the Instruction Set Architecture (ARM v8 ISA).
          So it is just a implementation of the ARM instruction set (i.e) software compatible. Not that the below is true, but they can run a x86 underneath emulating ARM ISA like Transmeta attempted to emulate x86.
          QComm has 2 kinds of SOCs for smartphome/tablet phase 
          MSM – Multi Station Modem
          APQ- Application Processor Qualcomm

          MSM chips are traditional SOCs + baseband radio while APQs are pure SOCs without that (making them perfectly suited for Tablets that need not be linked to a carrier). From what I see the Krait based MSM is supposed to have a integrated LTE World Modem to quote their PR 
          “fully integrated 3G/4G world/multimode LTE Modem. This thing supports all of the world’s leading 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE standards and it integrates GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, FM, and NFC.”
          If true it will be a huge saver for LTE handsets which are bulky and currently use separate baseband chips.
          For example Verizon Samsung Nexus uses VIA Telecom + its LTE chipset combo
          while the GSM Galaxy nexus uses Intel/Infineon X-Gold series for upto HSPA21 Mbps duties

          So effectively we can have just 1 chip replacing 3 chips now. Hence for  Verizon, ATT and soon Sprint this is a huge improvement as they can use a single MSM89x0 which has will cover 2G, 3G as HSPA+ 21 (ATT) as well as LTE 4G (diff freq. bands for each)  

          If you look the current 42Mbps HSPA+ handsets both use APQ8040 which means that the HSPA+ radio is in another chipset. Currently only QComm produces the HSPA+ 42Mbps baseband that is compatible only with its APQs This should explain as to why Samsung had to go with the lesser performing S3 instead of Exynos for Galaxy SII TMo.
          Unless Qualcomm is creating a MSM SOC that is capable of handling 42Mbps HSPA+ and its successors T-Mo will stand gain the least with Krait compared to LTE carriers. 

      • J-Hop2o6

        Here, check this out on the S4:

        “Qualcomm showed us some preliminary benchmarks which told us the Adreno
        225 GPU should out-perform the industry-leading PowerVR SGX543MP2 found
        in Apple’s A5 SoC.”

        • Anonymous

          You mean the A5 chip that came out  year ago? Qualcomm hasnt impressed me in a while, but I really hope I’m wrong. TI and Samsung  have consistently outperformed them. I’m holding out for OMAP 5 or the chip on the Galaxy S 3! I’m due for an upgrade soon, cant wait!

        • J-Hop2o6

          A5 is still Cortex A9 40/45nm. S4 will be Cortex A15 @ 28nm. Exynos 3 (4212) will be Cortex A9 or A15 @ 32nm. So they are better than the A5 CPU wise. GPU wise we will have to wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    The real question should be will it die off like the LG G2X?  Will it get random reboots, freezes, and power shutdowns like the LG G2X?  Will it get updates 5 months later?  LG I don’t think so I got scammed by the G2X and currently love my Samsung Galaxy S2.  LG needs to get out of the smart phone business.  I will NEVER buy another LG phone.  Thank you Samsung!

    Note: the LG G2X is already EOL (End of Life) at T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t get “scammed” You bought a phone for what it had not what it “might get”

    • Anonymous

      Samsung had just as much issues, if not worse, with their Galaxy S device

  • Noor Mahmoud

    Absolutely not looking forward to this. My friend and I were both disappointed with the quality of the g2x and the tegra processor. I think we will wait for quad-core processors from someone else.

  • I don’t like LG mobiles, but hope it will better then its predecessors!

  • sino8r

    When is the REAL G3 coming? The HTC model not the new bs LG versions. No news or anything?!

    • JBLmobileG1

      I want to know too. I am hoping by the time I am eligible to upgrade it will be out. Hopefully some news will come up soon about a possible G3!

      • sino8r

        yeah, the only other choice is the MT4GS and the development on it is non existing. I guess we’ll just have to wait :(

  • Defiantbeast

    I was an early adopter on the G2X, I convinced all my friends to get one. While yes we did have some issues and had to do an exchange, it was no more than any other phone. I loved the G2X because it was vanilla and had features that kept me happy for most of last year. I hope that the G3X has vanilla ICS and less bugs on release.

