Rumor Alert: Samsung Will NOT Announce The Galaxy S III Next Month At Mobile World Congress?

Roh oh, the boys over at The Verge are hearing a disappointing rumor, if this rumor does indeed turn out to be fact. According to their intel, Samsung had initially planned to announce their 2012 Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later next month and will now delay their announcement. There is no indication as to when or where an announcement for the Galaxy S III will take place, but The Verge has been told it would be “before summer.” Mobile World Congress is a logical choice for Samsung to unveil their next-generation flagship model, however the current rumor points to Samsung being uncomfortable with a lengthy lag between a global launch and US availability.

For a little background, the Samsung Galaxy S II was initially introduced at last year’s Mobile World Congress only to arrive in the United States in the fall. Much of the world had the Galaxy S II for months by the time it arrived on US shores. With the Galaxy S III, this new speculation is that Samsung will try to make the device available everywhere at the same time and not deal with a slow rollout.

The Verge has updated their post to show German blog BestBoyz reporting the same piece of intel.

The Verge

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