T-Mobile G2 Users Suddenly Suffering From Huge Battery Loss?

We’re not exactly sure what is going on and this story is still developing but in the last few days T-Mobile G2 users have taken to the interwebs including our own inbox as well T-Mobile’s support forums complaining of sudden and massive battery drains. This doesn’t seem to be related to the recent Gingerbread update as most of the emails/posts are stock G2 users. Overnight battery losses of 50% or more seem to be par for the course for those complaining of the trouble. There is some consideration that a recent update to Google Maps is the culprit with some users reporting better battery life by uninstalling the recent Maps update. Whatever the problem is, G2 owners (at least those posting on T-Mobile’s forums) are growing increasingly frustrated and hopefully with a little more attention someone can figure out what is going on and fix it. Then again, perhaps the fix is contained within Gingerbread itself and users will need a little patience.

Any G2 users reporting similar troubles?

T-Mobile Support Forums

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