Best Buy Offering myTouch 4G Slide As “Deal Of The Day”

Anyone looking to score a solid deal on the myTouch 4G Slide, with its newly unlocked bootloader should look no further than Best Buy. Best Buy’s current “deal of the day” has the 4G Slide completely free for the next 14 hours and 53 minutes and you can choose from Black or Khaki. Of course the price requires a new two-year contract and like all good deals as of late, this deal also requires you to be a new customer with upgrade pricing working out to $129.99.

If you have an immediate need to add-a-line or start up some new T-Mobile service this a deal that shouldn’t be missed.

Best Buy

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  • Anonymous

    Just FYI. Bestbuy has been having MT4G slide as well as G2X for free with 2 yr contract for a while.

  • Guest

    Is this the classic plan or the value plan?

    • Anonymous

      Only TMobile stores sell Value Plan. Other retailers sell only classic plan. 

  • Jcdc98

    this phone has been free for almost two months give me the galaxy s2 for free or the amaze then we can talk dont put a phone you offered for free already as some kind of a deal when its not 

    • Anonymous


  • Np6s4x

    yea, nearly all the t-mobile phones on best buy have been free for a while

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      • Tbyrne

        No selling here Sir! Go somewhere else to fleece. Got it?

      • Lawrence of Arabia

        So she worked 91hours and 33.88 minutes?

  • Tdont41

    Old news!!!!!!!!

  • Kahlayoh

    dayum…people and their negative comments. Maybe this post is for people that don’t know that the mytouch slide is being offered for free. Thanks for the heads up!!! But I scored the free mytouch slide for my wife earlier this month and told her I had to pay full price!! Thanks tmobile ;-)

  • Sunday517

    Once again T-Mobile catering to “NEW” customers!!

    • JS

      when i called with a problem with my 5 week old phone, I was told “I see your contract has expired…if you’re not happy, you should find a different carrier.”  So Ive been a customer for 5 years..maybe thats not considered too long but I still think its a crappy way to treat customers and is not surprising that they are losing millions each quarter.

      • Tbyrne

        That’s odd since most, if not all phones come with a manufacturers one year warranty. What problem are you having?

        • JS

          main problem – phone randomly and mysteriously will start turning off and on to no end- sometimes for up to 4 hours.  Sometimes it happens in the middle of the night for 10 minutes…Other times it happens when the phone freezes daily- I have to take the battery out and then it starts going off and on for hours…this morning happened again for 3 hours.  Also every other day, the sound stops working – no music, ringtones, nothing – has to be reset also.  Battery is sometimes off -with no data, no wifi, no widgets, nothing – it will lose its entire charge in 5 hours.  I keep being told none of this is normal and sound defective.  Already sent in to samsung for repair and they won’t tell me what if anything they found or did except replace a ‘component’ – now being told to send it in yet again (and rep told me he has an iPhone which was quite ironic)…Its been unusable..My first android experience and its been hell…(only downloaded well reviewed popular apps from android market and also checked running apps and battery usage and nothing strange there).  Im not doing anything but normal – if anything less than normal – use of the phone.  Tmobile reps constantly have failed to follow thru on their promises – one supervisor even told me since i switched to prepaid the phone had no warranty, which is false of course.  I can send it back to Samsung for the second time in a month or just give up…whats the point of paying for a smartphone if it won’t work and half the time you don’t even have it.  everyone tells me this is not normal android