Learn More About The Nokia Lumia 710 On T-Mobile’s Dedicated Page

Does the prospect of a Nokia-powered 4G Windows Phone excite you? Do you want to learn more about it and sign up for notifications on availability? If you’ve answered yes to either one of those questions then check out T-Mobile’s dedicated Nokia Lumia 710 page with a breakdown of features, an HD gallery and a complete spec breakdown.

Ok, you really don’t need to visit the page to sign up for notifications since we know it’s coming January 11th for $49.99 after mail-in-rebate but, visit the page anyway. You might learn something you didn’t already know.

For a bit of extra fun we’ve included a walkthrough video taped at Wednesday’s Nokia Lumia 710 joint press even with T-Mobile.



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  • David, did you get any clues at the event whether¬†this is all we can expect for WP7 on Tmo for 2012? Not really an upgrade from a 32GB DVP and honestly dont see it doing anything for the platform on Tmo.

    • I can’t imagine this will be the only phone we’ll see in 2012 on Tmo for Windows Phone. They haven’t given any indication about a 2012 lineup however.

  • Interesting – a Micro-SIM is included in the box…

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that make this T-Mobile’s 1st official Micro-SIM phone?

  • Guest

    If you want to learn more you can go to the nokia website too.

  • Foxeh

    I would like to learn the off-contract price of this little fellow.

    • Anonymous

      I found a Nokia press release page on their website that said it was selling overseas for 240 EUR. This converts to about $312 but we can probably expect Tmo to raise the price to $349 or $399. Or more. 

      • Foxeh

        That would make it cheaper than the Radar, granted that would make sense considering the difference in build quality. Though if Nokia Drive is any good that’ll certainly be an advantage.

  • Anonymous

    Had a hands on with one with my nokia rep today. I can’t wait for it. It will also include turn by turn nav for free.