    Keep in mind that the exact same thing happened with th original galaxy S. People sweetie they would never buy another Samsung buy then the galaxy 2 came out, and Samsung fixed allot of the issues that people had with then, enough to become the number 1 Android maker.

  • Mgkaotic

    I like my G2x and if this phone comes with vanilla android ill definitely upgrade to it.  SGsII and Amaze are great phones but I cant stand the customer UI overlays.

  • JamesJ

    Forget LG and Samsung…i want some HTC.
    I want to avoid from getting LG’d (freezes, power shit downs, reboots) and Samsunged (no updates)

  • What’s the point of capacitive buttons on a screen that size running ICS?  Anyway after the nightmare that was the G2x no way in hell would I touch this thing.  I’m more than happy with the unlocked Galaxy Nexus that I brought after I sold that pos.

    • Seth Kaas

      what did you pay for your unlocked galaxy nexus? I’m looking for a fair ballpark price to make sure I dont’ get ripped off when buying one.  You getting good speeds on Tmobile network?

      • Anonymous

        i got mine for 600 but have seen them in the 550 ballpark. I get around 4 to 6 down and around 2 up.

        • Seth Kaas


  • Tournstone

    After the fun I had with the G-slate and the G2X, no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    My G2x works well with CM7 Kang and it’s definitely a keeper.
    I don’t mind to get this model as long as it has strong developer support.

  • Cbaldwin808

    LG lost its T-Mobile fan base when they stuck us with g2x and wouldn’t fix it

  • Anonymous

    Tegra3 will be crap tomorrow, if it isn’t crap already. Doubling the core count may help with battery life but A9 Cortex architecture, regardless of core count will get spanked by A15 parts. Even the slight power draw advantage will get nullified with 28nm silicon vs the 40nm Tegra3.

    • J-Hop2o6

      That we’re Qualcomms S4 steps in (A15 @ 28nm). Not sure if Exynos 3 will be A15, but it’ll be 30 or 32nm.

      • Poopstain

        Ehhhhhhhh what? Stop making up words

        • sino8r

          lol! Jhop is getting too technical ;) He’s just referring to chipset types and their sizes…

        • J-Hop2o6

          Meant to type “That’s where” I was typing alot of different posts.

  • Jonathan476

    Anybody can tell me what’s quad-core ,is much better then, dual-core or what.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      No, don’t believe the marketing hype. Core count barely matters in desktops, even less in mobile devices. If you want my advice, wait for a T-Mobile device featuring the Exynos chip (if one ever comes out) or at least for a Qualcomm S4. Both will spank Tegra, no matter how many cores it has.

    • Anonymous

      dual means 2, quad means 4.

      • JBLmobileG1

        A quad core phone I think is an overkill for a cell phone… not to mention the battery life is probably horrible.

        • J-Hop2o6

          Wrong. More cores = more efficient, plus better multitasking. But extra cores will be a waste if the OS doesn’t support the chips ammount. But I believe ICS supports up to 4 cores.

        • JBLmobileG1

          I knew it would multitask better but didn’t know it would be more power efficient. My bad.

        • J-Hop2o6

          I was too lazy to explain how its more efficient. But too sum it up, more cores (with an improved CPU Core architecture + OS support) will execute tasks quicker, which means less time to use power, and loading will be faster. If the CPU was stuck at 50%+ for awhile loading stuff, that will just keep consuming battery life.

  • Anonymous

    g2x was a good phone thats about it. not great but good samsung galaxy s2 blew me  away could acutually keep this phone for 2 years lol

  • BigMixxx

    LG will screw this for sure.  You take a wonderful machine such as the g2x and butcher it by

    1) LG’s development efforts
    2) T mobile saying that it is officially EOL after the phone has been out less than a year….

    There is NO WAY…Ahem…NO way Muth#@$@#in’ way I will EVER by another LG mobile device again.  Stick to Refrigerators and washing machines….

    • CM Punk

      I can’t think of any phone that lasted a year before going EOL…

    • Alvin B.

      Well really the only thing to worry about is T-Mobile’s refusal to EVER the manufacturer pay for updates unless there’s something extremely critical. Vibrant getting no Gingerbread, G2X not going to get ICS (believe me, if it was, we would have seen an announcement that said G2X not Optimus 2x which is a DIFFERENT PHONE)… I’m not sure I can even recall T-Mobile ever pushing out bugfix maintenance updates the way Sprint and Verizon do, just to fix a few bugs here and there… they just give the CSR’s a “known issues” script and refuse to do exchanges on known issues.

