Want To Get Your Hands On The Nokia Lumia 710 Right Now? Win This eBay Auction.

Anyone looking to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 710 a few days before a launch on T-Mobile should take note of this eBay auction going down. Unlike most eBay auctions that take place with an unreleased phone, the current bid isn’t outrageous at $295. The seller: “pimptology2000” has a perfect seller rating so we’re inclined to think this is a legit handset. It’s likely a T-Mobile employee won this device and is now selling it.

So, if you’re hoping to be one of the first Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 owners in America, this is your chance. Place your bid right away.


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  • Anonymous

    I hope it’s not an employee selling a champion device early. This kind of stuff ruins it for everyone. T-Mobile has an LP team dedicated to tracking this stuff. 

    • kkkk

      i heared this nokia phone is already on sale in europe for 100 euro unlocked

      • That’s impossible. It’s being sold for £400 in the UK and €320-€350 in most of Europe.

        • kkkk

          galaxys2 HD and galaxy s3 already being used by the koreans and in europe, we are getting these in late 2012, we should have iphone 6  by now in usa as apple is US based cell phone

        • Anonymous

          Think again about Apple! Apple is a USA company,but all their phones computers,ipad,ipod,etc is made in China! There is no cell phone made in the USA.

        • kkkk

          i heared that the person/apple employee who lost his IPHONE5 8 MONTHS AGO was made in uS? soon after that iphone4s came, strange, how did one person get IPHONE5 before iphone4s?

        • Koreans and Europeans don’t have the Galaxy S III, it hasn’t launched anywhere. Galaxy S II HD LTE has only launched in South Korea. No where else.

        • Anonymous

          UK and EU prices include VAT.

          US prices don’t include tax.

        • Amazon bundles VAT into their European store pricing, which is where I took those prices from. And buying from the USA Amazon store does not include tax.

    • Anonymous

      He works for Nokia not T-Mobile

  • Anonymous

    “Want To Get Your Hands On The Nokia Lumia 710 Right Now?”
    Not really

  • kkkk


  • I’d choose iOS over WP7 if I wanted a locked down device. = BUT I welcome the competition.

  • Ash

    Dave are you selling your own phone on ebay?

  • Anonymous

    I bid, lasted 10 sec. Outbid. Then I thought about the sellers statement that he doesnt have any spec or info on the phone. Hell I can get that?????? No more bids from meeee! THX David!

  • Lakerfan

    there is a policy that employees can not break. you need to own the phone for more them 90 days and you are not allowed to sell the product 

    • Xermys

      There has been no contest I know of that he could have “won” this phone which would bar him from “ever” selling this phone.  Nokia is giving these to some employees to learn and teach others the handset, which they are required to use it in store as there primary phone and barred from “ever” selling it as long as they are employed by T-Mobile.  It is a automatic termination if he is a T-Mobile employee. 

      All I can say is “bye, bye”. 

      • LC

        I know we had a contest going and three people from my store each won one from Nokia. I’m pretty sure it was a national contest by I could have been specific reasons. But the Lumia was the prize for the first portion of the contest, but they were not made device champions.

  • kkkk

    isn’t nOKIA N8 and N9 are best nokia phones being used worldwide?
    which US carriers carry the nokia N8 or the nOKIA N9 phone?

    • Jooser

      Not even close… Any android Device and Iphone has outsold any nokia within the last 3yrs. Nokia days are. Over.

    • Nokia N9 is sold in few markets. Nokia N8 is sold by Amazon unlocked (it works on T-Mobile and AT&T HSPA+).

      • kkkk

        over a year ago, everyone was talking about how great and super cool nokia n8 and n9 phones are and  very expensive models to own by few.

        what happened to these phones? still better than iphone 4s, galaxys2 or the amaze? if i buy nokian8, will i get 4g sped on tmo?

  • TmoUSPloyee

    idiot really if he’s an employee hell be fired soon enough, tmobile can block out IMEI’s now theres a tool on the manager website that allows it, also Loss prevention will track down the phone and know exactly who this free employee phone was given to.

    • Yawn

      oh yeah, but they couldn’t track down my kid’s phone 15 minutes after someone stole it in a small college campus dorm. 

      • TmoUSPloyee

        Well Yawn we only do it on actual store demo phones usually and I’m sure LP uses it for cases like these.  Trust me its possible to black list and track IMEI serial numbers, I’ve seen it done more than 3 or 4 times.

        • It’s also required for every network operator in the world to have tools like that. Whether they are allowed to use them outside of government requests and theft from the company is a different matter altogether.

  • J P

    Sooo….. if anyone is foolish enough to do this… realize that with the bid end date and shipping factored in (its set for economy shipping). Whoever wins this bid probably more likely than not will be receiving it on the day it actually launches or even after that.  At the current bid of $355 at 03:35EST on 12/30/2011, I can almost certainly say the poor sucker who wins this is already paying more than full retail value for the device.  Good job and smart buy!


    i wonder why t-mo USA isn’t offering the lumia 800 over here like they are in germany?

    for only around a hundred bucks on contract at current rate of exchange.if DT offered the hardware here that they offer to their other customers worldwide we wouldn’t be playing catch up.

    • Maybe they will

      • It’s likely that Nokia already entered into an agreement with AT&T for exclusivity on the Lumia 800 when T-Mobile came to Nokia. Remember that AT&T is the “premier partner” for Windows Phone according to Microsoft. However, Nokia will be making a lot of new Windows Phones next year. Supposedly the Lumia 900 coming in 2012 will be exactly like the 800 except that it will also include a front-facing camera. T-Mobile will almost certainly get that model.

