Samsung Ranks As Most Preferred Android Brand In The United States

There is little question that at 47% of the smartphone market in the United States, Android is easily the most popular platform. It should come as little surprise then as we break down 47% of the market that Samsung, the biggest smartphone maker in the world as of Q3 2011, scores highest in brand preference. Following Samsung are Motorola, HTC and LG, along with Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE. The latter companies stay at the bottom of the list due to the lower number of handsets they sell in the US.

Another interesting note discovered during the iGR survey was the 45% of Android owners who researched and specifically picked Android as their smartphone platform. Google’s reputation accounted for 27% of those buying decisions. iGR bases their results on 2011 US smartphone sales data as well as profiling current Android owners. Head below for their full press release:



New iGR Research Shows Samsung as Most Preferred Android Device Brand Among Consumers

Consumer Surveys Also Show That 45 Percent of Android Users Researched the OS Prior to Purchase and Specifically Wanted an Android Device

AUSTIN, TX, Jan 20, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — The popularity of the Google Android smartphoneoperating system (OS) has increased significantly in the last few years. New iGR research shows that, at present, 47 percent of U.S. smartphone users have an Android device, followed by 24 percent who own/use an Apple iPhone. Of the major brands supporting Android, Samsung has the highest brand preference among consumers, followed by Motorola, HTC and LG. ZTE and Huawei ranked toward the bottom of the brands studied, although note that these brands currently sell comparatively lower volumes in the U.S. market.

iGR’s new research also shows that 45 percent of Android users researched the OS prior to purchase and specifically selected an Android device when they bought a new smartphone. It also appears that Google’s reputation is driving Android sales — 27 percent of Android users said that they selected an Android smartphone because they believed that Google was a “reputable company” and therefore inferred that Android must also be reputable.

These findings, as well as others relating to consumers’ Android brand preferences and impressions, are presented in iGR’s new market study Android Brand Preferences: U.S. Consumers, published in January 2012.

“Understanding why consumers select specific brands and certain smartphones is critical to the success of OEMs in the highly competitive U.S. handset market,” says iGR Research Analyst, Sarah Thoman, who authored the study. “While a user’s current handset brand influences the selection of a new Android smartphone, many other factors also come into play. For example, handset display quality and functionality also highly influenced the smartphone purchase decision.”

iGR’s new study, Android Brand Preferences: U.S. Consumers, addresses several key topics:

  • The number of Android smartphones sold in the U.S. in 2011 (by
  • quarter)
  • Why consumers buy Android smartphones
  • The profile of the typical Android smartphone user
  • The handset features users like on Android smartphones
  • How consumers rank Android OEM brands and why
  • How the user’s current device brand impacts that user’s Android
  • smartphone purchase
  • Which Android OEM brands are associated with the major mobile
  • operators

About iGR iGR is a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications industry. Founded by Iain Gillott, one of the wireless industry’s leading analysts, in late 2000 as iGillottResearch, iGR is now entering its twelfth year of operation. iGR continuously researches emerging and existent technologies, technology industries, and consumer markets. We use our detailed research to offer a range of services to help companies improve their position in the marketplace, clearly define their future direction, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

iGR researches a range of wireless and mobile products and technologies, including: smartphones; tablets;mobile applications; bandwidth demand and use; small cell architectures; DAS; LTE; WiMAX; VoLTE; IMS; NFC; GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA; CDMA 1x/EV-DO; iDEN; SIP; macro-, pico- and femtocells; mobile backhaul; WiFi and WiFi offload; and SIM and UICC. iGR is a member of the Rural Cellular Association.

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  • Will T-Mobile offer the Galaxy Note?

    • all signs point to NO

    • Scarfacemario

      Thats what im looking forward to as well

    • Rwb501

      I wish they would offer the Note….T-Mobile is missing out on huge sales numbers by not offering the Nexus and the Note

      • Littlesis1774

        If T-mobile keeps ignoring iphone or the note they going to have huge problems

        • Spanky

          I’m not so sure about the note. It’s geared toward a niche audience. Niche products don’t typically sell that well.

      • Justamazing87

        It’s marketing….. Verizon was selling the chocolate phone like it was any good while the iPhone was at its peak. T-Mobile tries to sell people on cheap prices. While Verizon and atat sell ppl on phones and network quality.

