NewEgg Drops The Price On The 16GB Unlocked Galaxy Nexus To Under $700

Ok so we’re pushing the “under $700” line with a price tag of $699.99 but, it’s better than the first round of unlocked pricing we saw from Expansys-USA at $749.99. This particular model of the Galaxy Nexus is unlocked of course and has 16GB of internal storage.

NewEgg first listed the unlocked Galaxy Nexus a week ago but at that time it was $60 more expensive. It’s a steep price to pay for sure but just how badly do you want what is arguably considered the best Android phone on the market?


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  • Anonymous

    This is actually a good thing, even though its still expense.  Im still waiting for it to come to Tmo so that i can use my discount to get one.  I just wish we would hurry up and get it!!!

  • Seriously, Tmobile please

  • Izzybrexx

    Does this work on tmo USA 4g network?g

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      Yes it does it work on att and t mobile 4g network at 21mps

  • Tmophan

    It says 4G is only LTE700. What does that mean for T-Mobile 4g?

  • Snmchopper

    There is $200 worth of parts in this phone, and. why do people pay this kind of $$?? Because we have been told that’s what they are valued at…

    • Anonymous

      So you have personally designed, manufactured and sold android phones?

      Or do you think the subsidized price with a bloated contract represents the real price of phones?

      • Bratty

        I dont think you read his comment carefully. He said $200 worth of PARTS. He is correct in his statement. Obviously a company does not sells the phone at cost and hence the $500+ prices we see. But his statement is correct.

        • Anonymous

          Clearly you don’t know what the licensing for the technologies of those parts costs

          Stop being so clueless.

    • sino8r

      actually, more like $50 and thats EXTREMELY high for an individual unit. even at 200, the phone won’t be viable… especially to the manufacturer.
      I really depends what you mean, to Samsung it costs around 50 per unit. to a distributors/3rd party retail its around 300.

  • they just jacked up the price
    and call it a sale! it always cost 700$ from the beginning when you
    order it from UK and ships to usa

  • 4G

    Is flash working on it yet??

    • Colbats

      Not yet, that’s why I am sticking with my Senny for now. it sux that the flash is not working, I got the ICS rom flashed on my Nexus S, its good as a daily driver, but I cant deal with out the Flash :-(

    • Anonymous

      Flash is dead.

      • sino8r

        says the 1% of websites that actually use HTML5 dumbass

        • BT

          No, says Adobe Dumbass.

  • SCJaredJ

    saw a coupon code for negri electronics that got it way down to $685. gulp.

  • Tuliom Mesa

    just wait until its released in the US and the price will skyrocket down, it always does.

  • Anonymous

    I need this phone to drop in the 500.00 price range.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Still waiting for the sub 600 price.

    • Do you think they will do like all the rest, and sell it for $529 unlocked?

      • Lawrence of Arabia

        I think so, but in a few months. Like 6 or something around that.

        • That’s cool. I’m enjoying my current beast of a phone, but might get this for the wife.

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note

  • Enoel69

    Somebody from the higher up at Google and the OEM Samsung….WE NEED THE 32GB GSM 3G/HSPA+ model since SD expansion is omitted. Also need the higher capacity battery 1850mAh and also the 2100mAh battery with cover accessory. Till then not taking the plunge…i will stay put watch what CES will usher us when it comes to ICS devices (HTC Ville, HTC Edge etc)

  • I hate when these places say under a certain price, and it’s only a penny. What’s the point?  Oh yeah, to draw me in so I can look and then go elsewhere.

  • Mobileboy

    I really like the Nexus Galaxy but will never pay that much. I ended up buying the Galaxy S2 with my upgrade. T-Mobile gave it to me for $229 and no tax and no rebate. I then canceled my plan and paid the ETF of $200 and went right to the great $44.95 Unlimited Business Plan with 5 gigs of data. Quite a savings from the $79.99 I was paying on my contract price. And I love the Galaxy S2.

    • Zmac

      Was getting that $44.95 business plan a pain?  Didn’t realize such a thing existed but now I’m intrigued.

    • Mobileboy

      Zmac…it was a slight pain but not bad. Had to show a tax ID number and a couple of other documents. Well worth it since it saves me over $400 a year. Paying the $200 ETF was a no-brainier. I really love the Galaxy S2. Would I like a Nexus Galaxy…absolutely. but Ice-Cream Sandwich will come eventually. After years of Blackberries and iPhones, this GS2 is a revelation. I can type faster on this that the abortion known as the Blackberry 9900 (three bricked on me).

    • Matlock

      wow, you really Didn’t get that great of a deal! You still ended up paying retail for the phone, when you think that not only did you have to pay $230 for the phone, plus the ETF, plus the time you had the service on the other line! Not really a saving there if you ask me! With the purchase of the galaxy s2 you Could have 2 years of free data, had you purchased the phone with the plan.

  • Spanky

    I got the unlocked one version from Negri Electronics. I’ve never had a Nexus device before, but always wanted one, so I took the plunge. Excellent device and a worthy replacement for my Senny.

    • Samsung ROCKS

      sorry for the noob question but does it work on t-mobile’s HSPA+ bands?? (does 3G/4G work?)