Samsung To Unveil Galaxy S III At Mobile World Congress In February?

If you’re taking a pass on the Galaxy S II and you aren’t interested in picking up an unlocked Galaxy Nexus, perhaps you should set your sights on the Galaxy S III now said to be unveiled in February at Mobile World Congress. ETNews is reporting that Samsung will introduce the latest in its Galaxy S line in Barcelona, one year after it unveiled the Galaxy S II. The Galaxy S III is expected to feature new quad-core processor technology and may include 3D technology as Samsung looks for new ways to differentiate it’s smartphone line from the pack.

Other rumored features include a 1280 x 720 Super AMOLED Plus HD display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 12 megapixel camera and 2GB of RAM. Clearly these specs are all rumored for the moment and as such should be taken with plenty of grains of salt. Still, the prospect of this Android superphone is quite exciting and we can’t wait for February to see what Samsung has in store.

TheNextWeb via ETNews

P.S. The above image is a mockup that has floated around these past few days as one possible direction Samsung could take with the Galaxy S III design. We just hope Samsung doesn’t leave out their famous “hump” as it’s become synonymous with their Galaxy S line.

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    Released in Europe in march and in the USA with carrier crap in october

    • Anonymous

      What he said.

    • Don’t forget changes to processors, screen size and other form factors as well.

      With the success of the SII though I think they will have a faster, more widespread roll out right off the bat.

  • Lcg1519

    please not 3d! Anything but that.

    • 100% agree. Like cinema, HDTV, and games consoles, 3D will mean Android just jumped the shark. There’s no good reason for it.

    • Respawn

       Agreed. I have 3D in my Nintendo 3DS, and that’s a good thing. It’s a gaming system. I don’t play many games on my phone, but even if I did, why would I want my battery on my phone being eaten away by 3D? Phones are not gaming devices, no matter how much they try to be.

      That being said, one game I do like for Android (besides Angry Birds, which got old after awhile) is Paradise Island. Love it! But I still don’t need it in 3D.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, all it does is hurt the eyes. Such a pointless gimick.

    • Anything 3D on anything less than a movie theater screen or larger is garbage and a gimmick.  After seeing it myself I would still choose to go with a 50+” plasma since you can basically get one for nothing nowadays. 

    • Anything 3D on anything less than a movie theater screen or larger is garbage and a gimmick.  After seeing it myself I would still choose to go with a 50+” plasma since you can basically get one for nothing nowadays. 

  • Anonymous

    nice phone!

  • Jaxxsun

    My Galaxy S ll is the best phone I have ever had.   I figure by the time I actually need to replace it.
    I will probably buy that next phone out right!   But for now, what more could you really want a phone to do??    

    • Catdecorator

      I so agree i’m using my galaxy s2 to post this,I have it with Tmobile..i’m hoping Tmobile grabs this one, cus I will pay…

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile, are you listening? Here’s how to fix what ails ya!  First, simply forget the Tmobile bloat you’re putting on the phones. Offer phones like they appear at CES and MWC. Make the deal with the manufacturers to make a model with the TMo bands. And then offer if to the USA and do it FAST!!! Your fast response to the demand for the new phones, no bloatware and typical great Tmobile prices will get you a LOT of customers. No one likes the bloatware anyway and if you feel they MUST be there, then only include them as apps that can be removed like any other app. These 3 simple things will turn you around Tmobile!!!  To recap:    #1, get the phones while there is a big demand (be the first in the USA), #2 forget the bloatware, #3 offer great deals and prices (do what you’re doing now). You will turn this customer churn over very quickly. It’s not that hard, and its not rocket science.

    • Chris

      Here’s a solution for you, nexus phones.

      It’s not rocket science.

    • T-Mobile did do that for HTC. They had HTC include their bands on the Incredible S and the Sensation. They were also the first in the USA to offer the HTC Sensation. They made the announcement immediately after it launched worldwide. And you know what? The Sensation is still a best-seller!