    • AM Gone

      Yea, TM will offer the Note just like the iPhone, check back in about 5 years.  It is very frustrating as a long term TM customer to continue to watch as the other carriers get the newest phones while TM sits idly by, not getting the latest and greatest phones while continuing to lose customers.  I am a frequent business traveler and could care less about the iPhone and really getting tired for the spotty TM service around this country.  However, the Note will make me move to another carrier after 12 years at TM and maybe I can make and receive calls throughout the country.   

  • Anonymous

    HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG… you just got Samsunged!

    • LG may be the worst

      <- thats coming from a guy who just bought an LG Optimus 3D with AWS bands

      • Anonymous


      • They are the worst.

      • Scarfacemario


    • Tbyrne

      Ha Ha Ha. Yes!!!!

  • Brianb

    I’m still stunned by the android phones lack of complete business functionality.  The blackberry is basic in certain things but has the “business side” down pat.  RIM (blackberry) has true hands-free blue tooth voice dailing integration that is ACCURATE and works when the phone is locked (old motorola smart phones even did this well).  It has emailing and texting ability that are superior.

    I bought a samsung Galaxy 2 and was stunned how much multi-media I could do but was shocked at WHAT WAS MISSING FROM THE OS.  It is missing things business people take for granted in a smart or dumb phone. I returned it until Android can fuction as a business device.  The screen are also getting a bit too  large to fit in a front pocket.  Are they going to turn phones into tablets soon???  If I want a tablet, I’ll buy one but I need a phone to fit in a jacket pocket or front pant pocket.

    Come on android!  This can’t be a hard fix!  At  least get true blue tooth handsfree dialing working!!!! It’s a requirement in many states and countries now!

    And Samsung support was SHOCKINGLY poor when I called them.  They didn’t even know their own product!

    • Anonymous

      Hands-free bluetooth dialing is really only useful if you’re placing phone calls while driving, and if you’re talking on the phone while driving then you’ll probably be dead soon anyway. Dead people make for poor repeat customers.

      • Brianb

        Are you under 25 or something?  Most sales people/account executives are always on the phone on the road!  Most business people make calls this way.  Handfree with a headset.  Why do you think all the new cars have it integrated into the stereo?  It common now.  The auto companies added it because people don’t talk on the phone in the car????

    • Noor Mahmoud

      Wait, we don’t have hands-free bluetooth dialing? Then what have I been doing the last year and a half with my g2?

      • Susankolo

        Really, you can initiate a phone call from your bluetooth headset after the device locks or goes in standby?  android admits this is a “security” feature that blocks bluetooth.

    • 21stNow

      Could you elaborate on your complaint about BT Voice Dialing?  I have used this feature on Android phones for over a year now.  No, it’s not as good as other platforms (BBOS and iOS), but I have found that saying a person’s first and last names usually gets me to the correct contact.

      • Susankolo

        It doesn’t work when the phone locks in your jacket pocket.  If you are in the car driving the car bluetooth system or your headset cannot make a call unless you remove the phone and manually unlock it, thus defeating the “handsfree” idea.

  • Chad

    I only buy Nexus. My android phones have two requirements
    1. Must be stock
    2. Must be Samsung.

  • Dave Macias

    good for Samsung but let’s see how it goes when the heavyweights from Japan begin their journey through western territories, this time they bring no crappy flip phones, Panasonic realeasing a smarthphone on Europe by mid year and hopefully by the end of the year to the US and Fujitsu starting to release devices on the US by mid year too,  you want some samples? check the IS12T , the NEC Arrows Z, the Galapagos 003SH, NEC Medias, P01D and all the others.

    • Anonymous

      your right, the Kings of mobile (the japanese) are about to make things happen here in the US very soon. I have been into japanese keitais (cellphones) since 05′ and i have been very impressed. I can’t wait for quality.

      • Anonymous

        I really don’t understand how the Japanese are the “kings of mobile.” They have not released anything extraordinary recently. Sony and Panasonic haven’t done much in the mobile world.

        Apple – US (California)
        Samsung – Korea
        HTC – Taiwan 
        Motorola – US (Illinois)
        Nokia – Finland 
        RIM – Canada 
        LG – Korea

        • Dave Macias

          yes they are , like or not my friend, if you at least took the time to check even the specs of the phones i listed or at least check their websites you will see their phones beat your regular iPhone and droid RAZR with that said i also include the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus and the reason they don’t release devices outside Japan is because their devices are japan exclusive.

          Sony Ericsson is not a japanese company is a joint venture and they do not release device with japanese phone specifications.