    • Poopstain

      I agree big mac

    • Gsm1900

      Your G2X may have been wonderful, but overall they were NOT. I would easily say the G2X was the most problematic Android phone T-Mobile launched last year. The email client on it was so terrible that LG made a deal to give free licenses of Touchdown to compensate. I know multiple people who warranty returned the thing multiple times until TMO switched it out with another manufacturer’s device.

      As to your second point, I can not think of a single TMO Android that made it a whole year before going EOL. There are too many manufacturers pumping out too many devices. I think the record was the Samsung Exhibit, which was replaced after 3 months by the Exhibit II.

    • Anonymous

      It is not the 1st time Lg screw up with a high end phone.If anyone besides me that had
      At&t, remembers when Lg brought out The Shine? Then they brought out The Shine 2? Different
      track ball (like on BB),but they never got issues with that phone fix. Never had one,but
      read about people have all kind of problem with it. Then had Cu series of phone’s that were
      really good,the 2 best of them were cu500,the Trac Phone. Let’s hope if this phone does come to Tm,Lg does right thing by it. 

  • quinto

    sounds specs wise pretty neat. possibly an ungrade to my g2x. then again i want to see what the sgs 3 has to offer as well. and then ill play the waiting game to see which one has more developer support. we all know that there are a handful of devs around for the g2x as of late. the original sgs series has a number, and so does the evo crowd. so its more of what is the same as its global counterpart being on tmobile, and which device the developers choose in a sense.

    i sold my original 3g vibrant for a g2x, and i want my original vibrant back. they now have stable with gps working roms for it. i have yet to see ics on the g2x. all i can do is hope for the cyanogenmod team to release an alpha for the g2x, and then whoever is still around might also develop with cm9 as a base. otherwise i see myself importing a EU galaxy nexus since ill be 100% sure to have the developer community behind the phone for quite a while. if i could have done it all over again, i would have bought a nexus S for tmo the first time around, and i wouldnt have had to go through so many devices.

  • Dmacias0586

    Man all this resolutions going up is ridiculous, if I would want a huge screen with me wherever I go I would get a tablet or a laptop, a phone is not suppose to get bigger but stay small enough to be in the pocket, what’s next?? A Samsung galaxy s 4 with a NVIDIA tegra 5 with 6 cores and a display of 22″ , WTH seriously and you really need all that processor power just to run Facebook, online radio and games?? Either in a old retro grumpy old man or I don’t understand the concept behind gadgets design. Someone please care to explain to me why all these devices just get bigger and bigger? That’s it in throwing away my hd7 and get me a Zack Morris phone.

    • Poopstain

      Zach morris phone would be sweet

      • Anonymous

        Who is Zach Morris?

        • Cellularcrazy09

          Did you really just say that?!? Saved by the bell FTW!

        • Poopstain

          A.civil war general

    • J-Hop2o6

      Bigger screens = see more content. Stronger SoC (CPU+GPU) for more demanding OS & games. Deal with it.

      • Dave Macias

        yeah i do, is just ridiculous though

  • Vegas214

    I don’t care if it can make me a sandwich LG will never get any of my pay ever again.

  • It’s an LG. Therefore, I’ll keep waiting for something that won’t shatter when I touch it.

    • Mikr

      Hahahaha right

  • Not after the G2x (owning). I’ve learned with Samsung, & now with LG. Even though Samsung has got better. But, I will or probably never got back to a LG.

    • Dfireballwow

      I liked my G2x after the fix it was a great phone.. I have the galaxy A right now and it’s alright.. Just miss how fast the G2x was.

      • Well I guess everyone has a different experience. I had about 5 G2x’s, they never got better. I got the supposed G2x fix, & it fixed a few things, but it was still pretty much shot. At one point I couldn’t get my calls, & it started to reboot again & they told me they would not exchange it for another device, they would have to send me another one because LG wasn’t offering any other device as a exchange at the time (this was October). They said they could send me another one & wait to see if it gets better, & then they could offer me an alternative exchange, but they couldn’t promise me that it would comparable to what I had. It got to the point where I had to sign a contract just to get another phone (HTC Sensation 4G, since I was out of contract at the time).

