• TmoUSPloyee

    Flexpay was a huge nightmare that only got worse with time…. I slways dreaded calling and getting different answers everytime when an account change was inevitable…. Upgrades especially were a nightmare when you needed to take two payments in advance for data when a customer wanted to get a smartphone. I remember customers even pleading if they could pay a deposit instead of going on flex pay. Thankfully its gone, that is from a perspective of a retsil rep lol….

  • kelthoff

    I had no problem leaving flex pay the issue was that It was 6 months before my contract was up.  I was chatting with the rep about going off contract and how I was planning on purchasing a new phone full price.  When he looked at my account he said oh you are still doing flex pay, they want us to convert all flexpay accounts to post paid and explained that I wouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of being disconnected for going over my minutes and txts.  So he changed me over WITHOUT telling me that it would also add 2 years to my contract….. beyond upset

    • StrongArm

      Hahaha, your fault for not asking. That’s the most important/ basic question whenever making any (ANY) change. I don’t feel sorry for you. In fact, thank you for reminding me why I always ask (and repeat that question) if any change will extend my contract…

    • Anonymous

      contract change = contract 2 yr,  this is 2012, yes?

  • Hyuguy

    I tried to go postpaid from flex, but requested me a deposit, i said no! (after years of been tmobile customer). I am very disappointed that i have to move out to another provider same credit check and no deposit required. So, what’s up with that T-mobile?

    • Jason

      Perhaps you should pay your bill in time more often.

    • ronaldo!!

      The deposit is probably based on credit check as well as payment history.  who knows…

  • Daveprocaccini

    I still have flexpay. I’m over a year into my contract and would switch to 4g prepaid if I could get an upgraded handset, but I don’t want one of the crappy 4g prepaid phones they offer

  • Rob

    *still on flexpay* and the only way they’re gettin me to change is by releasing me from my contract…

    • PuFF

      Thats curious, cause I’m NOT contracted at all. And haven’t been since I went on flexpay. And that was with the 500min/unlim txt/5gig unlim data. I thought all flex pay was non-contact

      • There was 2 types of FlexPay.. FlexPay contract if you had good enough credit, and FlexPay No-contract if your credit was really bad. I know it sounds like a bit of an oxymoron to have people on FlexPay, but then determine if their credit was good enough for a contract whilst making them still pay upfront, but thats how T-Mobile works.
        After that there was deposits, and you either have a deposit for any postpaid plan, Classic, Value or Broadband, or you dont have one at all. If you want a no deposit plan, or have bad credit that has too high a deposit, then its Monthly4G only.

  • Observer

    We still have three lines on a Flexpay family account, and T-Mo’s no-contract options don’t meet our usage patterns or will cost us more. If we make a change, it will likely be to Consumer Cellular which actually will save us money even with shared data services added. I think contracts favor the carrier much more than the consumer, especially two-year contracts even with a handset subsidy, and will avoid any contracts .

    • You dont have to go to a no-contract option when you flip over from FlexPay. You also arent required to have a contract extension when you migrate to a postpaid plan from FlexPay either. In this instance, since T-Mobile wants you to migrate, they eat that cost.

  • Damn, there are still people who har this type of account???? lol

    • Anonymous

      I was under flex pay until the tmobile rep foolishly got me to switch to pre paid. He told me I would get the same service and the price would not go up. Liar! I am now paying $5 more per month.

  • Anonymous

    I am still on Flexpay, mainly because there is no benefit I can see to switching. I’m on easypay, so no $5 fee.

    If they do switch me over and keep my plan without a price hike (which I’ve read mixed reports on), then I end up with what I currently have. Why would I make the effort.

    Even the text messages they send me are funny… ‘Update your FlexPay plan today. Keep your same minutes, features & price. Call 611 for details.’ 

    Or I could not call 611 for details, and keep my same minutes, features & price.

    • Anonymous

      i concur. i’m still on the original g1 plan although i’ve had a g2 for almost a year. i love the phone but they dropped support for it after 8 months and I think I deserve an early upgrade for that bullshit. 

      so i went to a tmo corporate store before christmas and asked about the upgrade details and the manager barely spoke to me. it took him quite some time to get my account details in the system and then basically told me it wasn’t a good deal and i should just keep my plan until they offer something actually worth switching for. then he immediately went back to chatting with his bro-workers and ignoring the customers. sounds legit. 

      so the moral of the story is that i will continue to pay 70 bucks a month (with insurance) and have 300 minutes, which is about 280 more than i need. the minutes, they mean nothing!  i also have unlimited txt through google voice and unlimited data that i can use it as a hotspot for my tablet. why would i switch and pay more for WAY less? you crazy tmobile!

  • Hampton

     I’m still on Flexpay (since 2007) and will not upgrade. T-mobile USA doesn’t have a postpaid rate plan that meets my existing price point and/or features ($29.99/month truly unlimited data,, tethering allowed, and 300sms). Modern rateplans are more expensive and do not have unlimited data.

    I’ve already fought T-mobile USA once with BBB and FCC complaints to preserve/restore the truly unlimited nature of the plan–and won. I will not let this fantastic rate plan plan go without a fight. I will not allow T-mobile USA to box me out of it either.

  • Danielsimon22

    I have kept Flexpay for 2 reasons:
    1. When I started a 3rd phone on prepaid there is no log of calls made on the website. There is only a balance remaining. I need the log to keep track of calls made.
    2. They can not charge any more that what is in your flexpay balance for overages so you are sure what your bill will be every month and you don’t have to keep checking to make sure you don’t go over.