Discovered: The First Samsung Galaxy S III Test Photo?

The boys at PocketNow have uncovered what is suspected of being the very first test photo from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III. The EXIF data tells us that this shot was taken by model number GT-I9500, the highest, numerically, that Samsung has ever used. As reference, the Samsung Galaxy S was in the I90xx range, the Galaxy S II in the I91xx range and the Galaxy Nexus with the model number GT-I9250. Adding a little further truth to this story…is the fact that very same person who took this photo, was also among the first people to shoot images with a Galaxy S II back in January, weeks before the phone was announced and months before it was released.

PocketNow speculates that the shot was scaled down to 5 megapixels with an aperture of 2.65 and four-millimeter focal length. The image itself was captured in Suwon, South Korea, which according to Wikipedia is home to a Samsung factory. Of course, this could all be nothing, but we’d like to think it’s something.


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