Why Is The G2x Still Out Of Stock?

Why oh why is the T-Mobile G2x out of stock? We asked ourself this question not only because it’s been almost 30 days the phone has been out of stock due to “inventory constraints” but because we just received the above screen shot. This image which shows the “get healthy” date of T-Mobile devices now shows the G2x as “tbd” as in, they don’t know when they’ll have enough stock to fill current orders.

Are we still to believe that the G2x is simply out of stock due to “inventory” issues or is T-Mobile simply waiting for a software update to fix the lengthy list of problems plaguing this phone. It’s time T-Mobile tells G2x owners present and future what is really going on with their device. Users who are on their 3rd and 4th phones deserve an answer. Why is T-Mobile being silent on this issue? It’s time to tell us the truth about where the G2x is and why it disappeared from T-Mobile.com

For those of you tempted to ask, there is still no ETA on the Gingerbread/bug fix update.


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