Discovered: The First Samsung Galaxy S III Test Photo?

The boys at PocketNow have uncovered what is suspected of being the very first test photo from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III. The EXIF data tells us that this shot was taken by model number GT-I9500, the highest, numerically, that Samsung has ever used. As reference, the Samsung Galaxy S was in the I90xx range, the Galaxy S II in the I91xx range and the Galaxy Nexus with the model number GT-I9250. Adding a little further truth to this story…is the fact that very same person who took this photo, was also among the first people to shoot images with a Galaxy S II back in January, weeks before the phone was announced and months before it was released.

PocketNow speculates that the shot was scaled down to 5 megapixels with an aperture of 2.65 and four-millimeter focal length. The image itself was captured in Suwon, South Korea, which according to Wikipedia is home to a Samsung factory. Of course, this could all be nothing, but we’d like to think it’s something.


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  • Chatter

    I think you mean SOUTH Korea when you refer to Samsung headquarters?

    • shhh. it’s the north. they’re trying to infiltrate.

  • Husam Hammadi

    LMFAO, North korea + samsung = TROLLIN.JPG

  • Neel Basra


  • Anonymous

    They can do better with the picture. I have the Galaxy Tab (7in) and the Galaxy Player 5.0 and pics from these two devices look sharper than this pic…imo. Hopefully it gets better.

    • Anonymous

      Then again…maybe that is not the point of the above pic. Maybe the point is that we indeed have a Samsung Galaxy S III somewhere in the wild…

  • Uvasif28

    Wikipedia never lies! That Kim Jong Kun sure knows what direction to take north Korea lol

    • kkkk

      i heared kim jong unn already  owns the GALAXY S III. the south koreans gave him as a gift when they went to N. KOREA few days ago

  • yescool

    so the koreans will own this  in JAN 2011?   i don’t understand why latest phones bought outside the US don’t deliver 4g speed in US? something has to do with phone or data of tmobile? the korans and europeans don’t have 4G data speed in their countries?

    • Jarrod

      Actually TeliaSonera in Finland and Sweden have 4G LTE that operates at double the speed of Verizon’s network and they’re doing test trials in the UK for LTE, I think O2 and another company are participating.


        the koreans in south korea much have 5g data speed? why the international versions of tthese high end phones don’t get US’s 4g speed? all those worldwide buyers are buying phones that gives 3g speed only or rest of the countries  other than US don’t have 4g data?

    • Eanfoso

      um actually in Europe is where 4G was invented and they are testing a new network right now that could bring 100 mbps download, not theoretical, but actual so yes they do have 4G, and the best thing is that thanks to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network being similar to it’s German father, we can actually use a 4G European phone and get the same results as if we were to use a regular american T-Mobile phone


        then why  the international version of GALAXY S2 and HTC amaze/ruby  don’t get 4G data in US? many are saying int’el versions get EDGE or  3G max on TMObile and all US carriers.

  • Nick

    I love rumors.  they’re so much more useful than the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs, I mean Tim Cook is now shittin in his pants….

  • Tbyrne

    Damn. Looks like I’m turning into a Sammy fan boy!

  • Anonymous

    If this is the Intl version, it better be pentaband this time. The tmobile version of the galaxy s 2 was a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S 2 2

  • Anonymous

    I know how this will end, I’ve seen it before.  It’ll launch with the newest iteration of Android, let’s say, “Key Lime”, and a revamped version of TouchWiz, thereafter once it’s time for “Lollipop” to be released, it’ll never update because of carrier/software constraints.  Samsung, great phones, forward thinking, poor long term planning. 

  • Jwicks82

    Why is this relevant? Its a picture of a plant, and why does it matter if it was shot with the galaxy3?

    • roki

      I agree, I couldn’t care if it was shot by a deer hunter

  • Gabe41521

    Would be cool if it is the front facing camera since rear is suppose to be 12 mp

  • Tigerz0202

    All I know is if tmobile don’t get this phone after having to read about it seems like everyday on this site imma be pissed

  • Realcool2000

    Happy New Year Tmonews and forum members!

    Thanks Tmonews for all the great articles and please keep it up the good work.

    See ya in the 2012!

  • samsung

    if a tmobile version comes it NEEDS a message light indicator..the sprint version of SGS2 has a message light indicator..