        • DMiller

          Sorry to say but Japanese mobile business has become irrelevant globally, and even though I agree with you they might be better quality than American brands, they sure as hell aren’t better than Korean phones.
          Have you gone to Seoul and seen their phones and what they can do with them? It’s amazing. If you appreciate Japanese tech, you’ll be in heaven with Korean tech. They have been doing things since 2000 what America hasn’t even started doing. Japan is no slouch either, but Korea is just on another level. The real embarrassing country is America.

  • RonJ

    I thought HTC was running the game? So… you also want me to believe that the iOS is the 53 percent or something around that number?

    • Anonymous

      Remember there is also BlackBerry, Windows, etc out there so Android is king

    • HTC is struggling in a mighty way – and the other 53% of the mobile market is split among iOS, Symbian, RIM and Microsoft. Android and iOS are NOT the only mobile operating systems.

      • 30014

        You’re right, android and ios aren’t the only mobile operating systems. It just seems like they are.

      • Littlesis1774

        HTC is so overrated

  • Anonymous

    GO SAMSUNG!!!! yeah i definitely prefer Samsung over HTC, Motorola, and LG i owned android phones from all these manufacturers but they all had problems but Samsung had the least problems comparing to other 3… i prefer buying samsung then lg then HTC and then Motorola

    • Susankl

      The Vlingo app required to sorta voice dial is terrible though!  Samsung acted like they were lucky to get! It is highly inaccurate.

      • Anonymous

        What device are you using? It works perfectly fine on my SGSII and my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Spanky

      Samsung had the least problems? I don’t know about that – need I remind you about the GPS issues and lag on the Galaxy S series, as well as the lack of software updates? I’ve had three HTC phones so far (G1, MyTouch 4G, Sensation), and none of them let me down. In fact, my G1 still runs perfectly, although it’s reached the status of Nintendo NES.

      Recently, however, Samsung has certainly stepped up its game. I’m currently using a Galaxy Nexus, which is an excellent device through and through. In fact, I am never getting any more devices with carrier overlays, be it Samsung, HTC, or whatever else is out there.

  • Anonymous

    oops wrong reply.. this reply was to “RonJ”
    i thought so too that’s why i bought HTC Sensation but man.. i was disappointed… one of the worst android phones i ever bought… IMO HTC is overrated (i said in my opinion)

    • geekin

      Nonsense. The HTC Sensation is one of the best smartphones ever released. Hhow were you dissapointed? How is HTC overrated?

      • Littlesis1774

        HTC is overrated because after the first few months they begin to have problems. I have problems with my HTC HD2 phone

      • topgunner

        I thought like you once, which is why I bought the Sensation. What a mistake.

        They’re overrated because Sense is extremely bloated and hideous looking, not to mention their phones are also butt ugly.

        HTC battery life is horrendous, and soon after I had the Sensation, my phone would lock up and reboot every few days. This just makes HTC phones unusable.

        After having the phone for a while, I realized HTC just sucks. I couldn’t return it anymore, so I tried selling it. Of course no one wanted to buy it. So I said screw it and bought the Galaxy S2 and deal with the sensation later since I needed a phone that just works.

        The Galaxy is hands down the best phone I have ever had. Looking sexy is a nice plus too. I’ve heard the old Touchwiz weren’t very good, but the current Touchwiz version is really slick, both in the looks and functionality department. There are just so many features that make using your phone that much easier. It’s also super fast with a beautiful screen, good battery life, and very light and thin. After using the Galaxy S2, you won’t believe how you once could think HTC phones can even compete.

        That’s why HTC is overrated. To me, the race is only between Samsung and Apple, with Samsung up ahead at the moment.

      • Anonymous

        Im disappointed because my 11th Sensation is now leaking dust like the other 10. I’m tired of this P.O.S…. not to mention the 30 – 45 second UI reloads that occur for basically no reason. Close the browser, it restarts, down load an app, it restarts. I hate Sense and the Sensation was poorly designed (curved glass keeps allowing the glass to separate and in flows the dust)

        • Anonymous

          11th sensation? I’m sorry but you’ve got no one else to blame but yourself to rely on that phone after 11 times. 

          I chose the SGSII over the Sensation in a heartbeat as it only cost $30 more and is highly regarded as the “flagship” device for T-Mobile. I highly recommend you get the SGSII. 

  • Anonymous

    I prefer my HTC Amaze over my Samsung Vibrant any day. Also, I put the Amaze through a washer and dryer cycle and that thing still works like new.

    • Anonymous

      What were you thinking?

