HTC Radar 4G Spotted On Microsoft Website In Black And White

I can’t say how much I really wanted to title this article, “HTC Radar 4G Spotted on Microsoft Website In A Tuxedo, Or Looking Like A Seal,” or something along those lines. It’s not often we see a white handset debut before it’s available in the typical black dressing of smartphones. Perhaps a “black” HTC Radar 4G is on the horizon if this image spotted on Microsoft’s website is the real deal. This “new” Radar maintains the original model’s white border, but adds a touch of black around the outer part of the handset. There aren’t any shot of the backside unfortunately, leaving us to imagine what color HTC and T-Mobile decided on.

When you will be able to get your hands on this color “variant” is unknown as it’s the first we’ve heard of a different color for the handset. We’re not even sure this is a real product or just a mockup accidentally appearing on Microsoft’s website. It’s not necessarily a bad color scheme, but I have to wonder how many people are excited by the two-tone exterior theme going on?

Any takers if this is released?

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  • I like that Color Scheme, still waiting for a more high-end WP7 device thou (From T-Mobile that is).

    • None

      Yes, please!!

  • Yuck…OMGoodness. lol, wow.

  • Foxeh

    The international version of this phone came in two variants: White and Grey. The grey looks a LOT like the G2 on the front, but for whatever reason we only got the white one.

    This new scheme here… um… I can’t say that I’m a fan.

  • Diamond_Prince

    Mixing White & Black Isnt bad i think It looks Awsome.. I dont like HTC But If There Is A Samsung Galaxy s 2 In White & Black I Would Totally Get It!! They Should Make Phones With White & Black Mixed Like This Im Sure Ecery1 Or Most Would Love it and get 1 :D

  • Anonymous

    Uhh… This is hideous in my opinion.

  • Evan Rosenberg

    That isn’t a black variant; look at the chin. ┬áThe metal pieces on the phone are just significantly darker than the light silver color on the reguar pone. ┬áMaybe it’s a variant (I doubt it) or maybe it is just a bad quality image.

    • None

      I would think that the black version would have a black face as well.

  • Abe Lincoln

    umm…that’s not black.

  • geggerbondz

    If T-Mobile had the grey Radar I would have got it. The white one looks ugly. White on phones look ugly period.Stupid move from HTC to only give us white.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    The black displays didn’t arrive on time so HTC said “… ah … just use the white one…anyway it works.”

  • German875

    If your want a 7″ tablet phone, which one would you chose?