T-Mobile’s Best Rate Plan Ever?

We’ve been receiving wind of this Value Plan dedicated page all day and at first glance it does appear to be quite the offering if you haven’t been keeping up with the new Value Plans: two lines for $49.99 each totaling $99.98 (like the math we did there) with add a lines costing $15 for 500 minutes. So what’s the catch as this plan seems almost to good to be true? Well it’s best to make sure you read all of the terms and conditions in case you are subject to a migration fee upon switching from an alternative T-Mobile plan with T-Mobile emphasizing that “you may be unable to switch to some plans.” We aren’t sure if they are referring to a switch to this plan or a switch away from this plan so we highly recommend asking some poignant questions at your local store before signing on the dotted line.

Possible fees aside this is an excellent deal with up to 2 GB’s of high-speed data at your disposal and just $15 add a lines? Sign us up.

Check out all the details below!


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