      • Scarfacemario


    • Anonymous

      Obviously, you’re going to prefer the Amaze over the Vibrant. The Vibrant came out nearly 2 years ago and is no longer comparable to a high-end device like the HTC Amaze.

      I am actually surprised the HTC Amaze survived the washer and dryer. With that raised glass display and metal body (iPhone 4S-esque build quality) I would expect it to be crushed into a million pieces.  

  • Nearmsp

    The article says Android most popular platform and then within Android Samsung most popular but it never compares Samsung and iPhone market share. That said, as  a recent convert from BB to SGS2, I am not excited by Android and my next phone WILL be an iPhone. If T-mobile offers it well and good if not, I will move. And before some one says pay more elsewhere, I have no problem with that. I am with T-mobile mainly for the UMA/Wi-Fi calling but now with Bobsled, Tango and other apps on data one does not need UMA to call home from overseas. 

    • Anonymous

      Android > iOS and company
      iPhone > Galaxy S II and company

    • Tbyrne

      This article was discussing how Samsung was the most preferred ANDROID smartphone. Yes, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone hands down and if T-Mobile gets the iPhone 5 with, AT LEAST, a 4″ screen, I’d probably get it no doubt. However I need 4G at the moment and nothing but the GS2 will do.

      • Just an Opinion

        I like androids, and have owned a few, Vibrant, Mytouch 4G (htc) and GS2. I never really gave much thought to IOS mainly due to the fact that it has a smallscreen and they are vry fragile (known too many peopel who cracked those screens). But If the next Iphone has a larger screen, it may be worth looking at.
        I still doubt I’d buy one though.. too used to my mass storage (expandable memeory), and was never an Itunes fan.

        • Tbyrne

          True that!

  • I love my myTouch 4G. I don’t care what anyone says, this is a solid phone with a great hardware/software match.

  • Tbyrne

    Of course Samsung is the most preferred Android device on the market. Most preferred HDTV also. There’s reasons for that. Sony was the King of TV’s back in the day. However, for now, Samsung is King. Maybe in the near future another contender can wrestle away the Android crown, perhaps LG? Maybe HTC? SONY? Only time will tell. Oh, and yes, I’m enjoying my GS2, even more this Wednesday when free tethering comes to my phone!

    • Asmnfalls

      How are you getting free tethering?

      • Tbyrne

        On January 25th, there’s supposed to be a promotion where, if you’re on a 5 or 10gb plan, you can get free tethering if you request it.

        • Nick

          good luck with that

        • RetailSalesLeader

          Tmo employee: you have to switch to it, your not going to just automatically get it. Make sure you call, go online, or go into a store to switch to it.

        • JBLmobileG1

          Can you request it on an old $24.99 data plan? Or do you have to switch completely?

    • Anonymous

      Wait.. you have to pay for tethering? I always tether with my GSII and I haven’t noticed my bill go up!

  • Anonymous

    i love samsung tv but when it come to smartphones im htc all the way. i cant get enough of htc sense.

    • Brosbro

      Have you tried the Galaxy SII? Fuken amazing phone. Nothing HTC makes can even touch it.

      I’m loving my Samsung smartphone more and more every single day! Never thought I’d love a product this much.

      • Anonymous

        to each their own….there no need for me to try a galaxy s phone, my experience with my htc sensation have been superb and flawless. ive been a fan of sense even when i had a stock android phone. just like i said earlier, to each their own.

        • Brosbro

          You’re missing out man. I’m glad you’re enjoying your phone. I agree
          with you to each their own, but I’m just bummed you won’t be able to
          experience a phone that’s 100 times better. If you’re liking your phone now, and the Galaxy SII is that much better, imagine how awesome that would be for you!

        • Anonymous

          There’s no need for you to be bummed about ;)

        • Brosbro

          Haha yeah I guess. I think I was getting a little too excited. :) Peace out.

        • 21stNow

          We get that you prefer a Samsung Galaxy S II.  Do you get that everyone is not enamored with that phone?  I played with an SGSII in the store and happily handed that back to the people that work there.  While the SGSII has some improvements over the initial Galaxy S line (I owned a Vibrant), I was happy that I switched over to an HTC Sensation.  At this point, the only Samsung products that interest me are from the Nexus series.

      • Anonymous

        If there was a GS2 with Sense UI it would be over. 

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Tizen :D

  • Uvaldo

    HTC!!!! FTW!!!!

    • Baller

      HTC is $hitty. Who wants ugly looking phones with an even uglier looking sense UI on it?

