Fun Facts Of 2011, Two T-Mobile Phones Find Top Ten Spots On Fastest Rising Consumer Electronics List

Ok so maybe it’s more like 1.5 T-Mobile phones made the top 10 list as the “HTC Sensation” results aren’t necessarily all T-Mobile related. Still, the Sidekick 4G took the third place spot? Who saw that coming? Some of the usual suspects are up there with the iPhone 4S, Nexus Prime, iPad 2 and Amazon Kindle Fire. SPB Shell 3D? Seriously? The HP Touchpad, ok, I give them that, even I got in on the fire sale…only to sell it unopened on Craigslist for a profit.

The Sidekick 4G peaked in April when it was the most searched item on this list and really carried itself well throughout the end of the year. The HTC Sensation peaked in July when it took home the most searched for item on this list and also carried itself well throughout the rest of the year.

Fun facts of 2011.

Top Ten:

  1. Amazon Kindle Fire
  2. iPhone 4S
  3. Sidekick 4G
  4. HP Touchpad
  5. SPB Shell 3D
  6. iPad 2
  7. HTC Sensation
  8. Samsung Nexus Prime
  9. Sony NGP
  10. iPad 3


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