    • Mikr

      Well that stinks

  • Anonymous

    LG phones… never again.

    • MNBug


  • Lani

    Hope tmobile product specialists do a better job at reviewing any new LG mobiles, than just allowing crap into their stores.

    Thankfully, I know a few tmo store staff who are blantently honest when it comes to whispering which new tmobile mobiles to avoid period.

  • Darrenk27

    We need HTC to take back the “g” phones come on t mobs use HTC !

  • Havoktek

    My views on LG is known, so really even though this looks sexy…………..

    No Comment…….lol

    • Mikr

      What is your view?

      • Havoktek

        Well against popular views, my G2x has been solid….However I will side with the masses and facts that LG seriously screwed up the implementation of android on this phone. Perhaps the Nvidia and Gingerbread mix didn’t make for nice little peppermint green gingerbread men and such. We’ll never know. But they screwed the pooch and I know know it, but I love my G2x.

        • Poopstain

          O geez

  • SoTacMatt

    Well it sure looks beautiful! It would be a nice phone to get.

    • Connect2connect

      dont be fool by its beauty. g2x was a good piece of hardware with a shitty software and customer support. almost unusable unless your rooted but point is it should work fine out of the box since u paid it with hard earned $$

  • Poopstain

    Seriously life is not good for lg, my dlite stinks

    • Havoktek

      Life is “not good” lol good one!

      • Poopstain

        Thanks budd!!!

    • Mcgusto

      Ha dlite

  • Jake34

    Whatever, nothing beats a pure Android interface, even the G2x had T-Mobile bloatware.. After buying my Galaxy Nexus, I swear to God I will never own a sense-motoblur-touchwhiz-pseudo pure(G2, G2x)-bloated device!   

    • Poopstain

      You said it brother

    • Minioninnc

      Just got the GN myself today! Loving it so far!

      • Cellularcrazy09

        Best phone ever! I agree!

    • Kha

      ROOT ROOT ROOT!!! I know it’s a hassle but I got the best out of my G2x by rooting.

  • Kenron

    hmm? a lot of people here don’t seem to like the G2X? It’s been a solid phone for me. I actually picked it up over the Galaxy and I’m glad I did. Then again, I can’t speak for all of you~

    • Havoktek

      Hold on for the bashing brother, we G2X owners that have working devices are a rare breed….

    • Gsm1900

      The device had a high failure ratio. I got one and didn’t have any issues, and recommended it to a lot of people. Several bought it, and I felt REALLY bad after they warranty returned it for the 3rd time.

      The Galaxy S 4G had some issues, and Samsung was not really interested in dedicating the resources to fixing them.

  • josue cifuentes

    after the g2x fiasco…I’m never buying any LG phone ever….not even if you pay me

    • Minioninnc

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • haters on the rock

        I also feel the same way

        • Poopstain

          I just read an article about this, great read

        • Pdiddles

          Yep – No chance I’m getting LG again after the whole mess with the G2X. 

  • Ctraywick1

    I need a follow up for my g2… I want an aosp quadcore from HTC… Is that too much to ask?

    • Poopstain

      No wayyy bro

    • Mikeo82

      Never happen. Htc sense is their baby and will never leave. The nexus will be the only “vanilla” android you will ever see from them.

  • As of right now, I would rather have neither LG or HTC. After owning an HTC Sensation, LG G2x and then an HTC Amaze, I can honestly say the HTC phones were the worst hardware-wise, and the LG worst in software. 

    At least the LG lasted more than 7 days without having a sandbar under the glass, like all of my HTC phones (6 sensations & 3 amaze). 

    • HTCFTW

      HTC is the worst in hardware? How can you say that when every samsung released for tmo gets the crap end of the stick compared to their internaitonal devices.

    • Turdnugget0420

      Sorry buddy but if you go through that many phones, there’s something YOU are doing to them…plain and simple.

    • JBLmobileG1

      HTC having bad hardware? I think they make some of the better quality feeling phones right behind Apple. True some of their designs may have not been the best… G1… but out of the phones I owned by them the quality is one of the best. I have had the Tmobile MDA… The G1, the Nexus One and currently the G2. I would Love either the Sensation or better yet the Amaze. Those two feel really nice in the hand. Maybe you just have bad luck with phones. If anything while Samsung seems to make good looking and good designed phones… the quality of them feels of cheap plastic which is the only thing keeping me from them.