      • Jmmiller09

        thats your opinion… makes quality phones that arent made of straight plastic and dont feel like they are going to crush just from holding it too hard, and dont even get me started on touch wiz lol

        • Baller

          True that may be my opinion, but it’s also shared by many. HTC just makes ugly products that malfunction often.

          “dont feel like they are going to crush just from holding it too hard”

          – Spreading a bunch of BS without even experiencing it first hand. I have the Epic 4g Touch. Feels rock solid and it has survived many drops thanks to the plastic. I’m trying to bend my phone as hard as I can right now too just to see. Nothing.

          By the way, HTC announced several months ago they’re transitioning to using plastic in all of their phones because that’s the smarter thing to do. What are you going to say then? HTC’s plastic is “better”? LOL

          “dont even get me started on touch wiz lol”

          – You might have been right 1 year ago with Touchwiz 3.0.
          Touchwiz 4.0 on my Epic 4g Touch is simply amazing. It’s intuitive, beautiful, fast, and makes using any task extremely fluid.

          You were saying?

        • JBLmobileG1

          For someone who admits to and even tries to bend his phone to make a statement I think has doubts because just looking at your phone and feeling it should give you the answer to begin with. LOL just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean you can just snap it in half like a twig. The built quality of the current HTC phones are far superior to any Samsung. If HTC does go all plastic its to save a quick buck…. but I think it will also hurt them because that’s what makes an HTC phone IMO. Samsung definitely takes the screen medal… would be nice to have the best of both worlds… I guess that’s where the iphone comes in.

        • Baller

          “I think has doubts”

          So you can read my mind now?

          “because just looking at your phone and feeling it should give you the answer to begin with.”

          That’s exactly my point. I have had the S2 for a while now, and it has always looked and felt rock solid to me. But since Jmmiller was spreading FUD, I simply wanted to make a point that you could even try your hardest to make it creak or break, and there wouldn’t be any problem. Don’t see any doubt on my part there.

          “The built quality of the current HTC phones are far superior to any Samsung.”

          Not true. Just because something is made of plastic doesn’t mean it’s worse build quality. Take the iPhone for example. It uses glass and metal for its body, but its build quality is significantly worse than the Galaxy, which is made of plastic.
          HTC phones may feel heftier, but it doesn’t have better build quality than Samsung. HTC also uses plastic on most of the body for most of their phones too.

          What makes a Samsung phone is that they are light and thin, so they engineered their phones to accomplish that while not sacrificing build quality. Your mentality is akin to saying modern body armor made of what looks like cloth is worse quality than the metal suits from the Medieval ages because it’s lighter and thinner, when in fact the modern body armor is much better.

        • JBLmobileG1

          As much as I could care less for an iphone I think it has the best feeling and built quality out of any phone period. If I have to give props to Apple on their iphone it would have to be towards the feel of their phone. I personally like a phone to have that solid less plastic feel because I know it should outlive my contract should I not find a phone right away if my contracts up. I like my phone to have a nice feel even without the battery installed. The Samsungs may feel fine once put together but without a battery its like a shell. While I don’t want a brick I do prefer a little meat on my cell phones if you know what I mean. LOL

        • JBLmobileG1

          On an added note I know where your coming from however I think they make them the way they do because they like to release newer models like crazy and eventually you will need a phone so let’s hope it lasts as long as you need it. It’s what I like to call a through away phone… like every modern day electronic. I think Samsung is just going that way to save money. If they built a metal phone with some plastic some people may not feel the need to get their newest model just because it has that extra MP on the camera. If you look at the history of electronics its always been that way. The original Sega Saturn was built better than the newer model, same as the Playstation 3. The Motorola Razr was also the same… the original was all metal and then it was aluminum… once it was mass produced the thing had a plastic back. You know why? To save money and make it affordable while but only for Motorolas behalf.

        • Baller

          You know it seems like it’s just a matter of what each one of us prefers with neither of our preferences being right or wrong. You like some heftiness, I like it to be light as a feather, but I can see why you would appreciate the iPhone’s heaviness though. What I was just trying to get at was that even though it’s light doesn’t necessarily mean it has bad build quality, and being hefty doesn’t necessarily mean good build quality. I’ll use the same example as before, the Galaxy S2 can withstand a lot abuse, while the iPhone tends to break very easily.

        • Anonymous

          I’m willing to bet that the “more plastic, cheap feeling” plastic GS2’s outlive HTC’s throughout a contract.

