(Updated With New Image) T-Mobile Moving Around Billing Due Dates To Line Up With Other Carriers?

I’ve seen a huge number of emails/Tweets come way my way in the last 48 hours regarding a sudden change in billing dates for your T-Mobile bill. T-Mobile has made some changes to their billing process in order to better align up with the competition and according to our feedback, failed to notify some customers about the change.

Previously T-Mobile billed 28 days out and with the new process, bills are now due 24 days from the closing date of your bill cycle. According to a number of responses receiving from T-Mobile reps this will line up T-Mobile’s billing cycles with that of AT&T and Verizon.

A support thread already exists on T-Mobile’s forums regarding the change and the lack of notification a large number of customers are complaining about. Have you seen this change occur on your most recent bill? Were you notified that the change was taking place?

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