Samsung Exhibit II 4G Dummy Phones Arriving In Stores

The Samsung Exhibit 4G is likely to fly under the radar of the Galaxy S II launch but still be a super solid addition to the mid-range Android line-up for T-Mobile. It  was just last week that we finally managed to learn the release name of the “Samsung Ancora” and at the same time get a quick look at the device through some leaked press images.

Well we’re adding an even better “look” at the device with some leaked dummy phone images that have hit our inbox. Unfortunately we’re just seeing the hardware and not any of the TouchWiz software and how the device handles the Android overlay. We’re expecting to see the Exhibit II 4G launch with a 1.4GHz processor, 3.7″ WVGA display, 5 megapixel camera and of course T-Mobile’s 4G network on board.

Rumor has the Samsung Exhibit II 4G launching on November 2nd, so pencil that in on your calendar if this one catches your eye. No word on pricing.

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  • Anonymous

    well we aren’t getting as many exhibits in lately, so its all leading up to getting this new phone.  Hopefully they keep the price low on this one so that way it can sell just as well as the 1st one did.

    • best Time To T-Mobile customer

      u can get this on monthly 4G i think this will be first 4G phone on prepay

      • Anonymous

        Actually, the Galaxy S 4g has been available on monthly 4g for $319.99 for quite some time. Also the Sidekick 4g is $279.99 on monthly 4g.

  • I hear THIS is what WalMart is offering as the 4G phone for the 30 dollar plan. I wonder what their pricing will be?

    • T-Mobile

      is $30 month with $100 mintues its avialible to walmart right now to T-Mobile monthly 4G serivce best time to be T-Mobile customers u get T-Mobile Spraq for $49.88 low end friendly texting phone

    • DabaDave


      • BklynMan

        How much is tmoible is going sell it for? Keep in mind the HTC Sen is going for $99. on some online sites. When I call Tm,coupe of wks ago I wasb told by the cr I could get it $168,that with tax,fees. The G2x was going for $118. with tax and fees. This was before the SG2 and The amaze came out.

  • Anonymous

    Well… it took Samsung what 13 days to have a working Galaxy Tab 10.1 with revised specs to beat the iPad 2? Now the Samsung Exhibit 2 4G comes out 4 months after the Exhibit 1 launches? That’s a quick EOL. That’s the exact opposite of Apples rerelease of the iPhone 4 16 months after the initial launch. Samsungs innovation schedule is awesomely out of control.

    • J-Hop2o6


  • Orv4121

    This has nothing to do with the article. I have Mt4g and there is an app just like siri or even better called VOICE ACTIONS this my P.S.A. Leave your feedback on how you love this app.

  • Android00

    My girl has exibit 4g is probably 1 of the best midrange phones out there

  • Android00

    My girl has exibit 4g is probably 1 of the best midrange phones out there

  • Bklynman

    Still hoping Nokia brings out their  window phone soon. Saw video’s of it on u-tube. It looks great!
    But if this phone is really great price(ex.1 is going for $14.00 now online fr.t-m.with a $50.rebate card.)
    Some online site’s are selling HTC Sen for $99,yes I am due for upgrade,not sure if I should wait for Nokia window phone or not. (Love Nokia!) I find this funny,how people run from one super phone to the next one! I still remember,not too long ago it was rare for cell phone to have camera! LoL! No I didnot work for Tm! Iam still wondering why Tmobile still sells The Behold 2 as upgrade,but stop selling The G2,and the 5230????

  • So where the heck is the Radar and is the Radar really going to be the only WP7.5 device T-Mobile is getting??

  • Pira

    Isn’t this just the galaxy w or something..??

  • Pira

    Isn’t this just the galaxy w or something..??

  • Dummee

    So is this phone just for dummies?  If so, perfect, I have a new phone!

  • BklynMan

    Anyone that really want’s this phone,I would wait until Jan.2012,to see how low the price will be by then.Just hoping Nokia,will bring out some new phone’s by then.

  • Anonymous

    I was in my local Walmart today and noticed that they had this on display with the no-contract plan phones. I couldn’t find anything about pricing though.

  • Amandar2013

    how do you capture a screenshot on this phone?? I know it’s possible because I keep accidentally doing it while not paying attention

    • Swagala

      I did it twice in a row cause I noticed it happened and the second time I did it was by holding the power button, but when I tried doing it a third time, it didn’t work. I dint know what happened

      • Jerry

        Hold Home and quickly press the power button