      • Anonymous

        HTC is $hitty but Sense UI is great if you ever get a chance to use it.

        • Majormajor

          Gotta respectfully disagree with ya there. Used Sense extensively, and it simply disappoints in every way. To me it’s overrated. Laggy, junky, ugly, bloated, and unclassy. In my experience so far, people say it’s good just because they feel they need to say that. But if it works for you, more power to ya. For me Touchwiz 4 is amazing.

        • Dave Macias

          agree on that totally, Sense UI is only for the looks. i myself use the infobar interface, looks like windows phone 7 with android power.

  • Kimball

    Wow, after toiling for the past two years with my shitty Vibrant Galaxy S, I am not anticipating going with Samsung ever again.
     – No updates.  Stuck with Froyo (and waited a year before getting it)
     – No functioning GPS
     – No support
     – Lag, lag, lag…. gotta power cycle this sucker daily or it will lock up like crazy.

    • Anonymous

      Lets see here..

      No Updates? If you really want it you know there is root and they tend to work better

      No functioning GPS? hardware defect no new devices have the same antenna as the vibrant.

      No support? explain further… Im pretty sure if you call Samsung they will give you support.

      Lag? What do you expect considering you aren’t running stock android? 

      My point is get over it there are ways to fix your situation and if you choose not to take them that is your own fault. T-mobile probably would even replaced your device.

    • Jordan

      I can feel your frustration. Former Vibrant owner here too. The only thing I can really fault Samsung was the lack of updates, but hey if you know how to root your phone, that’s no problem. The GPS issue was really Google’s fault since they forced Samsung to implement one last minute when Google decided not to go with another company’s GPS

      Anyway I still went for the Galaxy S2 when it was time to upgrade, and boy I’m glad I did. I have not had a single problem in the last 4 months that I have had it. Blazing fast, gorgeous screen, intuitive and functional UI, good battery management. If there was anything you didn’t like in the Vibrant, you’re gonna completely forget about it after using the Galaxy S2.

      • androidcomplex

        Thanks for sharing your experience of using Galaxy S 2.


  • Brian Richards

    My GS4G was a solid phone ONCE it was rooted to solve the memory issues. My GS2 is the best phone I have ever owned. The thing is that I LIKE a lot of the smoothing that is done by touchwiz PLUS the amazing screen quality. Honestly even the problems I had with the GS4G at first thanks to the memory issues, were totally tempered by that gorgeous screen. There isn’t an android I’ve seen that even comes close. People will pull out thier motorola or HTC and say check out my new phone. I will then pull mine out and their faces drop ehen they compare their dull washed out display to GS2. :)

    • James

      “People will pull out thier motorola or HTC and say check out my new
      phone. I will then pull mine out and their faces drop when they compare
      their dull washed out display to GS2. :)”

      LOL that’s my daily experience too! Samsung GS2 outclasses all other devices.

    • 21stNow

      That’s funny.  I prefer the HTC displays to the Samsung displays.  But I understand that different people have different preferences.

      • Cuttingedge

        Sure, you can prefer to eat $hit and say that people have different preferences. But the fact is, you’re still eating $hit while most people don’t.

        Hide behind the “people have different preferences” defense all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that Samsung’s screens are indisputably the best in the industry by any measure and by any professional analysts.

        • Tmobile_Fan77

          Do you need a dose or two of theray?! It is not that serious.

        • Gates

          I think 21stnow is the one who might need a dose for preferring htc displays to Samsung’s. That’s a first

        • 21stNow

          I doubt it’s the first, and definitely not the only, as evidenced by some of the comments here.  As I said, this is my preference.  The SGSII looked like a prototype of what Fisher Price would make if they were in the smartphone business.  The huge app icons and the unreal colors were too childish looking for me if I’m going to drop $500+ on a phone.  If other people prefer that look, it’s their prerogative.

        • Irony

          Lol and sense wasn’t too childish for you with their comical style?

          It’s ironic you mention Fisher Price, because HTC looks like those hollow, lumpy, plastic toys for babies, while the Galaxy phones look stylish and professional.

          Everything about HTC oozes garishness, from the phone design to sense.

        • JBLmobileG1

          I agree the Samsung phones have the best screen but when you put an HTC phone next to a Samsung… the Samsungs feel like cheap plastic toys. So while it wins in one category it fails in another. One nice feature of the original Nexus One… even though it was an HTC phone the screen was made by Samsung.

        • MIz10

          My Galaxy SII on Sprint feels and looks luxurious. No inkling of cheapness at all.

