T-Mobile Customers Video Demo For Receiving Free Music

If you’re looking for a fast explanation on how Google Music and T-Mobile are tied together, then check out the brand new video from Magenta explaining exactly that. T-Mobile’s product manager Desmond will show you how to take advantage of the free music for T-Mobile customers throughout the rest of the year as well a quick glimpse at the Google Music store. T-Mobile will be the first carrier to offer direct billing for music purchases, eliminating the need for a secondary method of purchase.

It appears that not all customers are seeing the Free Music tracks on their Android devices and we expect T-Mobile to make that live for everyone in the very near future.

Get your music on.


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  • Anonymous

    I haven’t received the new Market version with Music yet…
    So, no Free Music for me.

    • Anon

      I received it already and there is no T-Mobile window at all so don’t feel bad….false advertising IMO!! BTW T-Mobile needs to stop fooling around and take care of their customers by providing the Galaxy Nexus instead of handing us free MuShit.

      • I don’t have the T-Mobile window either, but I was able to download the 9/11/11 Pearl Jam album for free…

        • That is content provided by Google for free not extra content provided by T-Mobile.

      • Kelly

        I have it and there IS a t-mobile free tracks link. Not a lot in there but It’s allowed me to purchase them (for free) but I can’t play them right away. I guess it takes a bit for them to show up and no notification that it’s doing anything in the mean time…

    • Anonymous

      Close Market, clear cache for Market and restart Market. When I did that, Music appeared, and with the T-Mobile item.

      Lots of free music for you anyway. Go to Android Market in a PC browser and check Music there. Check recent Google blog entries and there are still more links. You should find a Pearl Jam concert, a half-dozen Shakira tracks, two Dave Mathews albums and lots more.

  • Hall and Oats. I guess there is nothing cool on Google Music then. :(

    • ValuePlan_Fan

      I think he’s on the Value Plan.  Classic Plan users get Lady Gaga.  LOL

      • Anonymous

        I switched my family’s 4 lines from Classic to Value mid-October and my monthly bill went from almost $200 to $120, with more shared minutes!

        Phones won’t be subsidized any more, but that means I’m more free to shop elsewhere. I’ve gotten some good phones off of eBay, new unopened current models for about 2/3 of T-Mobile list. And I won’t have to worry about how many months more I have on my contract; get new phone, put old phone on eBay any time I really want a new model.

        Selling old Android phones is always worth looking into by the way. I just sold a two-year old MT3G Fender for over $100, so that’s a real savings when you upgrade.

  • Great..!

  • Windy in the Chi

    HAHHHaaaa R U Serious Google Music exclusive only to T-Mobile is this the thanks T-Mobile gets for having the first line of android IN 2008 HOW ABOUT SOME NEXUS LOOOVVVVEEE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      while I would love to get my hands on the next Nexus phone, I don’t think that it is very hard to find a site that sells it unlocked (without subsidy like the Nexus One and Nexus S).  Plus T-Mobile already got 2 Nexus phones while other carriers had none (Verizon) so why not let others try it out?  We can always import

      • guest

        Yeah and pay 800 dollars

      • Anonymous

        Imported phones generally don’t have the correct radio for T-Mobile 3G and 4G. I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for the latest 2G phone!

        And there are already T-Mobile GSM versions of the Nexus S in limited production. Google engineers have been testing with them for weeks and some have found their way into reviewers hands.

  • mmeyer4663

    No music available on my Sensation yet this morning.
    I thought we would be 1st!  

  • Nice free music on my nexus s

  • Anonymous

    I have the T-mobile section and it downloaded my music instantly. YAY!!!!!!

  • Diamond_Prince

    I Have A Samsung Galaxy S 4G & I Have The App But I Don’t See The Music Or Free Music Download!! W.T.F That’s Stupid I’ll Stick With Amazon For Now.

    • JQuest

      You probably have clear the data on market app. Just to go to settings>applications>manage applications>market and clear data and you should be good to go. You may have to do that to Google Music as well. Hope that helps if it hasn’t shown up for you yet.

      • Diamond Prince

        OMG!! It totally Worked Thanks So Much :D Your Awsome :)

      • Anonymous

        I just cleared cache in Market and Music appeared. Clear data wasn’t necessary for me.

        Also if you’re getting a signing error installing the new Music app, uninstall the current version and then install again.

  • Junieruiz

    My market update on my Galaxy s2 Last night The features are pretty cool. But I was really hoping For more. Then that I personally think the google music still need some work.the Samsung Music player is still much better.and POWER AMP blows any music player away. For me to download google music player! It really needs some Sears updates. For right now I’ll stick to Samsung Music player.or POWER AMP Music player.

  • JQuest

    I got mine Wednesday … I’m a little impatient on updates so I Googled the new market update apk and installed it myself and BAM there it is… I should note that through this method, you will have to go to settings>applications >manage applications>market and then clear data and the music link shows up…

  • Shawnperry13

    Has anyone using a rooted phone with a custom rom received the new market with the t-mobile window.  I got a the new market, but no t-mobile link.  Using a sensation running Sensay Rom.