    • sino8r

      You must be rough on phones. You’re better off with a brick. Besides, how can we trust someone with the Death Star logo tmobilified? HTC makes some of the best around.

    • DragonBorn

      uhh yeah bruh, I’ve had my Sensation since the Summer and other than a couple of nicks from me dropping it when i first got it, this thing’s in excellent condition. 6 of these…really? 

    • Realcool2000

      Cmon bro, HTC makes ths best quality period.

    •  The only thing you got right in your whole statement – “LG worst in software.”

      I think LG needs a bit of help in hardware as well. They could learn well from high quality makers like Nokia, HTC, RIM, and Apple.

      RIM haters might say otherwise, but RIM makes some damn tough and high quality hardware (though their software seems outdated).

  • Just say no to LG! the G-Series needs to be resumed by HTC with a quickness.

    • Vim

      Interestingly enough, HTC’s G2 has quietly returned to T-Mobile’s web site for a low price of $49.99.  Few phones have been as well-beloved by their owners as that one has.   I have no idea why T-Mobile EOL’d it so quickly. 

  • Scarfacemario

    Im never buying an LG phone either my G2x wasnt as bad as the others but I was pissed on how LG handled the whole G2x problem …well I hope T-mobile gets the G3 but not from LG seriously I don’t understand how TMobile is still getting phones from LG didn’t they learn from the G2x problem :(

  • Angelito Yambao Jr

    Not sure if I’d ever go back to LG. My G2X was working fine until after the 2.3 update. Made no sense.

  • Anonymous

    I think LG burnt so many with the G2x and it’s lack of support that they would be fools to go with Tmobile. I love my G2x since I rooted it but I would think it twice before buying another LG smartphone. I’m sure they will steer away from Tmobile with this phone.

  • Gquedens

    After the G2X debacle I think it will be a very long time before I purchase another LG handset.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares.  Where’s the HTC Titan.

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know with all these smartphones becoming more and more advanced to a point where they can almost (if not already for some) replace computers I am very surprised more of the computer companies like Acer and HP don’t get involved in the cellular business. HP might have but you’d think they would release more… and I am not talking about computers to use on a cellular network but actual phones. They have enough knowledge about computers that I am sure they could release some pretty nice phones in today’s market. Plus then maybe it would push the competition further so that we would not have another LG G2X disaster. Acer would probably be able to create a pretty decent phone at an affordable price. So what are they waiting for?

    • JBLmobileG1

      To add to my comment, Sony finally realized that the mobile market is the way to go. Didn’t they get rid of the Ericsson brand and now are straight Sony? I also read that they now have a mobile division to go along with their music and entertainment divisions, etc. Someone opened their eyes and at a time when it’s really starting to grow, especially when it comes to data required phones which is and will be the future of mobile communication.

  • nerdlust

    A good friend of mine bought the g2x a few months back and the phone has been bulletproof no issues superfast maybe they fixed the later releases. Btw I bought the htc sensation and it too has been bulletproof with great build quality and superfast as well.

  • Markwill62

    Got to agree with Nerdlust on both points as I also have both the G2X and Sensation.  The only improvement I would like to see on the LG phones would be a better fit for the hand, a little curve appeal to make it fit more natural in your hand.  This is more important for the phones as they get bigger and bigger

    • Poopstain

      Well naturally

  • Anonymous

    like i said before, if LG makes a compelling phone and it is better supported, then i will give it a shot again regardless of how crappy my G2X experience was after the gingerbread update. 

    • Makoute

      and that is why they will keep making problematic devices.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone makes a problematic device. Like samsung with the behold II or HTC with the G1 and motorola with the CliQ. Doesn’t mean the next device gonna be a crapper.

        • JBLmobileG1

          True since all 3 of those manufacturers next phone releases after the ones you mentioned were improvements. The G2 was and is a lot better than the first and I heard the next CLIQ 2 was also an improvement over the first… so I doubt LG is dumb enough to fail twice… if they do then they deserve to lose support.

        • Anonymous


        • Kha

          Wouldnt it be funny if they did fail twice maybe thrwice. :D

        • Anonymous

          Well they did with At&t. When they came out The Shine 1,then they came out with The Shine 2,the only thing different was the track ball,
          (never had either one of them when I had at&t,)just read the reviews about them,the 2nd one had about the same problems as the 1st one!

