T-Mobile Introduces Name ID, Caller ID For Everyone

T-Mobile is proud to be the first US carrier to introduce a feature that has long been available for landline owners, caller ID. While most of, if not all of us generally save contacts by name right into our address books there are just those times when a random number calls and you aren’t sure if you want to pick up. Maybe it’s that crazy ex you’ve been avoiding or the local blockbuster calling to remind you about that late fee. Either way T-Mobile has a feature you just might want to consider.

T-Mobile’s “Name ID” service is a great add-on for those of you who see plenty of random numbers throughout the day and it’ going to come free for the first 10 days. Afterwards it will cost an additional $3.99 per month and is available right now on the Samsung Exhibit 4G and the upcoming myTouch 4G Slide.

“Before Name ID for mobile phones, deciding whether or not to answer an unfamiliar call often left customers guessing,” senior vice president of T-Mobile USA Brad Duea said in a statement. “Now Name ID allows T-Mobile customers to more easily determine which calls to answer.”


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