        • Riopato


    • Riopato

      lumia 800 doesn’t use Tmobile’s (USA) 3g. Irony here is that Nokia is making a LTE luma 800 for AT&T which means it still won’t work on T-mobile’s 3g let alone 4g. It’s like when At&t got the fabulous E71x and 2 years later Tmobile got the craptastic E73 (aka mode).

  • kkkk

    any follow up news on the APPLE staff who lost his IPHONE5 about 8 months ago at a bar?
    how did he get  an IPHONE 5 before the iphone 4s release?

  • “if you’re hoping to be one of the first Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 owners in America”

    Isn’t the HTC Radar 4G already available at T-Mobile USA running Windows Phone 7.5

    • LC

      Key word in that sentence being Nokia, not HTC.

      • Sorry, never noticed it at first glance.

  • Tmoguy1

    Ok, so the bids are already over $500 fro a $350 phone. just to get it before it comes out on the 11th. The auction ends Jan 4th, and considering shipping and handling time, you may pay $200++ more than its worth to have it a few days before you can walk into a store and buy one.
    Ebay buyers are not that bright (no ofense) but really, Iphones are unlocked from apple for $650 (16gig), and peopel are actually buying them on ebay for over $750, and some sellers are charging even more (but get far less sales).

  • Lumia800orFlesh

    are there any WP7 phones coming out for T-mobile that don’t look like shit?

  • Why would a person buy or bid on this? Clearly a rip off! This phone will only be about $350 full cost no contract, just wait.

    • Auser72

      because there is one born every minute.

  • parker313

    as far as saving/buying on eBay goes:

    Use a site like Ebuyersedge.com to set up saved searches. You get an e-mail whenever a matching item is newly listed.  Especially good for “Buy It Now”s that are priced right.

    Try a misspelling search using a site like Typojoe.com to hopefully find some great deals with items that have main key words misspelled in the title. Other interested buyers might not ever see them.

    If you see an auction that you want to bid on, use a sniping service such as Hidbid.com to place your bid for you.  It’ll bid in the last few seconds, helping you to save money and avoid shill bidding.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to be the one to say this but AT&T is getting all the good phones. They’re getting the Nokia Lumia 800 with LTE and this is the bullshit we get? I don’t care what you say about T-Mobile – they’re falling off.

    • kkkk

      call cellphone shops in korea, finland, japan and germany and you will get  all the latest phones. order , it is easy, you dont have to wait  8 months . order galaxy s2 HD nokia lumia 800 and more

      • Anonymous

        Calling or finding other stores in other countries is illogical.
        For one, most cell phones lack T-Mobile’s AWS bands.
        Actually, the one is the only reason necessary.

        • THATSCOOL

          i ordered one galaxy s2 HD from  korea and  and 1 NOKIA LUMA 800 from finland, receiving in mid JAN

  • Anonymous

    Maybe David will buy us all one at the current $610…. for us loyal readers… lol

  • Anonymous

    It ended!

  • Guest

    Ha! If that is an employee phone, they are getting fired!

  • Matlcok

    honestly I was disappointed by this phone when I got the chance to play with it. It felt much too cheap. I compared it to my HTC Radar and it felt a little underwhelming. I was expecting a top-notch quality device, or something with better materials. I’m hoping that we will get some of the higher-end releases from Nokia.

  • Anonymous

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM strange it was ended because the phone was no longer available.
    I wonder what happen. Was he indeed a worker for Tm,and now no longer? I wonder.

    • SladeNoctis

      Usually that would happen people somebody either reported him or just slapped a good price in a pm.

  • Detox702

    Honestly, why would anyone want this? It’s just the same WIN7 software, in the same, bland hardware, with a different name on the top/box. It looks just like every other Windows Phone released. 

    • I can tell you never used a Nokia phone.

    • Giraffe

      Nokia hardware on their top end models is second to none, the biggest challenge with the company has been pairing it with appropriate software.  Finally, they’re getting their hands on an OS that does things efficiently.  Bravo!

  • Guest….

    This Nokia Windows Phone is actually not a bad phone at all. I am currently a tmo empl, and i recently won the nokia lumina 710. This phone has a 1.4ghz snapdragon processor and it runs smooth without any problem. Not once did I have to do a battery pull like I did with my HTC HD7.. or even my Blackberry Bold 9900.. But detox702.. why would anyone want an ios software? well, because of the name. It doesn’t really matter about if it has that specific os or not. Just a lot of people prefer to have a NOKIA and doesn’t care if it has windows on it or not… Same goes with SAMSUNG..

  • S18sport

    this is good phone cant see it come out. It’s good move windows i can’t wait for the white one

  • S18sport

    I like it to me it seems to be a good phone and will be good for windows and looks nice  .Windows does a lot and it simple

  • guest

    you can tell this picture was taken in a t mobile store, was def an employee who got an earful and was forced to take down the phone

  • Anonymous

    People are surprise or shock someone put in a bid for over $600. for this phone? They should’nt be.
    When anyone put’s a Nokia 6126 on sale on ebay,they go nuts for it. Someone put one brand new
    Nokia 6126 up for bid,and  one that was lightly use,together they went for little over $200! I kid you not!
    So if anyone has a old  6126 Nokia that’s in good condition put it on ebay,u should get anywhere
    between $60-$100. for it.