Blackberry 9900 Starts Appearing In Stores, Are You Interested?

While Blackberry is arguably fighting for it’s place in the smartphone world the Blackberry Bold 9900 is the latest in its salvo against the onslaught of Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices. While I think it’s safe to say that almost no one expects the Blackberry 9900 to help return Blackberry to its former glory, Blackberry still has a loyal and core audience that will welcome this device with open arms.

Thanks to a few ninjas we’ve got our hands on a few high-res images of the Blackberry Bold 9900 in the wild, dummy device and packaging. So have a quick look at the gallery below and take in the high res shots, the blurry shots and the images in-between. The Blackberry Bold 9900 will be available on August 31st for $299.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Which is ridiculous pricing but hey forget all that for a minute and check out the pretty pictures.


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