      • Enoel69

        Good device in the HTC Sensation but only reason i passed on it was the amount of internal storage…just like the N1 which is a gr8 device and i still use it except for the problem with internal storage. It is my go to device while i decide whether to get the 16GB G-Nex or wait for a 32GB pentaband GSM model or some upcoming HTC device like the Edge or Ville or even a Samsung Galaxy S3. But the G-Nex being a pure Vanila Android device has an edge. Just wish Google will let us know something about an unlocked 32GB pentaband GSM 3G/HSPA+ model hopefully with the bigger 2100mAh battery. 

        • Anonymous

          If you’ve been on the N1 the whole time, get another Nexus even if it seems like the hardware is inferior. I bought the Sensation, and the UI and bloatware is loathsome. I don’t know about most people, but after using nothing but Vanilla until this phone, manufacturer skins drive me up the wall.

        • Anonymous

          I am still on my Nexus One, and using A2SD+ generally gets me around the memory limitations.  It is still a great device.  I have considered the NexusS and Prime, but I just cannot get myself to buy samsung.  I am hopeful that the next nexus will be an HTC again or maybe a moto.  I understand what you mean about the manufacturer skins, so whatever I do get will need to have CM or Miui support.

    • Anonymous

      You are dead on with the bloatware. I dont want samsungs bloatware either, no drive smart or s-note. Just the basics. The point of having apps is so I decide whats on my phone and I dont want garbage like double twist hogging up my phones memory and constantly re-opening.

    • Jadarianwebster

      Samsung always give us how the the next device will look before we get it.Just like the Infuse before the SG2 came out and now nexus prime is what the SG3 would look like just box off and better

  • Anonymous

    Hspa+ 84 tmobile

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, hold off until October 2012 to pick up this bad boy.

    • Havoktek


  • Fish

    This doesn’t have the word “nexus” in its name and its made by Samsung. Its already a fail. The only thing they do well is the SAMOLED screen. My nexus s is made by them but it’s a nexus and that’s the only thing anyone should buy when it comes to android.

  • josue cifuentes

    i have a Rooted Galaxy s2 (GT-I9100) cant wait to see what the S3 will look like…..

    • Jadarianwebster

      Samsung always give us how the the next device will look before we get it.Just like the Infuse before the SG2 came out and now nexus prime is what the SG3 would look like just box off and better

  • Havoktek

    This is baby food for the hardware lust crew, I wasn’t sold on the “Nexus Prime”  when clearly the SGS II had the specs I wanted…..This is defiantly a hold out until it’s time to renew or outright buy. Just in time for a summer/fall launch in the US…As with everything, we’ll see….pass the Cracker Jack!

  • I don’t like the render.  The ICS and Launcher icons are too close together and there is not enough bezel on the sides.  Looks like a lot of accidental app launches.  I know it’s a render but hopefully not very accurate.

  • Ilyas_k15

    I kind of like the concept, but a Galaxy S device wouldn’t be a Galaxy S device without a signature hump on the back cover. Even if it does get unveiled in February, it will take forever to come to the U.S., just like the GS2. I also hope they don’t put in a quad-core processor, because let’s face it, dual-core processors, especially truly amazing ones like Exynos, handle everything there is out there, every app, every game, etc. A quad-core processor would be nothing more than higher benchmark scores and outrageously bad battery life, and let’s be honest, we need neither.

    • Anonymous

      It’s already been demonstrated that quad cores don’t mean worse battery life

      • Ilyas_k15

        Where? Can you send me a link?

        • Anonymous

          This was pointed out with the Asus TP

        • J-Hop2o6

          Yupp. Top Android tablet in every spec. The battery lasts 8-9 hours, better than any other tablet, and slightly below iPad 2 battery life.

  • Wheresbrent

    Looks a lot like the mockup of the iPhone 5 lol….

  • Aero

    Ok, so how is Apple going to try and slap a lawsuit on them? You know its going to happen, just curious what the next reason will be. It has apps maybe, and that is a rip off of iOS? lol

  • Anonymous

    If such spec is true and the international one is pentaband or has T-Mobile’s AWS, bye bye goes my Galaxy Nexus(may keep it as a developer’s device though).

  • Is that clock real? If so, does anyone know what it is called? haha, I want it!