    • I finally rooted my G2X…it was the only way to get the damned thing to work right.

  • Tmobile needs to step it up with some new hardware. I have four lines coming due and sick of them never getting any good phones!

    • Exactly!  a lot of it had to do with the impending Merger but now that that’s over with, they can get back to killer hardware we had started seeing last couple years. 

      • Poopstain

        I do not agree work any of this

        • David, I find this guy’s screen name offensive.  Is there anything you can do to mod him?

        •  Really? It’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like it’s a religious or political reference or anything. It’s just disgusting. Just don’t look at it.

        • Anonymous

          It’s a shame that we cannot block people and disable the viewing of their comments. 

        •  Yes, that would be useful.

        • Realcool2000

          Then what would the point be of being on a forum, if you only saw what only u liked then u would never see another point of view. I do agree that that guys screen name is offensive, but to some it is some it isnt, to me pimpstrongs name is more offensive but not to others.

          Anyway, regardless of what is offensive to me or not, I would rather have a forum that is seen by everyone than one that can be blocked in any way by anyone.

        • Tbyrne

          I concur with what you wrote. Hell, I agree 99.99% with what you post.

        • Realcool2000

          Lol. Back at ya, Tbyrne. Like your posts, as well.

        • SparklingPoopstain

          Thanks, he hurt my feelings

        • SparklingPoopstain

          Is this better?

        • Tbyrne

          I don’t find your screen name offensive. That’s what detergent is for!

        • Which screen name? I don’t see who you are referring to? 

        • Realcool2000

          hes talking about poopstain

        • Anonymous

          are you serious?

    • CDogg

      T-Mo has alot of great top of the line phones.  What planet do you live on?

      • Chris

        Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S II does not seem top of the line for him… HTC Amaze has really good hardware, if it wasn’t for sense, I would’ve gotten that phone. 

        • Anonymous

          You mean the Tmobile version of the GS2 that was neutered for tmobile?

          You mean the htc amaze which actually has a plastic cover (not aluminum
          btw) that weighs a ton for seemingly no reason? The one that has
          probably the worst non-LTE battery life around? The one that has a
          washed out screen? The one with the laggy and dated sense GUI? That amaze?

        • Poopstain

          Yea that one

        • You realize it has a plastic cover because the radios are on the back, right? Radio transceivers don’t work through metal well.

        • Anonymous

          I know, but if you look at many reviews, people are constantly confusing it with “real aluminum” in terms of making it feel premium. I was just stating that it is plastic. Thanks for explaining though.

  • Bobblehead

    After my G2x experience, I will not touch another LG phone until after it has been out for several months and the real reviews are in.  By that time it will be obsolete.

    • Poopstain

      That is a really safe way of doing things, I like your thinking brother

  • Gary A Smith

    Well lots of comments about the G2x here…here are my feelings: once they released Gingerbread on it, it turned into a very stable and fast phone. They should have waited a few months to release it then you wouldn’t have had most of these complaints. I actually think it is a great phone and only a slight step down from the Samsung Galaxy S2 T989. The G2x actually is a very good phone with gingerbread, especially if you get a custom rom that brings back the old camera app. Another weird quick about the G2x was that the camera takes much better pics without the back cover on, so if you take a pic with the battery door on – it comes out kind of grainy. Anyway I do like the G2x and the close-to-stock Android and I have no problem buying another LG product. This new phone looks sweet and I hope T-Mobile gets it. 

    • ogopogo

      TTM (time to market) is a game that every manufacturer plays. Each company has their own approach to it. HTC tends to have the best balance between getting devices to market, and ensuring that the devices are actually ready for market. RIM used to be the best at ensuring that the devices, and the requisite software were both polished, but the playbook fiasco shows what happens when they stray too far from this concept.

      As for LG, it seems to be a moving target – would most customers have waited for the G2x? Hindsight says yes, but the market wants what the market wants, and it wants it NOW.

  • Jaxxsun

    I have to ask, why would anybody really want an LG?

    It is not better than a Galaxy Sll or a Nexsus  or a SIII when released. And there is still a few HTCs to pick from as well.