          Was the iPhone a cheap toy when it was made of plastic? Most phones, even high end ones, are made plastic. Do you think they’re cheap looking? Plastic doesn’t automatically mean cheap.

          Someone mentioned below that HTC has also announced it’s using all plastic for their future phones since it’s smarter to have a plastic body than a metal one.

          Sure there are phones that are plastic that look cheap, but that’s definitely not the case with a Samsung.

        • Anonymous

          he didn’t say other phone makers aren’t using plastic, he said samsungs feel like CHEAP plastic toys. Please re-read.

          I compared the SGS2 to the HTC Amaze and the samsung felt like a overly wide plastic paperweight with an oversaturated low res screen. The HTC, despite it actually being made of plastic, was made with premium feeling plastic, had some heft, and had a high res (though washed out) screen.

        • Einstein

          Only ignorant people say it feels like cheap plastic toys, since they’re
          only going by “feeling” not by actual understanding of the product. Why
          do you think Samsung phones are so thin and light while HTC’s are so
          fat and heavy? If you think Samsung phones feel cheap, then you’re not
          understanding the engineering and intention behind the phone. A cheap
          toy would not do this: youtube. com/watch?v=ErXqnQKs-tA.

          how the entire time you’re only using the word “feeling” to describe
          whether something is “cheap”. That reflects the prevailing ignorance of
          the general public who don’t understand engineering. It is amazing that
          the Galaxy S2 is extremely light. You think Samsung couldn’t have easily
          added extra heft like HTC does just to silence idiots who complain
          about “cheap plastic”? It’s more difficult to make a good quality phone
          that’s also thin and light. Samsung chooses the route of engineering
          marvel, while HTC takes the easy route by making thick and heavy phones.

          are you going to say when tablets and tv’s in the future are all light
          weight, foldable sheets? That they’re cheap feeling because they’re so
          light and thin? Get with the times.

          Tthe plastic on the Samsung
          and the plastic on the HTC are just textured differently with different
          thickness, but as a material they’re nearly identical. So this idea of
          “premium” and “cheap” is all in your head.

          What does that show about people like you?

        • 21stNow

          The fact that you have to resort to such crude language to make your point is sad, if you are an adult.

          I’m on the Internet.  I have no need to hide behind anything, and have no qualms stating my opinion while respecting others who have different opinions.  Even if you and professional analysts disagree with me, it’s my money that I’m spending and my satisfaction that is important, not yours.

        • Cuttingedge

          Would using the word ‘detritus’ instead of $hit make you feel better? Still doesn’t change the truth of what he said. You say you have no need to hide behind anything, and yet you still hide once again behind an irrelevant argument about word choice.

      • tmo4the win

        Older samsung screens had a blue hue and some colors seemed overblown. But GS2 seemes to have really fixed that. I had a Galxs S4G, and upgraded to GS2, looking at the screens together, the difference is night and day. the S2 screen quality is tremendous.

  • Gac

    Tell me how the galaxy s2 is better than htc amaze.
    Screen, yes ill give it to the s2, overall to the amaze.
    And please dont even get on the which is faster bcuz both are fast and im sure you cant spot the difference.
    Premium build on the amaze, better design, dedicated camera/video keys,Better resolution, etc. Like seriously, wtf is wrong with you people?

    • Tomz777

      You can’t say better screen for the Galaxy S2 and then say better resolution on the Amaze. The resolution is part of the screen experience, and despite the slightly higher resolution, the image quality on the Galaxy S2 is head and shoulder above the Amaze because of the SAMOLED+ technology. HTC screens are abysmal.

      Likewise, you can’t just simply discount the faster processor on the Galaxy S2 by saying you can’t notice the difference, and then turn around and tout that the Amaze has a slightly higher resolution which is hardly noticeable to the human eye at the distance you use the phone.

      So the Galaxy S2 has the better screen and is faster. The Amaze is a slightly more camera centric phone. All other factors seem to be a wash. So the Galaxy S2 is overall the winner.

      wtf is wrong with you?

      • Brianb

        I have the Samsung s2 so I can speak to this.  The HTC uses the Samsung processor which is optimized.  The Samsung processor outperforms the Qualcom processor in almost every way.  They couldn’t use the Samsung processor because the tmobile “4g” radio wouldn’t work with it.

        • SGS2

          “Both smartphones are peers as far as processor is concerned–each uses a
          Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset clocked at 1.5 GHz. Both devices also come
          with equal amounts of RAM–1 gigabyte each.”.