    • Anonymous

      Im using a custom rom and I have the tab :)

  • Deeg

    How do you get the music out of Google Music back into your computer and/or iTunes?  I haven’t been able to figure it out.  And its been confusing as now I have 2 Music Apps on my phone (one pre-installed by Samsung I guess).  Im also not clear on how much time it will take to upload 4500 songs…but I just read about an app called Audiogalaxy thats available on both Android and iPhone..and its been amazing…Its free and quick .  As I write this, its uploading all of my music and Ive already been able to stream it on my phone.  I checked both Android Market and iTunes Store and it has great reviews on both…so Id be curious to see what you techies think.  and or whats the difference between all of these plans.  This just seems to be simple.  Ive been able to get it work in seconds where I haven’t been able to figure out other things like double twist or Google Music

    • JQuest

      Wow. Audiogalaxy. That’s a name I haven’t heard of in a minute. Not since the early days I’d p2p sharing. I can’t speak on the technical aspect of Audiogalaxy’s service, as I haven’t used it (but I’m curious to try it out) but as far as doubletwist, it’s like iTunes as it’s a means to move your music back and forth to/from your phone. Google Music I’m sure you know is cloud based. You just upload your songs and they’re in your cloud forever (or at least until you decide to delete them) if you want to download any songs that you purchased in the Android Market to your PC, there should be a download tab on the Google Music Manager tab on your computer. Hope that helps a bit.

      • Deeg

        Ive been told the reason why AudioGalaxy was fast was because it just reads whats on your computer while your computer is on.  If the computer is not on, it doesnt work..so its quite not the great app that I thought.  I just had read an article that recommended it and compared it to the other services…but its not the same.  I tried double twist and couldn’t figure it out.  Ill have to try again.  I still haven’t been able to get the Google Music download song to my computer (mac) or iTunes.  Its in the GOogle Music app but not the phone’s music app.  Its also confusing cuz the Google Music app’s icon said “Music” – not “Google Music” so now I Have 2 icons that both say “Music.”

    • JQuest

      Oh, and as far as the two music players. Unfortunately to listen to any music you have in your Google Music cloud you need to play through the Google Music app, as the default players found in Sense and Touchwiz (or any player that isn’t stock Android) isn’t integrated with Google’s cloud service… Yet. (Something I hope they change soon)
      Oh and as far as how long it takes to upload to the cloud.. that really depends on your internet connection. Just using my experience as a basis, it took a little south of a week to upload about 9500 songs on my initial upload on a pretty good connection…

      • Deeg

        How many hours a day?  Or was it all day and you just let it go?  I have about 4500 songs…but have a high speed cable internet at home so that should be rather fast….I m not  a techie so its all very confusing to me.  I just want to move the song I tried to download from Google to my computer and iTunes.  I use iTunes (and iPod) to organize my music and playlists- not to download music – and I don’t know that Im going to want to change that – even if I do upload everything to Google.  It does become challenging as obviously Apple/Google/Amzon – all want you to use all of their products and be ‘locked’ in

        • JQuest

          Yea I tried the Audiogalaxy thing today. It’s great for what it does, but I don’t leave my computer running all the time either…

          As far as uploading my songs to Google Music, I just let it run until it was done.. so i was pretty much running it all the time until it was done.

          Now for downloading music: if you open Music Manager, it should be updated where there is a second tab that says Downloads. Click that and select download purchased music. Music Manager will then ask you to select a folder to download to… (You can just pick the one where you store all of your music) after its done downloading you can just drag and drop your folder into iTunes like usual and it should add it. (Or however you file manage on Macs)

          The Google Music app or just “Music” as it’s labeled on the phone is the little headphone icon.

          DoubleTwist is just the Android version of the iTunes software. I don’t usually mess with it as I like to manually drag and drop my music files onto my phone. But the great part about Google Music is that any songs I upload or purchase in the market I can save it in a playlist for offline use elimanating the need for me to transfer anything at all

  • this would be useful if i had the new market! 

    HTC Sensation

    • JQuest

      Just Google “android market music apk” one if the search results (the second one I believe) should have links to download the apks for the new market. After you get it all installed, you will have to go to settings>applications >manage applications>market and then clear data to get the music market to show up.

      • MaryG

        Thank you soo much!! This was driving me nuts!! I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Got it going great now on my phone & tablet!!!

      • Stephanie29

        Yaaaay!  Got the new Market…thanks!

      • I’m a little late but thanks!

  • TMoFan

    I’ve been playing around with Google music since yesterday and I really like it. One thing though I plugged in a few bands and no music was available. Hopefully they will partner with more companies because not having enough variety will kill this thing fast. It’s a good start though.

    Thanks to T-Mobile for the free songs too!

  • Kal-El Marshall

    Are you serious??? This is nothing new…..everyone of us who had a Google Music beta account before this receive specific free tracks constantly. This is not a T-Mobile exclusive and the free content is not made possible by the generosity of T-Mobile….gimme a break, we’re not dumb, anybody outside of T-Mobile with a Google Music account gets free tracks on the regular, thanks to Google!!  

    • JQuest

      That’s a half-truth. While it’s true that Music Beta users (myself included) got free tracks on the regular, I do believe when Google opened Music to the masses there are T-mobile exclusive tracks available to handsets on T-Mo’s network in addition to exclusively having direct to carrier billing (at least for now)

      • Ramon

        JQuest is right. I confirmed this last night. Tmo has a section in the new market and I assure you that these songs ARE NOT available to other networks for free. In fact I couldn’t even get these for free till after I updated the market app.

        • Stephanie29

          How were you able to update Market app?  I have a MyTouch 4g now and I do not have the new Market. :/

    • Ramon

      Are you sure Its the same tracks? That would be pretty lame. Anyone that has used Google Music while it was still beta had access to a few free tracks. Nothing worthwhile imo, but thought we were getting something additional. Actually now that I’m thinking about it I doubt Google would actually say that if it’s not true knowing there’s no way they could get away with that.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not the same. Tmobile is giving some new songs off of drake’s new album and maroon 5

  • Does anyone with a Sensation running CM7 have the tmobile tab? I cleared market data and it hasn’t showed up..