    I personally would get an LG when Samsung or HTC go belly up first  :))

    • Poopstain

      You don’t make any sense

    • the_truth

      And look at the specs on the LG Spectrum.

  • Anonymous

    here comes another G2x fiasco

    • Poopstain

      I know right, watch out, cause it is , I don’t know what I’m going to do

      • Troll scroller

        This is just crazy

  • Spartanjet

    I will never buy a LG anything…ever.  Most electronics I have gotten over the past few years that were made by LG were complete crap (G2X, various laptop screens, Refridge).

  • jaZzyjeff

    Man I want the next G series phone to have a physical keyboard! And preferably made by HTC

    • sino8r

      I just hope they haven’t abandoned HTC for G3 or MyTouch. I’d take those any day over LG. Sure the MT haven’t been that attractive but at least they functioned well.

      • Talk to HTC, not T-Mobile. All T-Mobile can do is put out a requirements doc and request manufacturers to bid for it.

  • gslatedead

    yes LG and TMobile will support that like they supported the LG Slate or G2x.Make it and forget it.  Go with a different manufacture. 

  • Brandon

    I more than regret my G2x purchase. Never again LG!

  • Wilco1293

    I liked my G2X…both of them. They had moments where the phone would reboot or lag, but after I upgraded to Gingerbread, and did a factory reset or two, it was very stable. Best glass in the market. 

    I would easily buy the “G3X”, particularly with those specs. However, I’m thinking my next phone will have an Intel CPU, depending upon how this processor performs on the market.

  • Durandal_1707

    Q: Will it come to T-Mobile? A: Who cares? I’m sure this thing will be awesome on paper, but after the crapfest that was the G2x, there’s no way I’m going to be suckered into buying an LG product again. I’d rather just wait for HTC, Samsung, or Motorola to come out with a phone that’s just as awesome, but actually works.

    • BayBoy

      Allot of phones suck just cause they have high specs people wanna buy them then sell or face the fact after the return deadline has expired they get the money and you the suckfest of a phone

  • J-Hop2o6

    Umm,, Qualcomm pays the most out of all the licensees because they have the source code or something from ARM to CUSTOMIZE the Cortex core. I forget where I read that at. The others can’t customize the Cortex core cuz they don’t want to pay more and pay for more R&D to customize the core.

    • Third_Eye

      “The CPU will be a beast for a dual-core + its using ARM’s newest Cortex (A15, compared to Tegra 3’s A9)”. I was referring to this.

      Not specifically referring you, but I have seen a lot of people in various forum unfortunately misstate what Qualcomm chips are. They would say Snapdragon is a Cortex A8. S3 sucks compared to Exynos as S3 is dual core A8 while Exynos is dual core A9. 

      I think Qualcomm chose to go this risky but possibly rewarding route as they have good areas of strength in the Mobile chip world. Their strength is so dominant that only recently have 5 big non-US conglomerates have come together to pool their resources to take them on.. 

      Due to their MSM and APQ chips they have actually had their foothold across most mobile Operating systems including Android, WebOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone (xclusive) inspite of not having the fastest SOC of all.

      Krait is the first time that their next generation implementation of the ARM V7/V8 ISA is going to be released ahead of Cortex-A15 based SOC. So till TI is ready with OMAP5 or Smsng with Exynos-3 or NVIDIA with Tegra 4, Krait based SOCs seems to be the one to beat. 

      Another Important thing I wanted to point out is that most of the improvements that 28nm Krait series is bringing to the table are related to single chip LTE capability which will make LTE handsets more affordable and suck less power. It does not to my knowledge do any integration work for T-Mobile HSPA+ 42Mbps or greater technology. So while Verizon, Sprint and ATT can have a LTE handsets with 1 MSM Krait 89×0 SOC, There is not 89y0 SOC that has in-built HSPA+42 capability. So TMo will be at a disadvantage.

  • It sounds interesting, I believe LG will become more popular on mobile-market soon!

  • There came a time when people swore off Samsung because they refused to upgrade their old Android phones but now they are on top of it with the Galaxy S II. So who knows.

  • Gsxrguy412

    I thoroughly loved my g2x and would buy this new lg monster in a heartbeat!! I guess I was one of the very lucky FEW who had a good device..hope they get it right completely this time for everyone!! PLEASE COME TO TMOBILE!!

