Rumor Alert: Samsung Will NOT Announce The Galaxy S III Next Month At Mobile World Congress?

Roh oh, the boys over at The Verge are hearing a disappointing rumor, if this rumor does indeed turn out to be fact. According to their intel, Samsung had initially planned to announce their 2012 Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later next month and will now delay their announcement. There is no indication as to when or where an announcement for the Galaxy S III will take place, but The Verge has been told it would be “before summer.” Mobile World Congress is a logical choice for Samsung to unveil their next-generation flagship model, however the current rumor points to Samsung being uncomfortable with a lengthy lag between a global launch and US availability.

For a little background, the Samsung Galaxy S II was initially introduced at last year’s Mobile World Congress only to arrive in the United States in the fall. Much of the world had the Galaxy S II for months by the time it arrived on US shores. With the Galaxy S III, this new speculation is that Samsung will try to make the device available everywhere at the same time and not deal with a slow rollout.

The Verge has updated their post to show German blog BestBoyz reporting the same piece of intel.

The Verge

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  • I have a feeling being ” Samsunged” may back fire on them. Like ” your getting a dell from hell”
    Just let HTC bring me G3!!!


    i would get the international version anyway.. NO BLOAT and timely UPDATES. good for them to recognize the error they committed last go round 

  • Anonymous

    “With the Galaxy S III, this new speculation is that Samsung will try to
    make the device available everywhere at the same time, and not deal with
    a slow rollout.” If this is the case, then the first argument about them not wanting to show the device off @ MWC doesn’t make any sense since it wouldn’t effect any “slow rollout”………….

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, T-Mobile will find a way to screw u the SGS3 too, much like it did with the SGS2. Expect some lame ass chip again, probably the Qualcomm S3 again while real carriers push Exynos versions. FU T-Mobile with your 42Mbps fetish. How many of your customers can even get half the speed on your network?

    You think all SGS2 are the same? Go compare i777 with t989 prices

    • Gaius_Baltar4

      42mbps actually gives people LTE like performance… It’s not quite 42 but neither is LTE which is supposedly 50mbps.

      Also Samsung themselves said the T-Mobile version was the fastest variant of the Galaxy S II series:

    • Anonymous

      Hey hey hey….its not tmobiles fault samsung didnt have a 42mbps capable chip. The gs3 will be a flagship device that will offer the best of everything when it was released. Stop thinking like a fanboy and look at the gs2 from tmobiles pov. The average user could care less what specific processor a phone has….the phone just has to work. The good news going forward is that tmo is supposedly using pcs spectrum to support their 84mbps data network. This will fall in line with that the rest of the world is using….lets just hope samsungs new chip supports faster speeds… was the only manufacturer that made 21mbps capable smartphones for tmobile….

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t the LG G2X 21mbps capable?

        • Anonymous

          Pretty sure it was 14.4

        • Scarfacemario

          Yes its 14.4

        • Anonymous

          14.4, more like 4mbps. Oh yea, I despise my LG G2X.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t want to look at things from T-Mobile’s view, I want T-Mobile to look at things from my point of view.

        Here is what I see: I see a carrier without a true top notch device. We don’t have an Exynos device at all, and we were by far the last to get a >4″ device. I remember drooling over the freaking Inspire when it came out on AT&T and it was a mediocre device yet we had nothing comparable for a long time. In windows phone selection, AT&T is a titanic winner as well.

        The one chance T-Mobile had to hit back was with the G2X but we know how that went. And still no iphone either.

        Enough of this loser $hit, it’s been going on for far too long! All the other carriers had several phones that caused envy with others, I want T-Mobile to finally get one like that as well.

        • Anonymous

          I hear ya. Hopefully tmobile will be more aggressive with no pending buyout getting in the way….about the g2x, sure tmo shouldve been more proactive when issues started to pop up but its not their fault that phone was buggy as hell in the first place.

        • kahlayoh

          All your bickering is just like every one elses….”iPhone”!!! Really like everyone else tells them…if ya don’t like tmo, get the steppin! Obviously your’e with tmobile for a reason….and if your’e gonna let a phone come in between that, then maybe you should get the phone you like and switch to that carrier! I for 1 and like many others here enjoy the phones that release and could careless if the iphone arrives or don’t arrive. And you want Tmo to look at things your way? Hahhh….you bash on Tmo and you want them to look at things from your point of view. There’s nothing wrong with the GS2 in my opinion! The phone runs great even with the S3 in it…and the screen is awesome! Hopefully we get the Galaxy note for tmo…that thing is a beast as far as screen size goes….but I’m puttin my money on the GS3! Hopefully Tmo puts out a phone that you would love, if not…AT&T would be happy to rob you for your money! 

        • Tbyrne

          So eloquently stated.