          As you stated:

           “They couldn’t use the Samsung processor because the tmobile “4g” radio wouldn’t work with it”….because…to take advantage of HSDPA+ (4G) 42.2 Mbit/s, “theoretical” speeds…..otherwise The S 2 would have used the Enyos processor….S 2 LTE  for AT&T also has the same processor as these two.

          I carry more than 1 phone at work, so its nice having a lighter phone.

    • Tmo4theWin

      I work in a t-mobile store, and I see a lot of customers weighing the benefits of the GS2 vs the Amaze. We definately sell more GS2’s. The amaze has a more solid build- but that makes it a bit heavy and bulky for many customers.
      The Amaze’s camera is VERY GOOD- but GS2 comes close enough out of the box, and you can adjust settigs to get the same resluts.
      From a bulid point of view- i think HD7-Evo buld was HTC’s last good one.
      As far as the screen, the only reason (i think) resolution looks a little low on the S2 is due to the fact that some apps will apear streched, but they also apear streched vertically on the Amaze. And GS2 wins for battery life.
      Overall they are both great phones, but observing from a sales stand point, GS2 outsells Amaze hands down.
      But Some people like the AMAZE, and it’s agreat device.

    • @Gac If your Amaze is rooted, try the Sony Braiva Engine plugin. Trust me, It’ll easily close the gap between the two screens.

  • Yeah, it’s true…I have samsung))

  • My vote goes to HTC. I was in the camp that Samsung had better screens until I installed the Sony Braiva Engine on my Sensation. Now my screen looks as good (in some cases better) than the GN. Plus the GN feel and looks like a toy.

    Here my break down list. Remember… this is from my own experience so it will vary with others
    HTC: PRO great overall , CON low ROM 
    Samsung: PRO Great screen ( can’t beat the Braiva engine though) CON Feels poorly made.
    Motorola: PRO Popular CON cheap hadware/ breaks easily

    • Jimtime

      Sorry that mod doesn’t change the fact that the Samsung screen
      TECHNOLOGY is still better than what you find on any htc, hence your
      experience is still unparalleled on a Samsung.

      I’ve seen many
      reviews where most people do not notice a difference in change after
      installing the bravia mod, which
      isn’t surprising since you’re doing nothing about the underlying
      screen technology and only changing superficial variables. The SAMOLED+ can not be beaten.

      Not to mention FEELING poorly made is completely different from being
      poorly made. Thin and light doesn’t mean poorly made. I’m willing to bet
      a Samsung is going to last as long or outlive a htc in
      terms of build quality. Look at Motorola phones. They’re heavier and
      thicker than Samsung phones so it feels like better build quality, but
      in reality they break more often and are actually cheaply made. iPhones
      too are heavy and thick and feel like good build quality, but they break
      even more than Motorola phones.

      • Tmo Needs iPhone

        Actually, to be clear…Samsung Screens on their Highe End phones are good, but Samsung actually sells far more basic (free) handsets than S2’s (sorry but its true) and No one can say that the exhibit 2 screen is good, or the gravity touch (0ne of the worst phones made based upon returns of teh device in stores). So if you want to argue that samsung (blue and high ciontrast) screens are the best out there.. Be clear to say Samsung’s screens on their top line handsets… By no means is the experience the same on their cheep stuff.

        And for the record, even the galaxy s2’s screen on tmobile has that horrible bluish hue. held next to the amaze… sorry  white on the amaze, blue on samsung.. so if you like blue..I guess Samsung is for you.

        • Mr Obvious

           Why are we bringing the cheap line of phones into the discussion? No one cares about those. The fact is that, like you so astutely noticed, that the best screen Samsung can offer is better than the best screen any other company can offer.

          If it isn’t apparent to you that people in general only compare the top of the line phones when comparing brands, you need some schooling by Mr. Obvious.

  • Vpc

    TMobile where is the Note? The pen is mightier than the finger.

  • Anonymous

    I’m kinda sad there isn’t an american company that makes awesome android devices.  

  • Anonymous

    Really it is? Then why the hell can’t Samsung offer decent android updates?? ex Vibrant 4g,,, it hasn’t been out that long.. and if they’re so awesome they should seriously add two things for sure.. a notification LED and a dedicated camera button and of course,, computer divers that don’t act up on the computer & actually install correctly so my computer can recolonize the freaking phone!! But also better quality phone.. feels cheap compared to HTC… That’s all for now… :)

  • SGS2