    • I was thinking the same thing.  Let me know if you find.  It’s pretty dope.

    • Andrew

      i think its Ice Cream Sandwich. same with the virtual keys.

    • Andrew

      oh my bad wrong clock

  • Anonymous

    1. Why do they still have a search button on the phone? Does anyone really use that?
    2. Those specs are impressive, but too good to be true. Those specs destroy the galaxy nexus, supposedly a flagship phone.

    • Anonymous

      yes, people are still using the search button. why would people stop using the google search button?

    • Anonymous

      I do, and IN FACT, I think it’s lame that Google got rid of it for the Galaxy Nexus, in favor of the search bar on every home screen!

    • Phonegeek

      I still use my search button o_0.. sooooo….

    • GinaDee

      Same people who still write checks and walk around Wal-Mart with those cyborg looking bluetooth headsets.  

    • Andrew

      i use search all the time. google maps, contacts list, youtube app. HANDS OFF.

      • Bkidko

        No, people don’t use the search button, because this is an ICS device. It’s a photoshop, but that is still kind of a big detail to miss.

        • Bkidko

          And the GS3 would be the new flagship device. Nexus one was the only hardware flagship. Nexus S had worse specs than a Galaxy S and the Galaxy Nexus has a nice screen, but not neccessarily the best hardware of any android or even any Samsung.

    • Catdecorator

      I use mine all the time, give it a try, instead of opening the Web and waiting with the search button you can search the Web, your contacts, and even some of you’re apps…I would be lost without it..

  • Jwicks82

    jesus christ, can’t they just wait one damn year before they release another phone. This is the ONLY reason why I envy ifan boys. They get to enjoy one phone for at least a year without getting something better jammed down there throats.This is one of the reasons why I’m going to be switching to nexus only devices.

    • Anonymous

      MWC 2012 is one year from the SGS2 launch. It became available around the world before it was available in the USA, which can be blamed on the US Carriers not Samsung.

    • kkkk

      call samsung shops in korea and order galaxys3, galaxy s2 HD also.

      they have these available there/   according to hem, galaxy s2 is 1 year old device and OLD.

    • Kahlayoh

      They had 2 devices since iphone 3gs and both still on 3G!!! What can they enjoy at such slow! j/k

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    • Anonymous


  • kkkk

    well, tired of my  phones getting old and old, will wait for GALAXY S 5 and 5g speed or iPHONE 6.

  • Odin


  • mrmiddl

    im already upgraded from sensation to sgs2, now this!! im just gonna wait till they start implanting cell chips in peoples head

    • Flashy4bb

      You are funny but I think they are capable of doing that. It won’t take long so wait.

  • Andrew

    just earned my upgrade today. can’t wait until TMO gets an ICS device so i can pounce on it.

  • Dnyyanks62

    PS. This phone won’t come to America for six months and then T-Mobile will pass on it. :(

    • Tbyrne

      Yeah, just like they passed on the GS2. Right?

  • Ubiqutus

    this shit better have a camera shutter

  • Pickle2345

    love the clock/weather widget, where can I get it?

  • Kahlayoh

    Man…I can’t wait! You know tmo galaxy s3 will have better specs then any of the other carriers just like the galaxy S2!!! If the specs are good…I wouldn’t mind buying this phone at full price w/o contract!!! 

  • Hilton T Young

    Man, that looks great but really they’ll announce it in Feb and by Nov when it comes to Tmo, HTC will have a better phone out.  I hate how USA always gets last billing when it comes to mobile devices.

  • Catdecorator

    I now have the Tmobile galaxy s2….so when Tmobile gets their hands on the galaxy s3,I defiantly will be getting it…so u better start saving now…

    • i agree, why “wait for the best” jsut buy, buy. buy…isnt that what us consumers do anyway? Regardless I love Samsung…I’ve purchased Samsung only phones since 2001 when color flip phones JUST made their debut.. Samsung TV, Samsung Home Theater…etc I just hope Tmobile doesnt drag their ass AGAIN with releasing their version of it…then again it will probably end that way.

  • Will

    Exynos please please pleeeeaaaaaase