      • Anonymous

        Users can tell the difference between lag and no lag. The GSII with the exynos had extremely little lag. The T-Mobile GSII had quite a bit of lag in comparison.

        • Anonymous

          Would i have preferred the exynos over the qualcomm chip? Yes. Does your average user even know the difference between them or care? No.

    • J-Hop2o6

      The only reason Tmo replaced Exynos 2 (4210) is because they wanted to launch their first (with Amaze 4G) phone with 42 HSPA+. Exynos 2 only supported a max of 21 HSPA+, so yea. I would rather have the Exynos, but the S3 held its own in benchmarks. Now I’m waiting to see what Exynos Samsung will be using in the SGS3 (Exynos 3 [4212] or Exynos 4 [5250]). So if the next Exynos supports 42 HSPA+ I’m sure Tmo won’t replace that chip. But S4 will support 42 HSPA+ tho, which will be a great SoC also.

  • Anonymous

    If it means everyone will get it at the same time, I’m ok with this.

  • Good!

  • Lala

    i hoope they give us a better phone than the iphone 5 

  • Factura5


  • 4g

    Looks like everybody just got Samsunged. I’m cool with that. I remember being in Vegas last year around August and these Korean girls were playing with their phones and I was like what phone is that? And of course it was the gs2. They were like this phone is so 4 months ago. If Samsung can roll it out at the same time ……..go for it.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Very good idea.  By that time though, I’ll have my Tizen device.

    • Bruce Banner

      Poor poor Wilma. The same way meego let you down, tizen will too. Just kidding. The more os’s the better. One more thing, don’t make me angry you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Ha! Ha!

      • Realcool2000

        You and hulk were split up bro, but u shouls know that. Im sure Bruce mad is just as bad as any other geek tho……

      • Wilma Flintstone

        LOL!!!  MeeGo did in fact let me down, quite hard actually (Fool Me Once) BUUTTT, Tizen won’t because Intel and Samsung are putting quite a bit of resources into Tizen and it will take flight (Just like the Hulk did when they sent him into space in Planet Hulk).  IT WILL!!!!!!!  You better agree with me or else… LOL!!! seriously though, I agree, the more OS choices, the better.

        P.S: Brucey Boy, even if you got angry, you still wouldn’t be a threat to me.  Abomination beat you once, your Son Skaar gave you sheer terror as well.  I know your true weakness even when you are the Hulk so don’t test me. >:) 
        *King Koopa/Bowser mean Laugh* BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

        Joking aside, Hulk is my second favorite Marvel character which is why I know sooo much about him

  • Anonymous

    wow samsung being smart about something. 

  • Simultaneous launches will only benefit Samsung in the end. Good for them. Hope the GSIII can live up the the hype. I’m getting my GSII this week. :)

  • nerdlust

    If they unwrap it to earlier it might lose a little shine. Plus it could hurt gs2 sells. I just want a led light for messages then I might consider but I’m loving my sensation so I guess I will have to see the performance in real life and compare it to htc.

    • Mobitel1

      are there any windows or android phones with an Led light, i love the led light but i hate my bb. looking to change phones

      • HTC Amaze has an LED notification light.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Most or all HTC Android phones. Not sure on their WP7 phones. Samsung doesn’t much for whatever reason.

  • J-Hop2o6

    That sucks. I really wanted to see what SoC (processor) & SAMOLED screen Samsung was gonna use next month at MWC. Hopefully they leak SOMETHING about it soon. And hopefully TW5 will be greatly improved and won’t remove alot of the ICS theme. I mainly want the TW dock buttons to be smaller than those big squares they use in TW.

    • Funny

      This new Samsung galaxy s3 will have a super duper shmooper samoled LCD led screen and an r2d2 processor built in lol

      • Frigadroid

        Typical, damn I had my heart set on a C3PO!

  • Anonymous

    But will T-Mobile annouce the HTC Titan?

  • Lim chun hong

    how much for Samsng galaxys2

  • Abe

    Yay for simultaneous release, but will tmo event get it at launch… :( or should i just get my gsii now

  • Frigadroid

    I heard another rumor about the batteries. Come to find out they are still waiting on Apple’s next plan to copy before they can even get started on improvements.

  • Yash

    i heared that koreans  are soon getting  the new SAMSUNG GALAXY S IIII.


    • Roshan

      they must be tired with the galaxy s3 and galaxy s2 HD.

  • There is one thing for sure, T-Mobile will never get the GSIII. =(

    • Tbyrne

      Just like the AT&T acquisition was for sure. Right dean?

      • Yes buddy, you are the reason why T-Mobile is so mediocre.  You will always be in last place.

    • Tim Hammond

      T-Mobile got the GSII so why wouldn’t they get GSIII too???

  • Anonymous

    could they announce the galaxy note for all US carriers then?? id be happy with that :D