    • I am in the same boat. My G2x was amazing with Froyo and Ginger. It had its quirks but I had way more problems with my “many” Blackberrys and That samsuck Vibrant. Granted I rooted and cleaned up the T-mobile Bloat and that seemed to help with my restart issues. Speaking of restarting. My phone boots in less that a min. My Blackberry could take as much as 5. Anyway I would buy this phone if like my G2x the Android flavor is Vanilla. Can’t stand the Touchwiz and Sense shells

  • never been a fan of the LG series of phones.

  • Its not going to come to tmobile. Im really disappointed where tmobile is heading. They are not getting any high end phone, only mid end phone, lots of low end and left over phone. In the US, theres only the big 3 now. Tmobile is consider as a small carrier with virgin mobile, cricket, C wireless, etc. Also no future, no plans for LTE, Tmobile will die soon. I regret for not going to att or verizon when they had unlimited data still. Hopefully sprint still offer unlimited when my contract is over.

    • Tbyrne

      This particular phone may not come to T-Mobile but to say “T-Mobile will die soon” is ludicrous! If you’ve been paying attention, there’s been a lot of discussions on what the term “unlimited” means as it relates to ALL the carriers. Do some research and I think you’ll be surprised how each carrier deal with unlimited data plans. Make sure before you hook up with Dan (Sprint), that his network speed & monthly bill gouging will fit your needs. There will be a future with T-Mobile with or without you.

  • I’ll pass. They did such a horrible job with the G2X, and LG is just junk hardware…they’re a company dedicated to junk.

  • New2droid

    I probably will never buy another LG (G2X) phone again. It was a great disappointment coming from an HTC device. I might sell it in exchange for cancelling my contract. TMO in my opinion is good for a prepaid service line. I left Sprint for them & the only benefit I got out of it is “sometimes” having faster data speed. I avoided Verizon because of their rates were higher than everyone else. You get what you pay for so if you want the best you gotta pay the price!

  • Nice Boy

    No more LG phones! The G2X was the worst phone I ever owned.

  • LG software sucks. they just need to stick to ASOP and they would do better cuz the hardware isnt that bad. They are too busy trying to mimic Samsung’s touchwiz. 

  • Jordan

    Anybody that bitches about the software on your device?

    Shut up and root it. That’s why I still find my G2 enjoyable to use a year and a half after it came out. 

  • Anonymous

    I think 4.7 is a little to big for a display. 4.3 is a better size to hold in the hand. I have big hands it would not effect me, but it would for women and people with smaller hands. I hope they make a G3 that is lighter than the G2. The keyboard was great but I was afraid that the phone was going to break.

    • Well I think they can go as low as 4.5 inches with that high of a resolution, if they could I think they’d try and squish the resolution into a 4.3 inch phone.

  • I had an LG G2x on T-Mobile. It should have been stupid fast, what with its 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra2 processor, but…it wasn’t. In fact, it lagged and sputtered; it tortured my ears with skipping, tinny-sounding music; took coffee breaks when I need a GPS; and often went on strike, demanding I remove its battery, if I ever expected it to work for me ever again.

    I now have a Windows Phone on T-Mobile. Powered by a lowly 1GHz single-core processor, this phone is far faster and 100% lag-free; it caresses my ears with silky-smooth music playback that’s dynamic and powerful; delights me with navigation that refuses to quit; and never force-closes applications, locks up, or bitches about how much work I make it do.

    One more Android phone with one more core. There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Sixlence99

    the G2x did treat me as bad as the user below.  infact it was quite fast, as most of the videos posted through out the web.

    i get that there are whiners, and etc all over.  but there are far too many haters than those that actually have good experiences with select phones, like g2x in this case.

    i’m guess i’m repping the G2x and hoping the G3x comes to replace it, now that it’s discontinued (G2x)

  • Sixlence99

    *didn’t treat me as bad as the user below* i meant.

  • Stoobs

    I really don’t understand the hate on the G2X. If consumers would have taken ten seconds of searching google they could have addressed all the issues with the stock rom. I bought the phone because of how beefy the hardware is(and still is to be honest). I’ve been running amazing ROMS on it since last year. In fact, Eaglesblood has AOSP ICS and they’re about to release the second build. I’ve never had issues with this phone due to rooting it. 

    Android phones should never be judged by stock because that’s the power of OPEN SOURCE!